Saturday, 23 September 2006

23rd September 2006(12.06am)

I'm going to be a brain dead zombie tomorrow with panda eyecircles. =)

Went for Guitar at around 4. Wee, learned lots more new songs, got to use electric guitar again(the feeling is worth it.), and learned a lot more about barcoding and open chords.

Sis couldn't make it as she had remedial. But thankfully Bryan was there to keep me company. =)

Went to J8 after that to eat dinner. Ate at Yoshinoya, and decided to go to the library to return and borrow some books. That is, until I realised I left my book in my other bag, and the library was closed. =(

Went to cyberactive instead to hunt for an amplifier-style plug adapter, but ended up playing burnout revenge on xbox360 instead. All I can say is, Kenny should seriously regret having brought burnout revenge for ps2. The graphics are super life-like, and aftertouch is like something out of the matrix. Takedowns are also much better than the ps2 version, and you have to ablity to change camera angles any point in the race.

I should consider getting xbox360, maybe when halo3 comes out.

Still had lots of time to kill, so we walked to Church, seems like I walk to Church from J8 everytime now. =)

Worship was great, Guan You played the exact same songs that we practised to guitar, so we could look at Adriel and see how he plays. =) The lyrics were really meaningful this time round. I wonder if there's such a word as Extolation. Hmmm

Walked home all alone today. Through Bishan park. Heh, I took quite a few pics. U'd probably have to zoom in closely to see them clearly, and some of the pictures are blur(thanks to my old camera). No edits done at all.

Shot of this BBQ pit from afar. Used flash but apparently it was too far away and I was lazy to set exposure level.

There, that's the BBQ pit up close. Bishan park in the background.

It's a streetlight. Look's freaky right?

Look closely, or highlight the picture, should be able to see shadows of trees.

One of the many corridors in Bishan.

Provision shop in the distance.

The void decks are all empty.

Shot of the bridge linking Bishan park to the houses. Also with no one in sight.

Shot of the sewer river. The only picture with a clear reflection. =/

Bishan park, completely empty.

The lights are on the whole night?

Playground in the distance, super hard to see though.

The dias area. Took this picture with flash.

Final shot of the overhead bridge.

Haha, that's it. Almost forgot, this is the 200th post. =)

50 posts ago.

100 posts ago.

My blogging style's changed huh? Not that many spelling errors. =P

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