Friday, 31 October 2008


Haha. Okay haven't been blogging lately, and since today is Halloween I shall post a really really scary image. =D


Considered posting a Mathematics question, but I know there's surely weird people that won't find it scary one. -.-

Ah okay anyways, walked home from Punggol end with Hao Xiang last Saturday because we were really bored with nothing to do. Had quite a lot of mosquito bites, and the walk back was quite scary cause it was rather dark already.

I want to go walk down the road again in the dead of the night when it's raining heavily and take pictures. =D

Monday, 20 October 2008

O Levels.

Okay this post is rather late and everything since the O levels started today, but anyways. Shall not be blogging much for the next 23 days, or maybe not at all. =D

Anyways, all the best to everyone taking their General Certificate of Education Ordinary Levels! Let's all rob people mug hard!

La la la.

16 Years Old.

Gosh. Okay, finally turned 16 last Friday. =)

Eh. Hao Xiang, Chee Sheng, Chit Min, and Matthew surprised me at my house on Friday morning. Woah. Just woke up la. Haha. But the surprise was a bit not surprising because Hao Xiang called me to ask my house unit number. =P And they gave me a Pandan Cake also. =D

Haha. Messed around in my room for a while doing random things. Thanks Chee Sheng for polishing my boots which I've not touched in a zillion years. =D Played da di for a while too, then Hao Xiang tried to make Snowie stand but Snowie won't listen to him. =D

And I think Snowie can be a model man. Keeps posing for the camera, haha. Pictures taken by Hao Xiang.




Hopeful. =D

Okay went for lunch at Compass Point Pizza Hut after some time. *Cough*Yay Free Flow*Cough* Haha. Chit Min drank 4 glasses of coke sia =O

Walked to Chit Min's house from Punggol Interchange, then borrowed his ball and went to play basketball with Chee Sheng and Hao Xiang. Haha. Wah. Damn stupid, there was this mini basketball hoop hanging in Chit Min's room with the words Steve Nash on it. Hahaha. Then Hao Xiang was like : "Woo Steve Nash Steve Nash!" :D And I won Chee Sheng at mini basketball with a very tyco shot from Chit Min's room door. =P

Walked back to my house to play. Hao Xiang's friend joined us because he was bio-ing Hao Xiang from opposite the road. =D

Went up to my house at around 4pm, bathed, changed and then left for Cell group. Went to Hougang cause the other two were alighting there, then went to buy dinner with Hao Xiang whilst Chee Sheng went home to study. Hahaha. Hao Xiang got cheated of his money buying dinner, twice. XD

Took 74 down to Church, then discussed with Joleen for a while on the announcement thingy. Then went to set up guitars with Ming Ren. Haha. I was like wearing my jacket, then I told Ming Ren : "Okay let's be emo guitarists today." Then with everything set up already. "Eh..why not working ah." =S

Okay, worship went okay. =) There was the video on the upcoming Youth Camp which had Guan You in almost every slide too. =D Message was a video on rain in your life. It's when the rain will come, not if the rain will come.

Celebrated my birthday with Cell group too. Haha. Had a PowerPuff Girls cake.

Yay Buttercup! Haha. Picture was taken with Ming Ren's phone, and it was after the cake was cut already.

Took 13 to Potong Pasir and took a train back to Punggol after cell group. Went to meet Denise at her house void deck because she wanted to pass me presents. =) Walked back home after that.

Thanks to everyone that wished me happy birthday! Erm, Hao Xiang, Chee Hock, Stephen, Xue Ee, Koon Tat, Chee Sheng, Chit Min, Matthew, Elaine, Woei Jiun, Pei Fang, Nina, Fiona, Malvina, Jude, View Meng, Darren, Wan Ting, Alvin, Wilson, Pin Han, Dawn, Eileen, Heather, Zhi Hui, Hui Qin, Jemaine, Jolene, Amelia, Cheryl, Yu Rong, Guan You, Tammy, Cedric, Ming Ren, Rachel, Serene, and anyone else that I've forgotten already. =)

Celebrated my birthday with my family the next day because I reached home after midnight. =S

Oh. And I had a Doraemon cake. =O Okay, don't know why I'm getting weird cartoon cakes for my birthday. There was another 'real' cake la. Haha.

Haha yup, that's about everything except for a big juicy bone. ;)

Thursday, 16 October 2008

O Level Science Practical.

Okay haven't been blogging lately because I don't really feel like blogging. Or maybe I shouldn't blog because I'm supposed to be studying. =/

Anyways. The GCE 'O' Levels started with Science Practical today. Blee. I was sort of confident that I'd get a decent result at first. But after looking at this, I don't feel that sure anymore. =(

GAH. Salt T is Potassium Bromate btw. And it's a Redox Reaction! Aaah.

Okay enough depressing stuff. The practical itself went okay la. Didn't make any stupid mistakes, like drop the test tube or whatever. Hahaha. And Heather sitting next to me managed to create smoke when she was emptying the contents of her test tubes into the sink. Haha. I don't know how she did it la, I didn't get any smoke at all when I dumped everything in the sink, just lots of mixed up colours. =S

Went for lunch after the practical with Lenson, Jude, Malvin, Jun Han and Hui Joo at Pepper Lunch, then went back home after that. =)

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Matthew's Birthday.

Went to celebrate Matthew's Birthday last Saturday. Haha. =)

Met up with Hao Xiang at Tampines Interchange at 11am. Then took a train down to City Hall. Went to Citylink Mall first. Wasted time playing the xbox360 at HMV (and I beat Hao Xiang =P), then walking around very randomly, then meeting Chit Min at MPH bookstore at around 12pm.

We walked from Citylink to Suntec to eat Just Noodles. Hahaha. The restaurant name is misleading, because it doesn't offer Just Noodles, but rice, and drinks, and ice cream too. Okay la, it's quite worth it. $6.50 for Chicken Cutlet with Rice, Miso Soup, and free flow of drinks and ice cream? =O But we were quite full after eating so we didn't go kope as much ice cream as possible okay, haha. And chicken cutlet is known as chicken cutlet because the chicken cut le. =)

We walked pretty much all the Suntec towers, then went to Millenia Walk, then Marina Square, then back to Citylink Mall in search of a bookstore. Haha. In the end we went back to MPH and bought Matthew a very useful book containing lots of insults. For example : "If I throw a stick, will you leave?" and "As an outsider, how do you feel about the human race?" Hahaha.

Also bought Matthew slippers from New Urban Male. The opposite of New Urban Male is Old Rural Female?

Then we went walking around to Raffles City, then from there we walked to Dhoby Ghaut, and met the others there. =)

Haha. Watched The House Bunny. Wah. It's a very stupid funny show. =D

Oh, and Chit Min and me formed a wrapping crew! The Singapore WRappers! Hahaha. Wah, not bad man. I know how to breakdance, beatbox, hip-hop, popping, locking, and now wrapping! XD Hahaha. Damn stupid la. Then we came up with a number of variations on how to fold your arms too.

Went for dinner at Long John Silver, then took a train back with Chit Min. Wah. Did stupid things on the MRT, heh. And we saw two kids playing Vampire! Wah. Wanted to go battle with them, but then we were too scared la. =D

Monday, 13 October 2008

Graduation Ceremony.

Okay, Graduation Ceremony was last Friday. Erm, a rather formal and significant event I guess, since it marks the end of our Secondary school life and the beginning of a new chapter for us all. Okay that sounds so chim. Blah.

Anyways, went to school at around 5pm. Got our class t-shirts. Gah. I don't think the design looks nice. =( Hoody would have been so much better in my opinion, although much less practical in a country like Singapore. Haha.

Thanks to Mr Lai, Ryan, Chit Min, Hao Xiang and Wilson for helping take photos that day. =) Haha. Ivan and me kept posing for pictures when we went up the stage to collect our folders.
Like: "Mr Lai Mr Lai!"
Then *Snap* *Snap*
Few seconds later: "Chit Min Chit Min!"
Then *Snap* *Snap*

Oh! And our class video was cut off at some parts. Hahaha. Like me and mah buddy Airil, we cool with da Vampires man. /insidejoke

Haha. Took pictures after the ceremony too.

Sec 4 Integrity 2008. =) I have about 15+ pictures with almost the same pose, hahaha.

Lenson. Ryan. Me. Hotshoe! =D

Ryan with Lenson's and his 70-200mm lenses, giving the "Whatever" look.

Stayed back in school for a while, then went to MacDonald's for supper with Ryan, Lenson and Alvin.
I can't bear this picture.

Lots more pictures, but won't post them here. =)

Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Last Week Of School.

Okay. This shall be a very long long post considering that it has been a very very long week. =)

It's been rather crazy this last week and I've been running around doing a whole bunch of things besides studying. =/

Brought my camera and guitar to school to shoot the graduation video of our class. Haha. The idea for our class video was rather hastily thought of and put together, and Airil and me are going to look like complete fools in front of the whole school this coming Friday. But okay la, at least I learned how to play Vampire with Airil. Hahaha.

Oh yes, tried out Jude's recently acquired Fender Stratocaster too. =D

We were given this other school's Prelim worksheet to do doing Geography, and Jude, Lenson and me ended up drawing our artistic interpretations of the human face on the worksheet. Haha.




Haha. It's safe to say that mine definitely has the best hairstyle. =D

Took photos with Mr Koh in the Humanities room too. =)

Random pictures! Haha.

Dun dun dun. Taken during our Graduation Ceremony rehearsal. =D

Done by Chee Hock the MCR fan. =)

*Looks around innocently*

Geetar. =)

Went to Plaza Sing after shooting the video with Koon Tat, Denise and Fiona. Watched Mamma Mia. Er. Okay la, the movie wasn't that bad. If you want to see old ladies dancing around and singing, or watch Pierce Brosnan(James Bond) singing, then it's definitely for you. Haha. And I didn't fall asleep this time. =)

It's rather uncomfortable bringing a camera bag, school bag, and guitar bag into the cinema though, hahaha. =/

Went cycling with Ah Xiang and Ah Sheng after school! Haha. Went to Pasir Ris Park again, and cycled to Tampines and back.

Hao Xiang showing Chee Sheng how to swim?

Spent about an hour cycling all the way to Tampines and back, didn't take much pictures because we were cycling really fast. =) Then we went back to the playground at Pasir Ris Park and played.

Haha. Had lots of fun running around like little kids and doing stupid things. =D Took a lot more pictures, but shall not post them here. =P

Haha oh and we went to Ikea again after that. =D Reached home at around 9pm.

It was Hari Raya Puasa and Children's Day! =D You won't ever guess what I did on that day man.

Went to study with Stephen at Kovan. -.-

Lenson was supposed to come because someone was there but then in the end he didn't. Went to White Tangerine cafe, and I just realised that I owe Stephen money for the chocolate fondue we ate, hahaha.

Oh, and when we first reached Geraldine's friend there was like : "You're the guy from Where's Alvin right?" Hahaha. Gosh, I don't even know her name. Then they started guessing my name and I told them I was Bond, James Bond. XD

Hao Xiang joined us at around 4pm. Haha. We studied for quite a while, me doing Maths whilst Hao Xiang studied Development and Stephen helped Geraldine with Science. *Cough*

And Nina and Wei Ting were there, and Koon Tat, Denise and Xue Ee were studying at MacDonald's nearby. =)

Due to some strange circumstantial event, we ended up playing Donkey. Hahaha. The game is so stupid that it's fun. We ended up adding like 3 donkeys inside, then wasted an hour or so trying not to pick the donkey from each other. Hahaha.

Met my family at Vivo for dinner, then went home.

Haha. Lenson and me became data loggers for Mr Koh after school. Like, the two of us sitting at some corner in the General Office, me typing away whilst he's reading out information for about 3 hours straight. Rather repetitive and tedious and tiring, but there's still some fringe benefits, haha. ;)

The last day of school. It's all been rather fast and hectic? Didn't bring my camera to school so I didn't take any pictures. =/ Haha nevermind pictures are all scattered around everybody's blog anyways.

We had sparkling juice as a 'celebration' during English lesson. Hahaha. Went around acting like a sophisticated businessman, then tried locking hands with Jude (heehee), then went around doing random things, then went to take pictures with Mrs Ku because we didn't want to go back for LCE lesson. =D

Went for lunch with Koon Tat, Fiona and Denise, then Koon Tat and me waited a horribly long time to cut our hair. -.-

Cell group at night was okay. Spent time playing guitar with Ming Ren and Ben. =D Haha. Rather interesting with 3 acoustic guitars, although 1 has a string missing.