Thursday, 31 August 2006

31st August 2006

Suffering from:
1.Slight cold after running around in the rain these few days.
2.Deep cut on my finger, ok not that deep, more like a paper cut, small and painful.
3.Super nervousness at the thought of the coming POP, i'm sure i'm gonna screw up whilst playing the guitar.
4.Dead tiredness, haven't slept well in days.

Waiting for:
1.Yun Kai to get his runescape membership quickly, then I can give him his present. =)
2.Guitar practise tomorrow, finally, a friday without any NPCC trainings. Hopefully it's not cancelled.
3.Passing Out Parade this saturday, I need clothes that are formal. Like collar shirt and pants. At least I don't have to wear a tuxedo or something. =)
4.Movie tomorrow with Gerald, Wen Jie, Josiah, and a bunch of others. Gonna catch monster house at j8 or something, no wonder I'm broke. =|

Planning to:
1.Barcode, Barcode, Barcode. Guitar I mean, B, Bm, F, Fm, Cmaj7, Cm, all those weird looking chords.
2.Learn Phpbb2.0 Coding, maybe advanced javascript if I feel like doing maths.
3.Organise my gmail inbox. 1580 unread emails all archived. More than 1000 is full of backup files I keep online. =S
4.Find something to blog about for the school blog. I can't think of anything within my topic range. =(
5.Get the new class blogskin up, add the new sections, re-upload music with higher bitrate quality.
6.Convert all my song files into mp3s.
7.Polish my new boots. =P Note the new there.

I'm done.

Wednesday, 30 August 2006

30th August 2006

NPCC tmr, meaning i can't meet up with Rosyth ppl, =( maybe friday? I'm asking if people wanna catch a movie. 606 reunion or something. =)

It was raining very very heavily today, spent the entire afternoon in a classroom practising for POP. =( Still, I think it beats foot drills or campcraft. =)

Yep, I'm full of smiley faces today.

Bad Day is stuck in my head i mean bad day by daniel powter, i somehow memorised it, chords and lyrics and all. Eh, I still have no idea how i memorised it when i didn't make any conscious effort to remember it at all. Pretty simple though, just the same tune over and over again. Gonna really take an effort to play correctly on stage though. Why can't Nigel learn guitar in time!? I'll be all alone and if i screw up everyone's gonna be looking at me. Bleh.

It's so weird, comical maybe, to see someone realise in just a flash that they have been wrong all along. You can see their expression just slowly change from angry to guilty. Maybe I was in the wrong for admitting that I knew everything to Tze Jie. But you know what, I'm glad I got it off my chest, I no longer have to try and act friendly, I no longer have signs to ignore, I can just start a fight against him. I can just cripple him and make him falter, I can just watch him get worse and worse daily as his friends realise what his character really is like. I am in the perfect position, to totally crush him.

But should I? That's the hardest question I cannot find an answer to. My actions would be justified, he backstabbed me, it's only normal that i take revenge. It's only normal, that I shout back at him, it's only normal, no one would stop me.

But sometimes normal isn't right. What is right? That I forgive and forget. Easy to say, hard to do...

I know what you tell Kenny, what:"I put my 100% trust in you, why you betray me?"

I hoped you wouldn't blame Kenny for giving you a taste of your own medicine. Let's take Yun Kai for an example, he trusted you enough to tell you secrets, and you betrayed him. I thought you were a friend, but you go around backstabbing me and asking others not to be my friend?
Please, don't drag Kenny into this, you want to argue, why not argue in front of me? You want a fight, please please please, for your own sake, fight out in the open. Backstabbers are one of the worst breeds of people in the world.

Easy to say, hard to do. Maybe it's a test of my faith, can I bring myself to forgive you? To forget the hatred and anger? Can I just let it go? It seems so hard.

But one thing's for sure, you went way too far this time tze jie, things will never be the same again.

Tuesday, 29 August 2006

29th August 2006

Spent the whole of last night replacing my guitar strings. Bleh.

Eh, home econs was fun, but rushed, made those weird apple crustard things. Took a long time, but in the end, it tasted weird, like burnt apples or something.

Science was much more fun, one hour of freedom to use the computer. Unfortunately, we had to clean up for home econs. Still, it beats studying anytime ;)

POP practise didn't go to waste. Discussed how we were to carry out the performance down to exact details, how to sing the song, and went up to watch the rest with oralwait for Woei Jiun.

My hands are still red, but at least the rhythm thing is quite, interesting. Can't think of anything to wear for that fashion show thing yet, maybe i'll just throw something together and add weird stuff to make it look like something from a fashion show.

Nvm, cant be bothered to go think or something to blog about. Maybe the fact that pluto isn't a planet anymore? Pluto is now officially a dog. Mickey Mouse's dog. Yep, i told you i'm good at lame stuff. =)

Sunday, 27 August 2006

27th August 2006

I meant talking to you after school privately Tze jie, but if you really want me to blog about it and let the whole world know. Then that's what I'll do.

What have you done, really? Me, Kenny and Yun Kai have alreadly agreed to tell you this, but for a long time we kept silent. Now, you are really going to regret reading this post or asking me to post about it. Wouldn't a face to face talk be much easier?

I know about your phone conversations with Kenny. Kenny told me, but i hope you won't hold it against him for giving you a taste of your own medicine.

Remember the post I made on Tze Jie discriminating against Kenny? Well, Tze Jie said he wasn't going to continue arguing on the way he treated Kenny.

Instead of continuing to hate Kenny, he changed sides, now it became Kenny and Tze Jie vs me? I know you wanted to give me a taste of my own medicine, I know you wanted to start hanging out with Kenny again and give me that:"Haha Too Bad? I'm friends with Kenny Now" look.

It didn't work, Kenny told me your conversation, but for the benefit of people who have no clue what's happening, here's what Tze Jie told Kenny. It's not exactly what he said, but, it should be close.

Tze Jie: Kenny, Don't be friends with Minghui anymore.
Kenny: Huh? Why?
Tze Jie: Minghui is like, very strong Christian, he will try to force his values onto you.
Kenny: But, this is like our last year together? Can't we all just be friends?
Tze Jie: No, I don't want Minghui, I only want you.

Ok I don't want to say anymore. It's quite, childish to try and ask someone not to be friends with so and so. But worse, you were enemies with Kenny earlier this year and now in the blink of an eye you want to friend him again?

Even I don't do that, sure, I don't hate Kenny anymore, but at least I don't come up to him and ask for forgiveness? At least I don't change friends in a matter of minutes? I'm sure you were angry with me for telling you to stop being that evil to Kenny, but trying to go ask Kenny to turn against me?

What else? O yes, I also know you called Yun Kai a fool, I know you said he can't be trusted with secrets. I know you said I'm always calling you names. I know pretty much every secret you told Kenny already.

You know what? You are the backstabber here, Yun Kai trusted you and you said he is a fool. I remember you said F.O.O.L.

Remember the post about how my life was falling apart. Sure, you hated me, but you felt happy? That's really sadistic, I cant bring myself to feel positive even when you get scolded or something.

I know you still dislike me, I know you told Meryl and Krystle not to go eat pizza hut with us. Maybe it's jealousy, but you can still dislike me even when half the class hates you? That I really cannot believe.

I mean, I tried to ignore and be nice, but I really cannot take it. Snatching every piece of paper Miss Chew passes to us and keeping them? Trying to listen in on everything Miss Chew and I talk about? Getting depressed the moment you hear I got higher marks than you for something?

I'm trying my best not to insult you personally. I don't hate you, I hate your actions. I tried my best, remember me telling you I know everything last thursday? Remember me telling you about someone backstabbing someone else? Am I insulting you? I'm telling you not to be hypocritical. I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Even if you are jealous of me, does that give you a right to go tell others not to be friends with me? I'm not stupid, I can see the signs, and it's quite hard for me to ignore really.

I cant bring myself to blog about the rest. I really cant, it would seriously crush you more than you can imagine.

So yea, you have two choices really. And if you think I ever influenced others to hate you, you did that yourself. I could take revenge, I can make you even worse than you are, reveal everything I know. But, I can't bring myself to. I tried to put off telling you all this until assembly talk was over, until puppet show was over, but I've been putting it off for too long.

Tze Jie: Don't let this affect what we have to do. Don't let this affect your studies. I'd be lying if I said I'm sorry if this affected your grades. Cause this affected mine.

Who started the fighting first? Really, who started to ask others not to friend me? Who started to say I'm not perfect? Who started to say I'm not perfect either when all I did, was say I wanted to give up.

I wanted to give up. Ironic. Because I said "I give up", I now have to argue again? I can't give up, it's not my choice really, who am i to want to give up? Who am I to give up just like that. It is not my choice, but I really wish he wouldn't trust me with so much.

Monday, 21 August 2006

21st August 2006

Do the right thing? Fine.

Haven't checked out blogs in days, most of my computer time is now spent doing the assembly presentation or trying out things on the video ad, or doing weird stuff that I have no idea how I got myself into.

Yes, the school blog's gonna have a video advertisment =) But it's still unfinished, and seeing as the competition's halfway through, I'll have to rush like mad to get it done. Quite cool though, I like the concept of the video. Angsty.

Science test tomorrow, haven't thought of something for home econs, he test this friday, maths this friday, english this wednesday. Wow, where did all these tests come from =O

And our geog group has 6 ppl...blehs.

Do the right thing? What would that be Tze Jie, you really want me to do the right thing? Cause doing the right thing means me going against you. Cause your in the wrong.

Firstly, aren't you being hypocritical of yourself? You say your really busy, really stressed, and yet you can still ask others if they wanna go j8? Your making yourself tired, your creating the stress for yourself. You think yourself if your that busy, cause I think your not, if you say you must study shouldn't you study in between lessons? Maybe I'm used to stress, so it doesn't affect me, should it affect you?

I wont blog anymore about this, I'm irritated enough, but I know more than you do. Be prepared for shocks ;)

Saturday, 19 August 2006

19th August 2006

Brought guitar to school yesterday to practise for npcc, Chee Sheng's gonna sing with a bunch of others, and Wei Ting's gonna play piano, hopefully. Still need lots of practise though, I can't play it that fast la, it's a slow song anyways. =)

Didn't go np today, media club talk =) Quite interesting, especially when that cartoonist guy can draw so fast and easily, like he just has to think for a few seconds and he can draw? For an assignment we had to draw "our first crush". I drew a cockroach and an imprint of a shoe. Haha, the guy took one look and started laughing...

After the talk, went to j8....i was going to walk around alone and kill time waiting for bryan to come when i bumped into Fabian. How's that for a coincidence? Brought dinner with him and walked to church, yep, WALKED to church. Reached there early, and to kill time I went to thompson plaza with Byran.

Thompson plaza is so diff, pretty much all the old shops are that pet shop i visited when i was young, or that weird funky shop with a weird name that i conviently forgot. Everything's changed really, but at least the layout is still the same, still the same old slopes, escalators, heh i can still remember my way around.

Cell was fun, ended early too, reached home at 11, and drank tea to keep myself awake. I have to be awake, lots of stuff to do, i don't think i can complete them by tonight though. =(

I lay every burdern down. At the foot of the cross.

Tuesday, 15 August 2006

15th August 2006

Wee another fun exciting day at school. Ok, maybe it was dreary and boring. That's relativity ;)

Started off with a video vip lesson by Mr Sim. I think Mr Sim should not be a maths teacher, he should be like...geog or hist or eng....Much better subjects than maths. No surprise that I'm bad at maths =P But maths is related to computers and all that. Like javascript is related to sets(in a sense) there's elements all...even the {curly brackets} There's a chim name for curly brackets btw...something like..parenthesis?

Art was dreary, we had an art presentation. And you could see everyone's faces like :( But still, quite interesting to learn about water-based crayons or special water paper, if you don't mind the cheap attempts to make you buy them.

What was next? Home econs!!Presentation went quite ok, considering we had 6slides, but at least we didn't plagrize and copy a chunk of text. In fact, I didn't really copy text at all. I focused on the graphics area, how to portray anorexia in a relaxed, humourous way where it doesn't hurt your eyes..(I'm just making excuses to explain why I only did 6slides =P) But it does feel unfair to work hard and others get the credit. At least now I know what it feels like...haha...

Me and Chee Sheng has an excellent plan for POP this year(POP=npcc passing out parade), we two are gonna play guitars and sing bad day, only concern is that Chee Sheng might not be able to learn in time(Audition next fri)..

But the song itself is easy, only D Am C G A Em. Hee hee, no barcoding no chopping no plucking. =P And the song itself is low, no high pitch and not much chance of "zao-sia". There's still the newspaper talk this friday which'll end at 5;30, which means if i rush to Braddell Mrt station, rush to Bishan, change to a bus, run to Church, I'll make it for the end of guitar practice!!!wow, isn't that cool...bleh...i'll probably meet my sis and bryan at j8 for dinner.

Teacher's day coming soon, I'm probably gonna go back to Rosyth and meet old friends again(and we'll end up owning each other on halo2 at wee jin's house) But still there's a lot of people I wanna meet, bryan phua, matthew heng, kenneth tan. Eeks, I actually remembered that? I forgot quite of lot of people's names though.

I'm done, my posts are still short, maybe one day I'll blog about time physics and fry everyone's brain cells...

Monday, 14 August 2006

14th August 2006

I'm clumsy. Heh I broke a glass beaker during science class today. Haiz....

Stayed back after school to discuss the school blog. Seems like we're exploring different forms of media now. Hee then there's media club talk this friday. Uh oh, what if I miss any lectures or badge tests?!!?Ah well, Media club still comes with free tea reception. FREE TEA RECEPTION. I'll probably fall behind the others on new drills like slow marching... =(

Home Econ's presentation tomorrow? Plus that Art wire thingy. Hee I don't feel that stressed yet. Should I get involved with the fights in class? Maybe.

My current wallpaper. =P

Sunday, 13 August 2006

13th August 2006

I'm feeling energetic, yet I overslept for Church today. Bleh

So yesterday I relaxed and messed around with my computer. Took a break from graphics designing and coding the class blog and all. I actually played runescape again..Weee combat 101 and counting...

Rushed down to Church at 4.30, reached there at 5.30. Then went of to Singapore Expo.Kenny couldn't come due to the high demand for tickets and me only having 1. Sorry kenny!! Haha but I dont think he would have liked it alot. It's much more enthusiastic, mad and crazier than any FOP or Christian concert I've ever been to so far. The place was jam packed with people, and many came to Christ that day. I think I only know like...3 out of all the songs played. But the lyrics on screen was very nicely done though. All animated and interlaced with background images or cameras. Bibiana would have liked it.

Ended quite early, at around 9.30. Unlike last year's fop which ended around 10+...tried to contact classmates if they were going to eat supper anywhere, cause marina bay was on the way from expo. In the end I gave up and went home straight. Reached home around 11.30. But I was energetic I filed my English file, played guitar, did qt. Went to sleep around 2.

Which is why I overslept today. =(

Tuesday, 8 August 2006

8th August 2006

School national day parade today. It's finally over, all the trainings, scoldings, countless hours of preparation boiled down to this morning. I think it went pretty well.

What most of the school didn't see however, was the flaws. The "live telecast" was full of weird stuff thanks to the cameraman and his wires getting into the way of the march past, hence making our entire squad look stupid adjusting and moving to not trip over the wires. But it was exhilarating to be in the GOH contingent, just like syf all over again.

After parade though, was the concert. Quite enjoyable really, and the entire npcc unit was super enthu to the end. After concert, was photo-taking. I guess photo-taking is fun, but it took at least 1 hour before we could go home. Blarh

Nope, I didn't go home straight though, went to find Miss Chew, and then walked to Hougang mall for lunch with Hao Xiang. That's all.

What needs to be done? Flyers, blogging competition, class blogskin.

Weee, finally things I want to do, instead of something I must do.

Saturday, 5 August 2006

5th August 2006

I'm tired.

Friday started with school, blarh, I'm gonna flunk chinese test. MAybe it's because I couldn't remember a single word that I learned, or that the words I learned didn't come out. Whatever.
Obviously, NPCC on friday. Tiring, but at least the punishments weren't as bad as Monday. We only had to do like 5 push-ups? Scoldings were extremly demoralising however, but fun. No more NDP trainings...yay...Tuesday's the real thing.

Went to Church after that, I actually reached there at 7:30..cos my bus came early. =P Cell group was, debatedly interesting. Andre and Ben were discussing about really deep Christianity stuff. Interesting in a sense, and I brought 2 planetshakers tickets, dunno who to invite. It's on a saturday at 7 so I'll probably ask Bryan. =P

After Church, I already felt super tired,(as with all Fridays, but I was exceptionally tired for some reason) but I still decided to go for supper at Chomp Chomp thanks to hunger. Reached home at 12:30...

Why you should use firefox to view my blog.
1.It's nicer in firefox.
2.You would be able to see the others section.(Instead of a blank.haha)
Seriously though, I can't figure out a workaround to let the others section be cross-compatiable. Server side scripting doesn't work with blogger and the object class is not supported by IE. =P

Thursday, 3 August 2006

3rd August 2006

Haven't blogged in days.

Realised lots of people read my blog but don't tag(big surprise)

No I'm not asking you to tag, just weird to find so many pageviews when I check google.

Nothing really happening, and i don't have the energy to post long. Therefore this post is short.
Chinese students came today, eek they got to wear home clothes, why not give them a set of our school uniform. Hee

Good: CIP briefing today, we get to hand out flyers instead of picking up newspapers like other classes.
Bad: I was selected to make the flyers to give out. I'm not even that good at graphics design. I mean, I know how to create a background and all, but i prefer programming. More text and bugs involved.

Mr Ong didn't come for geog today, we had this relief teacher who was into philosophy. Yeesh, he took some time to explain that if u killed your grandfather in the past, you wouldn't exist anymore. I don't think our class is that stupid right? I think we were just lazy to anwser him(like me)

Nvm too tired to blog now, prospect of np tmr nagging at me.