Tuesday, 31 October 2006

C4d Course Day 2.

Best thing that happened today: My camera's working again!!Tried it just now, and it could turn on!! Weee, although time settings were reset, but the photo's weren't deleted or corrupted. =)
Most ... thing that happened today: Npcc ended around the same time as Cinema 4d. Why didn't they end late like yesterday so I could go? Didn't go yesterday cause I had to go borrow Lenson's c4d.

Weirdest thing that happened today:Haha, playing around with Benzier splines...BEAT THAT ALVIN!! =D

What I learned today: The colder the temperature in the room, the slower I type.
Ok I learned Benzier splines, extrude inner, and how to model a whole bunch of stuff.Haha, most of the stuff in one render. See? I didn't slack around all day ok?

Decided to go geography? Although I have a good chance of getting into double, I'd rather study something less stressful. =) And like Sandy said, I shouldn't let others influence my decision. ;)


HEEHEEHEE. It's scary...

Monday, 30 October 2006

Addicted to:

That weird eyebrow emote Sandy sent me.
The smiley's eyebrows move up and down repeatedly. Heehee.

Daddy Dj. Which Keane sent me.

Tried out Dota which Lenson sent to me? BUT I'M NOT ADDICTED TO DOTA. =P I don't think it's that addictive...

Prison break. Started watching it a few weeks back? It's interesting but kinda boring with they way they try to create suspense after awhile. Lost 3 should be much better. =)

Goong. I saw this Malay girl with a Goong Vcd??? o.O Scary lar...It can't be that nice...

Coffee? Can't really tell, but I did drink 2 cans to keep me awake today...

I think more than half of the stuff I'm addicted to was sent to me by someone? Hmmmmm.

Cinema 4d.

Haha. I'm blogging in the computer lab. But only because I already finished what I'm supposed to do.

The course is interesting? Much less people than most other courses I attended. Learned quite a lot on extruding and HyperNurbs and all that other chim stuff.

The best part is that they pass you notes so if u can work fast like me =) then you're free to do other things. Or if you can't understand something then you could listen to the lecturer. Although I didn't really pay attention to the lecturer but learned on my own? I'd rather experiment and learn at my pace then follow step by step instructions.

Was trying to fix the problem with the class movie throughout the day. And it still doesn't work. I distinctively remember seeing the video appear on youtube lar...but now it's gone...haiz...

Haha, anyways, learned how to render quite a lot of objects.
Like a bench. =)
Or flower. =P

Should go see Lenson's one though. He added all custom textures and lightings lar.


Went out with my family to Vivo City today.

Haha, actually we wanted to go catch Sinking of Japan. But decided not to cause of the huge crowds and because my younger sister might be scared.

Then we wanted to go eat at Swensens, but decided not to because of the long queqe. Haiz...ate at breeks instead. Haven't eaten at Breeks in a long time? Last time I remember it was with this Australian family from somewhere? Was quite nice though.

Walked around Vivo City...then we decided to go Sentosa. =) Haven't been to Sentosa in a long time. We walked to the bridge cause we thought could cross over by walking. But the walkway was closed for renovation? Blarhs, walked all the way back to the bus interchange and took a bus there.

Sentosa looks really different from last time now. The monorail's gone, new lrt, new carparks, almost everything is changed except the Visitor Arrival Centre? Went to Palawan beach to walk around, there's this new wading pool thing that's really more for kids. But we went to play anyways.

Camera dropped into the pool. =/ Doesn't work anymore...maybe I should try using a hairdryer? Yar, took lots of photos, but until I get a card reader...

Got super wet because both of my sister's were teaming against me. Blarh then as we were walking to the musical fountain my sis splashed water all over me cause she "thought" i was going to splash her. HMPH i think i swallowed some of that water lar...

Started raining as we went to the musical fountain. The show itself was quite ok. I didn't know they had pyrotechnics, now all they need is fireworks. =)

Yar, I should be sleeping right now? Can't sleep cause I realised there's stuff not done yet. =S I have a feeling I'm going to sleep during the course tomorrow? I already feel like sleeping now...

Sunday, 29 October 2006

Switchfoot-Meant To Live.

Jian hui's favourite. =P I'm beginning to hear more Switchfoot songs? Their songs are interesting cause they seem to have 2 meanings?

and both meanings would relate best to my life now.

Saturday, 28 October 2006

Holiday? What holiday?

1st day of holidays yesterday? Yea! And how did I celebrate this wonderful glorious occasion?

I went to school.

For Npcc.

Haha, no la, it wasn't that bad. Cause Chee Sheng told me I didn't have to bring full u last night.

Campcraft competition this Saturday. One week to train? =/ Try pitching a tent and flagstaff in under 11minutes.

Everything's clashing together?

And campcraft training is this Monday, which is also the date for Cinema 4d and Maths remedial.

And I might have to miss all three Np trainings cause they are all on Fridays just like C4d?
Can forget about 2nd Class badge this nrc then...

Campcraft training was really fun though. Probably cause you don't have to stand still like when doing drills? It's like the complete opposite. No moving in squad, but must do something in campcraft. Eye-power.

Planned to go eat lunch with Hao Xiang. But then we met the girls along the way and went to eat with them instead.

On the way we saw two ladies quarrelling? One was going:"You Prostitute!" Then the other:"How dare you call me a prostitute! I'm going to slap you!". We just watched without doing anything. =S

Hao Xiang is a Goong Freak!!! EEE He even has Goong as his wallpaper on his mobile phone? Complete with Goong soundtrack and Goong pictures?!?! Eeeyer. But I sent the images to my phone cause I can use it to bribe my sis pass it to my sister who would want it. =)

Sat around at the food court talking for a loong time.

Reached home at around 3.30.

Dinner with Clarissa and Sister. Planned to go Popular to buy a cd. But J8's Popular has no cd rama? Grrr. GRRR.

Worship was just an electric guitar and backup singers. It's a nice change from the usual band setup?

Message was on Salvation in three tenses? Super long though. But it does drive the point home that Salvation is past, present and future. Haha, bet u guys don't know what I'm talking about.

No cell because of A lvls. Everyone was asking if the person I was talking on the phone with was my girlfriend? Eee Alvin's not my girlfriend lar...lol.

Sister's cell ended at 11? haha, this time Bishan park was super forbidding. Full of weird sounds. Like frogs croaking, and the sudden rush of water? And we walked the long way. Haha...drank coffee on the way to the bus stop. Took the last bus home? I didn't know the last bus was 11.38...why so early??

O yes, Chuan hui sounds like Kenny.

Friday, 27 October 2006

Nobody's Online.

Two meanings. =) But no one's online at 7.50am...

Super tired though. Dragged myself out of bed. Alarm didn't wake me up. But thankfully my father did.

2cups of coffee later, and I'm no longer that tired. Worried though, I think I forgot how to pitch a tent already? And all the knots and hitches...was it a bowline on the outer sheet or a manharness?

Thursday, 26 October 2006

Parent Teacher Meeting.

Eeks. Got back my report book. Was really really surprised at some stuff though.

Like, I'm underweight!! AAA I've never been underweight ever...must...go..eat...more...

I got 100% attendance in Npcc this year? 0.O

17 CIP hours. Yea, thanks to Glory centre marshalling duty where we did 6 hours.

Rushed to school for the rehearsal thing. Was up the whole night doing the movie with Alvin. Therefore I woke up late. =/ The presentation itself was ok? Haha, too fast for me to register being nervous on stage or something. But the picture of me looks weird. =
Showed the movie thing to our class. Aiming to touch up and upload to youtube by this Saturday?

School ended at 10. Went to cage, like the last time we'll ever play as a class? Quite ok lar, but the caffine from tea soon wore off and I was super tired again. Yi Lun's ball was punctured? =S

Went back to school and waited around for my turn. Felt super tired...but then again, lethargy was not the main reason...

Hees, looks like I only have to go for campcraft training at 9am tomorrow instead of dry shoot at 12.30. =) That means only track pants and pe shirt instead of full uniform.

I could come up with some wonderful rebuttal to fight back against Glynis's friend. That's easy, but I did made a pact and like I said, I will not fight back. =) Nice job on that Cyber bullying part though, although I don't see how Miss Chew was involved, nor do I see the need to insult teachers.
The strongest man walks away.

Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Second Last Day Of School.

Bleh, second last day of short pants. Haha.

Lessons were just sitting around talking with classmates? Fire drill was...kinda late. Cause it's already the second last day of school so not much point unless a fire happens tomorrow? Because next year there'll be new sec1s which won't know anything about fire drills, and we'll all be in different classes?

Dawn and Charmaine told me to go to the hall cause I topped the level for English? But then no counsellor came to our class and told me to go? I went to the hall to double check anyways. Wayne said it was a Zeng Minghui from 2 Humility. There's a Zeng Minghui from 2Humility? 0.O

Blarhs, received an sms asking me to go to school tomorrow at 7. But didn't Keane tie with me? =S

Yar, I skipped npcc today. Completely forgot about the last graduation section. Which means I'm working now as I'm blogging. (See? I can multitask =P)

Blehs, I don't think I can complete everything in time.

Hillsong-One Way.

School Mass had this song. Everyone didn't seem enthusiastic though, maybe it's cause the mass was early in the morning. There were lots of akward pauses with the song leaders discussing what to do. And they didn't do the part after the bridge with the drum kick.

Yar, I'm pessimistic.

Monday, 23 October 2006

Xbox 360 or Wii or Ps3

Erhs, Wee Jin brought an Xbox 360 off Ebay for $300?!?!

And then Wen Jie says he's determined to get an Xbox 360?

Blarh, I'll be the only one left with an Xbox...

Went to compass today to find an adapter for my headphone cause YunkaiI lost mine. -.-

Headphone adapter cost $5.20...didn't buy cause it'd mean saving up for the rest of the week. =( Means I'll be stuck with pocketpc songs until I can save up enough to buy the adapter

Finally almost done with work. Just a few more touch ups...

Added flickr to my blog. Yea, finally tried flickr. Quite easy to use...but I still think google's better.

Bleh, Pre NRC training this wednesday. Jun Xian says he's not going cause of some 3d animation thing? I forgot to check if he's talking about the Cinema4d one. Gasp, calender shows 25th October as C4d course too? So it's either npcc or C4d...

Gonna try to take a nap...

Sunday, 22 October 2006

Death Note...

Sounds like a horror movie but actually isn't? Kenny was scared though...

Movie was interesting cause it captures life perfectly. No one is always right, no one is always wrong. The main character, Light, started off like Robin hood or spiderman, hunted by the law and all. But in the end, Light gets sucked into killing police officers and Fbi agents, and becomes "bad". And the way he does kills is...interesting. The author must have spent a long time figuring out the storyboard.

Internet Explorer 7.

Is out. Hence I changed my blog to the original skin it was intended to be.

Go download it if you hate firefox that badly.

My opinion? Firefox is still much better, the only good thing about ie is that it has tabs and supports code better, what about themes and extensions? I'd rather have the ability to change anything I want without fear of lawsuits...

Saturday, 21 October 2006

Psalm 6

O LORD, do not rebuke me in your anger
or discipline me in your wrath.

Be merciful to me, LORD, for I am faint;
O LORD, heal me, for my bones are in agony.

My soul is in anguish.
How long, O LORD, how long?

Turn, O LORD, and deliver me;
save me because of your unfailing love.

No one remembers you when he is dead.
Who praises you from the grave?

I am worn out from groaning;
all night long I flood my bed with weeping
and drench my couch with tears.

My eyes grow weak with sorrow;
they fail because of all my foes.

Away from me, all you who do evil,
for the LORD has heard my weeping.

The LORD has heard my cry for mercy;
the LORD accepts my prayer.

All my enemies will be ashamed and dismayed;
they will turn back in sudden disgrace.

Psalms is a great book to read when ur feeling down.

Thursday, 19 October 2006


Mum made a new cheesecake. But for some reason it tastes different. Negatively.

Why is it that I force myself to listen to others? Grrr, I can barely control anger anymore. Maybe it's cause I'm tired, grumpy? Sleepy? Maybe it's cause I usually multitask when using the computer, so I can have firefox, work, music, and msn open at any given time?

I don't really know why I bother to go listen to what others have to say, why do I bother to try and solve someone else's problem, when I can't even solve my own.

If it's habitual, it's a bad habit.

Compromise. That is really the only word that fits everyone's problems.

  1. It's because we don't compromise that we didn't invite someone to go watch a movie tomorrow. We can't accept his faults, yet we dont want to tell him to change? His attitude problem, or ours?
  2. Because Keane and Kenny can't compromise, can't accept each others faults, that they fight, and in the end, the friendship is gone.
  3. It's because we don't compromise and accept the class shirt design whether it's ugly, or lousy, that we fought so much over the design and ended with just making everyone angry.

I was in an ok mood? Until Keane and Kenny came along. Thanks for ruining my day guys! Thanks a lot! Now on top of working/projects I have to cope with feeling sad and depressed all over again.

I shouldn't let this affect me...but I am.

Can't Read You.


Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Snowie Is Cute.

Cute Right?

I decided to stop doing whatever I'm doing and go sleep.


I had to force myself to use the computer today.

5cans of coffee still won't help, maybe I should try black roast something with more caffine. No, I'm not addicted anymore, just trying to stay awake.

Went to Temasek poly yesterday, celebrated birthday after that, couldn't enter arcade, took bus to hougang, went for a haircut, took 136 home. - Best summary ever.

Today was worse, woke up late, rushed to school, almost slept during Chinese cause the video was super boring. Ehs, my class position was 18? But I kinda forgot if I improved or deproved, I think I was 17th last semester? =S

Npcc was torture, at first. Only 4 of us for sec2. =/ Practiced slow marching, then we got scolded. I think I'm physically unfit now, almost felt like fainting during the training, probably cause I haven't exercised in a long time, unless u count soccer.
Campcraft training was quite ok though, not that many scoldings, and we learned how to make a flagstaff and the weird principles of design in a tent. Like, this weird thing about a circle and a line is all i can remember.

Went home, turned on the computer, signed in msn, smsed Ryan to ask him to re-email the thing. Then I realised he was online. Moral of the story:Always check if your friend is online before smsing.

Rushing through work now, doing and editing article with Keane, and making a movie with Alvin.

Blarh, I think I need a break.


I completely forgot about testing my blog in internet explorer. The sidebar doesn't show up at all since it was made with css.

But instead of coding another 50+lines of code just to make it work, and instead of leaving internet explorer users with nothing except blog posts(which I'm very tempted to do), I just removed the css parts. Maybe I'll code it again, or just wait for ie7.

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Happy Birthday To Me.

It seems like such a long time since my last birthday. Haha, I think I even forgot what my birthday present last year was. O wait, now I remember, it was a new n-gage. =)

So I'm officially one year closer to dying.

But hey, I've learned a lot of stuff since last year right? Like how to play the guitar, new drills, more geeky stuff, my perspective on things have changed. Last year I'd probably be running around shouting and playing. This year I don't run as much. =)

Eeks, I feel like a different person!! AAAA!!

But weird enough, whenever I see a video of a band performing, I'd look to see what chords the guitarist is using, pick or no pick...whenever I read a Straits Times article, I'd look at the byline..whenever I see National Day parades, I'd look at what commands they give...

One year is more than enough for someone to change? I feel weird.

Monday, 16 October 2006

New Blogskin.

Early Birthday Present to myself? It's just 2 more hours anyways. =)

Lots of stuff I wanna add, in the future probably, don't really know why I focused on this skin when I was taking breaks from work. Experimented with a lot of new stuff, like css collaspe and expand menus, and animated gifs.

All graphics created in Gimp, u'd still be able to view my blog without images though. Feel free to rip any images from my blog. I'm not that fussed about intellectual property anyways unlike bibi. U could rip the skin if you want, since I based it on a blogger template. =P

Kill Your Brain Cells.

"The following sentence is true. The previous sentence is false."

Haha, interesting cause if what the following sentence says is true then the previous sentence would be false which means the first sentence wouldn't be true that the following sentence is false and the sentence would be true if not false meaning the previous sentence would be false and that the previous sentence would be true.

Ok, the explanation was just to make you even more confused. =P It really is a liars paradox, in maths or something, an ever continuing sentence that really does nothing because it can have no real answer. Link.

O btw, I failed maths, this is more of philosophy than maths anyways. =P

Sunday, 15 October 2006

15th October 2006

Went for Church today. Sermon was on slowing down? Ironic. Maybe I should have rejected some of the things I agreed to. Blarh.

Fellowship meeting after that. Pizza was nice. Esp cause there were sweet pineapples on top. But we discussed alot on upcoming events. Gah, can't help at breakfast corner unless I wake up at 6am on Sunday, can't go for most of the events cause of Cinema 4d course. And there's still regular npcc trainings every friday?

Greatest bit of news: Guitar practise might be changed to Saturdays at 4. Meaning we can practise for around 3hours without any fear of npcc. =)
Worst bit of news: Blarh...nvm.

Took 136 home again after that. Saw Keane at Serangoon? Weird, 136 seems to be connected to almost every aspect of my life, since it passes by Church, old home, school, i get lots of weird stares when I'm going home on a friday though, cause I seem to be the only teenager out so late, in school uniform.

Saturday, 14 October 2006

Losing You-Busted

Losing you.mp3

Sitting here alone thinking it through
Trying to convince myself that I'm not losing you
Or can't you just forget the things I said
I was angry at that time but now I've cleared my head
It was so strong , where did it all go wrong

So tell me why , I'm swimming against the tide
And I'm praying for a lifeline cause I'm losing you
So tell me why you took care enough to try
Are you giving up this fight, I can't stand
Wont stand, losing you

You don't have to say a word its in your eyes
What can I do to convince you we need more time
And I know I may have made a few mistakes
But losing you is just too much for me to take
It was so strong , where did it all go wrong

So tell me why , I'm swimming against the tide
And I'm praying for a lifeline cause I'm losing you
So tell me why you took care enough to try
Are you giving up this fight, I can't stand
Wont stand, losing you

So tell me what to say
Because I need a chance to change
And I wont let you walk away

Chorus: (2x)
So tell me why , I'm swimming against the tide
And I'm praying for a lifeline cause I'm losing you
So tell me why u took care enough to try
Are you giving up this fight, I can't stand
Wont stand, losing you

Wont stand losing you
Wont stand losing you

Speculate away.

To Do List

1. Write Media Club Article
Blehs, I don't think I ever typed that fast in my life. Cell ended at around 10.40? Re-wrote a final draft of the article on the bus home, ran all the way back, turned on computer, checked through article, signed in msn, spammed Charmaine =P, told a whole bunch of people starting conversations with me brb, opened microsoft word, started typing like crazy. And I still missed the deadline by around 12minutes? Blehs, at least better than Charmaine.

2. Work on project
Halfway. Added quite a bit of pictures, just need to touch up/crop some pictures and add fade in fade out parts and edit it all nicely to fit in with the music. Did I say halfway? Blarh, more like 1 quarter.

3. Paint mask for Art
Haven't even thought of a design.

4. Help sister resize her photos for her D&T project.
Bleh, I don't even know why I agreed...

5. Learn Cinema 4d
Lenson asked me to go learn how to model clothes? I'm still stuck at moving and resizing objects.

6. Blogskin
Finished it actually. I think the navbar is weird so, next time.

Wednesday, 11 October 2006

11th October 2006

Woke up for media club meeting today. Woke up like any other school day and walked to school slowly.

Interesting, introduced to a whole bunch of people at the meeting? Although I think I forgot some of their names. =/ Ah wells, have to write an article on media club talks? Must find people to interview. Blarh, I signed up for the 24hours newspaper competition? All sec3s except me!!! And I forgot to ask Miss Chew about the Cinema 4d. =

Ended at 9...didn't want to go home cause I'd fall asleep and crash before I could do anything, so I chased Sandy around asking her to pei me for 3 hours. Blarh, she never lar, went home and sleep. Hmph. Long story short, brought 500ml iced lemon tea and went to Chee Hock's house.

Erhs, Chee hock's house arh? Haha, he was super freaked out by a ghost video I found.
Lazy to embed, but nvm. It's a nice show really. Don't watch if your afraid easily though. Go scare yourself.

Left his house around 12.15 to go meet the rest. Watched Stay Alive with Chee Hock, Alvin, Woei Jiun, Kun Zi, Chuan Hui, Daniel, Chee Sheng, and Nigel.

Personally, I found the movie really really funny. Cause there was this guy next to me who was super scared lar. Then he was shivering during all the "scary" parts, ok yar, nvm. The movie wasn't all scary in my opinion, just full of those BOO! scenes that shock you for....2seconds? Now to go watch the unrated version.
"in the unrated, we actually see his jaws ripped apart, and a wave of blood hit the windshield"
The actual game showcased in the movie looks interesting, looks like house of the dead. =)

Woei Jiun was super scared because her seat was vibrating? Haha. She's Real!!

Went to play arcade with them after the movie. I was wearing school uniform so Chee Sheng lent me his shirt. =S But still, 6player Daytona Ultimate is fun nonetheless. Almost got first if not for Daniel boosting for the last part lar. haha, interestingly, I used to play Daytona USA on my com. Still have the Cd somewhere...Chuan Hui was dam pro in racing la, she won like, all of us? Woa...I bet she plays everyday, haha.

Walked home in the rain after that. It's much better to forget about things for awhile. But still, everything comes crashing back down in the end...

I'm sounding emotional. =S

Music Helps?

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

10th October 2006

Ironic, the day I'd been looking forward to turned out to be a terrible one. =/

Blarh, whatever, work work work.

Monday, 9 October 2006

9th October 2006

One more day of torture!! Weee.

It's almost worth it going through exams just to experience the feeling of exams ending. =)

Today was Art, I barely had time to complete things? I was designing this super detailed drawing of the chili, and I forgot I had to paint it. And it took super long to paint because the chili was small and I had to use a small tip to slowly color. Blarh, rushed through the entire 2and a half hours. And I finished with two fairly decent designs and un-colored preparatory work. =/

Heh, stayed in class to talk about chalet. AAAA it's on 6-8 nov, and we coincidentally have Cinema 4d on the 6th and 7th. EEKS.

Ehs, studying for Home Econs is boring. Like studying for Geography is much better cause you have nice landscape images in the textbook. Or English cause you have nice stories or passages to read. But home econs makes you hungry, especially if you didn't eat. Then you are forced to look at the tempting pictures of food and you get so hungry you stop studying and find something to eat instead. They should ban pictures from Home Economics textbooks unless it's something disgusting like internal intestines....

Chris Martin had to lip synch this song backwards. Interesting right?


Interesting site Spell Man introduced me to today. =)

Haha, only 2 so far. Cause these two are free. =) Maybe I'll pay $49.90 for a html 4.0 test? Best part is that the certs are valid for 3years, so I can include them in a resume or something. =D

Almost failed the English Vocabulary though. GAH the questions for that test are super hard. Blehs, go see for yourself.

Sunday, 8 October 2006

8th October 2006

Yea! Went out to buy a portable hard drive. It's like...super expensive lar, $123 for 40gb? Ah wells, looks like I cant get an acoustic.. =/ Saw this fender electric guitar for $1099? WAH I WANT TO BUY!! But u can't exactly convince your parents to pay $1099 for a loud heavy object which requires another $600+ for an amplifier and accessories?

Bleh, went home, lazed around installing programs onto the new hardrive.

Then went out again to celebrate Mid Autum Festival? But due to the haze we went to Vivo City instead. Haha, the place is huge, just 2 storeys, but very huge, explored only like half? Went home at around 9.30....

Ehs, was trying to do art, but then after looking for pictures of chilli, and seeing all the mouth watering images, I decided to find a snack to eat instead. Yar, I'm a major procastinator. XD

Very helpful for those doing chili:

Saturday, 7 October 2006

The Incredible Mouth Band.

Guitarguitarguitarguitar. =)
O btw, google planning to buy youtube?

7th September 2006

Went to pick my younger sis yesterday. Saw quite a few Sincerity people studying around my house? See? My house is a good place to study lor, it's quiet.

Blarh, went for guitar, met John on the way there. Haha, the whole bus was filled with SA people lar. =/

Guitar practice was fun again, although it's likely to be the last one I can go to cause of NP trainings....but I learned how to pick and strum consecutively. Sis came late due to N levels.

Met Bryan at j8, and the three of us walked back to Church. Gah, it wasn't that bad on the way back to Church lar. Heh, maybe we should have taken a bus or something. Met Yurong on the way back too.

Erhs, went t0 celebrate Mid Autum Festival with cell after that. I seriously had no idea today was mid-autum festival until Hudson told me on the phone. Haha, so fun!! Played with sparklers and candles. Then me and Coleman decided to start a fire from candles and paper and sparklers and leaves and grass. Haha, Guan you was throwing stuff in too cause he no longer cares about the environment.

Super hazy on the way back, ah wells, I think I'm going to have a sore throat from all this haze. =S

It's Increasing.

Hourly PSI levels.

"Persons with existing heart or respiratory ailments should reduce physical exertion and outdoor activity.The general population should reduce vigorous outdoor activity."

Yea, great excuse not to exercise and stay at home. But wait, I don't exercise anyways. =/

But then again, Malaysia's worse off right?

Friday, 6 October 2006

6th October 2006

Eeks, I'm seriously behind time on work now. =/

Maths paper today, it was the most difficult paper in my opinion. Worse than Chinese. =S Many of the questions were super hard and i ended up with 6 digit decimals for some answers. So most likely I'll flunk maths. =(

Was super angry at Yun Kai during assembly, but whatever, I cooled down in the end. I can't stay angry for long. =P And anyways, it was more of a test to me than anything. See if I could follow 1 Peter 3:9 and all.... =)

Heh, Lenson introduced with to Pixel2Life.com. It's full of software tutorials. I've never seen some of them before. 0.O Like Audition. =P

Bleh, I need to start catching up on work, it's boring....but then again, $100< makes it worth it right? =) Plan to finish the basic framework by this weekend, and spend the rest of the month touching up.

And there's still art preparatory work to be done, and class blogskin by this Wednesday. And I'm still blogging. =
C drive-75mb left...
D drive-300mb left...

Thursday, 5 October 2006

5th October 2006

Blarhs. Chinese paper today.

Started with paper 2. I think I did quite ok? Although I did use the eeni minne miney more(my sis insists that's the correct spelling) method for one or two questions. But then again, I didn't cheat or anything. =) I found this undiscovered method for cheating though, but I haven't used it. Haha, it's for those people with window seats(like me =P). Just tilt up the window and see the reflection, the windows are highly reflective so if angled correctly, you'd be able to see what the person in front of you wrote. Haha, wait, why am I disclosing this?cause I'm too intelligent for cheating? =
Paper 1 after that was worse.

I had this great idea for my composition. The title was the most valued thing you cannot live without or something? I wrote my parents. YEA, then I wrote of a whole bunch of stuff and wondered what others would write.

After the exam, I realised half the class wrote on their parents too. =
Ah wells...maths tomorrow, time to mug like mad cause it's the last "major" paper we're taking. (everyone's going to slack from tmr onwards? cause you can't exactly study for art and home econs that much.)

Confusion now hath made his masterpiece.

Installed and tried out Cinema4d with Lenson's cds. Confusing. But heck, finally figured out how to animate the objects(i moved them around the screen without changing the frames -.-) Heh. Kind of like Flash really...See the difference? But then again, flash is 2d. C4d is 3d. Although the gui is.....super confusing....maybe they should put signs or tutorials in c4d instead of making me click around and wondering how to animate it. -.-

I'm still a newb. =) Only tried moving, scaling and rotating. Erhs, don't want to mess with particles yet. =\

Wednesday, 4 October 2006

4th October 2006


I thought I did quite ok for English, set aside the last half hour to do summary. But, I finished summary in 15minutes with exactly 120words. =(

Literature was worse. The only part which I didn't study for Macbeth, came out. Blehs. BLEHS! I didn't think I wrote enough for the last question though. Sort of rushed through it. =S
Question 3B:Following closely to lines 10-20, describe Macbeth's character.
I almost wrote:He is a lyrical and poetical person, using King James English to describe his feelings and long winded answers.

Blehs, stayed back after school for a while. Then Yun Kai, Kenny and Chee Sheng thought it was fun to throw my wallet around. Angry? Nah, but it did get on my nerves a bit. =/ No longer irritated now though.

I think I should patent my new invention. Pineapple Flavoured Coffee! Yea, it's still in theory, although I'd glady be the first one to try it out. YEA! But I'm no longer addicted to coffee, went for 2 days straight without coffee so far.

Yar, Thanks to Lenson for helping me find and download the songs!!So much better than googleane Yea, now I'm no longer hunting for songs through millions of blog pages on the net. WEEE Thanks for also agreeing to lend me cinema4d so I can try it out before the course.

Guess who?
It's not me larr...

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

3rd October

I'm seriously either good at Science and Geography, or I'm terrible.

At least I finished maths with 5minutes to spare. The last question was horrible, due to some mistakes in the question, I ended up doing the last question three times. And I didn't have correction tape. Maybe I should have wrote a "sorry for the terrible corrections" note at the end of the script. =/

Science was even worse. I finished like, 40minutes before the end!?!?!? At least I could answer every single question and didn't skip anything. Maybe it's the way I answer my questions, I always write the mcq answers on the script itself before copying onto oas when I finish everything. Hence I spent the remaining 40minutes looking to see who else finished early too, checking through everything single question, and worrying about what would happen if I fail.

Haha, but still, today was weird.

Like, me, Kenny and Keane practising for Macbeth=(saying in a loud deep voice)"O HORROR, HORROR, HORROR! Tounge, nor heart Cannot Conceive, nor name thee!"(Line 30 Act 2 Scene 3) Or "Awake! Awake! Ring the Alarm Bell!(line 43 Act 2 Scene 3)

Heehee, I think it's a great way to memorise quotations lar, especially if you speak in those deep accents. =)

O yar, Mr Yeo's marking all the money essays? Bleh, I knew I should have wrote on cosmetic surgery. O wait, Mr Yeo reads blogs too. =O

Went to eat with Kenny Keane Yun kai Chee Sheng. The rest of the boys went to eat at kfc? But we all met up outside sweet talk where Yun Kai was queuing to buy a drink. Then all the boys wanted a drink too. XD Sweet talk gang.

Ehs, 14 more days to my birthday. =)

Monday, 2 October 2006

2nd October 2006

End of year examinations started today.

lalala. O wait...


Eh, did the money thing for English. I had this feeling it would come out cause Jemaine pointed out that Miss Chew said that money was something close to us and that the topic would be on something close to us.

Hahas, but I think I did terribly for the rebuttal paragraph. I ended up saying something like:"It's not money that attracts greed and jealousy, but power from money that attracts greed and jealousy." I think it doesn't explain anything at all, and I ended off that paragraph without a referrence to the thesis statement.

But still, I wrote 510 words......letter was around 250? =S

Geography was even worse. Cause my hands were tired from writing that essay(twice. one draft.) and I didn't feel like answering any of the questions.
Question:Why does Singapore need to reclaim land? [4]
Answer:Due to a growing population, Singapore needs to reclaim land to meet the growing demands of an increasing population. Land is also slowly lost through land erosion.

Land Erosion?!?!I can't believe I wrote that for a 4 mark question. I knew I should have studied land reclaimation more... =/

But then again, there were some questions I could distinctively recognise after surfing so many weird websites.
Like this PenangBridge.blogspot.com one. See? It says Penang Bridge. So I could answer the question on what links Penang island to Malaysia easily.

Erhs, study time?

O btw, Singapore Dreaming Won. (Link.)
But I haven't seen it yet. =\

Sunday, 1 October 2006