Tuesday, 27 September 2005

27th September 2005

K today i feel like blogging about very unimportant details and all...
Early morning had to wake up a bit earlier than usual because of the VIP thingy...our teacher asked us to recreate a miniforum and all...yar...so...after that was recess and all...yar i got a couple of scratches on both legs and didn't realise until i looked down and saw my kneecap covered in blood...yar...scary...i think it was because i fell down and all...k then English was after recess...Mrs Theo(semester 1 eng teacher)came in with a kitten on her shoulder...erm...i realised she had 4 cats!!wow...than she talked to us about how kittens are raised, advantages of having a pet, how good a kitten is....bleh it was all very exciting until we had to write a letter to a friend about a pet that u had or have...bleh...
k then after school i had to stay back(yar almost everyday man)for NPCC thing...then woei jun came late...and everyone else didn't come except for me, chee seng and woei jun...yar..sad so i had just wasted 1 and a half hours of pointless stuff...k yar...since i have like nothing much to blog about now...hmmm...yar try out googlemoon or googlunaplex haha...try zooming all the way in on googlemoon...haha yar that's all...The moon!!no seriously...that's the moon...

Yay i'm finally able to post images!!so here's a picture of kenny =)

Yar that's him playing with his...camera...on the day we had a trail thing.You can see my class in the background too yar...

And since i'm in a image posting mood i'll post some more stuff of mine...

My pocket pc...If u look closely you can see a Halo 2 img in the screen.If you can't...erm...nvm...
and that's the case and stylus(yes it's called a stylus, or something like that)

My Discman!!Yes i have a discman..it's a Sony D-NE1...the latest is D-NE 200+ i think...Yar my sister gave it to me...cos she won it at a 7-Eleven contest...I think its the Big Gulp guess the music thing...about 2 years old liao...yar...
My X box!!!Yar i got it for a Christmas present last year...i think i got it from the max online package thingy(yes i have maxonline not singtel)

k that's all i got for now...here's two fishmcdippers from mcdonalds at hougang mall after cross country run day...(see pictures help one remember!)

Monday, 26 September 2005

26th September 2005

ok lar.Today i was a bit"high"...as in very...very...happy!Yay!Even though so many things are sad i'm happy...k i'll stop talking about how i'm so happy and tell you why now.
Well i came to school feeling extremely tired and all(didn't sleep last night...only this morning)then as i was in class i suddenly thought about Sunday's sermon about how to "make your life count".i wondered if my life counted or not?Then i suddenly thought about 1 small passage that the guy preaching mentioned for a short while.It was something like this"Those who run the right race will not grow weary but those who run their own one will."
Yea well if u don't know what it means it means that those who run the correct race will not grow weary.I wondered why i was weary if i was running the right race so i resolved not to be weary and all...yep...so all throughout the day i was kinda...happy yar
After school i had to meet Mrs.Tay to let her see what i am going to talk about in school on Tuesday(tomorrow!woot!)Then after that me,kenny,tze jie and eugene walked to the bus stop together then kenny said something about weight and all which made Tze Jie angry and spray water at kenny.So kenny took the cup of "soda water"he was holding at threw it at Tze Jie...erm...ya...kinda hard to explain but yar...i'm still happy...meh.
For some reason i can't upload images at all =( halp!!!nvm even html doesn't work...dang

26th September 2005

Yar.Mugging.Everyone's like mugging hard for exams.(ok not everyone)me? I'm mugging maybe once or twice a day.Yep i'm a procastrinator(sp??)k let's not talk about exams.or studying.or mugging.I finished most of my blog now...added images to nav,blah blah blah.bleh.i'm gonna add music next,if someone can*cough*tell me where to find good legal mp3 songs hosted on a website*cough*k u see the er...gmail image thing?well i thought about it and realised it relates alot to the Christian life.Here's an example:

Imagine you now have a er..coolmail account =) it's 250megabytes of space and free of charge.Then there's another better account eg. yawee =) that one is 1 gigabyte(for newbies 1gb=1000mb)So you upgrade to it but it's not as "cool" as coolmail which all your friends are using.
So you decide to try a premium account with "coolmail" which gives you 2gigabytes of space.But...gmail gives you infinite space free!free!k since all text and no pictures make a blog a dull thing to read...(please click for a larger presentation)
picture taken from gmail.google.com on April 1st

As you can see...Gmail is infinity plus one!!Totally free!Get it today!
P.s:Gmail is Invite only meaning you need someone who has Gmail to invite you.
ok how was that? now we see how it relates to Christianity...
Email=Your life
megabytes(or gigabytes)=Amount of time you have on Earth
Coolmail's 250mb wouldn't be that long for you to live Coolmail's premium account comes at a price=Death

Yawee lets you live longer but not forever(think:diet pills, health checkups,bleh)Yawee is also not "cool" and many prefer coolmail even though coolmail lets you live shorter

Gmail is different
Gmail may not have unlimted amount of storage but(the infinite thing was a joke by google)
Gmail's storage is always increasing(go gmail.google.com to see for yourself)
Gmail is invite only, meaning gmail can only be gotten through someone who has gmail to invite you.
This is almost all the same as Christianity.
Eternal life=Increasing Storage
Invite only=Evangelism
"cool"not"cool"=Pressure by classmates...etc
Yea so get Godmail today and accept Jesus as your saviour.If u wanna live forever.
Note:Two flaws in this example is that you can have more than one email.(lol look at me i got 4)
Gmail never expires or dies if you don't use it constantly
If you want Gmail(both kinds)just drop me an email or tag me.

ps all the views stated in this article are expressive opinions and are just the authors point of view.©2005 Google
Intellectual©Zheng Minghui

Friday, 23 September 2005

23rd September 2005

ouch i seem to like blog only once every 2days ahh my chatter box seems to be like not working and working all the time.i'll try finding a better one yar?k nvm exams are coming.and i still have time to blog*sighs*i think i'm still not nervous.i know i should be nervous but i'm not!!dunno why.and yar i'm still mugging for exams.going for cell group in a few minutes so yea.
hmm yesterday.yar er yesterday we were visited by our old form teacher for term 1 and 2 so yea erm.o yar chinese teacher gave like half the class detention(my class is that bad).yesterday.er.i had to stayback again because yesterday was a complete disaster when Chee Seng didn't call anyone and Chee Seng couldn't make it because he had detention.den we had to try to borrow a radio but the teacher said something about procedures and all so we didn't get a radio and it was another wasted afternoon plus audition is next week so yar.we decided to stay back on tuesday to try again.haiz.i also realised the best(and worst)thing of all!!tomorrow no npcc!!yay thats means i can meet my cell early but also means i wasted all the time polishing my boots for nothing arg!!see it's so shiny now..
Yar see how the light reflects???
great...all for nothing at least until exams are over...

ps.i like posting pictures yar?
pps.a thousands words can be painted in a picture...

k today.today was er.ok.er.(now i really like fullstops instead of ...s)
yar today we had mass run!!quite fun la.running around punggol passing by punggol sec(Wenjie's school!!!)and edgeville(jiamin's school!!!)yar then the whole class was like dun run la dun run la but in the end we all started running like crazy(of course i lost haha)then a teacher came down to evaluate the Chinese teacher's lesson.We were like all very sianz because the teacher usually scold scold scold but today she had a fakey smile and was smiling at us meancingly so yar.i think it went quite well too.then after that was all the normal stuff until LCE when we were told to go hall.yar turned out it was Mr.Toh our science teacher,he likes to say the infamous "bring back your mind"thing.in the end he made us listen to this extremly long video about the history of Singapore.of course i was bored.and restless.we suffered like one hour(yes one hour)of listening(the screen was really small)in a cross legged position to the narrator in the video talking on and on about the history of Singapore la...HDB...Nation flag,Anthem blah blah blah.bleh torture,then we had to write a reflection about Sars or Dengue or watever that was an epidemic like tsuanmi and all that stuff.bleh.then Mrs Tay (form teacher)asked if she could see me and Tze Jie.uh oh.turns out it was to write a reflection on a VIP lesson and talk about it in front of the school on Tuesday.*cough*stage fright*cough*yar then after school i saw wenjie from punggol sec outside my school.life is not fair all the other schools end at 12pm yar then he went my house and play play play(why am i playing arh!!!mugging!!mugging!!)yar so now i'm here blogging away when i'm supposed to be mugging...k now i'll leave u with a picture of Wenjie when we were at Compass point buying a present for teacher's day at burger king

Yar i would have made it bigger but that would be messing with height width attributes in html and i'm too lazy plus wenjie would kill me if i made it even bigger so yar.this is how an expert eats..a...french fry
ps.Copyright Zheng Minghui 2005 Be hip, Be cool, Say no to Piracy!(hi guan you!!!!11!!1!)
k yar until next time.

Wednesday, 21 September 2005

21th September 2005

Didn't post at all yesterday.too tired and busy studying for Exam, or rather, "mugging" ,why do people use the term mugging?here's what i got from dictionary.com
  1. Informal.
    1. The human face.
    2. The area of the human mouth, chin, and jaw.
    3. A grimace.
    4. A mug shot.
  2. A thug; a hoodlum.
  3. Chiefly British Slang. A victim or dupe.

v. mugged, mug·ging, mugs
v. tr.
  1. Informal. To photograph (a person's face) for police files.
  2. To threaten or assault (a person) with the intent to rob: arrested the thief who mugged the tourists.

v. intr.
To make exaggerated facial expressions, especially for humorous effect: The partygoers mugged for the camera.
To make exaggerated facial expressions!?!?!okay...that's not the mugging i want.weird though.i tried googling but i can't find anything *interesting*so yar.
I guess mugging means studying for Exams right?Should be for exams if not for a test.but tests usually use the term studying(at least i use it).So erm...ok enough about mugging, i'm taking a break from mugging for now, i'm getting a headache from all this mugging...since everyone is all so busy mugging except me. I'm too relaxed about life lol. k...

ok...today...nothing much happened...just the boring old school day...except for tests!!i had Maths, Chinese and a surprise English comprehension OE by Miss Tong, yar my life is so stressful yet i still can find time to do stuff like blog instead of mugging.okay so after that i was supposed to stay back to meet Chee Seng and all the others for the passing out parade thing but Chee Seng didn't call the others!!!!ahhhhhh!!!k nvm it a sad topic...ok maybe not so sad...we are supposed to sing perfect by simple plan or something.with more "action"cos the CIs and NCOs said we were like singing National Anthem or something.Guess we were too used to sediya or senang diri(sp) position when seeing them.k then it rained on the way home from school )= now i'm using the computer with my new headset(yay!)looking for someone to chat with(boo)
o yar yesterday i was polishing my boots since they came unpolished when i brought them.i think their very shiny right?nvm i got pictures to prove my hard work...

Dun dun dun dun...bleh.its not shiny enough!!!and it has too many scratches!!!argggg noooooooooooooo if u know of a good cobbler or something email me please or if you have a headset or just want to IM then add virus1550@hotmail.com
(not gmail, gmail is for email)

k yar i'll leave u with one last pic of my doggie yay snowie!!

yay sooo cuteeeeeeee

Monday, 19 September 2005

19th September 2005

I didn't post at all on Sunday.(i'm such a busy person, yar)Anyways...on Sunday i went to Church as usual...there was this guest speaker from another Church and all...yar...after that went to tuition.Yar BIG surprise i go to tuition. Chinese tuition in fact.=(
Then after Chinese tuition i went to Chinese Garden for the mid autum festival or something like that...it's fun burning lanterns.YAr so i got pictures but i'm just too lazy to post all...blogger would kill me for the waste of bandwidth so...

Here's a picture of my lightstick i got at beach road heehee...

k Today...today was just like any other school day except it rained during P.E yay running around in the rain playing basketball!!(no, i'm not sneezing now)Then after school i invited Yun Kai to come my house(not to do project, Play!!)I owned him in halo 2 with like 25-8 heh.yar so after that was homework again. Exams coming...*sighs*must start studying like crazy *sighs*don't even know why i keep saying sighs and ...s *sighs*...lol k nvm

Sunday, 18 September 2005


*sigh*i can't go to sleep now...so bored...noone to talk to on msn...it's really cool to see the last bus leaving and sometimes you can see people running to catch up with it(if u don't know wat i'm talking about i mean punggol mrt station and bus interchange, my house has a nice view of it)o yea did u know the rooftop garden lights go out at 12mid?Yea i'm bored...hmmm lets blog about something interesting...like...er...erm....hmmm....creationism and evolution!!yay!!personally i believe in creationism(duh) which means God created Earth and all the stuff in Genesis...evolution is the theory of us evolving from apes or whatever...this may not be a big subject in Singapore but its causing quite a stir in the US.I honestly cannot believe we formed from single celled organisms that can reproduce and perform functions like allow food or water through the membrane...its much easier to believe God created us...maybe i'll write more next time...i'm too lazy to find out about it(thats just me, the lazy one)


This guy has a lot of free time yar?Each brick is like a custom man...i got this off www.brickshelf.com
Go check them out if ur bored..like me...way cooler stuff than this down there...=) including

Halo Combat Evolved yay!!!i'm a halo fan...big surprise right?

Yea that's mostly all i can find right now...i'll leave with one last image of my dream car...

The Greatest ever...
It's just a dream you know?

Saturday, 17 September 2005


i was so tired yesterday i didn't post...yea...sad...anyways

Friday:After school went for Npcc Passing out parade audition...it was terrible, serious. i mean we only had like 2 days to practise so yea...Npcc was great...no push ups!!!yay!!!it ended early so i had time to eat before going to Church...cell group was ok...wait for my Birthday to find out whats happening.
Saturday:Today i had to go Beach Road to buy my Np belt and boots as they were too small(this proves i'm growing!!!)hmmm after that i went to Sim Lim Square to buy a new mouse(my old one is seriously screwed). Sim Lim Square is huge you know?Its like six floors of electronice stuff.In the end i got an analog headset(yay free phone conversations!), laser optical mouse(yay no more lagg!)and Halo2 maptacular map pack(yay more maps!)why am i including so many yays?er...nvm...
i just heard a cool joke:Why did the chicken cross the road?It didn't haha!!(yea i know i'm lame)

Thursday, 15 September 2005

Yay i finally got a blog...

Yay lol finally...i was so bored today i decided to make one...it may not be perfect(i'm new) but it's a start right?hopefully...try using firefox to view this blog...and maximize the screen too...I.E works fine but i don't trust it lol...k got any comments email me at virus1550@gmail.com thanks