Saturday, 28 April 2007

Mid Year Examinations.

Haven't blogged in a long time. Busy mugging for exams. And I've learnt lots of new stuff! =D

Been trying to twirl a pen with my fingers the past week. Heh, after much careful research and studies, I have concluded that there are 2 ways to twirl a pen with your fingers. One with your index finger, and the other with your middle finger. Both require the skilled, precise coordination with your thumb and successful revolutions will become increasingly harder to balance as the velocity of the pen increases and hence reduces stability due to the constant motion and centrifugal force of the pen.

Okay, that's just a very chim way for me to explain why I'm wasting my time doing pointless stuff. =P

And I also learned how to balance two Pilot G2 Pens on 1 Pilot G2 Pen. Credit goes to Chee Hock for imparting to me his knowledgeable advice on this skill. Will put pictures when I have the time.

PE lesson on Thursday was floorball. I should never have worn the Converse shoes.Taken in class. When I was bored. But I forgot why I was bored.

I should have worn adidas shoes instead, like the one pictured below which I bought a few months back...
My recklessness and horrible accident in the choosing of shoes resulted in me having a blister the size of a 50-cent coin whilst playing floorball.That's my leg, in class, with my bag in the background.

My back was also super painful, probably from bending over to use the stick too much. The floorball stick is too short lar...tall people like *cough* me suffer. =)

The blister, as it turned out, did not burst at all. Until yesterday when I felt excruciating pain whilst playing soccer with Chee Sheng in class with a water bottle.

HI Idol also announced the top 10 finalists yesterday. No one from sec3 in the top 10. Such utterly devastating news. And I saw Debra in the audition video. Hehs.

Unfortunately, I also got back a lot of depressing results this past week. Very depressing. =/

Gah...I'm so horribly saddened by the mere prospect of upcoming examinations in 2 days time.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Guitar Practice

I think I should start watermarking my photos. =D

Taken whilst waiting for my sister's group to finish playing. The tabs in the picture are horribly hard to play in my opinion.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

NPCC Annual Day Parade 2007.

Day started with me going to Mac's for lunch with Hao Xiang. =D

Then we went to Sengkang Sec, boarded the bus, waited for Yi Hong who was super late.

Dry run was horrible. Cause we waited to march out for super long. Then suddenly thunder appeared and Cat1 warning issued by some Command Centre. So we had to go to the drill shed and train. =/ Bleah.

Break at the mass hall was quite ok. Wedges and Nuggets. And a muffin for some strange reason. Haha, but I guess time seemed to fly by faster cause we had a nice air-conditioned classroom to rest in? Unlike last year's Syf where we had to sit on the floor outside the National Stadium.

Parade itself was tiring, my legs felt numb and I felt super dizzy. But the feeling of being in a major parade is still very shiok la. Haha. Although there were a couple of mistakes here and there...

Feeling was bittersweet after the parade though. Kind of relieved and happy that it was finally over, but sad that it's probably the last parade I'd be in, and the last time I'd get to march in the contingent. So everyone was enthusiastic when marching back to the classrooms knowing it was like the last time for many of us? Since most of the staff sergeants already passed out. And unless there's a miracle that we'd get to go hta again next year, there's pretty much no more chance of another parade.

Ah wells, 2 parades is enough. Haha. Played around taking photos with random people in the contingent/area. Then went to celebrate with squadmates at Compass Point.

I think I'll never forget this parade for a long long time. =)

Friday, 20 April 2007

Planet Earth.

Borrowed the Dvd from Lenson a few days back.
Chiong-ed the whole thing in a day. With a couple of breaks la. But the documentary was so lots of amazing pictures of different parts of the world. And the caves part is so scary...

Haha, showing on Wednesdays 10pm on Arts Central. But I watched it already. =P

There's another 5 more in the series? Heh. I wanna watch also!!


Saturday, 14 April 2007

Friday The 13th.

Perfect day for tests. Haha. Not that I'm superstitious or whatever.

Geography test was...hard. Cause I forgot everything about altitude and air pockets and everything. I know it has something to do with humidity and density affecting the temperature, but I forgot why. =( But at least got air-conditioned humanities room. =D

Physics test was in Library. Haha, yay air con again!! First time I'm doing a test in the library. Haha...

Npcc was bleah. Got caught cause my fringe was too long. Bleah. Promotion day. But didn't get any new badges or rank to wear. All cause of a few cm of hair. But I realised there's no point feeling angry just because of a few badges. At least can get the badges/rank after exams. And after npdp.

Took 74 to Church after that...slept on the bus most of the way... =X Cell was great though.

Took 136 home. Haha, there was this guy sitting at the other side of the bus with an n-gage too! Same cover also. Heh. Slept on the bus too.

Slept at 1.30am, woke up at 5.30am. =/

Hta training was even worse than school one. Probably cause I was already super tired from the non-stop physical activity since Thursday. Felt like sleeping during the wet weather rehearsal cause the air-con was just so niceee. And we had a hot dog and fries instead of a burger and wedges. Bleah. And Edmund had to stand at the back whilst the four of us stand together cause he too tall.

Actual parade rehearsal was the worst. Felt like sleeping/fainting throughout. Super hot weather. And we have to run out at the end of the parade? Blee. You feel like a parade performer carry a flag and running around to different formations.

Didn't go kayaking with Lenson. =( I wanted to go larr. =X

Napfa Test.

GAH. I did horribly for napfa.

Sit-Ups: 41 B
Inclined Pull Ups: 27 A
Shuttle Run: 10.9 A
Sit-and-Reach: 35 C
Standing Broad Jump: 187 E

Blarh. Horrible. Thanks to standing broad jump I can't get gold. Must try to practice jumping.

Ok. Shall split my posts to look more organised. =)

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Wasabi Tower.

Haha. Taken with Macro on at Sakae Sushi today. XD Went with Kenny and Jian Hui to eat the buffet there. Hahaha, Jian Hui the most pro one. Ate 10 plates worth of sushi in one shot la. Ate until super full then played around with stuff like this. Haha, and Jian Hui really ate it, but he don't want to post the video. =( So cool man.

Haha, I think we were laughing non-stop all the time la. From Library, to Sakae Sushi, to 7-11. XD


Bleah. Got back results for A maths test on Tuesday. Scored a grand total of 1. =/ I'm horrible at a maths la. haha.

But I got full marks for E maths. Heehee, yay I'm so happy. Cause I studied for that test. But alot of people also got full marks. =/

English presentation was horrible. Cause I expected myself to be last in class to go up. Then I suddenly saboed by Mdm Seah to go up. And I didn't prepare any script at all la. I hate formal speeches. =(

Horrible. And we got our exam timetable. Which is kind of =X cause we have to go to school on Wednesday for half an hour. =X And I coincidentally take half an hour to travel to school. And another half to travel back. =X

Napfa test tomorrow, Npcc on Friday, Hta training on Saturday. So I shall go sleep early!! =D

Saturday, 7 April 2007


Tuesday: Acted as "Miss Zheng" during LCE. Hee, quite fun! And I got to shout and act angry. =D

Wednesday: Practiced for Thursday's VIP session. Stress man. Then went for npcc training. Uniform sizing...I'll finally have a bigger uniform cause I've grown a lot in 3 years. =P

Thursday: VIP session. Very nervous. But I think it's like the same as playing for Worship. Only there's an extra 1000+ people?

Good Friday: Went for Church in the morning. Did SS project at my house in the Afternoon. And went for Cell at night.

Saturday: Went for npcc parade preview. I think we should have more previews in the future. Had a nice classroom to put our bags in but no aircon =(, nice canteen during break time with a burger and potato wedges. Sandwiches and goodie bags with milo, oreo and other biscuits inside when going home. I think it's almost comparable to the food at SPH.
And it was raining so we only trained in the drill shed. And we were thinking how Desmond was enjoying his Kayaking in the rain. Hahaha.
Didn't go for Bbq at Church. =/ If I went I'd be too sleepy to do anything now.

Easter Sunday: Went for Church Service, then went lunch at J8 with family. Then went back to Church for a meeting on Worship Dynamics. Kind of like a recap/refresher on what we were taught during the past few guitar lessons. But this time with the whole Worship Ministry and with a professional video by Paul Baloche.

I guess I've been rushing around trying to finish everything. I'm super tired from everything and I just want to go sleep. But I've realised that that's no excuse for me to get angry and people or just not care about anything. Cell last Friday reminded me that knowing the right thing and not doing it is sin too.

=/ Now the question would be: What is the right thing?

I have a new alarm clock.

=D It's 6 months since I realised I needed a new alarm clock.

Ah wells, better late than never...And I think my new alarm clock's very sexy.

Sexy right? It's the sexiest alarm clock I've ever seen. =D

But I think the alarm's too soft so I'm going to stick to using my ppc's alarm function. Much nicer waking up to music than the sound of bells ringing.

Monday, 2 April 2007

April Fool's Day.

=( Didn't come up with some horrible prank cause I was too busy/tired/lazy. =P

Haha, should have come up with something like last year.

But nvm, let's wait for next year...heh.

Okay erm...went for Sph talk on Friday. Haha, I think Megan Zheng is dam hawt. cause got same surname as meee =D But I didn't go for Neighbourhood Watch Test. Ah wells. Didn't go for cell after that.

Went for Hta training on Saturday. I realised that the Serangoon Sec Npcc flagbearer is also in Media Club! Haha! How cool is that man? First time I know someone in both npcc and media club other than me. =D Haha, then there's Desmond from Compassvale Sec with almost all the badges you can get in Npcc. And I'm standing next to him with only a safety first badge. Sighs.

Went to do ss project at my house after that. Haha, my room is super messy la. But nvm..went for dinner with my gay partners after that, then walked to Mu-Chen's house and Compass Point with Koon Tat.

Heh, and Mr Koh brought South African Grapes to class for Geography. =D First time I ever had a teacher who brought grapes to class. Haha! Awesome! But imagine if another teacher walked past whilst we were eating the grapes. XD

Yay! E Maths Test Tmr, Vip Tmr and Thursday, NPCC on Wednesday and Thursday and Saturday, and Good Friday on Friday! =D