Monday, 30 July 2007

Ugly Barnacle.

Gah. Haven't updated for 3 days le. =/

Okay. Went to school at 7.15 on a Saturday. =X Captain's Ball competition at Jurong Sec.

So weird la, everyone was like asking me to be angry. -.- I can never be angry for long. In fact, I'd have a lot of respect for you in an ironical sense, cause you'd have to be either really stupid, really irritating, or you must have done some horrible to someone else. =)

Came in second place. The last match vs Bukit Panjang Govt High was super hard la. They either as tall or taller than me. =(

And the girls team came in 4th. =)

Award ceremony, then 1hour bus ride back to school.

Went food court upstairs for lunch, then went back home, bathed, then went out again to Kovan Mac.

Blarh. Discussed the debate thingy. Then discussed the squad thingy. Then went home.

Sunday started with me waking up very late. Bleh. Woke up at 12pm? Like every Sunday is becoming my sleep super long and oversleep for Church day...Sighs. Went to St Clare's Kindergarten to see their funfair thingy at St Francis Church. I think the Church is very nice la. Peaceful, and the design for the Church was entered in some competition? And there's even a crematorium.

It's a weird feeling to travel to such moving to a new house or something. Unexplainable maybe.

Today was spent in school! Awesome! And we had A Maths! =D

Couldn't understand much in A Maths la. Bleh. Then I kenna arrowed by Mrs Loh for stupid random stuff like Chee Hock trying to show me something and me looking at him, or talking to Alvin and asking him something.

And Lenson pretty much sent me 100+ messages full of spam today. XD

NDP rehearsal after that. Now my sore throat's back due to shouting the timing until dam loud. Haha. Even I dunno I can shout that loud man! Haha, now my voice is so hoarse, but Minghui man one okay? Sure recover by Friday's training one.

Went LJS for dinner after NDP rehearsal, then took 136 back home with Yi Hong and played worms with him. Heh.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Sec 2 Squad Leader.

First time as sec 2 squad leader today. But nvm, shall blog about yesterday first.

Thursday started with me waking up at 7 and chiong-ing to school. Then was all the usual lessons with me half falling asleep and half sneezing. Blarh. Then LCE where we did the role-play thingy. But I'm too lazy to blog about it so go to Lenson's or Jude's blog and read yourself.

Today was stupid. Cause I woke up early and took super long and slow to do stuff that I ended up being almost late. -.- And I still have that stupid blocked nose and sore throat.

Assembly was okay...I'm getting very bored about drugs...Sure we know all about Cannabis and Marijuana and Metamephine Hydrochloride already. Must be cause of the SANA course that made me super bored.

Geog test today. Was relatively okay...can pass la. =)

And then was the first official training for NCOs. Blah. Horrible la. Cause Woei Jiun didn't come, then left me and Nina. And my blocked nose and sore throat(thanks to *ahem* =D). Sighs. Was probably the most stressful training ever..Don't really know what to say... =/

This is like the 4th time in a row I'm skipping Church for Npcc. I've realised that, it's impossible to balance out everything. Sec 1 was when I went Church all the time, then didn't bother about Np. Sec 2 was when everything fell apart. Everything. Sec 3 now is going for NP and going Church less. =/

What's right and what's wrong? What should I focus on?

If you see someone needing help,
Do you go to that person and help because
1. It's the right thing to do?
2. Others are doing it?
3. You have no choice?
4. You genuinely want to help?

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

After the Campfire.

After the Twinning campfire on Saturday. Not everyday you get to stay in school until 10+ at the 'haunted block' right?
That's the campfire to the left of the picture and school canteen in the background.
And the light sticks are there as a safety precaution.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.

Haha. View Meng lent me the book on Monday. Which I finished reading on Tuesday.

Anyways, haven't updated for very long again. =P

Sunday: Went to school at 9am to clean up the campfire things. Finished by 11 then went LJS for lunch. Then Kovan to play volleyball and basketball with np ppl. Went home at about 3 and slept for 4hours before waking up again. Went Ikea Tampines with family cause I haven't went out with them for a few weeks. Oh and went Giant and bought a 2gb SD card. =D

Monday: Tried out the new food court at Hougang Mall. Quite okay la. But expensive. And View Meng lent me the new book cause he read it 3 times already. Slept at 1+ cause I was busy reading the book. Haha.

Tuesday: Maths remedial. Gah. Horrible. Went Kovan after that with the usual people to study. But then I felt like sleeping la. Super tired all the way home too. Slept at 9.30. And I started having flu towards the end of the day. =/

Today: Overslept and chiong-ed to school. Was super tired throughout the day. And my flu evolved into a sore throat. And Denise didn't come to school. -.- Went Np room to help stock taking.

Super tired to blog now. Stupid flu and sore throat.

Hard work never killed anyone, but why take a chance?

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Twinning Campfire 2007.

Split up my posts for organisation. =)

Woke up at 8.30 by Hao Xiang telling me he was on the way to my house. Gah. Super tired from having slept at 1 the day before.

Went Kovan mac to discuss stuff, then walked around trying to find firewood, then went to school.

Me, Chee Sheng and Hao Xiang went to Hougang Interchange and saw lots and lots of wood, but in the end cannot take all. =/

Went back school to go remove all the nails from the wood. Me and Hao Xiang were having lots of fun demolishing removing the wood.

Then I stepped back onto a nail, which went through my shoe and into my foot. I had the weird feeling of staring at the plank attached to the nail attached to my foot when I realised it was cause I just hammered a nail into my foot. Then excruciating pain shot through my leg and blood gushed profusely without coagulating

Okay la, it wasn't that serious at all cause I didn't step all the way in. But my shoe still has a hole now. Eugene also stepped on a nail before me. His more serious la. Scary..

I realised there and then the sensitive fragility of life. What if I just tripped and landed face first onto a nail? My skull would crack if it hit my forehead and I would die instantly. Or I would go blind if it hit my eye. Or I would give others nightmares if I ended with a nail jutting from my cheek into my mouth and out the other cheek. Or through my mouth and nose.

The possibilities are endless! Or I could just die with a nail through my heart.

The campfire went...okay. Elaine and I were the MCs, and it's the first thing I've ever spoken in front of an audience in Chinese. Dam horrible. Mixed up a lot of words. But I can't exactly describe how the campfire went cause....ya.

Too tired to blog now. =/

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
Cause we as humans are imperfect, and only one person is.
Can't everyone just get along together?

Racial Harmony Day.

School ended early on Friday in preparation for the Racial Harmony thing at Hougang Central Hub. But I spent the entire afternoon from 12 to 4+ in class polishing boots.

Haha. Then we had to change to full u for marshaling duty. Thought we were supposed to go to the hub to stand for the 1hour 15minutes. But in the end we had to do duty at the school carpark.

With no cars. =/

Also thought we were supposed to be the car door openers for Guest-Of Honour, Mr George Yeo. But in the end the CIs went to do.

Ah wells, at least my boots now quite shiny. =)

Went to the hub for a while, then went Compass Point for dinner. Pei-ed Denise all the way to her house outside, then walked home.

Reached home at 11.30, then I was too lazy to blog. =)Drawn by Elaine/Woei Jiun. =)

Thursday, 19 July 2007

I'm Patrick.

Okay haven't blogged for 4 entire days. It's like a nagging duty that I'm reluctant to fulfill. Or an insignificant matter that slowly encapsulates and magnifies over a course of time. Or a love-hate relationship slowly degrading into the mere threads of nothingness.
/Minghui's super chim English phrases.

This past 4 days have been hectic to say the least. To the extent that I would describe the events that happened as life-changing even, definitely my perspective has changed on many things, I'm definitely not the same person. Change is inevitable obviously, but for better, or worse.
/Minghui's super chim meaningless English ramblings.

Okay, I shall stop all that weird English words la. Dunno why I'm suddenly compelled to blog in such meticulous, perfectionist tones of English. Call it audacious, but maybe it's due to a strange phenomena that occurs in the late hours of the night? Idiosyncratic, even. Or a side effect of extreme fatigue and stress?
/Minghui's super stupid pointless English words.

Gah, I really must stop le. Time to blog normally liao. No idea why I'm speaking so chim la. Maybe it's cause I'm testing Firefox's built-in spell checker?

ANYWAYS, had not 1, not 3, but 2 tests on Monday! Awesome! Cause all the tests were relatively easy. Relatively cause only Social Studies and English Comprehension. If it was Chinese and A Maths on the same day then.... =/

Went Lenson's house after school to do the competition thingy. Played with Lenson's Digital Single-Lens Reflex again. Dam chim right? Single-Lens Reflex=SLR. Haha, like super scary whenever using his camera, cause there's always the chance of it breaking and me having to pay $2000+ somehow....

Brought guitar to school on Tuesday, went to Jude's Church to play. Haha. His Church is big la, and very scary at night. =) Then left at about 2.50 for Maths remedial. Bleh.

Wednesday was NPCC training. Got our NCO postings, Congrats to everyone for their NCO posts! Don't split up our squad because of some stupid title that goes along with your name!

Oh ya, Alvin's birthday was on Wednesday. Happy Birthday Alvin! OLD

I'm hooked onto playacting as Patrick whenever I'm with Hao Xiang now...hur hur hur. But still cannot win Elaine cause she laugh exactly like Patrick. =P

Cute Right? Hur hur

I shall attempt to blog more....tomorrow. =)

Sunday, 15 July 2007


Taken on the way to MRT.
Same as above. Opposite my house.
Taken next to Punggol Secondary.

Can't decide which one's nicest. Of course you can be mean and say all look ugly. =(

Area 7 Games Day 2007.

Games day went pretty well. Although I didn't play anything. =/ Not fair la, never go np training then the rest never help me sign up.

Gah, screwed up at some point for the MC part. But anyways, we didn't win for the games day. =/ And we no longer have to go to Punggol Sec for the trainings.

Went home to bathe and change, then went to Compass for lunch with Woei Jiun, Elaine and Nina.

Ate at KFC, again. Haha then took a bus to Kovan Mac to study. Didn't really study la, heh. Then went to a field at Kovan and played volleyball. Then went home and finally slept at 9pm after an exhausting week of 5 or 6 hours sleep every night.

Next time I'll try surviving a week with 3 or 4 hours of sleep? =D

Woke up this afternoon at 12.30. Haha, 15 and a 1/2 hours of sleep. Went to Church for worship class. Kind of like theory in worship? Haha. Learned quite a lot about what it means to be an artist in that sense.

Then went for dinner with my family cause I haven't been going out with them for a few weeks. Ate at this place called Botak John? I dunno la, forgot the name..something botak?

Ate a Rib-Eye Steak costing $14+. Kind of expensive. But very shiok la. There was a heaping multitude of fries piled on the plate, equally matched by the somewhat sloppy mess of coleslaw. And the fries were sprinkled in a tangy spice. And the steak and mushroom sauce were unmatched too.
Now I can go describe food for people. Haha.

Reading a book entitled Roald Dahl's Book Of Ghost Stories. A collection of ghost stories selected by Road Dahl which Chee Hock borrowed when the NLB came to my school last week.

The book is probably not for children. Cause some of it's stories are chim. Very Chim. Like I had to re-read some sentences 2 or 3 times to get their meaning. And it's not really a normal ghost story book. It's not like those "true singapore ghost stories" or whatever where the stories describe some white person which screams and reaches for you.

The stories are...disturbing. Haha. You won't think the same way about ghosts if you read the book. No mention of any white people, and all ghosts look like normal humans.

I shall start on a new blogskin. =)

Saturday, 14 July 2007


It's 6.30am.

Everyone should ask me why Minghui is blogging at 6.30 in the morning.

Woke up super tired on Friday. Shouldn't have watched Prison Break. =D
School was normal. Lots of people from my class went to help out for the Science Daze so the class was quiet for the last 2 periods.

Went to Punggol Sec for the last training after school. Gah. Missed playing for worship because of the training. =/

Went to Compass for dinner. Then got irritated at Hao Xiang cause I was suddenly asked to bring 4 pails. Grr.

Then took 156 to Bishan, walked to Church from J8. Went for cell. Took 136 home. Slept at 12.30, woke up at 5.30 to go pass Hao Xiang the pails.

So now I'm still awake because I'm afraid to go back to sleep. =)

Ok, haven't really blogged in a detailed fashion, but I'm too tired with only 5 hours of sleep, and 5 and a half hours of sleep the night before, and 4 hours sleep the night before that.

In fact, this whole week has been me sleeping after 12. =)

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Bus Stop.

Taken at the Kovan Bus stop today with Lenson's 10 MegaPixel Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti with DIGIC III Processor and Digital Tele-Converter and Safety Zoom. Actually I took all that Chim information from here.

I think it's just a normal so-so picture. Nothing really special. =|


=D Thanks to Lenson for lending me his 10MegaPixel Canon Digital Ixus 900ti. =)

Now I can take photos. Heh. Wanted to take photos of the sky cause these few days have been filled with breath-taking clouds man. But then today got no nice clouds at all. =/

Brought guitar to school on Tuesday to play with Airil and Jude. Haha. The number of guitarists in our class is slowly increasing! =D Now we win the two violinists but still lose to all the pianists. =/

Anyways, went for maths remedial after playing. Sat with Jian Hui, Yun Kai and Daniel? Haha. Couldn't really concentrate...but I could do abit/some/most/a lot of the questions, I think.

Wednesday was PE. Played volleyball with Lenson and Jude. =D The ball we used was so soft la. Can squeeze and hit around easily. Then Lenson hit the thing to the second floor twice. =\

Went to Punggol Sec for training again after school on Wednesday. Yi Hong no longer in the parade la. Left me as the only guy. =( Then I was chosen to become MC cause of my English. =|

Nina&Steven? Heh. =D

Today was spent with me feeling super sleepy. And it was raining during A Maths lesson. You have never experienced torture until you sit through an A Maths lesson when it is raining and you slept 6+hours the night before. At least the lesson was on circles and got drawings/pictures. If it was on Algebra or worse, logarithms...sure die arh.

Went home after school to take the volleyball, then went Kovan CC to play. Played till about 6+ then went home.

Now I'm too tired to blog. =D

Shall start posting pictures taken with Lenson's 10MegaPixel Canon Digital Ixus 900ti with Digic III Processor.

Monday, 9 July 2007


Took this last Saturday at Clarke Quay with Stephen's camera.

Wouldn't have seen this picture if we didn't go the wrong way so... =/

Colour balance was off so I darkened and contrasted it abit.


I shall blog detailed today.

Went yesterday to play at Gracehaven. Second time playing.
I wished I had a camera with me on the way to Church la. The sky at Punggol was super nice and forbidding cause it was about to rain. And it started drizzling when I was walking to the MRT, so I started running. =D

Went to Church, then went to Gracehaven with Shermin, Adriel, Joel, Alicia and Clarence.

I didn't feel like playing at all at the start. No idea why, like this sudden antagonistic feeling. Like I'm sure to play wrongly for worship, or I'm going to looking uber horrible when playing. Or I have no idea how to play the song at all when I knew how to play 4 out of the 5 songs.

I dunno la. Weird feeling. I played really badly at the start when I had the exact same chords to the songs back home. Then I screwed up on all the strumming patterns. Then I just started thinking why this was happening to me. Why was I feeling like this? I realised that it wasn't about whether you played nicely or looked good, no matter how many times I heard it, it was at that moment that it hit me the most. At that point, I was struck by how I was focusing entirely on just playing well, and going home after that.

The end result was the most fun I had ever had playing.

Slept at 1am, woke at 5.45am.

Today was tiring la. Mrs Loh said I have to go for maths remedial every Tuesday at 3-4.30pm. =( that was such horribly depressing news. I am still in a state of denial about Mathematics. "What Maths? What Maths?"

Whole day was filled with people going:"No Link, I'm a teddy bear, and Cute arh Cute."

And I completed a persuasive essay, a fairy tale, and a open-ended comprehension in class. And I also know maths okay? I know that the diameter/radius of a circle is always perpendicular to the tangent which is very useful when combined with Pythagoras Theorem. =)

Went for lunch with a bunch of people to celebrate Li Jing's birthday again. Went to pizza hut at Compass Point. Suddenly felt super tired after lunch. Took 83 home, and slept almost the entire way.

Friday, 6 July 2007

365th Post.

So if I've been blogging everyday for one year I'd end up here. =)

Went for a Area 7 parade training thing on Wednesday...At Punggol Secondary. Haha. Saw Wen Jie there when I was changing. If he didn't go to the toilet we wouldn't meet lor. =\

The training was, okay. Different. =|

O.0 There was a talk on STI's on Thursday. Eeeyer..the pictures look so...eeyer. Oh and Chinese test on Thursday. Horrible.

Went to play badminton at Kovan after school on Thursday. Heh, haven't played badminton in a very long time too.

Went Punggol Sec for parade training again on Friday. Parade was changed to a...mass performance? Lol. Saw Wen Jie there again! And this time only me and Woei Jiun went cause the rest went for the inter-unit quiz.

We were released at 3.30? Fastest training ever...Had nothing to do for 2+hours so Woei Jiun went my house..

Went KFC for dinner with np people. In the end I was too late to go for cell...bleh. Took 27 instead with Hao Xiang then walked home just before the expressway turnoff. =)

Hao Xiang, Chee Sheng, Elaine, Woei Jiun, Nina and Wei Ting came my house on Saturday.

Haha, at first Chee Sheng was super on about coming my house, but then on Saturday suddenly no energy liao.

Went out to Clarke Quay after that to celebrate Li Jing's birthday. Happy birthday Li Jing! Ate at a place called Fisherman's Wharf? I think it's quite nice la...

Wanted to walk to Marina Bay, but in the end we walked in the wrong direction of Singapore River. Sighs...if only I'd checked my watch compass...haha..

Took bus 80 all the way to Seng Kang, then walked home with Stephen. Reached home at around 12.30am. =D

And that is the end of Minghui's awesome week. =)

I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms without a camera. I want a dSLR!! =( Sighs. Anyone willing to sponsor me 1.5k? I'll go take lots of pictures for you. =D

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Okay. Haven't blogged for a really long time so I'm blogging now. =)

NPCC Training after school on Friday. Haven't done rifle drills since last year. =D And me, Hao Xiang, Eugene and Joshua got our badges.

Left Np early for worship practice. Wasn't supposed to play but then sis had O lvl lessons.

Cell was on purpose. Really questioning la. Like, do you go to Church because you have to, or because you want to?

Thinking about the questions when going home. Almost missed Potong Pasir Station. Haha.

Went Sentosa on Youth Day, gosh, haven't played at the beach for a very long time. Saw Jaslyn there! haha. And everyone I went with has a camera/camera phone except me! Blargh.

Okay I know my post is super short. But I'm through trying to please everybody.