Friday, 29 February 2008

The Double Botak.

Haha okay haven't posted pictures in a long time so today I shall show you what I ate for dinner with Stephen yesterday. =D

Haha. The Double Botak burger at Botak Jones Ang Mo Kio.

Wanted to go there with Stephen for a very long time, since 2007? So we finally decided to go there, jio-ed a lot of people at first but in the end it was just him and me cause the rest ps.

Went there yesterday after Maths Remedial, took bus 74 with Justin cause he was going home. Alighted with Justin and waited for 88 at his house bus stop. Like 2 guys waiting around spinning pens. =D

We both didn't really no where to alight, but we saw the sign. =D

I ordered the Double Botak with cheese and bacon, Stephen ordered the Double Botak with cheese, bacon and mushrooms. Mine cost $15.

Like super shiok la, even though it's $15. The Double Botak is basically a burger with 2 200gram patties made from minced beef. The patty itself is like as thick as my wrist, and as wide as my palm? Add in fries, coleslaw, lettuce, onions, cheese and bacon, and you have $15. Definitely worth it in my opinion.

Almost couldn't finish the thing la. By the time I ate one patty I was feeling slightly full already. =X

End Result:
I didn't finish the onions larr, cause I don't exactly love onions. And I wanted it to look like a guy with fangs, but somehow the fangs didn't turn out right.

Was super full after that la, and realized I gained 2 kilograms when I went home. =\ But it's definitely worth it man. First time I've ever traveled so far with a friend just for food. Heh. =)

Decomposition. Chapter Three.

Read Chapter One first, and then Chapter Two. If not you won't understand a thing I'm writing.

It was like watching a video of those leaves fast forwarded, showing how they shrivel up in just a matter of seconds, showing how the faded to black, then holes started appearing, and soon nothing was left except that black goop. Only it wasn’t a video, and everything happened in less than a few seconds.

Michael felt weird. He thought he would feel cool, discovering that he had such an awesome superpower like those Heroes on television or the X-Men, but he just felt weird.

“This is wrong, just so, wrong.”

Michael turned and began to run, he didn’t know where he was going to, all he knew was that he had to get out of that place or he would puke his guts out and start screaming hysterically. All of a sudden that friendly, usual atmosphere of the soccer cage seemed ominous and dark, like a monster watching its prey silently.

Although it felt like an eternity to him, Michael ran only for about 10 minutes before slowing to a stop on the sidewalk. He could no longer see the cage, only small trees that dotted the sidewalk periodically.

‘This is stupid, it can’t be real. I had one of those, hallucinations. Yeah. That’s it.’ Michael grinned to himself.

‘Haha, maybe the leaves were already decomposed in the first place.’

Michael’s grin grew wider, now he started to feel embarrassed at having run off in the first place.

Michael started to turn and go back, swiping his hand past a tree absent-mindedly. He had barely walked for a few minutes when he heard a groaning sound. Michael whirled around; his mouth open in a silent scream as his fear came rushing back to him.

The groaning sound came from that tree he had just swiped. If the sight of leaves decomposing was horrible, the sight of the tree was revolting, atrocious and disgusting at the same time. The groans emanating from the tree seemed to vibrate in Michael’s head, and sounded to him like the scream of an old man.

The tree started turning black all over. Leaves turned to black sludge immediately and for a moment it looked like the tree was raining oil from its branches. Then the branches were bare and started snapping off on their own, landing in the sludge beneath and seeming to melt into it.

The stem itself started to grow huge white holes in the midst of the black. Michael stared, enthralled at the holes. You could see the living cells of the tree turn black at an amazing rate. And the white holes oozed sap out of them. Then tree started to melt into the ground, and soon nothing was left except the black sludge which was also fast disappearing. Michael couldn’t bear to think about even breathing particles of that sludge.

In fact, Michael didn’t think at all. He simply stopped and started, thinking of nothing, feeling nothing, hearing nothing. Slowly, comprehension started to dawn in his eyes. His eyes started to widen with shock and his mouth started to emit a sharp scream.

‘Let’s run we have to run please run oh please get away from that thing I want to go home please run.’

His legs were rooted to the ground and nothing he thought could move them. But even as he started to scream, his eyes noticed movement. The black sludge on the ground was moving slowly towards him even whilst seeping into the sidewalk.

That was enough to get his legs moving. He turned to run, this time not stopping, not looking back, and definitely not thinking that it was all a hallucination. He thought of nothing at all except running.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Rubrics Cube.

Okay 4 days have gone by without me updating.

Anyways, Monday started with Pure Geography first thing in the Morning. Had to present to the class a blog we did on the World Bank including it's roles, functions, processes and development. Although 8am in the morning is not exactly the best time to present. Link to our World Bank blog is here. =P

Then was all the boring subjects. Okay lah I shall not be so mean as to single-handedly claim that the subjects for the rest of the day were boring. Maybe just forgettable? Or unbloggable. Cause I can't really remember what else we learned that day. =X

Anyways, went for lunch after school with Lenson and Ivan. Haha. Ate at Hougang Mall food court and I sat under the super cold seat which is directly under the air conditioning vent. Lousy thermal engineering. Why is there no fins or at least a gauze to diversify the cold air blowing from the vent? Maybe it's for super hot people like me.

Haha, had some time to kill after lunch. So the three of us went to hunt for a rubrics cube for me and Lenson and an eye for Ivan. Went to the toy/novelty shop at the top floor of Hougang Mall. Haha, bought the cubes for the both of us and Ivan bought his eye.

Then we went to the toilet. Haha. Did you know there's this children's toilet in Hougang Mall top floor? We dared each other to use the children's toilet, but no one dared la. Haha. Dam stupid cause we were thinking of all the awkward and weird incidents that could occur from such a toilet.

Went back to school after that. Met Mr Koh to discuss about the school humanities website. Turns out we don't have to code a single line or design a single picture at all. We just have to choose photographs and think of the captions. =\

Ended quite early, so we went to the Space and played. Haha, Lenson and me both brought laptops cause we thought we would be coding and designing and whatever, and Lenson and Ivan brought PSPs. So we played random games until around 5.30pm then we went home.

There's 2 new pianos at the Space. Probably donated and second hand but with new strings and all. Can't wait to see how long before one of the strings snap or the keys break or whatever. =/

Tuesday was unbloggable lessons again. Maybe there was something interesting that happened, but if there is, I can't remember it. =X

Anyways, went for lunch after school, then stayed back for a while for this IEC briefing. Drums course is not drums drums you know. -.-

Went for Chinese remedial after that, my rubrics cube with I just bought the day before was confiscated by the Chinese teacher cause someone else was playing with it in class.

After Chinese remedial, stayed back to discuss the Sec 1 Leisure Camp. Got kind of irritated, but
ah never mind. if objective=I want you to do this, outcome=accomplished objective? =\

My rubrics cube also literally disintegrated cause some screw broke. Like less than a day old you know? I guess if I were to think positively, I would say that at least now I know how a rubrics cube works. =P

Wednesday, there was PE in the morning. Played Softball. Then unbloggable lessons. Okay la, we started on industrialization for Geography, had group discussion on the news clip project we're supposed to do for English and other random stuff learned from lessons.

Went to Macdonald's for lunch after that. Then because our Physics extra lessons start at 2.30pm and we still had an hour left, went to the Space to play. =D

Physics lesson was okay, it's not really a lesson though. More like a do your homework let teacher check kind of thing. More relaxed than traditional lessons though. =)

Went for Campcraft training after that, even though our competition is technically over. Helped them unpitch their structures and stuff like that.

Went to cut hair with Hao Xiang, Chee Sheng, Eugene and Wei Kit after that. Although only Hao Xiang and me cut our hair in the end.

Hairdresser was like :"Who want to cut first?"
Then Hao Xiang pointed at me and said :"Him."

But I think my hair was cut quite nice la, at least not like Hao Xiang whom ended up with slope even though he wanted layer.

Went for dinner after our haircuts at Hougang Mall food court with Eugene and Hao Xiang. Then went home.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Decomposition. Chapter Two.

Read Chapter One first if you haven't already.

Michael rushed to change his shoes, grab his ball and leave. He knew that he was in the wrong, and every silent second spent in the house seemed to remind him of his guilt. Claire sighed when she heard the door slam and the sound of footsteps leading away from the house. And she had hoped that she wouldn’t have to lug the groceries home again.

Michael walked quickly to the cage, trying not to concentrate on the guilt but on his anger towards his mother. The soccer cage was a 10 minutes walk away and by the time he reached, he found that his anger had dissipated. He was however, sweating from head to toe already due to the extremely hot weather.

Michael was disappointed to find that no one was there, it was around 4pm, and usually 7 or 8 boys would be in the cage playing at this time, but today there was no one. It was a weird sight, seeing the cage which was almost always full of boys playing inside so empty.

Brushing away his disappointment, Michael went in with his ball and started to kick it into the unguarded goals. With each kick, he tried to vent his anger, or what was left of it, on that red and sliver ball, expertly guiding it into the goal at the far end of the cage. Soon after, he realized that this was boring and decided to sit outside the cage instead.

“Okay, okay, I shouldn’t have left home at all, but I’m already here.” He thought aloud to himself.

After a few minutes, Michael walked over to pick up his ball and go home, deciding that maybe grocery shopping wasn’t that bad after all. Michael bent down to pick up his ball, brushing off a few leaves that had stuck on the ball in the process. Suddenly, Michael leapt up and dropped the ball. His heart started beating rapidly and he looked around wildly to see if there was anyone around. The place was deserted, and Michael looked back at the leaves, blinking a few times to be sure of what he saw.

The leaves Michael had touched had shriveled up and withered, as if they had been left there for a few weeks. But that was not the only thing. Michael bent down for a closer look, what he saw was the leaves beginning to disintegrate, melting into a brownish black goop that slowly began to seep into the concrete floor of the soccer cage. It was hard to describe, but even in his shock, Michael knew what it was, he had learned it in Science class, his teacher had taught them about life cycles and to describe it in one word, it was…

“Decomposition,” Michael whispered to himself, awed and appalled at the same time.

Singapore Airshow 2008.

Official website.

Haha okay went with my family to see the airshow exhibition last Sunday. Actually I didn't know I was going to the airshow until Sunday itself, cause I woke up at 9am. =X

Tickets were priced at $20 each for adults? Super expensive la. Took a taxi there, and there was a jam on the way inside. Taxi fare was $30 when we got out. =S

Security was really tight too. I got stopped when walking through that metal gate, cause my belt was made of metal. =\ Haha, but I wasn't arrested or anything la.

The place was super crowded, so I guess the organisers of the event must have earned lots and lots of money.

Caught the flying display at 12.30. But I don't have a camera, so I didn't take any photos. Wasted la, so many nice photo opportunities. =( But the flying display was really cool though, like there was this heart shape, and this curtain, and this palm spilt, and mirror pass, and all the other gravity-defying tricks. =D

Although I didn't take any pictures, flickr has about 2600 pictures related to the Singapore Airshow here. Go check it out if you have nothing better to do. =)

Went around checking out the endless exhibition booths and stalls. Food and drinks were really expensive there too. Like $4 for a 500ml water bottle? No wonder inflation is rising larr. Lots of flight simulators and plane models scattered around the exhibition area too.

Queued up for a bus back to Pasir Ris after that. Super long queue, worse than queuing up for hello kitties or whatever. And the bus ride was about an hour long too. Queue was extra-long cause the buses had to waited for the A380 to be towed past. Haha, so at one point the huge airplane rolled past slowly less than a hundred meters from us.

Went to Pasir Ris, had a late lunch, then took bus 3 back home. =)

Sunday, 24 February 2008

L Change The World.

Went home at around 12pm after the Campcraft Competition. Had a bath then went out again. Went to catch L Change The World with Wei Kit, Eugene and Hao Xiang. At first we went to Golden Village at Plaza Sing, but tickets were sold out and only individual seats were left, so we went to Cathay Cineleisure instead. Bought tickets for the 4:45 show. We still had an hour to kill so we went to the basement and watch stupid videos on you tube. (Think David Blaine and Trigger Happy. ;D)

The Movie was screened at The Grand Cathay, smaller than GV Max but larger than most conventional movie screens.

Movie was great in my opinion. Although the supposed to gross out parts looked really fake to me (cause I have a sadistic vivid imagination). The director managed to blend comedy, action, and horror(for some people) all into one movie rather nicely. Some parts were intentionally comical, like how L used a pink 'Angel Crepe' truck, some parts I just found funny, like how the scientist took such a long time to die even though he was infected by the virus and plasma incinerated.

Anyways, the show is about a cross-bred virus that has mutated and some environmental group wants to use the virus for human cleansing. But they need an antidote which some scientist has created, then intentionally destroyed and then killed himself with the virus to prevent them from getting it. So L goes around looking for a new antidote, which he finds from a Scientist who used to be a partner of the other scientist guy, and then he saves the world.

Okay I bet you wouldn't understand that unless you watched the movie. So you should go watch it. =D

Better than Jumper but not as nice as Death Note or Death Note 2 in my opinion.

Movie ended at 7pm, Eugene was late for tuition so he went off first. Wei Kit, Hao Xiang and me went to Boon Keng for dinner with NP people.

There was Joey sir, Jia Sheng sir, Jia Hao sir, Joanna mdm, Wan Ting mdm, Jocelyn mdm, Jun Yuan, Wei Ting, Hao Xiang, Wei Kit, Shao Kiat, Dawn, Hwee May, Daryl, Kai Xin, Jing Yi, Vanessa, Jing Hao and me. Woei Jiun, Elaine and Eugene joined us later.

Ate steamboat/bbq at Boon Keng again. The same place we went to when we celebrated Woei Jiun's birthday. Hao Xiang "piak" a lot of butter and then it all went popping everywhere when Chee Sheng tried to use vegetables to absorb the butter oil. And Hao Xiang and me went 'because of why because of why' randomly.

Didn't really eat a lot la, not much appetite. Left at around 10pm with Hao Xiang and Vanessa. Me and Hao Xiang were like doing stupid things all the time la. =X

Reached Punggol and took an LRT to Denise's house to pass her homework. I'm such a nice guy right? Heh. Taking an LRT home is scary at night. Especially when you are the only one on the LRT and it stops at this station that hasn't been opened yet. Like, no other human within that 1km+ radius? So unnerving man. Like that story about taking the last MRT train from Changi Airport and seeing ghosts and hell and all that in the reflections of the windows.

Reached home at around 11pm. Went to sleep.

NPCC Inter-Unit Campcraft Competition 2008.

Woke up at 5am, changed, went to school at 5.30, reached school at 6.

We trained for 2 times first. Timing was around 9minutes+, then we listened to a story about CJ11. Heh.

Briefing for a while, then boarded the bus to HTA. Saw lots of schools at the area already competing.

The field was spilt into 2 pitches, each with about 14 lots, each lot containing the necessary things given for us to create a shelter, flagstaff, and gadget.

We were there slightly early, so we checked out the other schools already competing in the lots. Quite a staggering sight to see so many different people pegging and tying and pulling and lashing and whatever.

Went up to the registration hall, shouted a cheer one last time, then went to register and sit with other schools competing with us in that specific time slot.

There was Punggol Sec, Compassvale Sec, Serangoon Sec, and a bunch of other schools just to name a few.

Went into this holding area, lined up in a single file according to lots and sat down. HIHS was lot 3.

Our pockets were checked for any twine, scissors or any other material that could potentially aid us in the competition. Then we were briefed on the horn blasts, safety rules, final notes, etc.

Waited for a few minutes doing stupid communicative things with the people behind me (yo arh yo).

We were led down to our lot, sat down at the edge, waited for all those final administrative things, then we were asked to stand up again.

Countdown was 3, 2, 1. Go. We were the only school that shouted something. =D

Everything proceeded like a blur, faint cries and cheers were barely registered from the supporters to our left. There was a shortage of twine, so we did not have an outer sheet. Spilt twine into two for some parts, re-tied the square lashing at the centre pole cause it was loose, tied four corners with Daryl, grabbed two bricks from the side, helped tie a bowline and clove hitch for the gadget. Last 30 seconds were spent rushing to keep things into the shelter to look presentable and neat, and everyone ran out of the lot boundary when the final long horn blast sounded.

That was it. Roughly 6 months of training, from pitching a tent to about 3 different shelter designs, from that grueling selection training during the first few trainings, to the jokes we used to say when unpitching, to the countless times we pitched and unpitched, trying to reduce our timing. All that boiled down to just 10 minutes.

But it didn't end there just yet, cause there was still the presentation. Presentation went, well, like the Valentine's Day Concert with Second-Class drill badge test combined. Can't really say for sure if it was good or bad, cause some parts were good some parts bad. And I was really nervous cause the judge I was presenting to was probably 10 ranks higher than me or something.

Different judges would just walked around and test our shelter, gadget or flagstaff. There was this hole in the middle of our shelter. =X They would call upon Jun Yuan and me as presenters if needed. Horrid la. It's like giving a speech without any preparation beforehand. 零时发挥 you know? Some judges were nice and actually bothered to listen to what we had to say, others just asked us to answer their questions. But I guess I would begin to feel irritated myself if I'd been walking around under the hot Sun evaluating different schools all morning too.

Don't really know about our performance either. Hope we can get into the finals. Or at least the top 15.

Went back to school after that, and discussed about where we wanted to go next. =)

K + H20 = ?

Explosion! Haha just some random thing we learned in Chemistry about the reactivity of metals. Cause it's the first time I've ever heard the word explosion being used by a Chemistry teacher in class. o.O

Was asked to bring my parent's letter explaining why I pon was absent for school on New Year's Eve. View Meng also, except he had a valid reason cause he went to Malaysia to visit his relatives. Blah. We both forgot to bring our letters for quite some time already. So our form teacher asked us to take out our handbooks and write down to bring the letter tomorrow. Then she asked us to sign the handbook too. =X Kind of reminds me of Primary School where teacher's used to write in my handbook all the time. =\

I passed her the letter on Friday la. She was like saying family reunions are not valid reasons to miss school. It wasn't actually a family reunion la, more like a slept at 5am hence overslept for school kind of thing.

Had E Maths common test which I think went rather okay. At least I knew how to do page 1. =)

Also had English common test on Proposal writing. Spent a long time writing the first and second paragraph, so I was like rushing through everything else. Bleh. But I don't really worry about English tests one la. =P

Chemistry extra lessons after school on Wednesday, where we learned about explosions. Haha. Like seriously for all the 8 years since Primary 3 when I first started taking Science, I've never heard the word explosion. I remember lots and lots of references to volcanic eruptions/bicarbonate soda with vinegar though, until I got so sick of such experiments.

Campcraft training after Chemistry. It was the last Campcraft training till the competition date. =/

About 50% of the boys in my class now have a Sony Playstation Portable. =\ Haha, everyone's playing Bomberman on PSP now. Though I'd much rather save the money spent for a D80 or an electric guitar. =)

There was PE lessons on Thursday. We played Captains' Ball cause the field was taken and we couldn't play Softball.

English extra lessons after school, going through O Level 2004 paper which I feel was done rather horribly, 31/50? =X

Wan Ting says I look like a freelance writer who drinks in the future. Blee. Can you imagine me as an alcoholic? Haha, and freelance writing is a scary job cause you never know when you're going to run out of ideas.

Woke up super early at 6am on Friday because of the PSL Investiture. Met Hao Xiang outside Cheers, then went to our classes to put our bags, then went to Canteen to wait. Friday was also Founder's day for Scouts and Guides? =)

Hao Xiang and me created a re-mixed version of Little Green Frog with Beat-Boxing. Haha very stupid.

Went downstairs after the Investiture for Photo-taking. Was like hinting around at Hao Xiang and Malvina and running behind Chee Sheng whenever Malvina wanted to beat me. "老鹰抓小鸡!" Haha.

Hao Xiang carried my suddenly when taking an informal group photo. Unfortunately I can't carry him for obvious reasons. ;)

Social Studies test immediately after the photo-taking. Structured Essay Question. Bleh. But it was kind of easy cause we were given half-an-hour beforehand to read the textbook and memorise. I used examples not from the textbook though, like the Patriot Act. Don't know if I well get marked down or up though.

LCE presentation for LCE. Was quite okay la, considering the fact that we started working on the project the day before and completed it in a day.

NPCC after school on Friday. Sec 3 squad had 5 people. Cause NPAP people went for training. Squad was very sian during drills for some reason. Like everyone super tired and want to fall asleep. 3BX for PT in hall. Then went home almost immediately after NPCC cause I felt like dropping dead already.

Went home and slept from 9pm-5am. The rest shall be in another post. =)

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Singapore Youth Olympics 2010.

Haha. Okay so Singapore won the bid to host the 1st Youth Olympics in 2010 today. Yay! Historical moment and all. Although it's scary to think that in 2 years time I'll either be in JC or Poly already. And I haven't exactly thought about where I want to go. =/

Anyways, the Official Website for Sg youth olympics is here, for those who have time to kill. =)

Okay, the past few days have been hectic. And it'll only get worse from here onwards, so I'll most likely not be blogging much. =(

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

How To Read My Blog Using RSS.

Okay, I realised most don't know anything about Atom or Xml feeds. So I shall let you guys in on this secret by showing you how to add my blog. Heh.

Anyways, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Cause it's really simple mah. -.- Go wiki if you want to know more. Basically it's like a way of finding out if someone has updated his or her blog immediately without even visiting that person's blog. Only if that blog chooses to offer RSS though, which many blogger users don't cause they want people to waste time visiting their blogs. Haha.

This is more for IE7 or Firefox users. IE6 doesn't natively support RSS, so I'm not going to bother.

Start by looking for this RSS icon.
If a site doesn't have an RSS icon anywhere, it probably doesn't offer RSS. The icon was first used in Mozilla Firefox by the way. =P

You can choose to read that boring text IE7 provides, or just click on Subscribe to this feed la.
You can specify where you want to put the feed in, it works somewhat like a "favourite" or "bookmark". Click subscribe when you're done.
Yay. Now click view my feeds.

Okay, that's it. The rest you go figure out yourself. You can, of course, add more feeds following those 4 steps. Almost every popular site now offers RSS feeds from CNN to BBC to CNA. All blogging services also offer RSS feeds too.

For Firefox people, it's almost the same thing, just that the RSS icon can also appear in the address bar. But if you use Firefox you should be pro enough to figure it out right?

You should get something like this in Firefox. Which looks so much better than IE right? =P

For me, I stack up all my RSS feeds into the bookmarks toolbar. This leads to about 40 minutes of surfing the web reading news, blogs and just stupid stuff from RSS feeds.

Yup okay, go show off how technologically advanced and computer savvy you are now. =D

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Decomposition. Chapter One.

Haha okay wrote this short story some time ago, but only finished it today. It's quite short, only about 2000+ words long. Read it if you want and comment on any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors or factual misrepresentations or whatever. I won't be posting the whole story at once though. =)

Michael Summers was just your normal average 13-year old boy. He had a mother, father and a sister. He lived just 15 minutes away from his school and scored pretty okay grades, usually straight Bs but an occasional A or C popped up from time to time. The former getting him a reward and the latter getting him grounded.

The interesting thing about Michael, if there was anything interesting about him, was that he was a pretty good soccer player. Cage soccer, to be exact. Having played about everyday with his friends since he started primary school, he had progressed to the point where he was a formidable opponent when in the cage.

Michael found soccer a great way to relieve stress and anger. He usually played with his friends after school, running around in that rectangular box made of steel wires and concrete. Sometimes they played on weekends too. For his thirteenth birthday his parents had given him a Nike soccer ball with a note that read: Happy Birthday Mike! Chase your Dream! That was one great thing about Michael’s parents; as long as his grades were passable and his conduct good, they allowed him to play soccer whenever he wanted. They allowed him to chase his dream. This naturally, turned out to be a mistake Michael would live to regret.

It all started on one hot Saturday.

“Michael, have you done your homework?” his mother, Claire Summers, asked.

“Yes Mum, can I go out now?” Michael asked, the trace of impatience in his distinct and unmistakable.

“Well, I was thinking maybe you could help me with grocery shopping today,” Claire replied, ignoring that growing impatience she sensed in her son.

“But you said I could play if I did my homework!” Michael shouted indignantly.

“I know perfectly well what I said, and don’t you raise your voice against me like that young man!” Claire snapped back. She knew that her son would soon become an angry, oppressive teenager and after hearing the horror stories from other mothers, she wasn’t sure if she looked forward to that change.

“A promise's a promise. Or are promises made to be broken?” Michael questioned, deliberately trying to act innocent just to irritate his mother. He knew it was wrong to treat her like that, but he wasn’t prepared to give in without a fight.

What he did not expect however, was his mother to reply in a calm, resigned voice.

“Okay, if soccer is what you want, you may go.”

These words would haunt him for a very long time.


Okay went to school on Monday. Monday was Elaine's birthday so Happy Belated Birthday! School was normal la, Maths first thing in the morning followed by Chinese. =/

Got punished during Geography cause a few of us were late. =\ I did break-dancing as punishment. ;)

Went down after school to celebrate Elaine's 16th Birthday. Haha. The candles were a self reigniting, extremely difficult to blow out type. Played around with the cake a bit and got plastered with cream stuff. So one side of my face smelled like cream until I finally bathed when I reached home.

Went for CEC/PSL/House Captain Investiture Rehearsal after that. Haha, weird la, why invest PSLs now when there's nothing much left for us to do anyways?

But anyways, joked around with the few people sitting around me and endured false rumors about my association with someone of the opposite sex. -.- Poked Arivn and got slapped in the chest in return too.

Haha, after the rehearsal went to Plaza Sing to catch a movie. Watched Jumper at Cathay. I almost fell asleep during the movie la. But I wanted to see how the plot ended so I struggled to stay awake. Horrible half-awake half-asleep feeling la. Felt like I was in a maths lesson or something. Heehee.

Movie was okay la, concept is good but poorly-executed in my opinion. The "jumping" parts get kind of repetitive after a while, and there's no theory behind the jumping at all. Unless you count something about paladins and witch burning which is a totally stupid way of trying to piece together history.

Went home after that. Walked from the MRT to Denise's house because the bus/lrt took a long time to come and we got tired of waiting. Haha, I think it's such a huge waste of time and energy for me, but at least got learn some things. ;)

Reached home at around 8pm. Slept exactly at midnight. =(

Went to school on Tuesday. =D Some people were finding me cause they wanted to ask me to join an inter-school Halo 3 competition. Gasp. Like, I haven't played Halo 3 since going to Wen Jie's house last year. And that was the first time I ever touched Halo 3. =X

Had to write an essay for Chinese. =X 1 and a 1/2 hours of my life wasted writing a story about seeing a fictitious classmate cheating and deciding not to report to the teacher cause it would ruin his life.

Bleh. Watched a video during History also. Video was about the Cold War. This time I really felt like sleeping, but the seats in the AVA room are super uncomfortable! Like I can't lean back at all cause I'm too tall man! So I ended up staying awake and listening to every single aspect of the video. But some parts the teacher said were factually wrong. Like Osama was not a leader of the Taliban during the cold war, he only became a leader until much later.

Rest of lessons were boring la, nothing interesting happened.

Chinese lessons were after school, so on top of doing an essay we had to do a O lvl paper 2 too. Gah. =(

Went to Hougang Mall to search for a present after school. Didn't find so we went to Plaza Sing. =X Bought the present, then spent quite some time making it at Plaza Sing's food court with Stephen and Denise.
Haha. I'm being purposefully mysterious. ;)

Sunday, 17 February 2008


Training was on Saturday. Woke up at 7am with that horrible feeling going back to sleep feeling again. =X Cause I slept at around midnight the night before (again =/).

Saturday's training was exactly 6 months and 1 day from the 1st training we had. Since August 15th 2007. O.o Kind of puts things in perspective when you realise we've been training for 6 months already. And the competition is in 5 days.

Trained from 8am to 1pm, by the end I was like going to sleep at any moment.

Went for lunch with Wei Kit alone cause the rest all got things on la. But Hao Xiang, Hao Yi and some other guy whose name I don't know joined us for lunch.

Walked home after that cause I felt like walking home. Yar I think I'm crazy or something la, walking that 5 or 6 km walk cause I feel like it. But I didn't feel tired after lunch. Heh.

Went home, and I no longer felt like sleeping immediately. Maybe cause I was so excited at the prospect of no longer having anything to do for the weekend or whatever. Cause the past 3 days or so were filled with consecutively occurring events.

So I went to use the computer. Can't remember what I did though. =X

Went out at night for dinner. Went to Sentosa. Haha. That's like the 3rd time I went to Sentosa for this year already. =/ Went to see this flower thing, super crowded with lots of tourists. Then went back to Vivo for dinner. Decided to watch Ah Long Pte Limited at 9.20pm. Yay. Best thing about watching movies with your family is that you don't have to pay for anything! =D

Ah Long Pte Limited was funny la. Some parts were extremely stupid, haha. Movie ended at around 11.30pm, caught one of the last few trains back home. And that was the end of my Saturday. =) Of course, I went home feeling dead tired la.

Inter UG Games Day.

Okay Friday was actually Total Defence Day, so there was this performance by a drama group for Assembly. Haha, some parts of their skit actually resembled the skit we did during POP last year; Troubles of an NCO. =D

We didn't get to eat any war-time food during recess, and our teacher largely ignored the Total Defence message and went on teaching. =X

Lessons were all pretty boring. We were briefed on how to do our Geography project, where we are supposed to create a blog and blog about the IMF, World Bank, or Asian Development Bank. And we were also briefed on how to do our LCE project, where we are supposed to create a powerpoint presentation on what courses are available at tertiary level.

Then was inter Uniformed Group games day. We lost to NCC in Soccer in the first round, but won SJAB for 3rd place. For badminton Stephen trashed us la. =X But we won for Captain's ball because of the numerous competitions we went to last year. =)

There were quite a bit of complications involving the games day, because some uniformed groups were girls only and some were guys only. =/

And some guy from St John tripped me during soccer resulting in grazed knees. Not very pain or bloody, but it feels like a paper cut. Gah.

Okay so the games ended at around 5+, but we still had PT time where we played tug-of-war. =X My group didn't win la. Haha.

NPCC ended at around 6pm, we were briefed on the upcoming Sec 1 leisure camp. =\

Then went for dinner at LJS with Hao Xiang, Chee Sheng, Eugene, Wei Kit, Nigel, Yi Hong, Joshua, Wei Ting, Woei Jiun and Elaine. Left early cause I didn't want to be late for cell group.

Took bus 74 and slept on and off during the bus ride.

I was late for cell group. =X Reached at around 8.20pm, so worship was over already.

Anyways, it was Friendship Friday. Haha, we were supposed to chose a song from a basket of cards and then choreograph a dance based on that song. The catch was the songs were like Barney, or Power Rangers, or Teen Titans, or HI5. My cell combined with Yu Rong's cause Sarah had to go home early, and we got Powerpuff girls. Bleh.

Haha, quite stupid and lame and whatever la. We sort of spent the entire 3 minutes of the song either running around or doing this open your eyes thing. Winner went to Aaron's group for their High School Musical dance. =D

Then was food. There was bread with scrambled eggs, tuna crackers and bread with Nutella. ella. ella. a. a.

Credit goes to my sister for thinking of something as cold as that. =P

Took 136 home. Didn't sleep once at all on the bus for some weird reason.

Valentines Day.

Yay lots to blog about. Anyways, I think the above graphic would be better if I put some cheesy romantic message inside. Haha. But I think I already feel super girly by creating that. XD

Went to school feeling super restless yet tired. My hypothesis at the end of the earlier post failed cause I went to sleep at 12.30am. =(

Haha, thanks to everyone who gave me presents! Although I didn't get you guys anything. =X

Had to write a letter during an arduous 1 and a 1/2 hours of Chinese. Then we had a surprise History structured essay question. Mr Maran was like: "You guys don't know you have a History test today?" But thankfully it was open book, because I totally did not remember why Japan adopted an aggressive policy towards Chinese between 1931 to 1945. =/

Got back our Chemistry test results. I think I actually did reasonably well even though I did not study. Actually, I didn't even know there was a test until the day itself. Blee.

We also got a Valentines day present from our English teacher. Haha, a 555 notebook. Like how many teachers do you know give away presents? =D

Went for a rushed lunch at the canteen, then went up to the hall to practice for the Valentines day performance. That was the first time we actually rehearsed together as a band.

Then went for maths extra lessons. Bleah. We went to the library again cause the classroom we were supposed to use was locked. I was feeling super nervous and restless la. Maybe it's cause I have never touched the guitar I'm using before, or because I'm performing a song I've never rehearsed before, or because of some other weird reason la. All I know is that I'm usually less nervous when playing for youth cell, or even playing at Gracehaven. Probably cause we have an hour of practice beforehand.

Anyways, went to parade square to meet the other members of the band, waited for a while at the Space and then played.

Aeternum Vale is my band name. =) At least we managed a somewhat decent performance in spite of so many problems. Haha. I won't describe the problems faced here cause that would make me sound like a childish guy making up excuses for playing badly. Ah wells, at least we survived man! And I realised I can't play when something is out of tune cause it sounds so horrible to me. Thanks to Emmanuel for lending me his electric guitar, and thanks to Lenson, Chee Hock, Jude, and Yi Peng also la. =D

Finished everything with a slight sore throat and back pain. =X I dunno where the pain in my back came from, but I guess the sore throat was from lack of water or singing horridly or whatever.

Took 119 to Compass Point where I finally got acoustic guitar strings. Cause my string snapped when I was tuning it 3 days ago. =X

Went home, spent about an hour just re-stringing and tuning, and slept. And for the first time in days, I slept at 11.30pm! Yea!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Valentines Day Eve.

Okay haven't updated on the past week since Sunday either, so I'll do it now.

Monday-School, then practice at Lenson's house.
Tuesday-School, Chinese extra lessons, then practice at Lenson's house.
Today-School, Social Studies extra lessons, Physics extra lessons, campcraft training.

I think it's like, increasing exponentially or something. =/

Anyways, practiced playing at Lenson's house for the Valentines day concert in school. Which is tomorrow. Haha, saw his Kawai piano made of ivory keys with a soft fall system. Cool man!

Extra lessons after school were spent with some horribly sweet dark chocolate from Lenson. (heh)

Spending the past few days catching up on homework too. Which is like this humongous gigantic pile which grows relentlessly. Just imagine some huge monster made out of books. GAAA. And I stupidly did the 2005 O level paper in the 10 years series for English when we were actually supposed to do 2004. =(

And I bathed Snowie yesterday, chased him around for quite some time, worse than shuttle run cause the thing you're supposed to pick up is scampering everywhere and hiding in corners and underneath chairs and tables.

Oh yes, I realised that I can't sleep at night. In fact, I haven't slept at night for about 2 weeks already. Like, I always end up sleeping at midnight, or 1am, or 2am, or 3am no matter how tired I am. Like, I tried to go to sleep yesterday at 11pm but only fell asleep at around 2am larr. Wasted 3 hours of my life tossing and turning. =( And any attempt to try and go to sleep earlier always fails cause of some random reason. Maybe my body clock is fixed on sleeping in the morning already. But I shall test this hypothesis tonight when I go to sleep early! =D

Except 10:55pm isn't exactly early lar. =(

Monday, 11 February 2008

First 4 Days Of CNY.

Okay I shall attempt to breeze through everything so I won't get bored. =D

Erm woke up at the amazingly early time of 10am on the First day. Haha =X Went to Vivo for lunch, then walked around the area with my family trying to find some way to get into Sentosa. Like, it was super crowded, super long queues at the bus interchange, the Sentosa Express and the Cable-Car station. So we gave up and took a bus to East Coast.

Haha, we walked like 4km from the bus stop at East Coast road to the beach. And it was super crowded too. Blee. Lots of people camping there. Stayed there for a while, then decided to take a bus to The Esplanade.

Esplanade/Marina Bay area was super crowded too. Walked around for awhile, ate dinner there, watched the fireworks at 9:30pm (Fireworks again...Yawn), then walked to Clarke Quay and took a train back home.

Second day was spent visiting relatives. =) Received about $100 in ang baos. Yes, Minghui is a very poor guy. =(

Went cycling at Pasir Ris Park on the 3rd day. Lots of people camping there too. Haha. Oh yes, re-stringed my guitar too cause the old strings all cannot make it already.

Went Church on the 4th day. Then went to Plaza Sing to buy a new guitar tuner cause the old one suddenly refused to turn on one fine day.

Yea, that's pretty much a short summary of what happened. Blee, I would have blogged longer, but I think there's too many things to do already la. =/

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Lunar New Year.

Haha okay my blog's been pretty inactive for about 5 days already.

Didn't really update cause my life is pretty boring and repetitive lately. Like it's either campcraft trainings, or school, or some other thing that's slowly eating away my life. It sounds horrible when you put it that way right? =D

Anyways, nothing interesting really happened during school hours either, I think blogging about whatever lessons that happened gets boring after a while.

But we got to use computers and surf the net during History! Haha. Like whilst the others taking elective Geography were having a test, we were in the computer lab watching You Tube. =D Played Boxhead 2 Play with Joshua too, and we were like: "Why you go shoot the barrel?!" "Faster chiong! 100kills already!"

Haha, we went to the computer lab for Geography too. We were supposed to research on the various strategies a country of our choice has adopted for development. But we kind of got sidetracked and started googling ourselves and names of other people on =/

Like, check out what's the first result when you google minghui man! I'm so awesomely popular! Then I scrolled down and looked through the results, and clicked on this url. Then the people around me started clicking and claimed that was my blog and all that stuff. =\ Haha, I feel like a stalker looking through some stranger's blog. =O

Oh yes, Darren started telling me that he clicked on the url of my ex-classmate and tagged some stupid love confession under my name. I believed him cause I'm such a trusting person (Hee) and then he later told me the link was broken. -.-

No extra lessons this week cause of some reason that we don't really want to know right? Haha.

I went home super early on Monday with the intention of taking a nap, but in the end I watched Letters From Iwo Jima instead. It's a very nice film even though it was 2 and 1/2 hours long and I didn't take a nap after that.

It's about the battle between America and Japan on the island of Iwo Jima, and the war scenes are kind of graphic and bloody. Lots of people committing suicide by blowing themselves apart, people getting burned alive by flamethrowers, prisoners getting shot just because they're captors are tired of watching them, those kind of things. In the end you are kind of left with that O.O look and that realisation that in a war, no one really wins.

Now I want to go watch Flags Of Our Fathers. Although it's kind of like, a 2 year old film. =(

Went to Pizza Hut at Kovan for a farewell party for Wilbur on Tuesday. He's going to Dubai? Gosh, that's like the next upcoming city with the world's tallest building being built and the $2 million man-made islands and all.

Hao Xiang and me were like eating cheese with pasta. =)

Played Basketball at Kovan CC after that where we got trashed by 3 girls when playing a match then went home.

Went out for dinner at Jalan Kayu, ate at Mad Jack's which is kind of like Botak Jones but Australian?

Went grocery shopping at Festive Market near my Primary school. =D Who goes grocery shopping at 10pm in the night with school the next day? Me. Haha. The supermarket was extremely crowded and was open until 2am. The queues stretched all the way to the aisles, and my sister and I spent some time looking and joking about random stuff whilst queuing. Like how we could open bottles of cleaning liquids which were right next to us and no one would notice. That was when I picked up this Fabric Softener and realised some wise guy spilled some of it's softening stuff onto the side of the bottle. So my hand smelled like some soap thing for the rest of the night.

Reached home at around Midnight, went to sleep at around 2am. =/

I woke up at 7am the next day, but my parent's said I didn't have to go school so I went back to sleep. Haha. =P

Had steamboat for lunch/dinner at home. Then lazed around reading, and went out at around 11pm down to Chinatown to watch the countdown.

Blee. The place was super crowded as usual. Saw some people which I recognised but didn't remember their names. So that means I either have a poor memory or have very few friends. =(

Countdown was okay la, firecrackers were deafening, a tree nearby caught fire because some unexploded firecrackers dropped or something. =D

Walked around for about 2 hours jostling with everyone, then took a train home.

Okay now for random stuff! My younger sister came back from her P5 camp. Haha she went to the exact same campsite that the Sec 2's went for their camp. And she did almost the exact same things except the station games and rafting. Blee, even the caterers were the same people, and the food was more or less the same too. Weird coincidence. =D Although she has like millions of mosquito bites everywhere and I didn't even get a single bite that I know of when I went for the Sec 2 camp.

Snowie got a haircut. Now he looks like a wolf with a sharp nose. Haha and he's no longer blinded by his fringe.

Okay, it's 4:22am in the morning already. So I guess I should go sleep. =D Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.

Friday, 1 February 2008

The Swiss Army Knife.

Okay I've neglected this really stupid and lame incident that happened last Tuesday. And since it is my duty to blog about such stupid and lame things, I shall describe it here. =D

Okay Lenson bought this Swiss Army Knife from Europe and brought it to school. The Swiss Army Knife has extremely sharp blades, probably sharper than anything I've touched in my life. Like one 'swish' and it can cut through paper? =O

Then I asked Lenson to lend it to me first, which he did with a word of advice to be careful cause the knife was sharp. Haha, me being the lame one pretended to get cut by the knife and do all sorts of stupid things with it. But my short attention span soon busied itself with other things and I passed the knife back to Lenson.

Then Jude also wanted to see the knife, so Lenson lent it to him with a word of advice to be careful cause the knife was sharp.

10 MINUTES LATER, Jude cut himself on the thumb and Ivan, Lenson, Jun Han and me started laughing cause it was so ironic.

Then Lenson took a red pen and drew this fake cut line on his thumb, then pretended that he really did cut himself. XD

And I believed him and gave him tissue paper. =X

Haha, I think we should all learn from the moral of the story, which is, don't give your friends tissue paper unless they ask you for it. Yea! =D