Thursday, 29 June 2006

29th June 2006

English presentation today, I talked about the media club camp mostly. In my opinion the powerpoint could have been better, if i wasn't that tired from syf trainings.

Lit group after school, I wasn't exactly enthusiastic about the puppet show, and I wasn't exactly energetic to write the script either, maybe I should be a scene changer. Nah i won't go into what we did step by step today, read someone else's blog =)

Our class is filled with cliques... Not just populars vs. unpopulars but more like populars vs. populars vs. can't be bothereds vs. others. Especially after school today when we were outside discussing where to go. First the others went home early, followed by those who can't be bothered then two seperate groups of people. This june holiday seems to have changed everything in class. Friendships no longer exist, and this person doesn't talk to this person. Ah well, can't wait for some class chalet and see who's invited. Who knows? Maybe we'll have 2 or 3 class chalets, lol.

"People Change"- That's the best statement I can come up with to summarize everything, and there was a part in my previous post that I deleted, dunno if anyone saw it, but I removed it because it was sure to cause an uproar in class. And it'll be contridicting and ironic if I blogged about how blogs are causing the problem and then blogged about someone else immeadiately after. But I think I should post it, I think. It'll get worse and, no one else actually seems to care.

What am I talking about? Bullying. In class. Read This. Maybe we don't see physical bullying, but what about pyschological abuse? Words can kill, but let's not talk about words. Just actions first. I've already posted half of it, might as well go all the way.

Tze Jie: Today was terrible, just as English ended we were supposed to form groups of 6, and u said form into literature groups when our lit group had 8 people. What's gonna happen to the other 2? Chee hock, Yun Kai or Kenny? Don't take it personally, it's not that I don't want to research with you but this has seriously got to stop. Your using Kenny's weakness against him you know? Just because he wanted to join our literature group doesn't mean if he makes a mistake you remind him that he was the one who wanted to join. And you keep threatening to kick him from the group. Sure threatening him a few times is fine, he can take a joke. But using threats every time? A leader leads by example, just because your a leader doesn't mean you can instruct kenny to do this, do that, come for lit meeting today. He may be irritating sometimes, but does that give you the power to kick him from the group?

How would Mr. Yeo think of us as a group if we have such problems all the time. How would he feel if this bunch of students come to him and tell him that their member has a weak group attitude? What will his impression of us be like? " O that group arh? poor co-operation"
I can see he's trying to change, lots of people in the class can see he's trying to change, can't you even give him a chance? Don't say you have, today was the perfect example, you were asking me to join your group then tell kenny :"O sorry no space la, not i dun want is Miss Chew dun want one."

Keane(And everyone else): I'm seriously shocked at you Keane. Not only with this incident, but I'm seriously shocked. Finished that article on bullying yet? Read what happened to that guy at the end? He had to resign from his job because he didn't have intrapersonal skills. How would you guys feel, if everyday someone says:"160metres only zone...hahaha". Walking to recess with your classmates:"oie 160metres zone..kenny bye!" And it seems these few days thats all you can talk about, Keane. And that's just....I won't blog about it.
Maybe we don't realise the seriousness cause we've never been through name-callings for half a year before. I have, and though it's worse than any names you guys call me right now, I think it's nothing compared to what Kenny's going through.

Think about this guys, there's a limit to jokes, and you guys are pushing it. You guys want to ruin someone's career? Ruin his life like the man in the story? Maybe you won't ruin it but think la, you know that calling someone short is wrong. And don't say you didn't say kenny was short. You guys jolly well know his height and you know the height of everyone. Don't cheat yourself.

Is history repeating itself? Remember an earlier post? The one where Woei Jiun had talked about Meryl behind her back?Link Yes I was harsh then, and maybe I shouldn't have been, maybe I should have continued and totally crushed her? Maybe I should have re-explained myself? Maybe...maybe I should not have been so harsh, I should not have read and re-read every word she wrote and showcased her mistakes. I was close to insulting her flat-out, and I know indirectly, I did.

Then there was Glynis, I didn't exactly finish explaining my actions to her, but I'm going to, and I won't blog about it. But it's still the same thing right? Name-Calling, Insults, and Blogs.

You want me to do the same again people? You want me to mention what I said I wouldn't blog about Keane? Want me to read every word you said and write back? I can always come up with new words from the dictionary. I can always continue.

But I don't want to, I'm sick of this la, it's always me posting in the class blog, always me trying to cheer people up, me blogging about this, me helping this person fight back. Why am I the first person to blog about someone who's in the wrong? Why am I the one blogging about how blogs are the problem when a bunch of people heard the discussion?

I'd rather we stop acting like children, stop calling Kenny names indirectly, focus on our studies, and do well in our exams. But hey, if you all wanna continue bickering and insulting, I'll be there insulting you.

Kenny:I know you read blogs, and you probably read this post. At least your changing, don't bother about the rest, and yar, if they can't accept you, it's their problem.

Monday, 26 June 2006

26th June 2006

Today was the first day of school, met a couple of teachers. And for pe we check height and weight...i grew 4cm, and lost 4kg..i think i'm at the borderline of acceptable.

Then we met a relief science teacher, very "fierce" la, actually teachers don't seem that fierce now that we've seen instructors angry. The teacher made everyone introduce ourselves to him, sort of like an ice breaker. Then we went off at 10 to prepare for syf, ate a quick meal then we took the bus there.

Singapore Youth Festival parade, first time i've been to the national stadium as a participant, and the place seems huge, larger than indoor stadium i think. Quite fun to rehearse there, gives you a satisfaction that you are in the parade. O yar i got another free tee shirt, =P I could have gotten free tickets too(but i decided not to)

Today in class, jemaine started telling me and tze jie that she and marie once had blogs. But they deleted them, why? Because blogs are the cause of problems in class. That's quite true you know? Maybe not the root cause, but blogs intensify the problem. It's sorta like back stabbing really, people blog as a means of venting their anger and cursing someone, if someone makes you angry, you would blog about him/her in your blog wouldn't you? And you'd do it with the fact that he/she has easy access to what you blog about, or at least friends who'd "sympathise" with you. Think about it: Almost every single problem in our class has someone blogging about it, even if it's over, blogging about someone you hate is much easier than going straight up to that person and saying it in his/her face.

If I read everyone's blog starting from the beginning, i would be sure to find at least one hate post right? Since enemies and hatred are part and parcel of life. But after that post? What do we have to say about the references and obvious facts that you dislike that person.(For eg. This post is so childish, like something minghui would write.) Wouldn't your blog turn slowly from a public diary/journal to a blog filled with thoughts of hatred and anger?

What is the point of a blog? Record events in your life? Publish your thoughts about certain matters? Showcase your work? Or is it to tell everyone you hate him/her because him/her is so...? Is it to let that person stumble upon your blog and see all your hate words? Is a blog just a method for you to show the world that you are "dead" your depressed, you hate your parents?

I think i'm pretty guilty of blogging about people too, probably more than once, if you really hate someone, go up to him or her and say why. Why do you have to tell the whole world you hate him/her? Would he/she change if you don't state your reasons?

Blogs are the main cause of the problem in class. I wouldn't blog about what specific people say but go take a look at my class member's blogs, including mine, hateful comments are just added in like jokes.

Sunday, 25 June 2006

25th June 2006

Last day of holidays!!Wee school tomorrow!!I'm so excited*Cough*

3rd class test yesterday, two words to describe it?Totally Unprepared. I think everyone is just really tired from npcc la, no mood for trainings or tests. Interesting to see how we syf ppl can suffer tomorrow's, wednesday's, friday's and saturday's training. But after this we'll be free!!!

Church today, turns out i can't go soldiership class as i'm too young. Have to wait till my 14th Birthday. Ah well, can't make it for guitar practise this friday too, thanks to npcc -.-

I realised that my blog's full of weird bugs, like some of the words are rendered wrongly. I think it's a combination of text-justify and line breaking...others section won't even appear, ah well. Maybe some other time huh?

Tze jie finally has a blogskin's blogskin! haha, actually everyone in class has a blogskin's blogskin, except me. (Cos i'm original) Wait, i think almost everyone i know has a blogskin's blogskin, except Guan you and me. Yar, i should get around to making my blogskin nicer too. Haha actually my blog needs nothing but a nice background and everyone will go:"oooo nice blogskin!!" Many people don't even know how to access the source code. Haish.

Thursday, 22 June 2006

22nd June 2006

Went for SANA course today, I don't think it's that bad like keane makes it out to be la. Quite like Media Club camp really, just stricter, but still quite slack compared to NCO camp. Learned quite a bit about drugs(like:Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), and got a whole bunch of freebies too. We had a role play thing which we had to act out a scene, and our group won =P I acted as a "professional caner" haha. Met loads of people from area 7 too.

SYF training tomorrow, last training at hta, next week will all be at national stadium. Woot National Stadium!!I've never been in a parade at the National Stadium before too. I hope I won't faint or screw up during the parade in front of the prime minister. O yar, my mother was invited there too, cause she's a principal of a kindergarten. Looks like a big event...

K i'm finding random things to do now, and i'm gonna anwser a questionare on my clan forum's application page(yesh, i do have a runescape clan)

1.What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? (not runescape stats!)
Greatest Strength:Computers and English i think..Weakness:Chinese and Maths.
2. What have you done that shows initiative and willingness to work?'ve signed up for so many things unwittingly that lots of things clashed?
3. How do you react to criticism?
I love it =P, if u don't have criticism that would mean something is wrong with you.
4. Define sucess. Define Failure.
Sucess is getting the thing you want, Failure is not getting the thing you want.
5. What can you offer us - the clan?
97 cooking, 94 woodcutting, 91 fishing, 100 combat..hee
6. Who are your role models? Why?
Jesus, Cause he is God.
7. What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort?
8. What kind of people do you enjoy working with?
People who...accept things that are already changed? Positive people.
9. What motivates you to play runescape?
Many of my friends overseas play runescape. And they don't have msn.
10. Are you a joiner or a loner? A leader or a follower?
Joiner definitely. I would say follower but you can't have a leader of a clan say he's a follower can you?
11. Tell me about a leadership role that you have had?
President of Primary School Media Club. My best leadership role.
12. What makes a good leader?
Willingness to listen to others, enthusiasim, persistence, blah blah blah.
13. What are your long-range and short-range goals and objectives in runescape?
Long-Range:110Combat by the end of this year. Short-Range:10million gp.
14. What kind of challenge are you looking for?
I dunno, I'm looking forward to OBS next year. See if it's worse than NCO..
15. Why do you want to join this clan?
Cause...i was asked to? No la, most of my old classmates are in this clan..
16. Summerise what makes your candidature strong. What differentiates you from the other applicants?
I dunno, I'm highly enthusiastic, to the point of insanity. Seriously.
17. Is there anything else I should know about you?
Yes. I am hawt(haha)
18. Do you have any questions about the clan?

Wednesday, 21 June 2006

21st June 2006

NCO camp is over, yet I'm not really happy, am i supposed to be?

Tomorrow:SANA course, 8:10am-5:30pm.
Friday:Lit Group Discussion, 2pm-4? SYF parade, 2pm-6pm.
Saturday:3rd Class Test, 9:00am.

I seriously feel like skipping everything la, i already feel super tired from NCO camp, and then some people come to me and tell me there's this and that. I think there's only supposed to be lit discussion and sana course at most.

NCO camp Day 1 was torture, changing to full u, changing back, dragging our bags to parade square, most touching moment would have to be when Eugene got scolded and had to watch us get punished for him. Half-Squats against a wall for 10mins..half-squat is when u lean against the wall like sitting on an imaginary chair, 90degrees. Some girls cried, everyone was shaking, touching moment la, it sorta explains the true meaning of teamwork. Especially when we all had to say something to Eugene, everyone supported him all the way. That was the moment that sticks out in my mind the most i guess.

But i don't feel like blogging anymore, too tired i guess. Can't wait for school to reopen.

Thursday, 15 June 2006

15th June 2006

I can't stop think about harshbrowns right now, okay, so i got the word from reading tze jie's post. It was a typo for hashbrown. HAHA but I just can't stop thinking about it!!AAAA Tze jie u got me hooked to the word!! Don't ask my why but I just get this picture of a hashbrown using harsh words on someone.

Went for nco camp preparation today, not many of our squad attended, which is disturbing cause almost all the sec 3's came. Guess everyone was tired from yesterday's training. But I think it proves that our squad is slacky. And the entire unit is pretty demoralised except the sec 1s and 4s.

Anyways, I now know the best way to demoralize someone. Just compare him/her to a person younger than him/her, use harsh(brown!) words on them like :"These guys are younger than you" or "What do you have to say now?" Or even worse words :"I think you cannot make it, you see the younger guy?"

I learned from all our sirs constantly comparing us to the sec1s. Our squad must be completely crushed when they selected sec1s to be GTO and supporting con. With all these comparisons, our unit is pretty much spilt into Sec2s and 3s vs Sec1s.

Anyways, literature group discussion tomorrow, hopefully someone would have the sense to bring stuff required for a puppet show, since no one told us to bring anything. =)

Wednesday, 14 June 2006


Is friendster that nice? What is the point of friendster except maybe showing off all your "nice" testimonials and amount of friends. What's more, Friendster is for 18years and above so you'd be voiding their terms if you join. I don't think writing *cough*false*cough* profile information or writing nice testimonials about your friends(it has to be nice or they'd delete it) is fun. Or worse, posting images of celebrities or superstars as your picture.

And yes, i did join friendster, for a month, haha so now i just delete any invitations that come my way, so don't ask to be my friend please. And no, i do not want to join:

BTW...Stomp is open =)

Monday, 12 June 2006

Sunday, 11 June 2006

11th June 2006

It's the second week of holidays!! Time flies so fast...haven't even started on things i want to do. Feels like 6 months have passed with all the camps and trainings, and i'm trying hard not to think about the trainings to come...

Syf training yesterday, I only realised this after cell on friday, but when i reached compassvale sec, there were no boys from our school!!AAA everyone else were busy with tuition, so i was all alone in contingent 10, not really alone la, could reconize some faces from atc..

Felt like feining casualty lots of times during the rehearsals, u can see all the first aid people running to and fro helping those who fainted, and some of the casualties are so fake they just sway around a bit and look sickly...but in the end i perservered and made it through all the rehearsals. GOH got to fire blanks in the air, kinda like national day parade? but they got the most trainings and scoldings.

My posts are growing shorter =P

Friday, 9 June 2006

9th June 2006

Stuff i've gotten from the media club camp:
3 Media club tee shirts
Name tag with a string thingy
Media club goodie bag(Includes folder, pen and pencil, notebook, in stressball, and a paper bag)
Media club watch
Media club waterproof capsule
Free newspapers
3lunches and 5 breaks

Hee all this is for free btw, unless u count writing two essays as hard work, learned lots from the camp, but now all the other stuff is coming back to me. Like syf training tomorrow, and NCO camp two weeks from time i must remember never to sign up for things unless you know their schedule, which is why i didn't sign up for the IN crowd.

But hey, i still learned lots from the camp about journalism, if i have a chance next year i'd definitely join. But hey, i'd better go finish up the Nathan Hartono article, then if i have the time i'll do the My singapore article, then i'll rush down to compass to meet Hao Xiang for my full u.
Yar like Miss Chew said...i'm overworked. =(

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

6th June 2006

Today's eevvill. Cos it's the 6th day of the 6th month in 2006. Meaning 6/6/06 . The mark of the beast...haha

I'm not that supersitious la, if it's time for him to come it's time. It'll come when everyone least expects it.

Woke up bright and early at 7 this morning, i felt energetic despite sleeping only 6hours, must be cause the muscle cramps are almost gone and i'm used to sleeping 3or4hours during ATC, so today was like heaven.

For all the people who couldn't make it to the media club camp: You guys are missing out, lots. There's a whole bunch of talks and activites, like trips to the news and printing centres, how a newspaper works, tips on photography, how to interview a celebrity, and other stuff.

First day was fun, this camp is soooooooo much more slack than ATC? Lunch and breaks are catered, got nice air con room(but it's super cold), can sit around, relax, make jokes, it's a different learning experience altogether.

First talk was interesting, focused on how newspapers and languages were interlinked. Really deep, profound stuff which gave me a slight headache, like the beauty of language and the beauty of journalism and meeting deadlines while keeping your feet on the ground and stuff like that. Next talk was on photojournalism, which i like, cos taking photos is my hobby. Again, more insightful stuff like composition, light exposure, sharpness and brightness, who knew so much stuff could fit into a picture? But no, we didn't win =(

We did win for some newspaper game though, supposed to cut out headlines from the straits times and form a short story. We formed something like: Barbie's boyfriend Abbu Sayyal, was arrested for teaching terrorists english without a permit. 2 others suspended for talking with japanese bishop in public.My runescape stats

Monday, 5 June 2006

5th June 2006

Woke up at 12 i'm feeling sore and stiff with muscle cramps right now.

2nd day was the worst, longest day in the atc. Started with PT in the morning. PT was 20sets of 3bx, not including punishments.

All our meals were maggiekoko mee, which is a cheap version of maggie, some canned food, and cholrine pulau ubin water. The water there tasted like a swimming pool, so everyone thought constantly of "Singapore Water". Makes u really appreciate the running water back home.

The only real dissapointment for me was that i couldn't finish rock-climbing. I was one of the last few to go, and the sun was at the hottest, shining on the rock where i was climbing, so every where I touched was hot. At first it was okay, but when i reached the middle it became scorching, couldn't even hold on to the rocks =( gave up with those blisters on my hands. Ah well, at least i tried, not like some people who after one look gave up or said they felt sick.

More than half our group were "casualties"...haha i think it was cos our sir was super fierce one. So most of us chose the easy way out. Can't blame them la, i also felt like giving up too, esp when u see the "casualties" sitting in the shade, drinking nice water, meals cooked for them. =(

Anyways, camp was FUN la. Cannot deny, even punishments were fun. Met lots of new people from my group. I think i got their msn contacts somewhere...lazy to add ( yar lazy me) Some of them know hudson O.o

Weird enough, i felt energetic on the way home, so i stupidly took the mrt and walked home when i could have took the bus. But if there's one thing nice about pulau's the scenery, the scenery was beautiful throughout, blue skies and nice sunsets..haha..
That's Pulau Ubin, No i didn't bring a camera to atc and it isn't the best picture i have, but my house is in the background, near the left. =)

Sunday, 4 June 2006

4th June 2006

I'm Back!!YAY..

Suffering from: Around 25+mosquito bites, blisters on 7fingers, 1 or 2 cuts, and muscle cramps everywhere.

Ah well, went to school quite early, dragged all my stuff to school, where we waited around for CI's to come. Left Full Uniforms in school, took a bus to changi jetty, and took a boat to Pulau Ubin.
The Pulau Ubin jetty was like, 40mins walk away from the campsite? And we had to drag our bags and dowel poles. By the time we reached there sweat was already dripping.

The boy's campsite was full of stones, on top of a hill, so we boys have to climb to the top of the hill to reach our tents while the girls campsite is at the bottom. Tent pitching was hard, due to the stones, and the hard ground. Guess we should appreciate the field at school that's easy to peg.

When almost all tents had been pitched, Miss Chia came and told us to go for the parade. Weeee we skipped the entire afternoon thanks to the blessing day parade. But we had to change from our sweaty campcraft kits to full u in 10mins, which is not fun at all. Took out rifles after changing and went to rehearse.

We had to yang tingi all over again due to eugene not coming, and somehow i was in the front row. =( and i had to know when to turn and all.
Parade itself was bad, near the end the band gave some extra drum beats which confused us all as we couldn't tell which was the timing and which wasn't. So we goh had some weird footsteps for a while. Returned rifles immediately after parade and went off to pulau ubin again.

Gah never mind, i'll blog later, time to go sleep.

Thursday, 1 June 2006

1st June 2006

Glynis is obviously ignoring the facts that I've listed down many many times. But hey, I'm busy now and I don't want to repeat the same things over and over again, if she can't read my reasons, I can't really make her read can I?

As I'm blogging I'm currently preparing my full u for tomorrow's parade. My full u's supposed to be in tip-top shape. But it's not, I have to go autosol all the buttons, polish the boots to chee sheng standard, iron nicely, pack everything, and then I have to go prepare for tomorrow's camp.

Wonder if anyone will see me at the parade. I'm in the middle row, last colum, goh. Hopefully we can do well enough so that we won't suffer punishment.
Punishment:1hour of hentak(marching on the spot)
2hours of marching
and parade rehearsals for NDP commencing immediately after that

Eh now i'm having second thoughts, right now i could be in Port Dickson Malaysia enjoying life, meeting members from other churchs, without a care for np. but hey, i think God would rather i go out and learn something that will help me rather than attend a conference. Like me choosing practical over theory, except practical's a lot harder. =P but hey, i'm always crazily enthusiastic about things.

Heh the next time i blog will probably be monday night. I gotta go pack for the camp now anyways...wish me luck. =)