Saturday, 9 September 2006

9th September 2006

School holidays are almost over, and I'm finding weird ways to take breaks from studying. =PLike messing around in gimp creating and experimenting with fxflares and gx lighting effects and all that. Hee.
Eh, i think it looks quite nice right?
And, I was so bored i decided to take photos of stuff around my room. Heh.I don't think anyone will guess what this is...looks like some weird hologram right?

This angle looks dam nice la, esp if it was shot outside with a cloudy sky.
O if u didn't know, that's my classical guitar, kinda obvious. -.-
I still have it, from last june's media club camp. =P

O btw, I got a job, pretty much part time. But hey, payment is at least $100. Yesh, AT LEAST $100. Hehe, I won't tell u what I'm doing, but it doesn't involve anything illegal like drugs or alcohol.

It's something to do with computers. =P

But i somehow have to install lots of new software and get used to the interface. Yar, found lots of stock photos, very nice stock photos.
Dunno if it's copyright, if it is, then credit goes to Olympus Master 2005. =)

Yar, I'm full of pics today. And I'm still hooked. =/

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