Sunday, 30 September 2007

My Computer Crashed.

Yea, I know you must be thinking : "How can Minghui the computer pro 's computer crash? Impossible!!"

But anyway, was expecting it to spoil in some way or another, it lasted about 2 years without reformatting and with super crazy memory problems probably because it has only 40 gigs of space and there's some memory leak somewhere. It's some VGA controller problem which I can't find the Winxp driver and I don't have the Philips installation cd.

Which leads to the next question : "How can Minghui still blog if his computer is no longer working?!?!"

Haha I'm using ubuntu live cd again. =) No problems at all with the VGA controller for xp, and super fast internet now that my computer's running from a cd.

But no music or videos cause I can't bring myself to reformat my computer. =/

Anyways, went to KK Women's and Children's Hospital last Saturday to visit Kenny and Ding Qi. I think it's an amazing coincidence that they too are staying at the same hospital and both to be discharged on the same day. Amazing. ;)

Went with Yun Kai, Eugene, Chee Hock, Woei Jiun, Chee Sheng, Kristle and Kristle's cousin.
Kenny was in a wheelchair cause he fractured his leg on Wednesday, then Ding Qi had a fever and her neck was swollen.

Joked around with Kenny suaning him cause he was in Class C ward and Ding Qi was in Class B. Then went Macdonald's and ate lunch. Having a Macdonald's at a hospital is an oxymoron. =D

Went to Kovan Mac after that to study. Attempted to write a History essay on a question that barely had 3 good points. So end result was something like a never ending advertisement that just repeats the same message again and again but in different forms. Bleh.

Sunday was YP Sunday, like all the small kids running about and all the kids I thought used to be small but are kind of old now. Gosh, feels super weird to look at them and realise I used to be one of them too. =/ Indescribable feeling. It's like waking up from a sleep and realising everyone around you has changed. Weird.

And Monday was Children's day. My younger sister and mother didn't have to go to school. I guess being a Kindergarten Principal has fringe benefits like Children's day too. But Secondary School students have to go to school. =(

And I didn't have to dance with Lenson for Chemistry cause Miss Zahila didn't come! =P=P=P

Thursday, 27 September 2007

2 Years Of Blogging.

Haha I realised that my first ever blog post was on the 15th of September 2005.

That would mean I've been trapped by blogging for about 2 years now. It's about 416 posts and lots of changes to the blog itself.

Looking back, I've realised that my blogging style's changed drastically too.

Like...I used to blog like this!!! Weird right...I feel so weird if I were to blog like this now....

And I use lots of =/ =\ =| too! Haha.

I'd say this blog has been a diary, an online journal to jot thoughts down. It's been a medium used in attacks *cough*, it's been a photo album storing photos and collections, it's been a testing ground to test my HTML/CSS/Javascript skills. It's become an integral part of my life, a section of my thoughts, and a place for me to write uber chim stuff like this paragraph.

Enabled Archives for my blog now. So you can go see all my horribly written, childish(in retrospect) and old blog entries. It's 2 years ago so don't bother trying to suan me about my past. =)

Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Okay haven't blogged in about a week. Like so many things happening lately. And I'm now too lazy to blog about every single one.

As a result, I shall blog with pictures.

Went to East Coast Park on Saturday. Yay Sting-Ray! And went to check out the Wakeboarding CableSki thing which was closed the last time I went ECP.

It's this huge man made pool of water which is quite shallow. Then people wake board whilst being dragged about by cables suspended in the air. I'm horrible at describing such things la. Haha.Cool right? I wanna go try someday. Website here.

And there were people playing Lanterns there too cause Mid-Autumn Festival is coming.
Went to Chinatown immediately after that.
Very few people around cause it was already about 10+. But the decorations were still on.

Sunday was Worship Ministry Meeting.

Then stayed back on Monday to study. Haha.
Denise and Woei Jiun were practicing their practical.

Went Punggol Park to play with firecandles on Tuesday.
Went with Joshua, Chee Sheng, Wei Ting, Nina, Woei Jiun and Elaine.And I got this mixture of cuts and abrasions and whatever on my leg when I fell cause I slipped on the candle wax. Blee. I feel so clumsy...
The blood was dripping down like some emo suicidal graphic design*cough*bibi*cough*...So cool man, but the pictures were blur cause it's not exactly easy to take a picture of your own leg...

Haha Yeaps, that's like an accurate picture description of what's happened the past few weeks.

Except for Halo 3!! AAAA!!
US$194 Million in One day?
Game of the year man. Anyone willing to buy me halo3+xbox360?
Or better yet, the special edition console.

AAAAA I'm so sad..... =(

Thursday, 20 September 2007

All Boys Club.

Formed the club during LCE lesson where we were supposed to learn about Morality and the Law. We were spilt into groups and asked to do either a skit, comic, or a club logo with rules.

Would have chosen the skit if we could, but then we got the club and some stupid nothing-better-to-do guy had this really lame idea to come up with a club like this. Heh.

Heart shape, text, rainbow and clouds drawn by Airil and Lenson. The two super act cute faces by Chun Wee, text by Hui Joo. Pink pens borrowed from Wei ting, Heather, Yi Hand and Malvin.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Sec 2 Classification Shoot.

Okay haven't blogged the last 3 days mainly cause I was just too tired. =)

Monday was tiring. Almost couldn't stay awake at all during Maths lesson.

Then Chemistry test where everyone thought we would have a periodic table but in the end don't have. =| And I didn't study at all unless you count looking through my Chemistry file a few minutes before the test started.

So the test was a killer la, I definitely mixed up a few questions because there was no periodic table. But I think can at least pass. =) And at least there was no 'What Kind Of Question Is This???' question.

Oh ya Monday was also like the start of Minghui's new seating arrangement. Seating there is like different la. Cause I'm so used to being surrounded by boys and now I'm surrounded by girls except for the three in front la.

Went Dry Practice with the Sec 2s after that. Then me Woei Jiun and Nina went to Rivervale Mall to find some present then walked to Compass Point all the way then went home. Quite stupid la. But got some hidden reason right? ;)

Tuesday was A Maths test. Complete killer man. I'm sure to fail la. And Wan Ting is like next to me sighing. Blee.

Then live shoot on Tuesday. Saw Peng Shiong and Daniel Sir from Punggol Sec there. Then whilst the Sec2s went to shoot me Woei Jiun and Nina went to the toilet. Then I came out early and Daniel Sir ask me go tell everyone to keep quiet whilst Nina and Woei Jiun in the toilet. Like felt super awkward to go ask cadets from other schools to keep quiet. And it's like 150+ people there? But it's okay la, challenge man! Haha.

And the Sec 2s behaved so much better than other schools, or is it cause we were in front of them only? =D

Reached back school quite late, then went Hougang Mall Mac for dinner. Nina and Woei Jiun started played those 'matchmaking' games where you do weird stuff with a pen and paper to see your end result. Was laughing quite a bit also cause Nina ended up as a model earning $1000 a month.

Wednesday. Went up stage for Prize Presentation. Anti-Smoking competition. Prize was a $20 Popular voucher. Anyone want? I sell for $21. =D Cost Vs Profit Economics.

PE after that. Played Captain's Ball with a basketball. Quite fun la. Exhilarating. =) And we won the other group. =D

Then Social Studies after that where we got back our CA2 results. 42/50. =) Of course, I'm still dreading A Maths test results, sure get 0 de la...

Geography teacher didn't come. And the relief teacher was fun man! Haha, even though she spoke Chinese, but still very fun. Haha.

Physics Practical test. We were supposed to do some experiment to prove that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection in a plane mirror. But is there really a need to go measure accurately all the angles just to prove something like that? Kind of like common sense right? Me and Lenson ended up trying to poke needles in through the soft board when we finished with the experiment. =D

Stayed back after school. Woei Jiun conducted Chemistry lesson. Haha.

Reached home at around 6+.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Fiona's Birthday.

Celebrated Fiona's Birthday on Sunday early in the morning. Woke up at 9am and sort of rushed cause we were supposed to meet at 9.10. Then Denise reached Punggol even later than me even though she woke up earlier lor. This proves that girls are slower than guys okay?

And the "surprise" was kind of ruined cause Fiona came from the opposite direction and all. Blee.


Okay, don't think I should be up using the computer or blogging now so I shall just post one simple conversation between me, Lenson and Jude. =)

Jude: (Turning around to face me) Minghui Got Sweet?

Me: (Acting like I didn't hear properly) Huh?

Jude: Sweet...

Me: SeeWhat?

Lenson: (Also turning around to face me) Sweet...Minghui you have?

Me: Huh? What thing?

Jude and Lenson: Sweet la!


Jude and Lenson: Ya.....

Me: Oh okay, whether I have sweet?

Jude and Lenson: Ya.....

Me: Okay, I DON"T HAVE.

=D Will blog everything else about 22 hours from now.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

NPCC Service Day 2007.

Today was combined inter-unit NPCC Service Day. Didn't go for the last 2 years cause of some important reason which I have forgotten and am too lazy to search my blog archives to find.

Anyways, grouped up with Wei Ting, Hwee May and Yong Shun. Blee. I can't remember the Sec 1's name la. Must be suffering from brain damage from the spar incident. =O

Different groups were allocated different blocks, then the 4 of us went up to top level. Then haiyar, don't think I should blog about what happened next cause it's very evil to do so. =)

Anyways, went to the latest "hot spot" for NPCC people. Dong Xi Nan Pei. Hahaha. Then went food court but didn't eat anything cause I didn't feel hungry. Strange.

But the air-con was directly above me. Freezing.

Oh yes, Yi Hong says I can get a hemorrhage or blood clot or brain damage from that lump on my head if I don't apply something to it. But I'm not sure what to apply. O.O

Friday, 14 September 2007


Okay I haven't posted any pictures lately cause I'm super lazy to upload into the computer.

Anyways, went to school on Thursday feeling very sleepy and lethargic. Blah. Then during maths, I was asked to change my seat in class. BLEE. I was like, not talking for the first time during Mrs Loh's lesson or being distracting or whatever. I was just trying to change my pen ink to green cause I wanted to do corrections and no one else had a green pen. =/ Then I changed place with Yi Xuan cause she didn't come to school.

Like I'm now surrounded by girls except for Darren, Hui Joo and Malvin in front of me. =/ And the position is permanent, at least for 2 weeks until exams start. =\

Physics practical on Thursday too. We did that experiment where we poured salt over ice and "lowered" it's melting point. Haha, Lenson and I were like "spamming" salt and ice and lowering the temperature till it was minus 15 degrees plus.

Went to celebrate Chuan Hui's birthday after school. Haha ya, Happy Birthday Chuan Hui! Like everyone's birthday in September. Not like me, special. ;)

Haha, the lady in the background sort of ruins the picture. But never mind la hor?

Went home early cause I felt super tired. But in the end didn't go to sleep cause I was too distracted by Company Of Heroes.It is by far the best RTS game graphics wise. Confirm win C&C one. Gameplay is super detailed but the learning curve is hard. And I'm still a noob. But nice game la. Thanks to Wenjie for lending me the Disc. =D

Okay so in the end I ended up playing computer games instead of sleeping. =\

Went school on Friday feeling even more tired. =X But I drank half a bottle of 100plus.

Then Mass run for assembly. I prefer running to any Civil Defence/Total Defence/Crime Prevention/Anti-Narcotics/(Insert boring subject here) talk any day.

Went back to class, then saw my 100plus half gone because of Chun Wee! Unimaginable!

Went recess, bought another bottle. Haha. And Denise likes USA Baby Potatoes. Super random. ^.^

Campcraft training after school.

I got hit on the head twice by a spar.

First time wasn't really painful at all.

Then second time I was pegging and the spar dropped. Then Eugene tried to stop with one hand and his hand smashed into the top of my head. In fact, I bit my lips cause my teeth were forced shut by the impact.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Haha. I feel like him now.

But Eugene saved my life cause if his hand wasn't there to reduce the velocity of the spar my skull would have fractured or my spine broken or my neck joint cracked or something, kind of scary?

And now I have a ba lu ku. Or a bruise, or a lump. I'm not really sure la. Got some formation on my head that's painful can already. =D

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Wee. Submitted the forms and everything to Mr Koh today. So it looks like I'll be going Perth exactly one month from my Birthday.

Anyways, haven't blogged for very long again. Hard to keep consistent la.

Slept for about 14hours on Saturday night until I overslept for Church on Sunday. =X Haven't been at home for so long that I discovered lots of new things. Like there's 30+ cans of root beer in the fridge which I didn't notice at all.

Erm, went for guitar/worship/band practice thing at Church at around 1.30. Played Hands Of Kindness by Delirious. Quite a nice song la. But it's more piano-driven than guitar.

Monday was Koon Tat's Birthday! Happy Birthday Koon Tat! =)
Went for Dry Shoot with the Sec 2s after school. So sad la, cause I never get marksmanship last time. Took the bus to HTA again which was super long. Then went to the canteen area to *ahem* study. =O Dam weird la, studying in the HTA canteen is very good cause you will have the PRESSURE.

Took bus back again, fell asleep cause super tired la. And when I woke up the sec2s were taking pictures of me. =/ Then after that I didn't go back to sleep again...

Went KFC for dinner, then went back home.

Tuesday, no maths remedial! Awesome! But still had to stay back for Maths extra lesson cause Mrs Loh wanted us to. Bleh. Stayed back for a while to help Hao Xiang do his Chemistry. Then brought the chemistry book home so he won't copy answers. Heh.

Went back home early cause Lenson had something to show me. Gah. Got super irritated cause I went home just to endure stupid messages. But nvm. Blocked everyone that was involved directly or indirectly and went to play Company Of Heros.

Haha. Like the first RTS game I've played in a very long time. It's a very nicely detailed RTS game la. And it takes up 4.5 gigs of space. =/

PE today. Played Basketball for a while then played Soccer. Haven't played soccer for a very long time too. Kept forgetting about last man and using hands la. =\

NPCC after school. Better than last week la. =)
Went to buy vanilla coffee at the bubble tea shop near the school. Then went to Hougang Mall watching the sec 3 squad people eat dinner. Then took 136 home with Yi Hong.

Blah. I'm super tired now. One day I shall just sleep for 24 hours and do nothing else. =D

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Campcraft Training.

Okay. Haven't blogged in a while. So I decided to blog everything that happened in one gigantic chunk and kill everyone's eyesight. =)

NPCC training for 4 consecutive days.

Wednesday's training was tough most because of the physical training part. Had to run around the field doing various exercises at each corner and completing everything under 10 minutes. Didn't expect myself to be tired very badly at first, but felt like super nua after running and doing the various exercises at each "station".

Went KFC for a while after that. Then went home.

Woke up at 6.30 on Thursday. Bleh. Like a normal school day. Except all Chinese and Maths lessons. Gah. I'd definitely skip school if every school day was like that. =D
Came in around 15 minutes late in between Chinese and Maths lessons. Of course, our Math's teacher scolded us and we were made to stand behind class and all. Kind of reminds me of Primary School days. Haha. Everyone was like super angry and all even when we were told we could sit down again. And people were like planning to run out of the class.
Then me and Chun Wee started playing Rock, Paper, Scissors and other super stupid games at the back of the class for the rest of the lesson. But I did pay attention la. Some Addition formula thing and that sine cos cos sine. Haha.

Campcraft training after that. Quite okay cause everyone was motivated by sweets. And we finished pitching a tent in 9+ minutes cause we had 2 extra people to help.

Went back home, then went out again to celebrate Mother's birthday.

Watched Ratatouille at Plaza Singapura. It's not really a comedy la. More of a children's movie since there were many families watching. One baby even started crying when there was a sad part.
And I sat at the last row cause we booked tickets online. =P But last row seating is not exactly perfect too. Although you don't have people kicking from behind or whatever, you have the sounds of people walking past from outside. Blee.

Movie ended at around 10.45. All the shops at Plaza Sing were closed except for Macdonald's and Cafe Cartel.

Friday was normal training. Woke up at 9am. Met up with Chee Sheng and Hao Xiang at 10.45 to go cut our hair. So sad man. Haha. Waited super long to cut. Then walked to school. Me and Chee Sheng bought donuts for lunch. Haha random..

Training was okay. Second training as Sec 2 squad leader. I think it's much better than the first time although very stressed with 3 instructors looking at you. Haha. 3rd class test only got 1 instructor invigilating...

PT was bone and dog. Felt super nua to run le....but still quite fun la. =D

Training ended at around 4.30...went KFC for dinner, then went home.

Bathed, changed, packed campcraft kit in bag, then went out to Kovan to stay over at Wen Jie's house.

Met Wee Jin there first, walked to his house and saw his parent's. Haha. Haven't seen his house in more than a year. Like so many things changed la. Got new mac some more. His dad fetched us to Wen Jie's house.

Wen Jie's house on the other hand, looks the same. Haha. Except his neighbour has a new fountain. Played for a while, then we decided to go to a nearby provision shop to buy a drink. But the shop was closed so we decided to go to Kovan. Walked past the old Rosyth school before it
shifted to Serangoon. Looks super scary at 10+ at night.

Played around at his house, watched The Longest Yard again. Slept at around 4+ after talking non-stop with them for about an hour about...stuff. ;)

Woke up at 6.30 cause Hao Xiang called me. Went to bathe and change into campcraft kit whilst the 2 were still sleeping. Then walked from his house to Kovan, in the rain. Reached school at about 8.

Felt super tired during campcraft training la...but anyways, it's over. Haha. I survived 4 days of training on top of everything else.

My old primary school back in P1 and P2. =)

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Hao Xiang's and Denise's Birthday.


Met up with Stephen and Li Jing to go buy their present at Far East Square. Haha. Hope they both like their presents bah. Went to Hougang Mall after that, chose the cake then Elaine and me went off to Clarke Quay early. To buy paper. Heehee. =D
And we were going up the escalator when she suddenly pointed out a skeleton of a lizard. Haha. Then we tried to take photos of it and went up and down the escalator a few times.

The lizard was like trapped between two layers of glass and the escalator was moving very fast so very hard to pan. And was very hard to find a right angle and focus in time too. So we gave up after a few times. Haha.

Went to Fisherman's Wharf again. We lighted the cake, walked in, then the candles all extinguished cause the fans were on. Bleh. Then tricked Hao Xiang by saying my mother gave him some biscuits for a present. Heh.

Ate fried dory fillet cause I ate fish and chips the last time I went there. Took lots of pictures after that. But I'm too lazy to post all. Haha. Should be on everyone else's blog la.

Edited extensively in Gimp/Picasa.

Never Iron A Dri-Fit Shirt.

Okay. Today I decided to wear the Nike Dri-Fit shirt I bought with the $20 Nike voucher at the ihope conference back in May. I was wearing it at the Geography Field Trip to Singapore River la.

Then I stupidly decided to turn the iron to the hottest setting cause I was too lazy to iron slowly...

End Result:Sigh...there goes $40+ melted away into a hole.

Ah wells. Good excuse to buy a new t-shirt. =D

Geography Field Trip 2.

Last field trip a few weeks back was to Singapore River. Haha but yesterday we went to Venus Drive as there was a small natural river down there.

Don't have any pictures cause for some weird unknown reason the pictures were corrupted after I had deleted them from the camera and transferred to the computer. But the pictures are in Lenson's computer. =D

Grouped with Lenson, Heather and Pei Fang. Was quite fun la. I wouldn't mind staying in the river longer. Did some Geography-related experiments then recorded down on a worksheet.

It ended quite early? Haha I dunno la. Went to Lenson's house after that with the 'intention' of doing Geography Project with Wan Ting, Heather and Pei Fang. Eh it was Heather's birthday yesterday? Chee Hock came to Lenson's house with a cake to celebrate too.

Haha. 'Attempted' to do Geog after that la. Then the rest went home leaving me alone with Lenson. ;)

We er...watched...2 Fast 2 Furious. Haha. I don't really watch driving movies cause I think it's boring to watch someone drive around. I'd rather be the one driving la. But 2 Fast 2 Furious was quite okay la. Nice plot.

Walked towards 136 bus stop in the rain. Took 136 home. Lots of Sec 3 people on the bus cause they all have remedial. =P

I'm addicted to Daft Punk songs.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Teacher's Day.

Our school "celebrated" it last Friday. With ACES day workout. Haha. We were supposed to do some caterpillar thing and tie all our legs together then compete with other classes to make it across the field.

But in the end everyone was complaining about the mud on their shoes and all.

School screened I Not Stupid Too after that. Haha. Isn't it illegal to screen movies in a school? ;)

Went to watch 1408 with Hao Xiang Eugene Woei Jiun and Elaine after that at Cineleisure.

The movie's okay la. Some parts were nice, but other parts were kind of cliché. It's based on a short story by Stephen King.

Yu Rong messaged me towards the end of the movie saying I was playing for worship. O.o Heng we watched the 3.05 one if not I wouldn't make it.

Went to Dhoby Exchange for a while.

Then Eugene and Hao Xiang went home, Woei Jiun and Elaine went to find the others and I went to Church.

My hand felt twisted when playing for worship. Gah. Stupid sprain/blister/cramp/whatever. I think the barre chords sounded horrible. But that's my opinion. =D

Went for supper after cell with parent's at some hawker centre near Potong Pasir cause I was hungry! =D Was about 1am before I reached home.

Didn't go for the fiesta thing in the Afternoon cause my sisters were still sleeping. =X But went Castle Green at night. Haha. Played some weird games with the youth then went home.

Went Church on Sunday. Didn't go for marshaling duty at the carnival thing. =/