Thursday, 21 September 2006

21st September 2006

I should be stressing out right now.

Today started with me waking up late. Woke up at 6.45. Rushed to school, reached around 7.20? Blehs

Miss Chew didn't come for English lesson today. We had this super strict unreasonable teacher who came in and told us all to keep quiet, not to move around, even before she introduced herself and we greeted her. BLEHS

Then was PE where I played basketball with the boys again. I think soccer's more fun. =) Ehs, Chee hock played half court with Yun Kai 1 on 1 for Chuan Hui and Chee hock lost. =S

Then we got back Geography results for our informal assesments. We only got 36?!?!? Probably cause we used Singlish quite a bit in our script and the sound wasn't working. Got back Geography test results too, I got only 20?!?! Good enough for me lar, but it was fun to go try and argue with Mr Ong for marks.

Chinese was on formal letter writing, and oral topics. Composition to be handed in tomorrow. BLEHS

Music test for music, and Mrs Tay wanted to start from the back. I screwed up quite a bit, but I'd rather not say why. Hahas, got A anyways. Yun Kai got B, but he's gonna redo it. Yea Go Yun Kai!

Stayed back after school for maths remedial. Wee I think I can pass now, finally understand mensuration or pythagoras theorem and all that. Quite easy come to think of it, much easier than C or VisualBasic.

Like: It's just a simple x = a2+b2.
Better than this.

I think I only understand like...4 languages out of the ones listed. So I shouldn't complain huh?

Went to cage where the boys were playing soccer again. I think the boys have like...unsurpassable strength. Like, they played basketball earlier this morning and they still have energy to play soccer, I had energy only for like, 30minutes? After that very nua liao I became tired and lazy.

Heh, I finally remembered how to embed code into websites. Using the code tag. Blehs.

How to crash internet explorer.
Click on this link. (Don't have anything important lah.)

Nothing happens on firefox, opera, safari, camino, gnome, or any other browsers.

Haha, it's simple really, just this line of javascript code:
for (x in document.write) { document.write(x);}
In between two script tags, and you can crash any unsuspecting user who enters your website.

I should add it to my blog and make ie users angry. =P

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