Tuesday, 5 September 2006

5th September 2006

Eh. I woke up at 8 this morning. I'm supposed to feel tired, but somehow I was energetic. Bleh.

Went for school at 8.30, and reached there at 9. Since no one was around, I decided to walk over to hougang mall to see if the shops were open. In the rain. And the shops weren't open. So I walked back. In the rain.

Yep, maybe I should have stayed in school doing something constructive instead of wasting 15 mins walking aimlessly here and there. Ah well.

Oral was horrible. I completely forgot what I wanted to say. Hee, I ended up talking about how other schools were having clowns in their classrooms and how the blind children's teacher wanted to treat them like equals and hence hired a clown. Ya, I think I'm not going to do well this time.

O yar, then Miss Chew asked what I wanted to work as in the future for the third part of the oral. I was like:"Er...". I thought it might be something like:"Would you want to be in the clown's position?" or something. =/

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