Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Cover Letter.


Was reading this in class today and I thought it was an interesting story. Okay I was supposed to be learning how to write your resume and cover letter instead of reading short stories, but I think the story is interesting nonetheless.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas Eve.

Minghui decided that since he needs to wake up in 15 minutes time, why not do away with sleep altogether. Haha. Okay it's kind of unhealthy, and I'm kind of dead tired considering I went swimming earlier, but never mind. I think I've gotten so used to it already. =D

Merry Christmas Eve! We should sing Christmas Eve carols! Hahaha. We wish you a Merry Christmas Eve..We wish you a Merry Christmas Eve..

Past week or so has been kind of hectic and busy. Went carolling on Saturday! We went carolling at a couple of one-room flats with mostly elderly citizens were staying, and I thought it was a meaningful experience. Although we did have to sing some of the carols in Chinese. And some of the carols had the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass parts too, and trying to sing in Chinese and in harmony is challenging. Haha. Interesting experience nonetheless.

Then we went to a super high-class apartment/condominium at Orchard Road to sing at a Christmas party there. Haha. Kind of like a from third world to first thing but no I don't think I'll make any comments about the harsh unfairness of capitalism and democracy/meritocracy. It was different though, and it's the first time I've seen a Rolls Royce, Bentley, and some other huge vintage car parked side by side with the numbers 888 on their number plates. The car park was filled with Ferraris and Lamborghinis and all the other super expensive cars la. Who needs to go to a motor show with a car park like that, haha.

Then we went for supper at Ang Mo Kio, then Aaron drove us back and we got lost somewhere along the CTE. But the expressways in Singapore aren't that complicated so we managed to find our way back, haha. Then I went for supper again at Hougang with Ryan and Hao Xiang. Played around with the swings at the playground, then took a taxi back to Punggol because it was around 2am.

Went to Church on Sunday and we had to sing in front of the congregation. Gah. I was the only tenor la. Forgot/Didn't dare to sing most of my parts because I was drowned out by everyone. Hahaha. Okay never mind.

Monday was the start of the Reading Ambassador Programme! Was asked by Mr Yeo to help out with teaching/mentoring. I think being a teacher is a very tiring job. And being a good teacher is even more tiring. I have no idea how my teachers did it, considering they had us as students. Haha. Okay it was an interesting, although stressful and tiring experience.

Ryan and Hao Xiang were in school hanging around after the first day, and Ryan brought Nerf guns! Haha. We ended up playing around shooting each other at the Space with Mr Sharom whilst the PSL camp was nearby. Gosh it's like how we played Basketball with Mr Sharom and Mr Yeo during the Sec 1 Camp at the start of this year. =O

Then we went back to school, and I worked through the night and didn't go home. Slept for 2 hours in the staffroom, then took a bus back home, changed, and came back to the second day of the programme! Hardcore. Was half-dead, as usual, and I thought the presentation was really hard since we had to keep asking them to pay attention and telling them to keep quiet and to discuss/work faster and a million and one things. Hard to be a teacher. Or maybe I should have acted like really stern at the start so they wouldn't be so rowdy. Haha. But Mr Yeo insisted I show them breakdancing and hip-hop, so my 'stern image' was ruined.

Slept for 14 long hours on Tuesday. From 5pm to 10am on Wednesday. =S It's like catching up on lost sleep so it's okay. Haha. Met Koon Tat and we went swimming at Jurong East! Haha. I haven't been there in years. Although the place feels smaller, and I can touch the pool floor most of the time now, but it's still pretty much the same. =D Wave pool is awesome.

Then we went to the Chinese Garden with KFC in hand. Hahaha. Then we went to Uniqlo at Somerset and bought the same hoodies. Then Quiznos for some reason. =D Aw man. A lot of shops were closed at like 10.30pm, so we went home. And here I am blogging away and I have no idea what I just typed because of the nagging desire to sleep I guess. And it started raining so I no longer need to wake up early and can go to sleep now if I wanted.

Good Morning.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


A solid-state imaging device includes: plural photodiodes formed in different depths in a unit pixel area of a substrate; and plural vertical transistors formed in the depth direction from one face side of the substrate so that gate portions for reading signal charges obtained by photoelectric conversion in the plural photodiodes are formed in depths corresponding to the respective photodiodes.
I don't understand the above paragraph at all. Hahaha. Even after attempting to read through it a number of times. Eyes kind of lose focus at the plural vertical transistors part. Credits to Ryan for finding this amazing website on patents. I think if I read that site everyday my ability to describe things would definitely improve.
The FreePatentsOnline search engine is one of the most powerful, fastest and easiest patent search engines on the web. Our search allows advanced search techniques such as word stemming, proximity searching, relevancy ranking and search term weighting to help you find exactly what you are looking for. And, our account features let you organize, annotate and share documents, and Alerts let you instantly be notified when new documents of interest are published.
Even the description is so perplexingly profound! Or maybe we're all just used to the ergonomics of simple, lay-man's English used in the majority of websites we visit today.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A Cat In A Box.

This is a cat in a box. =)

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Cell Group.

Okay last Friday I met my cell group for the last time this year. Haha since the next two weeks are going to be spent celebrating Christmas/New Year, so the next time I'd meet them as a cell would be next year. =(

I think it's been a super fast year, still can't believe I've met them every Friday for about 40+ times already. Since Youth Camp last year when we were first grouped as a cell up till now.

In retrospect, I think I could have done more as a cell leader, and at times it feels like I shouldn't be their cell leader at all. Sometimes I wish someone could set an example and tell me what to do instead of me trying to rely on past experiences which can turn out irrelevant. I don't think I like responsibility very much, haha. But I hope to be a better cell leader next year, I hope I do better.

I think I've learned a lot from leading a cell group this year, not only about the people in my cell, but about myself too. And this post is to them, even though I don't think they read my blog hahaha.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Sesame Street.

Was at Centrepoint a few days ago and I saw Sesame Street with my younger sister! She's not very young actually, hahaha.

Actual quote from Elmo during the show:
Elmo: "Elmo wrote his very own song!"
Guy: "Oh! What's it called?"
Elmo: "Elmo's Song!"

Nothing more to say...Hahahaha.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Black Cat.

Today I went running at 11pm. I ran 2.6 km in 13 minutes. Horrible.

I went hunting for cats around my house after that. Saw this black cat with white legs and sat down on a bench nearby. Then the cat came and jumped up next to me. We lepak sat there for 15 minutes with the cat licking and rolling about and scratching against the bench. Then the cat looked at me with it's huge green eyes, said "meow", and jumped off and walked away.

Okay that was totally random, but it did happen. I shall go stalk other cats next time.

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Okay school has finally ended! No more rushing of assignments, doing work and not sleepingg. I think this block has definitely been one of the blocks with the least amount of sleep for me so far.
Although the break is only two weeks, and there's a million and one things to do. =S But it's a break, yay.

And I think I don't really say this much at times, though I should learn to say it more often, but thanks to all my friendss who were with me this past block. To Deon, Russell, Crystal, Yun Theng and Nathalia. You guys are an awesome bunch of people!

And to Hao Xiang and Ryan too man. You guys are awesome too! =D Go out and take pictures sooon!

Thursday, 3 December 2009


I miss taking pictures because I want to take them and not because I have to.
It feels like nothing I do works and I wish I didn't feel this way.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Random Pictures.

Haven't blogged in a million zillion years so I figured I should blog now.

Last day of Typography/Creative Writing:
Fisheye, Diana F+ Mini, Nothing, Holga, Holga.

Yun Theng looks very scary.

Patrick gets stapled.

Patrick and someone's acrylic artwork. I have no idea who though.

Met up with Ryan and Hao Xiang at Macdonald's after Creative Writing class. Then went around Hougang shooting pictures with Ryan's new Sony A850 at like 11pm.

Ryan showing the A850's built-in car zooming out function.

Started raining heavily so we didn't take much pictures, but we saw this friendly cat!

Ryan teaching the cat about shutter speeds and composition.

Okay but the cat was very friendly. Kept moving about our legs so it was hard to take a sharp picture though hahaha.

Okay Ryan's pictures taken with his new camera are awesome too.

And they're not just awesome because they all have me in the picture, although that is a contributing factor. Hahahaha. Okay thick-skinned. :)

It started raining super heavily. So Ryan and me went running in the rain from void deck to void deck until the 136 bus stop. But I missed the last 136 since it was around 12.30am by then, so we ran to the 62 bus stop and I took 62 home instead.

Went to Punggol End with Nathalia and Yun Theng the next day. Was supposed to like go to the lalang field, but it started raining so we stayed at the bus stop. Haha. Played with Nathalia's coloursplash flash which gives crazyy effects.

Multiple Exposure + Different flash colours = Instant Photoshop.

We went from Punggol to Clarke Quay, then the Esplanade, then Singapore Flyer. Because there was Popeye's at the Flyer! Haha.

Long Exposure.

The F1 track in front of the flyer was open to public. So we went there and took jump shots.

Gummy Bears! Caught the last train home.

Went to this Design bookstore at Bras Basah the next day. Then we decided to walk to Dhoby Ghaut and catch Paranormal Activity.


Crystal's Fisheye viewfinder. Haha.

Saw mushrooms/toadstools! =O

From left to right: Happy, Not so Happy, Serious.

And Paranormal Activity wasn't scary at all! Disappointing since the reviews made it out to be like Blair Witch. Boringg.

I have no idea what's going on in the above picture. Taken by Deon hahaha.

Went to the Singapore Art Museum for a class field trip. =D

Wide Angle Lens are awesome.

I have no idea why they are all grabbing the pole.

Had to go out and take pictures around school during Photography class the next day.

Spot Patrick.

Haha. Lots of pictures of Patrick because I was at the same time shooting with a disposable camera.

This camera in fact. It was for this Singapore Design Festival thing where you exchange a roll of film with a stranger. =D

Ryan's Domo! =D

Ryan's domo again! Haha.

Rest of the pictures on Facebook here.