Thursday, 31 January 2008

Extra Lessons.

Okay. Been staying back after school till around 5+ every day since Tuesday. Cause now that I'm secondary 4 and O levels are less than 9 months away I should be studying 90% of the time.

Blah, worst of all, I don't feel any panic or stress or whatever yet. In fact, I'm just wondering how the days pass so quickly now. =/

I don't understand why our lessons listed on the timetable end at 2pm latest, but then we have extra lessons at 2.30pm after that. =X And the extra lessons aren't really extra cause they're compulsory. =\

School on Tuesday. We had a surprise Chemistry test. But it was open book as we were allowed to see our notes on qualitative analysis. =D

Then was Social Studies. Subject was transnational terrorism. =X Tried poking Lenson again.

Recess, E Maths, then Physics where my teacher was absent! Haha, played Sega Rally with Lenson on Ivan's PSP. I won 1st place! =P

After that was Chinese. =X Gah, almost fell asleep during Chinese la.

Then school ended, except for the Secondary 4s. Went for lunch with Ivan, Lenson and Jun Han at Long John Sliver, then went back to school for Chinese. =(

We were supposed to write out our answers to general knowledge questions to train us for Oral examinations.

I did try some okay. Haha, but I think speaking in Chinese is a lot easier than writing.

The few of us at the back started calling Ivan Calbee and Lays and Pringles. Cause he was the potato man! XD Seeing Ivan dance like a potato is O.o

Went home after that.

Wednesday, I was kind of happy when I saw the timetable cause I thought we would be released at 12.30pm that day. Like weee!

Then I realised that there was Social Studies extra lessons, Chemistry extra lessons, and a Physics test for PSLs that went to the Sec 2 camp.


They should change the timetable to include extra lessons la, at least I won't feel so cheated. =\

But at least there was PE la. Most fun lesson ever. Haha, although Ivan got smashed in the head by Chee Hock's rebound, and Bernice got hit in the nose by me. =\

Got back English results and Chemistry results. 22/30 for an argumentative essay which I feel contained lots of awesome rebuttals (Should we ban stairs because someone fell down and died whilst climbing a flight of stairs?) and 18/20 for the Chemistry test where I lost 2 marks cause I forgot to add (OH) to 2 answers. =(

Lessons ended at around 4pm. =/ Went to the Space to meet Hao Xiang and Chee Sheng. Haha, when I reached there Eugene was busy doing his homework at a secluded corner and Woei Jiun was playing with a rubric's cube. Keane and Joshua were there too. Haha, did lots of stupid things like cute kung fu moves and high jumps until around 5pm, then went home.

Met Denise on the MRT to school today. Haha, actually we would have been early enough for school but then we met Woei Jiun and she started telling us about some Lucy-guy. So by the time we reached our classroom, it was locked. But we put our bags in 4 Diligence. Haha.

1 and 1/2 hours of Chinese today. =X Had to write some kind of reflection essay on some newspaper article. Something about the yellow ribbon project and how people were posing as beneficiaries to cheat others of their money. Would be kind of ironic if these people were sent to jail and ended up a few months later walking around as real beneficiaries of the yellow ribbon project.

Chemistry Practical test. Haha, like everyone was super quiet when they were mixing the chemicals and everything. Like so different from normal practical lessons which are usually noisy. =D

Maths extra lessons after school. We went to the library cause the classroom we were supposed to use was locked for some weird reason. Ended at around 4.30pm, then I went home.

Life feels so repetitive now? Blah, like everyday is just breezing past at an accelerated pace. I can't believe 1 month has gone by since New Year already. =X

Monday, 28 January 2008

Over The Weekend.

Okay spent my Saturday morning waking up at 6am, then going to school.

Saw quite a few teachers at the school canteen, cause there was some Gourmet Food Tour at Malacca. O.O

Went to Nan Chiau Secondary to participate in a mini Campcraft Competition between Pei Hwa and Nan Chiau. The school layout is almost identical to Punggol Secondary/North Vista Secondary? I think there's quite a few other secondary schools also identical. Like there's the canteen, hall on top, sinks and water coolers to one side, toilets at one corner, stalls at the other side. =O Even the benches are the same type?

Competition was...blah.

Went for lunch at Burger King after that with Eugene, Hao Xiang, Wei Kit and Chee Sheng. Eugene bought a fish burger because he wanted the 'Caution: May Contain Fish Bones' sticker.

And I borrowed Digital Fortress from Eugene.

Went home, then went out to Sentosa with family again for dinner.

Haven't been to Sentosa for about 2 months. Haha, that's a long time for me okay? Went to the Kofu food court there for dinner, then walked down the beach and back.

Went back to Vivo and explored around aimlessly for a while then went home.

Overslept for Church on Sunday. =X So I decided to spend the entire day lazing at home not doing anything in particular. Alternated between reading Digital Fortress and doing the blogskin.

Saw Hao Xiang, Matthew and Bryan standing at the corner of the D&T block on Monday. Haha, we all started doing the flapping action randomly. And asking for one more chances. Like we can entertain ourselves anytime, anyplace with anyone. Haha.

Mr Koh was absent today. There was supposed to be a worksheet but it turns out we already did the worksheet. Haha. In the end we sat around talking. Malvin had this horrific, vile video which I should not describe here. =D Like there was this guy, and this other guy, and this other guy did something to this guy and something happened. There. =)

Finished Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. It's like a mystery novel la. But it's really short compared to Stephen King Novels. Haha. Some parts are kind of gray, like how can a simple 64bit encryption key take 30 hours to crack if it's not in virus loop or a continuously reshuffling cleartext?

Rest of the lessons were pretty boring with nothing much to blog about.

Oh yes, Ivan and me were attempting to catch Lenson off-guard and poke this area just below his armpits. Haha, Lenson jumps super high if you do that. (Faster go try!!!) We stopped after our Social Studies teacher wondered aloud if we were really Secondary 4 students.

Went to cut hair after school with Eugene. Supposed to be Chee Sheng, Hao Xiang, Eugene and me. But Hao Xiang cut his hair on Sunday, Chee Sheng ended class at 12:30 and went to cut his hair, leaving Eugene and me by ourselves. =(

Walked home after that. Saw Lynn walking away from Serangoon Secondary, actually she saw me first and shouted across the road, then I pretended not to know her. =P

Then less than 10 seconds later I saw Chin Ee sitting at the bus stop opposite. Haha. I think it's a weird coincidence that I meet both people I know from the same Secondary school within 10 seconds of each other when they both don't know each other. =D

Okay then I went home after that and wasted away the rest of my boring, uneventful life.

New Blogskin.

Gosh the last time I changed my blogskin was when I was figuring out how to model a coconut. That was 2 super long years ago. Sighs, it's been 2 years already?!

I think the blogskin's way too simple, and the design doesn't match up. But ah whatever, I'll just slowly change things to suit myself anyways.

The picture in the header was taken last year at Labrador Park when I went there with the three Sims: Lenson, Woei Jiun and Denise. Was taken with Lenson's Nikon D80 but I have no idea who took it because I was using his father's D80 at that time too. =/ But credit goes to Lenson for his camera. =D

Anyways, tell me how much you hate the blogskin so I can go crawl up in a corner and be emo. =D

Friday, 25 January 2008

Common Tests.

Yes. Tests are getting more and more common now. =(

Okay, woke up at 6am on Thursday feeling the muscle cramps and everything. But I wasn't that tired la, haha. Still felt kind of high. =D

Had PE first thing in the morning. Wee, ran 2 rounds for warm up then played Captains' Ball. Haha. Final score was around Boys 30 to Girls 2. Yea, was super high during PE too. And I didn't have a sore throat man! Even though I shouted like crazy during the camp.

After PE was recess. After recess was Geography.

Gosh Geography is getting more and more profound. Lesson was about the Core-Periphery Model which can be applied to most developing and non-developing countries. It's like a gray area between Economics and Geography as we're studying a bit on Supply/Demand and Inflation and all that too. =/ Haha, I like economics as long as there's no maths involved. =D

Then was Chemistry, learned the Quantitative Analysis or something like that. We're supposed to memorize that Iron(II) turns green and Iron(III) turns red-brown when reacted with Sodium Hydroxide and Ammonia along with the rest of the list.

Then was English. Gosh, there was a composition test on argumentative essay writing which I completely forgot about. But you can't really study much for such tests anyways. I chose a topic on "Dangerous Sports Should Be Banned. Do You Agree?" or something like that. Gah. All my factors were kind of lousy in my opinion.

And I got back my previous argumentative essay. 21/30 marks. =X

Social Studies SBQ test immediately after. Blee. I think I misinterpreted the Source. =(

Went to Ivan's house with View Meng and Yi Peng to play Halo 2 after that. Haha. Like so many tests and so many things to do yet I still have time to go someone's house to play Halo 2 lah. But I haven't touched Halo 2 for about 8 months already. Haha. Won every match man! Okay I shall stop my egoistic ramblings.

Walked home with Yi Peng at around 5pm.

Went to school the next day. (duh) Assembly Period was spent talking about the Hong Kong and Perth trips. Haha. Dam paiseh la, going on stage to sing a 'song'. We should have sung the Sandboarding rap, but we all forgot about it. =X

Then was E Maths lesson. Something about Cumulative Frequency (Haha I remember!!) and graphs and tables and quartiles and interquartile things.

Then was Geography. More stuff about the Core-Periphery thing. How the Periphery is affected by the spread and backwash effects. O.O

History SEQ test. Although it was open book, I had no idea what I was writing. I just wrote whatever came to mind and copied whatever was on the book. =/

LCE lesson was on developing different aspects of a person. Positive and Negative messages. Girls were chosen to write positive messages and guys negative ones on the board. Haha. I don't understand why "I would take pleasure in reading your obituary" is not negative. Maybe it's too harsh to be just a 'negative' message. =( In the end the girls win la, it would be wrong if the negative messages outnumbered positive ones.

NPCC training after that. Sec 3s went for their Marksmanship but Woei Jiun and I didn't go along. Did the OIC for events list instead.

PT was Captains' Ball, no time for us NCOs to play. =/ Tried to make people enthusiastic and high. Blee.

Went for dinner at LJS, then went home. Didn't go for Cell cause I have to wake up at 6am tomorrow.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Sec 2 Adventure Camp 2008

Haha. No I'm not a Sec 2 all over again. I'm a PSL for the camp. (duh)

My class was 2 Joy along with Xin Yi, Arvin and Kimberly.

Okay, woke up at about 5:30am last Sunday. Went to Chee Sheng's house first for no particular reason. Was kind of tired already, but at least my leg wasn't that bad. =) Haha.

Stayed at his house for about 15 minutes. Then went to school. Oh yes Chee Sheng treated me to breakfast and iodine for my leg. =D The iodine looks like blueberry jam.

Went to school, met our class for the first time. Haha. 2 Joy is an okay class la. Haha I don't think I should blog about what happened on a detailed basis cause I would fall asleep myself. =)

The campsite was opposite Sarimbun Scout Camp, which I went to during my Primary 5 day camp. My first camp was Sec 1 orientation? Never had Pri 5 or 6 residential camps cause of SARS and all. Anyways, campsite was called MOE Jalan Bahtera Adventure Camp.

Shared my utensils with Arvin cause one of the boys from 2 Joy forgot to bring his utensils. Haha, everyone thought I was super greedy cause I took double portions of food on my plate. We played rock paper scissors to decide who gets to use the spoon. Cause using a fork to eat rice is painfully slow and hard. =/ I lost for lunch and had to use the fork.

There was high elements for our first activity, although not many people tried the different 'elements' due to time constraints. Ah wells, there's still OBS next year for them. Haha. And ATC for those in NPCC.

Then was their shower time. But we didn't shower cause we are clean people. =P There was this lizard that crawled into a boy's clothes when he went to bathe but crawled out just before he came out. =D If not I think he would have a huge shock. =X

Dinner after that. This time I won Arvin la. =P

Campfire Preparation for my class after that. They didn't really pay attention and focus on the campfire performance a lot. But at least some of them did la. =) Haha, and I don't think I was exactly focused when 2 Integrity had campfire prep either.

After failing to really get them to concentrate for a while, we went for supper. Hot dog buns and milo. Everyone was like falling asleep la. Hao Xiang was kind of low during supper. But after doing super lame things with him we both became very high already. Like super lame la, I pointed a finger accusingly at him saying: "You...You..." Then he started pointing at himself saying: "Me...Me..." And Chee Sheng tried to pull the moon closer or something.

Debriefing after that. Then lights off. PSLs and PCs went to bathe. Then slept at around 1+am.

Woke up on Day 2 at exactly 5am. Haha, strangely I didn't feel that tired at all even though I slept for about 4 hours. Maybe it's cause Sec 2 camp is not as tough as NCO camp? =) PT time, then breakfast which was Nasi Lemak.

Proceeded to sea activities after that. My class went for kayaking first. I would say OBS kayaking is more fun cause we kayak for about 4 hours, it was only around 1 hour this time. But we kayaked out to the kelongs on the sea and tried to make the raft thing. =D

Oh yes, my paddle accidentally grazed against my knee and wiped off the iodine a bit. Beneath was kind of disgusting la, the 'blueberry' jam became 'raspberry'. =P

After that was rafting. They had to build a raft using the standard barrels and poles. Didn't really help them much la, maybe it's my fault that they didn't get to go to sea? =/ But it's not PSL adventure camp or something. And they would most likely do the same thing during OBS too.

My class didn't have time to bathe after that, so they only rinsed and changed clothes. Me and Xin Yi just washed ourselves with water without changing. Haha. Like it takes such a long time for the NPDP shirt to dry.

Lunch after that. Hao Xiang wasn't hungry for some reason and lent me his spoon. Haha yay!

Then was station games. My class wasn't really high la. =X Most of the games reminded me of my own Sec 2 camp, which I did blog about. =)

Then was shower time. My class had 30 minutes to bathe but most chose not to cause they were going home the next day. o.O They simply changed to their camp tee-shirt.

Dinner was rice with dishes. In fact, every single lunch and dinner was rice with dishes. =) I won Arvin and used spoon again. I'm a pro at rock paper scissors. =P

Campfire. Was 'quite' high with the PSLs and all. But my class wasn't all that high la. =( Thought up a PSL performance skit in 15 minutes during the campfire itself. Haha, although it was almost impromptu stuff, it was still quite funny la. =D

Everyone was like super tired during supper time. Most didn't want to eat. Like, supper was pandan bread leh.

Debriefing after that. Most of the class was half asleep by then. Hope they did at least listen to what I said. =)

Then was lights out, and we went to bathe. Slept at around 1+am again.

Woke up at around 5:30am this time. =X

Arvin got back his utensils from the camper so we didn't have to play rock paper scissors. Haha.

Area cleaning, my class cleaned the toilets. =D Some people were quite enthusiastic about it man! Although some were standing around with nothing to do.

Diligence won best class during prize presentation, then we boarded the bus back to school.

Stayed in school for quite some time waiting for Hao Xiang to finish his Social Studies test. Haha, Malvina had this like lollipop balloon thing which View Meng brought up to class la. Hereby making me knock on the door and ask my English teacher for the lollipop. =X

Went for lunch at around 2pm with Hao Xiang, Chee Sheng, Arvin and Bryan. 3 NP people and 2 Scouts. Haha, we talked for quite some time then went home.

Yep, that was the end of the camp. My class was still a great class even though they could be rowdy at times. Haha, they've given me an unforgettable, memorable experience. =)

Sunday, 20 January 2008


Bleh. Been spending the past few days have been like waking at 6am and sleeping at 12mm.

Campcraft training on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. I think I grazed my knee against some rock on the field, cause now it hurts like crazy.

Especially when I bathed la, like at first when you turn on the water, no feeling. But after like 3 seconds you get the "Wooaahh" effect?

Anyways, I think it's infected cause plasma keeps coming out from the wound. Picture below. XD

Oh yes, I have a blister on my hand too but I don't feel any pain from the blister at all.

I have no idea how I'm going to go through Sec 2 camp tomorrow. =/

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Perth Day 6.

Yay it's the last post about Perth. Haha finally!

Okay started the day waking up at our City Stay Apartment. Breakfast was something like dry noodles? Ate, then boarded the bus to go to The Pinnacles. It was a longer than usual bus ride because The Pinnacles were quite far away.

It's like this vast area of sand dotted by these huge pillars. They were formed when the seashells morphed into lime which did something to the sand and the vegetables grew on top but later died and disappeared due to the wind.

Haha. Imagine if you were to visit the place at night. It's like an ancient graveyard or something. And I think it's easy to get lost there.

We stopped at a rest stop for lunch on the way back. Fish and Chips. Blee.

Poncho!! No I'm not obsessed or anything.

We saw a couple of these huge truck things through the entire trip. They're called 'Road Trains'? Haha like those SMRT buses you know?

The space between the bus window was literally filled with flies. Cause they entered in through the bus door and just tired themselves to death bang against the clear window wondering why they couldn't escape. So sad right?? We should start a committee to look into the welfare of these flies. =)

Next stop was this freshwater river with it's mouth closed off from the sea because of some naturally occurring process. We had a boat ride around the river.

The sign says No Diving.

I think the river guide was awesome. Like he told us a story about how one of the East India Company's ship sank around here and how the treasure was never found. =D

We went sand boarding after that. The dunes there were really nice. And sand boarding is quite fun. Like when you go down it's like sliding or something. Going up is an entirely different story however. Your legs will feel super nua after a while.

Didn't take many pictures though. Haha. =X

After sand boarding for about an hour, we took the boat again to the mouth of the river. Where there was a barbecue.

Emo people...

Went around taking pictures after eating.

Haha these birds were like lined up along the fence all facing the same direction.

I dunno how anyone could have reached up so high to paste that sticker.

We climbed up the the top of the hill, then went down to the beach.

Yup, that's the last picture I took. I've posted a total of 220 pictures from Day 1 till now. =X

But the trip wasn't over yet. Haha. We boarded the bus again, this time going to an observatory out in the countryside for stargazing. Blee. But it was a cloudy day and we couldn't see anything other than the moon. =(

Then back to Perth International Airport, the plane ride back was quite okay. Like not as exhilarating anymore. I slept almost throughout the plane ride la. =/

Reached back Singapore at around 6am, went home with my family. =)

Went to sleep then went for NPCC Non-Residential Camp the next day. =D

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

In A Week.

Okay haven't updated in a long time again. Blah. Everything's just so uneventful and boring that I'll just blog about the interesting things that happened the past 7 days and forget about the rest. =D

Went to Singapore Polytechnic after school last Friday. Was quite okay la, we were given free rein to walk about everywhere and explore the Polytechnic's open house. Like, got free goodie bag! GASP! And free drinks and ice cream! But we weren't fast enough to grab the ice cream. Blah.

Walked around the school with Jun Han, Stephen and Alvin. Walked around looking at the different students' final year projects. Some were quite interesting. Then we went to the design school, walked around to 3 different canteens until we decided to eat at KFC. Like of all the unique and probably impossible to find elsewhere foods in Singapore Poly, and we chose to eat KFC. Dunno whose funny idea la. *whistling*

Went to the front steps outside the Polytechnic's convention centre where we spent like an hour just sitting around and taking photos. Blee.

Took a train down to City Hall at exactly 5pm as stated on the consent form. See we're such obedient and good children. Heh. Walked from City Hall to Suntec, ate at Pizza Hut.

Went home after that cause it was kind of late for cell. Blee.

Went cycling at Pasir Ris Park on Saturday! Awesome! I haven't cycled for like, a year? And I haven't gone out with my family for a week or so already.

Went for Worship Ministry meeting on Sunday. Sort of like a re-commitment thing. It's still like 3 months before I step down from NPCC. Kind of like, caught between both worlds?

Went down to Church for Worship practice on Tuesday. Haha. Met my sis at Hougang MRT, then went to Bishan. Gosh. There's 2 bubble tea shops located less than 20 metres from each other? And they both slashed their prices until like, 30 cents for a cup of Soya Bean. Gosh, isn't that like losing lots of money? But anyways, it benefits the consumer. Haha. Bought a cup of Blueberry at 40 cents.

Worship practice was quite fun. Learned quite a bit about Worship dynamics and everything too. =)

Okay, I had school for the rest of the time la. Boring. School is boring. Nothing interesting really happened la. Minghui has a boring and uneventful life. Sighs.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Perth Day 5.

Okay it's been like 3 months since I went to Perth but I have not blogged about the entire 6 days yet. Haha. I think no one wants to read it la, but you don't have to read it anyways. =P Do comment me on any stupid grammatical, constructional, or vocabulary errors. =)

Anyways, day 5 started with me and Lenson waking up at around 6am. No one else was awake. Haha. We went out and decided to walk around the perimeter of the hotel.

It's like, super cold la. And quite a lot of people were already walking about at 6:30am. Madness.

Went back to our room after that. Had breakfast which was fried rice in a container. Not exactly appetizing la. Then everyone was given 3 hours to go shop at this shopping mall which was full of warehouse shops. Like much cheaper than Singapore cause it's WAREHOUSE. Hahaha. Spent the first hour buying 2 shirts, Chee Sheng's birthday present(From PERTH), and just walking around aimlessly. Then we went to take photos again! Haha.

We walked to the shopping mall we went the other day. 'We' as in Lenson, Mr Yeo, View Meng and me.

Purple Tree!! Okay I'm being childish and immature on purpose.

Camp Firewood! Okay you need to be in NPCC to get the joke man! Haha so join NP! XD

We saw the wooden house from Day 4, but there were a bunch of children shouting into those red 'loudspeakers'. Haha! We should have stuff like this in Singapore instead of "Catch Barney LIVE!!!" or "Batman Showdown!" or something.

Poor pink plush toy.

We went to a shop that had this wall full of hat designs. Like I saw this Billabong hat which I bought in Singapore just 2 days before Perth selling at $10 cheaper. And there's so many more designs la. Heart pain. Blee.

Then we went back, boarded the bus, and went to this SciTech Discovery Centre.
Haha there was this heat scanner camera thing that detects your body heat. So we spent time admiring how hot we were. =P There's lots of other exhibits and hands-on experiments there. But I think Singapore's Science Centre is more diverse and has many of the exhibits already.

Didn't really take a lot of photos at the Centre cause I was just to busy playing with the things to do. Like there's this robotic thing that draws an image of you on paper. So just when it was about to take my picture for drawing a bunch of people came up and started covering my face and everything. The end result was something that doesn't look human. =\

Boarded the bus again, this time we went to Caversham Wildlife Park. Oh yes, on the way I had this can of Pepsi Max which I twisted into an Art Sculpture.
Haha, now I must insert some relatively profound perspective on the design and inspiration for this painstakingly crafted piece of 'art'.

Okay moving on, we saw some tame kangaroos and could actually pet them. Wee.

They ate like very slowly and lazily man. Probably cause it was in the Afternoon which is their sleeping time.

I didn't really! =\

Look at the bird's eyes, one moment perfectly fine, next moment...

Like ISSAC MENDEZ!!! (Okay if you don't get it, you should watch Heroes)

It looks so sad...

Yes we got to see and touch Koalas too!

After the visit to the Park, it was back to Perth's City Centre for dinner. The restaurant was like a 20 minutes walk away.

The ongoing construction to the left was for a Perth Arts Centre thing. The way they used the fence as a canvas was cool man.

Impossible is Nothing-Adidas.

Red Tree!! I'm being childish and immature again on purpose.

Haha, for those who didn't notice cars whizzing past them in the opposite direction.

Insert wisecrack about how PSP in the sign means Playstation Portable here.

We rarely see more than 1 train track here in Singapore at any given time, even if you count the MRTs.

They allow alpha-numeric license plates in Australia, so we saw cars with "H3AT" and such there.

Had our dinner at a Chinese Restaurant again. And we were seating right next to this steamboat buffet table with lots and lots of nice edible things. But we weren't eating buffet. Awws.

Went back to our room, Lenson took pictures of Wan's scale-model planes and helicopters, and View Meng treated us to Mushroom soup and hot chocolate which is super nice! =D

And that ends Day 5.