Sunday, 25 February 2007

Vivo City.

Taken some super long time ago. If I'm not wrong the post was here.


Blarh. Spent the last few days with a running nose and sore throat. =\

I think it's ironic. I sneezing whilst everyone around me is like sweating and suffering from the record temperatures in Singapore.

Went Home Team Academy again on Friday. Bleah. Training there like worse than at school. But then can leave class at 12.30. But then surrounded by all the pros and have to learn flag drill. And I reserve some more. =| Quite unfair to those in supporting contingent lor...

The stupid flag sheath cannot open one. =(

Anyways, went to compass for dinner with Hao Xiang and Chee Sheng. Then I was so tired and drowsy and feverish and whatever that I decided to go home instead of cell.

Went home, bathed, and slept about 12 hours till Saturday afternoon. Erh, was super tired that I spent almost the entire day sleeping and sneezing on and off till around 7. =S

Went out with family to Vivo City. Heehee, haven't been there in a long time. Walked around and went home at around 10.

Bleah, woke up late for Church cause we were all super tired and I was still sneezing. =( Ate lunch with family then went for Guitar practice alone. =\ But still very fun la. Guitar practice is fun! Learnt how to strum with extra upstrokes and how to play 6/8 rhythms. And I learned how to bar chord every note. =D I'm gonna go around barring every song I know now. Haha.

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Chinese New Year.

Eh...New Year's Celebration on Friday was quite ok, although I missed the concert due to Service Learning. =X

But Service Learning itself was quite fun la. Interacting with old folks is fun! But I'm reminded of like 5years back when my mother used to organize activities for old folks at Central Corps. I remember giving out the parcels to the old folks! =D Then the intergenerational race thing was fun too! Although I didn't really reflect on that day or anything...sighs...

But anyways, went around with a senior citizen showing him the different stalls of our school. And he gave me 2 Chinese Calligraphy paintings. I'm too lazy to find a nice angle or compostion so...yar...
Quite nice right? =)

The opening concert for HI Idol was quite nice also. Haha, went home after that to change and meet the rest for Elaine's Birthday party.


Went to CityLink Mall with Koon Tat, Chee Hock, Nina, Wei Ting, Alvin and Xue Ee cause we were too poor to afford the movie tickets. Hahaha, but then Nina suddenly want to snatch my Koon Tat!! MINE!! HEEHEE. Quite weird la, me and Nina fighting over a guy. Maybe one day Koon Tat and Nina together? ):

Haha, walked around aimlessly through CityLink mall to Suntec though. By the time we reached Suntec I had to go off already. =X Then Shi Hui smsed to say we're meeting at 6.45 instead. =D So I could go walk around some more.

Heh! I saw the Hello Kitty Guitar again!! But nvm..I think I'd rather save a bit more and buy the $599 Squier Fender instead. (:

Went back to City Hall with Koon Tat after that. Had to go off early cause I was late already. =\

Went to J8, bought 5 different kinds of doritos, took a bus down to Church.

Hee, then Ben asked me to go find the Uncle and ask if he wanted anything from the Kopitiam. Then the uncle was like saying he was so touched by my offer. =)

Haha, friendship Friday! Quite ok la, Guan You leading also! =D And lots of food! =D

Went out with Family to Festive Market after that. Gosh, haven't been to Festive Market in 3years already. HEEHEE I know Koon Tat stays near there!!! =D And I saw the Cheers with this row of Hello Pandas on Display!! XD

Went for a haircut. Blee, only 2 weeks+ since my last haircut. But my father paid so... =)
Shopped for various CNY stuff, went back home, ate steamboat with family. =) Went out at around 11 to go countdown at Chinatown. Blarh, I think this year wasn't all that exciting lor, fireworks lasted only a few seconds. =X

Was about 2am by the time we reached home. =S

Went for Church today. Eh, lots of people didn't come cause it's the first day of CNY. Haha, but my family super enthu one right? =P

Went Marina Bay after lunch. Quite ok..haven't been to Marina Bay in a long time either. Hahas, walked around for a while, then went home cause all of us were dead tired for some strange reason. But when I reached home, I was energetic again. Heh.

Yay! Going cousin's house tomorrow. =)

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Pasir Ris Beach.

Taken sometime in December? During Family Chalet. =)

Valentime's Day.

Blee. Spent the past few days bringing guitar to school and practising.

Anyways, school mission today. Hee, anything that allows you to skip lessons an entire day is always fun and interesting.

Woke up at 5.30am, went to school, class was empty except for me. =\ Waited for Mu Chen/Chee Hock to come, went down to space to practice, practiced till around 7.20 then went assembly.

Walked to the Catholic Youth Center thingy with a lollipop! And Koon Tat! Heh. School Mission itself was ok...although it was like a repeat of last year? Maybe just a way to refresh our memories or something. Went for Lunch with Mu Chen and Koon Tat. Hahaha, we three bought the exact same thing to eat at Hougang mall food court la...

Then went to go drop the coin in the machine with toy thing. Bleah, words cannot describe the thing la. So anyways, I got a new green green! HEEHEEHEE =P

Nvm, I'm speaking some profound language.

The Valentime's Concert itself was quite scary la, but it's only 100+ ppl, imagine playing in front of whole school. =X At least we didn't make some super obvious mistake. =)

I want a new dual-core/quad-core intel processor!!! C4d is taking super super long to render. =\




Bleah, if not for my super slow comp I'd be fast asleep dreaming right now instead of blogging. =

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Pen And Paper.

Taken by me and Lenson. =) Lenson's version nicer though. Haha, and that's Koon Tat's Geography notes if I'm not wrong.

Canon In D.

No that's not me in the video. Haha, but I'm learning that for Vip. So hard right? I think I'm just going to play rhythm and let the rest play melody. =)

Blarh, haven't blogged in a long time. Npcc on Friday was quite slack, cause very few people came...but still learned lots. =D Cell group after that was quite ok too. Haha, slowly getting to know all the members in my new cell.

Went out with Lenson on Saturday to find the scores for Canon in D. Bleah, we spent like one hour trying to find at the Yamaha shop and when we finally asked the salesperson, she couldn't find either. =/ Walked to Bras Basah to find more scores. Saw the Hello Kitty Guitar at Swee Lee!!!! HELLO KITTY GUITAR IN SINGAPORE!!

Ok lar, I'm not really crazy over hello kitty or whatever. Just that it's like super cheap for a fender electric, only $399. Compared to the rest of the $1999-$18000 fenders in the shop. But then again, after much careful consideration I've decided playing a pink/black hello kitty guitar would be really...abnormal.


Anyways, met Mu Chen at Raffles City before walking to Esplanade. I was like a "bright lampost" there. =P

And I realised the Library at Esplanade is awesome! There's this entire section devoted to scores and all that music stuff. And there's this shelf with chord books from various bands. I found Switchfoot and Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pink Floyd and millions of other books with the chords on how to play their songs!! But I couldn't borrow a single one cause I'm not a premium member. =\

Couldn't find any Canon in D scores. Horrible. I think Music Theory is beginning to look like some weird form of maths. Especially those super hard pieces with millions of notes crammed into the bars in weird positions and all the bars lined up uniformly with small notes and weird signs everywhere. Horrible.

Went for Church on Sunday. Message was on how a Christian will almost definitely "backslide" or something. Something related to that la...couldn't really understand cause of the multitude of profound and mindblowing words used. Which I also coincidentally forgot. Blarh.

Went shopping with my sister at j8 cause we had an hour to kill before guitar practice. Eh, we wanted to buy matching shirts for Chinese New Year, but ended up buying totally different ones instead. Bought a nice folder to keep paper, sister's birthday present, father's birthday present, and other random stuff.

Guitar practice was ok, haven't played an electric in 3months. So my fingers were all painful from pressing those hard tiny steel strings. But still, quite ok la, except I realised my fingers had this weird blue color, probably from small pieces of rust on the string. =/

Heh, finally uploaded pictures from my horrible blurry 2megapixel 6years old camera.


Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Muscle Cramp.

Woke up this morning a horrible pain in my left tricep. Couldn't extend or contract my left arm completely at all.

Blarh, so I spent the rest of the day walking around being a right handed person. Kind of irritating not being able to contract your left arm. Hurts like mad whenever I try though. Like a muscle cramp or something.

=( Hasn't 'healed' yet. =(

Ah wells, learned logarithms during A maths today. Logarithms are easy!! Of course, I only did basic sums only. I'll probably be killing my brain cells trying to do logarithms in a few days time. =)

Yay! Playing with a capo's so much fun! Now I can play practically any song provided I can find the chords. =D Unless it's those impossible to play ones with drop d tuning and all that other weird stuff.

I'm too lazy to blog. =P

Sunday, 4 February 2007


Eh, my skin on my forehead is like peeling off la. Then you can literally peel off bits of your burnt skin and see new skin underneath.

Itches like hell, but cool! First time I got sunburn! Looks like I got skin disease or something. =)

New corps officers at church today. Eh I remember him from somewhere in my distant past, and I remember Timothy a bit. And I saw Darren Chin today! =) Haven't seen him since last year. Haha, then I went for lunch with family and three others from gracehaven. Cool! All of a sudden I have like 50+ "brothers" and "sisters" whom I don't even know their names. Downside is they all know me as Uncle Bee's son. Blarh.

Went to j8 library for a while. Met Fabian there reading some League of superhero comics. He had like 4 books next to him and was slowly reading them? Bleah, and the comics weren't even Marvel or DC. Hee.

Went to Thompson Plaza after that to find guitar stuff from the Yahama Music school. Saw Bryan there studying with his friends. Heh, saw Fabian at j8 and Bryan at Thompson. Ironic. Anyways, bought a new tuner, spare strings, and capo. =D

Heh, Yay finally have a capo. And the new tuner's automatic. =P

Friday, 2 February 2007


Hee! Yay I'm back after 5 days of torturefun.

118 unread mail in inbox.
9 smses when I turned on my handphone.
Messy room. Unpacked bag. And homework.

Blee. I shall complete all this tomorrow!! =D

Anyways, OBS was FUN! The best camp I've been to by far. And it wasn't as tiring as I expected.

Haha, everyone will probably be either bored to death by my nonsensical ramblings or be unable to understand whatever weird language I am using. But who cares? =D

Day1: Heeheehee. I thought I would be joining people from other classes cause I was last in class. But I didn't! =P Went to Junko with Lenson, Hui Joo, View Meng, Ivan, Yi Peng, Lionel, Kenneth, Wei Ting, Chuan Hui, Fiona, Xue Ee, Wendy, Wan Ting, Heather, and Shi Hui. And our instructor was Johnathon. =D

Day 1 was mostly team bonding games like the trust fall and all that stuff. Field Cooking and Tent Pitching too. We were scolded during day 1 abit for being slow and talkative. But then again, no push-ups, pt, drills, or shouting. More focus on theory and not practical.

Day2: Went rock climbing! Yay! Uber fun! But I spent so much energy on helping to belay others that my hands were all aching and I could only climb up to the top once. Gah. But still, Lenson almost made it to the top! And we beat Hillary! Haha, wanted to climb blindfolded with Lenson but then was too nua. Hiked to alpine rescue and our 2-3 star campsite with sea view. Blech. Horrible campsite. Worst I've ever been too cause it was muddy and dark with no light.

Day3: YAY KAYAKING! Was super fun at first. But then I felt uber tired especially when practising T-rescue and on the way back. Blarh, spent all my energy paddling to the right cause the current and wind was pushing us to the right. So we were like in a zig-zag position. But I think Kayaking is great! And I never learned to capsize/rescue before! Heehee! Let's have a class gathering to go kayaking at Changi one day! Went hiking to our 3star campsite after that. Better than the muddy one, but rocky. Woke up at 4am for watch duty. Tiring...but it beats having to change to npcc full u at 3am.

Day4: Land expedition was like the most "high" part in our watch. Cause by day4 we were all excited at the prospect of returning home? Trekked about 7k+ in all. Went to a quarry to swim! Wah, Quarry swimming is fun! Cause the water is 300+metres deep and it's rainwater. But it's kind of scary cause there's a 90% chance someone died/drowned in that quarry before? And we were swimming in that quarry. Haha but anyways, we had to make a raft and paddle to the center of the lake. I have absolutely no experience in making a raft lah, unless you count watching an instructor make one 4years back. But anyways, I think the raft was good enough. Heh, not as good as scouts lar, but at least we survived. =)

And we were the only group to make it to the circle of life. =)

Day5: Mostly packing up, area cleaning, all that boring stuff. Haha, went for lunch/dinner with 3integ ppl. I think it's almost worth it going for a camp just to experience the feeling of coming back and enjoying nice hot water, nice tv, computer, everything lar. Haha, me and Koon Tat waved at all the security cameras around Hougang Mall. I think we must have look weird. But the security guy must be so bored staring at the screen all the time. So at least he got someone to wave to. =)

Rushed home to bathe after that, went for cell almost immeadiately after. Cells shuffled today. =( No more Geelinuanua. =( But anyways, met up with new cell members. =)

Went for supper with Dad after that. Hee, yay finally got nice food to eat! Eating maggie mee and canned food gets boring after awhile. Reached home at around 11.40. =\