Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Last Day Of 2008.

I don't think I'll ever catching with blogging before the next year, so I'll just post this first. =)

It's been a rather crazy year I guess. I think this year passed by way too fast for me. It's been a mess of events and camps and all that just mixed up together.

I think I've gotten better at Photoshop. Haha. Think. And I learned a bit of Illustrator this year too, but I've not really touched HTML/Javascript or 3d animation. Learned a lot about sound and mixing and crossfading and flangers and pans and all that awesome dj stuff too.

My camera's been an awesome companion too. Since I first got it in June, and now I've taken like 21000 pictures already. =O

Realised a few days ago that there are lots of people I'd really like to say things too but would never ever say because of so many complicated reasons. Gah. Maybe it's cause I know too much, or I've figured out some stuff on my own, or because I told someone I wouldn't say anything, or whatever. =(

And I still don't know what I want to do in the future, where I want to go and all that. I feel like I'm at exactly the same position I was last year, with the exception of O levels being over. I still don't know what I want, nor do I know why I'm doing some things.

I learned this year that you don't have to be happy to pretend to be happy. =)

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Supernova's Light.

Okay my Church Youth Camp was from 16th to 19th December. Haha. Was quite fun and I didn't really feel tired, even though my week before that was rather tiring and I had steamboat buffet the night before. =D

Yay my name tag hahaha.

My group was PEAS!
Debra, Coleman, Wei Ting, Ming Hui, Darren, Jacob, Aaron and the Timothys.

Cedric's slipper has a hole at the side cause a rat ate it! Hahaha I'm being random.

There were lots and lots of cats at the chalet, especially during the barbecue when they were all attracted to the delicious smells in the air heh.

Never mind I still love Snowie! Hahaha. On day 2 we went to Pulau Ubin for a photo scavenger hunt cycling trip! =D Was quite crazy cycling around with a backpack containing my camera and 20 sandwiches. Was afraid my camera would start to smell like ham and cheese with bread but thankfully the zip lock bags holding the sandwiches didn't erupt or anything. =) They ended up quite squashed though. Haha.


Cookie Monster! Om nom nom nom nom.

Bottle tree! I didn't come up with this lame notion okay, it was one of the clues for the scavenger hunt.

Another spider! Saw lots of lots of spiders la, haha.

Bus stop by the sea. This place was super windy and cooling. Haha. =D

Now I know where Mr Koh got his theme for our Prom Night from! XD

Di Di Bao.

Spider again! Haha okay I don't have anymore spider pictures already.

Went back to our chalets, then went to the beach for a while.

Aaron trying to eat the shack.

Sea-something thing! I have no idea what it is. Haha.

Crab! We tried looking for a live one but couldn't find. =(

Had barbecue at night. Yay. On the third day was games.

Me getting arrowed by everyone hahaha.

Camera battery died somewhere around this point and I didn't bring a charger. =( But at least there were like 700 pictures. =D

Finale night was awesome too. My group is the best okay. Rock on! Although the song we wrote was quite emo hahaha.

Oh and we went for supper at Changi Village at midnight! Haha. Err... Then walked back through the boardwalk thing. Stayed up for the entire last night playing stupid games like Polar Bear where me and Ming Ren kept getting killed first regardless, and this finger game which is really hard to play cause you need to concentrate alot and it was 3+ in the Morning. And Dai Di which Joe Yong won. Hmph.

Okay! Didn't really post the rest of the photos cause I'll put them on Facebook or something. =)
Anyways, camp was a great experience la, got to meet a number of new people and got to know old people too. Oh and I realised that people think I look like a 21 year old! O.O Time to go buy Absolut and Barcardi! Hahaha.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Random Things.

Went to celebrate Nina's birthday on the 11th with Koon Tat, Denise and Fiona. Watched Wild Child at Shaw Lido. Like almost everyone in the theater were female la, except Koon Tat and me hahaha. We wouldn't have watched if not for Nina lor. The show was okay la, like those very standard kind of movies. I liked the seats in the theater the best. Like, can rock back and forth one. =D

Then we went window shopping around. Haha. Quite stupid la, contemplated going into Forever 21 with Koon Tat but then we just stayed outside cause there was nothing inside to look at anyways. -.- They should have like Forever 20 and Forever 22, so these people would not feel ostracised.

Went for dinner at Kovan. Then took 62 back home.

Went to Punggol End at night on Friday. Quite scary at 2am in the Morning. But the place is quite happening at night one leh. Got people camping around, and fishermen all along the stretch of beach there. Like woah, more crowded than at 9pm or 10pm la. Haha.

Blurry picture. Haha.

This dog was like, sitting in the middle of the road but stood up when the car drove past. =O

Truck drove past my camera. -.-

Stayed there only for like 5 minutes. And already I had 6 or 7 plus mosquito bites. =( But the place is quite cool la, next time must remember to bring mosquito repellent. =D

Spent my entire Saturday designing the Youth Camp booklet. Okay I was quite sidetracked at times, thanks to this stupid invention called the internet. -.-

Sunday was Church, then practising for worship with Rachel and Ming Ren, then Youth Camp meeting then Worship meeting. Haha. And then my sister and I decided to accompany Jolene to go Sheng Shiong and buy Nutella for the camp. Since it's Nutella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, I agreed. Ming Ren came along too.

Walked quite a distance to the supermarket, then on the way back we decided to take some shortcut slope thing and I slipped and fell. Gah. It's the first time I've ever fallen down some stupid muddy slope okay, so it's sort of an achievement for me. Hahahaha.

Went to the Gym and Swimming Pool on Monday with Hao Xiang. Someone forgot his googles, hah. Swam for a while, then went to meet Chee Sheng at Hougang Mall, then two left for Beach road whilst I went to Church to practise with Ming Ren for worship. So hardworking right? Heehee.

Oh and Aaron gave us a free ride to Jericho and back. Hahaha. =D

Went to Bugis station after that for a 1 Integ 06 gathering! It's not really 1 integ cause other people were there too, but the majority of people were from 1 integ la. Ate at the everyday happy steamboat place thing, hahaha.

Played the number guessing game too. Wah. Very stupid la, I went walking to another table when it was going to be my turn, then I walked back just when it was my turn. -.- The dish I ate was horrible. Thanks to Chee Sheng. Blee.

Came up with loads of stupid things haha. Then walked with Chee Sheng and Darren to Little India and took a train back at around 11pm.

Yay I'm going to catch up with blogging soon! Hahaha.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Jurong Bird Park & Orchard Road.

I think my blog has way too many pictures already. Haha. Anyways. Went to Jurong Bird Park with the usual photographers on the 10th December! I haven't been to the Bird Park since I was really young, so I don't remember anything about the place except that it contains birds. =D

Took a super long train ride to Boon Lay, then switched to bus 194 to get there. =) Ticket price was rather expensive at $18, but okay la, you definitely get to see lots of birds, and no mosquito bites unlike Sungei Buloh or something. Haha.

First we went to see Penguins! The penguins were kept in an air-conditioned enclosure, probably to simulate the cold climates they orginated from. Lalala. Happy Feet! Hahaha.

GIANT PENGUIN! Thankfully they were frozen stiff. =P

After the penguins we started walking around the park and saw talking birds!

Haha. Spent quite a while trying to make the birds talk. Then the birds wouldn't stop talking! Heh.


Never before seen Gigantic Dancing Parrot!

Went walking around the entire park and seeing lots and lots of birds. Compared to Sungei Buloh, this place was super happening for the birds man. I think it's like metaphorically comparing a Pulau Ubin Chalet to a Ritz Carlton Hotel. Hahaha.

Went to a Playground too! Hahahahaha.

Did stupid things at the playground for a while, then went off to take pictures of more birds.

The bird is sitting on a fence about sitting on a fence.

Hahahaha. The bird at the left side is like obliviously thinking: "Wao Camera!"

"Heh heh heh"

I think we got lots of stares from passer-bys due to Lenson's and Ryan's loooong....lenses.

As we walked past the lake, there was this crazy nutella/chocolate-ly/milo-ey smell in the air. Made me feel like eating nutella. =/ But the edges of the lake was like:

Dunno where the smell came from though. But it was only apparent in the vincinty of the lake.



Bunch of small fish eating a piece of bread! I don't know where the bread came from, but it was floating downstream from the river. Haha.

Had a drink at this cafe. Super expensive stuff due to inflation arising from tourist arrivals to the area. =(

(When you are given a happy surprise)

(And then realise the surprise is nothing much after all)

Lenson's DIY macro lens.

Went to watch this sky eagle bird show thing! Awesome!


Haha. This girl was like sitting in front of us and staring at us take photos. But I made her laugh in the end okay, cause I kept doing stupid faces when taking photos. Heehee.

Went to see Owls after the show! The lady at the souvienir shop in front of the owls was like laughing at us cause we were trying to take photos under UV lighting.

Hurricane lamp! Haha.

Went to Orchard road for dinner, and to take more pictures after that. O.O

Stood in the middle of the road and took pictures like Wan Ting at Little India last time. Everyone was looking la. =\

But never mind Lenson and his long professional camera was there. Hahaha.

Ivan trying to look like a $2 Note.

Lenson's new 50mm Spectacles. =D

Yay okay I'm done. =)