Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Back to School.

Okay. Haven't updated regularly this past week.

Either, super tired, or busy, or lazy.

Anyways, school reopened on Monday. On Darren's Birthday.
Happy Birthday Darren! Don't say I nvr wish you!! =D

The entire day was spent rushing through homework, catching up with friends and adjusting back to school life again. I was stupidly throwing my pencil case around on the way to the computer lab for maths. Then my pencil case got stuck on top of this ventilator? Gah. Super high up that even I couldn't reach. Haha. Thanks to Stephen and Lenson for helping me get it back. Morale of the story: Don't throw your pencil case when near high ventilating ducts.

Went to Pizza Hut to celebrate Darren's Birthday after school. =)

Tuesday was spent doing stuff that I can't remember. I only recall watching a movie on Hitler for History. And maybe learning about chords in circles and in Maths.

Wednesday was the HI Idol Finals. Aaaa I no tee-shirt!! But I'm not materialistic anyways so nvm...The finals itself was quite nice. Styles From Beyond and Lee Wei Song and George Chan attended the event. Haha. And I sat with Kenny throughout the thing cause there wasn't any space at my class and a few of us went to sit at 3Hum.

Oh and I have this weird bruise thing on my hip after Ivan tripped me when playing captain's ball. It looks/feels dam weird. Like some kind of bleeding thing but without the blood.

Went Lenson's house after the whole thing to do our chemistry project.

Haha, got the idea for the project online. We did the classic mentos and coke one. Super fun la.
Picture taken by me with Lenson's camera. =)

And I'm simply enamored with Lenson's DSLR. Super fun to play with. Now I can't decide if I should save for an electric guitar or a DSLR. =/

Today was super uber long cause lessons ended at 2.30. And the 1 1/2 hours of Chinese wasn't exactly....exciting... =D

Went Mac's for lunch after school. Then went Nina's house to go do the 100differences. Haha...I think I spent most of the time there doing my corrections for Chinese. =S

Blarh. Still have a fairy tale to write for English and a Powerpoint Presentation for Chinese.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

End of June Holidays.

School starts in 7 & 1/2 hours times.

In retrospect though. This whole 30 days has been a tremendous rush. A crazy nonsensical illogical whimsical irrational blitz of a combination of events from the start to end.

And I blogged 15posts. Haha.

But seriously though, it seems like a blink of an eye yet ironically feels like a year. I'm talking nonsense. =)

I've been to a classification shoot, the ihope conference, police knowledge/homefront security course, the habitudes experience, NCO Camp, ATC, a class and a squad bbq, and my camera screen cracked.


Yet it feels like I still have a lot of things to do, things left unsaid, things to finish. Like the holidays have barely started, like I'm seeing myself from a third person perspective.

But school starts in 7&1/2 hours.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Adventure Training Camp 2007.

For those weirdly interested in my past(heh), link to last year's atc blog post is here.

I realised after reading that post that's it's full of grammatical/vocabulary errors. Gah. But I'm too lazy to go edit anyways...

Camp was not as tiring as NCO camp, probably cause no drill trainings and only 3d2n. And my group name was Sony! Haha. We got the most improved group award. Partly because everyone in the group was very very low on morale and very sianz...but still, our campfire skit was nice!

Went rafting on the second day! OBS rafting, except it was in the sea and we use wooden spars instead of pvc pipes. At least our raft managed to stay relatively afloat in the sea. Haha. In the end my shoes were filled with sand and stones and sea shells which hurt like mad when walking back to camp.

And I also have 29 mosquito bites on both hands. Counted them all. They look more like rashes than bites really...Legs have about 20+ bites too. Should never have slept at the side of the tent on the first night. And it was raining on the first night, really nice to lie in the tent and hear the sound of rain dropping on the outer sheet. Haha. And we could hear the techno and karaoke from Malaysia like at OBS.

And there was an advanced ropes course. Very fun. Could see Punggol from the tower. And it's cool to look down from a very high point and know that nothing's supporting you except for a rope.

And the view at Pulau Ubin is really nice. Breathtaking. Especially cause the skies were overcast most of the time.

Now there's homework to do. =/

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Squad BBQ.

I'm too lazy or tired to blog now. I shall summarize everything and go sleep.

Went for bbq yesterday at the Florida. Haha. So fun man! And I went swimming. So I have one thing off the list done. But the security guards chased us out cause it was very late. =/

Stayed the whole night at Eugene's house watching Epic Movie, Re-Cycle and playing X-box. Epic movie was normal cause I watched it before. Haha. Re-Cycle was quite nice. Not really scary at all. It's more about a wasteland of imagination and someone being trapped in that wasteland.

Haha. Me and Jian hui didn't sleep at all. We went to play Boxhead after everyone was sleeping. Haha, it's a super addictive online game which can be played cooperatively, so me and Jian hui were like:"Faster put the barrel there!"

Played for like 2hours unlocking everything in the game. Then drank a cup of coffee. Heh.

Gosh. Felt super tired. Cause I was awake for more than 32 hours. Slept at 3pm before waking up at 7 to pack for atc.

Won't be blogging for yet another 3days due to ATC. =( Not exactly looking forward to the camp. I'd even prefer staying at home and doing homework...

Monday, 18 June 2007

The Soccer Cage.

I went out and drew something cause my blog now has too few pictures and my camera is cracked.

Took me quite a long time to draw it. You should really focus in on the small details. Like the 100plus bottle and the background. =)

Okay okay. I admit. I used Gimp's filters to come up with that drawing. Haha. But it's still a nice image nevertheless.Taken sometime last year after the exams when everyday was just going down to cage after school. =)

Father's Day.

Woke up at 9am on Father's Day.

Celebrated it by going to Church. Haha.

But it's cool man. Cause my father was preaching. Pastor(s) was away on holiday.

Went lunch at J8, then went home and attempted homework. Attempted.

Woke up this morning at 9am. Actually would have overslept if not for Ivan calling me. Haha, went to Ivan's house to play Halo. It's one of the major things on Minghui's list of things to do during the holidays. But I forgot to write it down.

Quite fun anyways, and kind of nostalgic since I've not touched Halo for a few months. The last time I played multiplayer on halo was at Wenjie's house where I stayed over last year?

Owned everyonePlayed slayer on blood gulch, rockets on sidewinter and then bummed around playing other games Ivan has.

Haha, played till around 3+ then went home.

I realised I haven't had a picture for 4blog posts already...gosh. I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms of not having a camera. =(

Sunday, 17 June 2007


With Graphics Designing. Yay. Since before NCO camp to now has been designing in Gimp non-stop. Horrible. Especially when you accidentally add a zero behind some width value and the whole thing crashes and you didn't save.

So now I can finally sleep before 2am. Heh. =)

Went for Discipleship class today. Signed up for it a very very long time ago and completely forgot about it. But the class was okay anyways. Learned stuff about journeying with God and all.

I realised that it's just 8 more days to the end of the June holidays. And it's the last week of the Holidays already? And there's ATC camp from 21st to 23rd. And the gigantic pile of homework.

And there's still a million and one things I want to do that I haven't done yet.

List of things Minghui wants to do before school starts:
  1. Go swimming at the Florida. Wanted since:Before NCO Camp.
  2. Go Chomp Chomp and eat the BBQ Sting-Ray there. Wanted since:After NCO Camp.
  3. Learn how to play the actual version of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Wanted since:I found the actual guitar tabs for Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Here?
  4. Climb Bukit Timah Hill with Lenson and View Meng. Wanted since:After Mid-Year Exams?
  5. Go Kayaking with Lenson. Wanted since:After OBS.
  6. Watch Ocean's 13, Spiderman 3, Fantastic Four, POTC 3, and every other nice movie that I haven't watched yet.
  7. Get a new Camera. Wanted since:I broke my Camera. =/
  8. Get an SD card reader. Wanted since: I got an SD Card.
Okay, I think some if not most of the stuff will never be done in time. =(

Ah wells, time to start doing homework...

Saturday, 16 June 2007


Woke up at 1pm yesterday with the most unimaginable muscle cramps. Especially in the legs and shoulders. Wah. I stretched around for 15minutes to relieve the pain. Haha.

Then I went back to sleep. Woke up again at 5, then went down to Church for cell.

Message was on a clip taken from Facing The Giants. Kind of cool to have a follow-up for a movie man.

Sis didn't eat dinner cause she was practising for worship, so went with her to Rivervale Mall Macdonald's for supper.

Weird la, I thought the mac's there was 24hours, but it closed at 12mm. Thankfully we reached there at 11.45, so brought something to eat and went to some void deck.

Haha, walking around at night in Punggol and Sengkang is scary...even though I should be used to it, still very scary.

Especially when we saw this guy with enormous muscles and tattoos all over walking past us.

Or this police car that actually slowed down with the officers inside turning to look at us before driving off.

Haha. Fun.

I'm trying very hard not to think of homework. Please do not remind me explicitly or otherwise about the humongous pile of homework I have yet to finish. At least until the last week of holidays where you can start chiding me for procrastinating. =)

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Post NCO Camp.

I wouldn't say that the camp was completely fun and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

In fact, I'd say it was the worst camp I had ever attended.

But it was a training camp I'd say that it fulfilled it's purpose.

And I just counted 5 blue-blacks/bruises on my legs and hands. I have no idea how I got them except for the hands, which I got through the 250+ push-ups.

And the campfire preparation/execution had lots of mistakes, but the instructors said it was one of the most high campfires they have been to? =D

And we had to run and bring our bags down to the parade square at 10+pm, unpack everything onto the parade square and make sure it is standardised with the rest, do push-ups, run back up and standardise everything in the bunks again in 10mins...for 2 days.

But I realised that the camp was so so much tougher than what I'd excepted, yet it was so much easier to just focus on the camp instead and not bother about anything not related to the camp. The camp is less stressful mentally cause you just have to follow orders and all. Although you do need to think quite a bit especially during MOI, but you don't have to bother about problems with friends or deadlines or whatever. Just focusing on the camp. So I actually felt more relaxed than elsewhere cause I conveniently forgot about everything else.

But of course, the moment I come back I have to deal with everything. And I feel more tired than I have ever felt. Maybe it's cause I stupidly decided to walk home after the camp cause I had nothing better to do. Felt like dying when I reached Punggol Plaza...but I actually made it man! 20+ Bus Stops and I didn't give up. Haha.

Still left with ATC, and NDP trainings. =)

Sunday, 10 June 2007

NCO Camp 2007.

Ok, this past week has been utterly exhausting. Completely devastating. It's like the sheer irony of preparing for a camp being worse than the camp itself? From firewood to flag structure to campfire performance to whatever.

Sighs. But kind of cool la. I mean. Did lots of unorthodox stuff that I'd never do if I was alone.

Like pushing a trolley full of firewood from Heartland Mall Kovan to School. Awesome.

And today, it's 12.30 yet I'm not sleeping. I'll have 4 hours of sleep.

This is probably the most unprepared camp I've ever been too. Like, at 9.30pm I was still walking around Hougang Mall trying to buy masks and light sticks.

Okay, so I won't be blogging until Friday, which is okay right? Considering I haven't blogged since Wednesday. Like a 4-day interval.

=D I shall be very fit in 4 days time. Heh.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Camera Cracked.

=( No idea why the LCD screen on my camera cracked.

But for some reason I can still access the camera from the computer, and most likely can take pictures, except I have no idea what I'm taking...

Naturally, I'd put a picture of the cracked screen cause it looks vaguely like venom from Spiderman 3, but I don't have a camera to take the camera with. =/

Went to meet with squadmates for NCO camp discussion the past few days. Blah, don't feel like going to any camp at all. I feel like sleeping everyday till the end of the June Holidays. And lazing around doing pointless time wasting stuff.

Anyways, class bbq yesterday. Quite okay. Haha. The last part was fun. Where we threw ice on the bbq pit. Watched the ice sublime a bit, but I think it just transitioned from solid to liquid to gas lar.
I think it's the last, or one of the last few photos i took with my camera..So sad...

Saturday, 2 June 2007

The Habitudes Experience.

Exactly one week after the iHope Conference, and I'm attending another Conference. =D

Signed up for this even before I heard of iHope though, cause it's cheaper, and I went with some people from youth group. I think it seemed a bit like 4 media club press conferences squeezed into one. Saw that guy from youth challenge that came to our school some time back for VIP, then there was Daphne Khoo from Singapore Idol, then the Founder from 77th Street, then someone who had cancer in remission.

But didn't get 77th Street voucher. Haha. Learned totally different things from iHope, emphasis a lot more on leadership.

And the usage of images and videos to carry across the message was cool too. Ensured that I didn't fall asleep. And of course, I have a picture of my turtle.
That's my sister's turtle and phone btw. So no one can say anything anymore about anyone allegedly associated with me.

I think I've learned more in this week than any other normal school week so far. From PK/HFS course to the 2 conferences and all the other miscellaneous stuff. And hopefully I have an inkling of what to do. Hopefully.

Pre-Camp Training.

I tried surviving a Friday without a single taste or cup of coffee. Haha. Although I did consume a can of Anything for lunch. It had coke inside.

Day started with me dragging myself out of bed as usual. Reached school at about 7.20, then waited for the instructors to come.

Left however, before the training really started to go for Maths Remedial. It shouldn't be called remedial cause the whole class is being taught and not a select few that did badly for Maths*cough*. It should be called supplementary, or extra lesson, but we're not going there to learn English anyways... =D

Felt like sleeping during the lesson. But I learned Modulus Functions! Haha, like every A Maths topic that I've learned so far, it always seems super easy at the start. *shudders*

Went back to NPCC after the remedial, and learned Orienteering! It seemed easier that I thought it would be, cause there's not much effort required except a good compass and reliable map. Learned about the various parts of a compass like the baseplate and direction-of-travel arrow and orienteering line and a bunch of other complicating terms meant to confuse the unsuspecting passerby. Like, why can't the needle on the compass be called a needle? It has to be a magnetic needle. Special okay? The compass needle is magnetic hor.

Went to eat Long John Sliver after that. Third time eating this week already. I'm getting tired of the chicken nuggets...

Went home, then went out for Worship Ministry meeting. Haha, this time I learned about the technical parts of the music, like the equaliser and auxilary amps and all the other stuff is helpful when one is playing for worship. Like, woa, I never really knew there were so many auxilary amps or that the equaliser actually cut out the frequencies? I'm think I'm kind of confused by everything now, so nvm...

Watched Facing The Giants for cell, cause Youth Camp started yesterday. =(

I think it's a very inspirational movie. Talks a lot about honouring God in every single aspect of your life.

(Ignore if you want to.)I realised now that I'm being tested. I should have foreseen it, but the feeling of shock and well, disappointment swept me like a giant tsunami. Now I'm very confused. Should I take revenge? I want to take revenge, it would be so fun to slam someone on my blog again, sadistically speaking. It would be so easy, so pathetically easy, to slam that person repeatedly again and again, it would be so fun, inventing horrible insults and sarcastic comments and watching that person's reaction. It would be like playing game all over again, this time I'd be more experienced at playing, I'd reveal all secrets, see what the other party can come up with to rebutt, then think and carefully strategise my comeback until the other party gives up. But this time I'd continue with the insults, not giving up until that very same person gave in and begged for mercy, but I would not forgive, I'd make that person isolated slowly from everyone, reveal everything that person has ever done to make my life miserable. I'd blame every single wrong, every feeling of hatred, anger, digust and blame it all on that person. All the while knowing fully well what I would be doing. All the while knowing and yet enjoying it. I'd laugh as that person finally realised who was really in the wrong in the end. I'd laugh as I pretended to be on the right side, when in reality, doing all this would just make me on the wrong side.

Yet...what would I accomplish? Sadistic revenge? Feelings of exuberant joy and happiness? I wouldn't be honouring God, yet I feel so tempted to just pick up the fight waiting foolishly for me. Could I really stop myself from doing the wrong thing in the midst of a fight?

To that person: I know already, I knew all along, I guessed it a long time ago, and your actions confirmed my guesses.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Shrek The Third

Went to VivoCity to watch it yesterday. Coincidentally, there was a class gathering at Vivo, but I didn't go, cause I think it's much better economically for me. Ate at this funky place at the extreme corner of Vivo which I've never explored before. Forgot the name...something M la. M for Minghui mah. It was super high tech cause you used something like an Ex-link card to pay and you simply gave back the card when you wanted to pay. And the decorations were very shiok too. And a lot of choices of food. But all super expensive. -.-
Anyways, Shrek 3 was quite okay. Super funny at some parts. But I think the first movie is still the best in terms of plot and all. But that doesn't mean this movie wasn't good. Haha, the Merlin part was the best man.
Reached home at around 10+ and suddenly remembered there was remedial and NPCC the next day at 7.30... -.-