Thursday, 26 November 2009

Eggs for Breakfast.

Went to shoot pictures of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary a while back. Met up with Ryan at his house super early in the Morning. I remember I didn't sleep the night before because I was writing journals for Creative Writing. And doing Typography things too.

Most of the pictures I took were HDR's/Photoshopped. Since it was for a poster design for Typography class.

Ryan and I were about to leave the Church after taking pictures of the exterior when Uncle Zhi Ming drove up next to us! Hahaha. So awesome, meeting our school photographer just when we're about to leave and getting access to the inside of the Church. =)

The inside was awesome.

Haha okay we left after awhile. It started raining so we walked quickly to 401 at Punggol Park for breakfast! The coffee shop was like filled with old uncles eating half-boiled eggs and drinking kopi/teh. We were like the youngest people there at 8am in the Morning. =D

The kopitiam lady was like laughing at us because we had a hard time cracking the eggs open. But other than that, we're like old uncles already hahaha.


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Heritage Sites.

Had to go shoot pictures of a heritage building as part of an assignment for Typography and Layout class. So we went to shoot.

The actual list of sites is quite extensive, and had a lot of places which I never knew was a heritage site too. Like Jude's Church two blocks away from Secondary School, or the old Salvation Army building. Anyways we went around City Hall/Esplanade, since the area has the highest concentration of heritage sites.

Yun Theng's Holga.

Fire Truck! The Central Fire Station at Clarke Quay has this Museum about the history of firefighting that's open to public. I never knew. Haha.

The Spiderman Courtesy Lion.

City Hall. Russell and Crystal joined us here.


The kerning between the R and S is horrible.

Russell and Crystal (and Homer with donuts).

Someone's shoe. =P

Russell. Haha. I remember Crystal was like shouting "hello!" and "welcome to Singapore!" and waving around like a crazy person to tourists on the river cruise below.

Went walking around to I dunno where already, then met Ryan at St. Andrews Cathedral, which was another heritage site. =)

This guy was running across the road with a bunch of balloons. =O

Fisheye! Haha.

Jump shot.

Went to Dhoby Ghaut for dinner, then went home. Ironically, I ended up using none of the pictures I took that day for my assignment, but never mind. Haha.

Friday, 20 November 2009


I just took my 4th DSC_9999 photo a few weeks back. For those that have no clue, whenever I take a picture, it's filename starts counting from DSC_0001, DSC_0002, and so on. Once it reaches 9999, it goes back to 0001. =)
Doesn't matter if you delete the photos or not, since the filename is written automatically when you press the shutter. Meaning I've taken 40000 or so pictures so far.

These are the four. I got my camera on the 1st June, 2008.

Was at a friend's house for her birthday celebration and saw this rainbow outside. Didn't realise it was the 9999th picture.

Taken during my NPCC Passing Out Parade Party, this was the only time I tried to plan out the 9999th picture. Haha. Rather failed attempt cause it's blur and Hao Xiang's handphone blanked out. =/ The party was okay though. Hahaha.

Taken at Old Changi Hospital, scary place. Haha. Didn't think much when shooting.

Taken at David's birthday barbecue. =) Didn't plan this either. Haha.

I think I'm taking photos at an increasing rate. And I should be drawing/attempting to draw/sleeping now instead of doing this. Hahaha.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

David's 21st Birthday.

Had a surprise birthday barbecue for David a few Saturdays back planned by Rachel. Haha. Why my sister never plan these kinds of things for me one. Probably cause I don't plan for her either. It's a vicious cycle.

First we went early to decorate!


The barbecue pit was by the poolside.

Spiderman balloons!

I coloured the S and V. Hahaha.

Starting the fire.

Trying hard not to smile.

Gigantic Hot Dog! =O

Barbecuing requires one's undivided attention.

Lots of 7-Ups.

Poolside. =)

Treble Clef.

Haha we went to surprise David when he pulled into the condominium. Hahaha. Okay I think he wasn't surprised la. But can pretend a bit. =)

Went around wirelessly flashing people again.

Sting Ray! I feel hungry now.

David's Arsenal birthday cake.

Trying to squash David. Hahaha.