Wednesday, 30 September 2009

17 Years Of Hao Xiang.

Went to celebrate Hao Xiang's birthday at Vivo City on the 5th September. =) But before that I went to catch G-Force with my family at Golden Village. Gosh. G-Force is a horrible show, waste of money. =/ Or maybe I'm just growing old and my taste in movies has changed. =(

Had a late lunch at this Kim Gary Restaurant with this Kim Gary guy plastered all over the place. I remember cause I walked past that place about 10 times after that and kept reminding everybody that I ate there for lunch. =)

Met Hao Xiang and Elaine at around 5.30, then we went walking around waiting for the rest to come.

Hao Xiang with Lenson's D80 and Sb-800.

Elaine's bling bling camera.

We went to visit Woei Jiun who was working at a shop in Vivo too! Hahaha.

Singapore's Next Top Model.

Then we went walking around waiting for the rest to come again.

Giant Camera!! It doesn't work by the way. Should have been a working digital large format compact camera hahaha. /geek

Okay the rest finally came then we stood around deciding what to eat for a long time. After weighing the various advantages and disadvantages each food and beverage outlet had to offer to us as customers, we finally agreed to eat at Carl's Junior because of the free flow of drinks wooo

We ate outside near the shop Woei Jiun was working at. Hahaha. Kind of evil eating burgers and fries whilst she's slaving away selling clothes, but she's the one earning money. =P

Played around with wireless flashes after dinner.

Hao Xiang trying to be Mickey Mouse. Or Minnie Mouse, he's wearing pink remember.

Eugene the Lao Da.

Surprised Hao Xiang with a cake which we hid in Woei Jiun's shop. Heehee.

Rim light. =)



Hao Xiang suffering from whipped cream overdose.


Woei Jiun with a spray cleaner; scary.

Waited for Woei Jiun to end work at 10pm, then we took a train back to Hougang, walked to Hao Xiang's Grandmother's House to collect his things, then we took a bus to Punggol for supper! Hahaha.

Rest of the pictures on Facebook. =)

Monday, 28 September 2009



Had a Barbecue on Friday at Church to celebrate the start of the September school holidays! Not really for me cause my school holidays started like 2 weeks earlier. Haha but I was arrowed to plan for it la. Think the barbecue was way too soon from the previous one in June, but never mind it was still fun. =)

Went early to go prepare stuff with Timothy Lim. =D

My Patrick! Gahh.

We found a worm crawling about in the barbecue pits when we were setting up, and named him Wormy. I don't know where Wormy is now..

I don't know why I have so many pictures of Timothy either.


Ellen drinking a gigantic bubble tea! Haha.

Rest of the pictures on Facebook. =)

Teacher's Day.

Went back to Secondary School during the Teacher's Day Celebrations! Okay I kind of woke up really late at about 10am but I still dragged myself to school. Think we ended up catching up amongst ourselves more than meeting and wishing our teachers though. Hahaha.

Went to catch a bit of the Teacher's Day performance. Then we got bored and went down to the canteen.

Liling has some weird shiny thing on her face! =O

Koon Tat and me trying to take ourselves jumping. Hahaha.

My English Teacher came back too. =) She treated us to sparkling wine and lanterns last year.

Koon Tat and me saw our Geography teacher walking past and we went to take a picture with him! =D

Then everyone came too. Hahaha.

Spontaneous Portraits.

Rest of the pictures on Facebook here. =)

Went to a newly constructed food court and supermarket outside Hougang Mall for lunch, then I went to Ryan's house. I can't remember what we did at his house at all. Hahaha but we went to Punggol late in the night at around 10pm la, which I remember cause we took photos.

The Light Vs The Crane.

We went to this field which was just outside the MRT station. And about halfway in it started getting really muddy and wet.
Felt lots of weird creepy crawly fly things taking off and landing on my legs, but Ryan didn't feel anything legs too hairy. About 10 minutes after standing around in the field and taking pictures though, it started to itch. Badly.
Hahaha we sort of walked back to the MRT station really fast. Horrible. It was like a mosquito or insect bite of some kind. Had about 7 or 8 or these really small marks on my legs and hands. =S

But after an hour or so it didn't really itch anymore. Hahaha. Weird.



Saw this HUGE SPIDER between two trees.

Okay maybe I was exaggerating a little bit.

Ryan took the last bus back, and I went home. I think I have a million pictures of things in Punggol already. Haha.