Monday, 29 September 2008

Formula 1 Night Race.

Hahahahaha. =P

Didn't go to watch it live, but watched it at home instead. Rather weird la, seeing cars zoom around a track 61 times. But it's all very interesting because there's lots of crazy incidents happening. =)

Thursday, 25 September 2008

School Mission.

Went for school mission last Wednesday. It's like a day where they teach you character building skills and Catholic values and all that. Haha. School mission to me is remembering when Chee Sheng kenna giap by the gate thing and lost a bit of his fingers two years ago. =X

Okay, the day was rather relaxing in that we didn't have to study or anything. =) It's been a really fast 4 years though, can still remember attending school mission when I was Sec 1 back at the holding school.

Oh and they showed a video of a guy with no arms who could play the guitar with his feet! Gosh. I wonder how can he even press the right string, let alone press only that string. o.O I think if I tried playing with my feet I would end up stepping on my guitar and breaking it, haha. =\

Went to catch a movie with Koon Tat, Stephen, View Meng, Chun Wee, Chee Hock, Xue Ee, Yi Xuan and Denise after everything ended at Dhoby Ghaut. Watched Make It Happen.

Haha. Blee. I thought the movie was rather boring because it sort of followed the same storyline as Step up 1 and 2, and a whole bunch of other dance movies. Fell asleep towards the end of the movie, but woke up in time to catch the ending. =S

And Stephen claims I snored. But I didn't snore leh! -.-

Went down to a printing shop where our class shirts were being printed to collect Alvin's thumbdrive, then took a train home. =)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Level One.

Yay. Finally received my Level One Certificate! Haha. Went for the course a really really long time ago with Lenson. It was like, in April? =O

Okay now I can officially go climb rocks! Weeee! Picture was taken in class, on Yi Peng's table, haha. =)


Gah. The past few days have been really tiring. And in some ways really really crazy. =/

Can't really remember what I've been learning in school. Blah. Lessons are rather uninteresting anyways because we're all just revising past work now. Trying to remember the difference in viscosity for composite and dome volcanoes, or the chemical formula for a homologous series. Sighs. =X

Okay, I do remember playing for worship on Friday. =D And talking about lots of things with my Cell group. And walking through Bishan Park alone at 11pm at night.

Haha, reached home at around midnight, went to sleep at 2am, and woke up at 5am to go take pictures of the Sunrise with Lenson. =D Thanks to his father for fetching us to the Singapore Flyer, although the Sun wasn't really nice because of the cloudy weather.

Kept yawning throughout the day. =S But the twilight was really nice for taking pictures I guess, although I was really tired and didn't really feel like taking pictures. Hahaha.

Random tables.

Lenson's father dropped the both of us off at Lau Pa Sat after that. But we both didn't feel like eating there so we walked towards Boat Quay.

Where is Lenson?!

Panning. =D

Why put doors if they're going to be permanently locked? =O

Went to MacDonald's at somewhere for breakfast. I don't really know where, haha.

Lots of preparations for the F1 Race. =D

Civilian War Memorial.


Walked all the way to Suntec, then walked around the entire place waiting around for Ryan. Haha. I kept yawning for some strange reason. Bleh.

Blah. I think my lens has lots of barrel distortion. =X

Saw some people from Ryan's clan, then went for lunch but I didn't eat, and went home shortly after. Met Alvin at Dhoby Ghuat and we tried out the class hoodies. =)

Rested for a while, then went out to meet Lenson at Hougang Sports Complex. Hahaha. Rather whimiscal decision to go swimming. And rather crazy too because I only had 3 hours of sleep? =/ Swam a couple of laps until I was really tired, then we walked to Hougang Mall and had dinner at MacDonalds. O.O

Went to Church on Sunday, then youth camp meeting after that. Blah. Couldn't really focus because I was feeling super sleepy. =( Shall go to sleep earlier on Saturdays.

Random things. Went to Cold Storage cause Stephen wanted to make Slow Roasted tomatoes again. Then asked Chee Hock whom was with us to choose the tomatoes. Then he started picking them up and smelling them. O.O Stephen and me were both wondering how he could 'smell' the difference in tomatoes. I couldn't smell anything, let alone smell the difference. Then he told us after choosing that he couldn't actually smell the difference either. -.-

Haha. And the documentary 'Super Size Me' was screened during Assembly today. It's about the scary effects of eating MacDonald's has on your health. Ended up eating MacDonald's for lunch though, and a Big Mac too. Hahahaha. XD

Went to Night Study, but I was kind of distracted by a book Koon Tat lent me. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Blah. Can't believe I've read 200 pages in a single day already. =X

Okay, don't think I should blog about the rest of the things that's been happening, but I guess I don't really know what to do anymore. Not thinking about anything is much easier.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


Okay last Tuesday was a rather Birthday filled day. Because it was Chit Min's, Hui Joo's and Fiona's birthdays! =) And Mr Lee Kuan Yew too. =D

Anyways, we got Fiona a shiny sparkling glass stone necklace thingy. And we got Hui Joo a Ripcurl Wallet.

Didn't take a picture of the sparkling shiny glass stone necklace thingy though. =/

Celebrated both their birthdays after school at MacDonald's. Haha. It was rather complicated and crazy because different halves of the class were released at different times. =\

The cake was rather lemony. Haha. Like Lemon Meringue or whatever that's supposed to be.

Went back to school after that for a while for no apparent reason. =O

Camilla doing her artpiece at the space. =)

Hao Xiang freezing like a baby. =D

Stephen and me tried to corner Chit Min and take many many photos of him. Hahaha.

Proper technique for obtaining water from a water cooler.

Chitmin : "No Comment. No Comment." Hahaha.

Nothing much after that. Didn't stay for Night Study because I was really tired, and beginning to sneeze again. =/

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Mid Autumn Festival.

Went to 'celebrate' with a bunch of people on Sunday night. If I'm not wrong, there was Stephen, Chee Hock, Xue Ee, Jemaine, View Meng, Lenson, Malvin, Chun Wee, Airil, Ian and a whole bunch of other people I don't know. =)

Shall not blog much. Because it's all rather unbloggable. Pictures though.

Me and Airil's failed attempt at light painting. Shall try again some other time. =D

Had lots of fun playing around. I took loads of other, nicer pictures, but I shall not post them here for various reasons. =P Reached home at around 10.30pm, and I was super hungry because I didn't eat dinner. =/