Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pinhole Photography.

School has finally ended last week, so I don't have any official reason not to blog anymore. Haha. So here I am! Shall probably attempt to update more regularly, and since I only have (a horridly inadequate) 3 weeks more of holidays left, let's hope I continue to update something when school starts again. :)

Anyways, these photos were taken with pinhole cameras as part of a module. Pinhole cameras are actually just boxes with a pinhole (shocking right) in them, and a piece of light-sensitive paper affixed to the back. The boxes we used were mostly metal tins and stuff like that.
Yu Hao and Alicia with the pinhole cameras. :)

 The photos were all shot sometime around the end of December to the start of the new year, which was technically our term break. I still remember going back to school on new year's eve, because for some reason all the pictures I 'tried' to take didn't come out. :( I must have wasted about 50 odd pieces of light-sensitive paper.

Okay wordy post to come. :)

Friday, 4 March 2011

Today was a good day.
I liked today. :)