Sunday, 30 August 2009

Museum Field Trip.

As part of my module on Visual Presentation my class went to a field trip at the National Museum of Singapore. Hahaha. The exhibition was on The Collected Works of Verner Panton who was a prolific furniture and interior designer in Denmark. We were supposed to look at how museums in Singapore present and mount their exhibitions and artworks. To be honest I think we ended up taking more stupid pictures and doing stupid things than admiring his Collected Works. Anyways, Verner Panton believed in playful and radical uses of colours and interation between the user and the object.

Click here if you want to know more about the exhibition (which is over already :P).

Our lecturer came late. Hahahaha.

Then we went inside and started taking pictures.

Flash photography wasn't allowed inside for obvious reasons, so shot everything with available light.

I forgot why they had a television set showing someone doing kung fu.

Mirrors. Took forever trying to get a perfect angle but didn't get it in the end.

There was this weird chamber which was filled with soft chairs and spongy stuff. Hahaha. Photography wasn't allowed inside, so we stood outside and took pictures of the inside. =)


Yin Xue being emo.


The guy at the right.

Left after about 2 hours of walking around the exhibition. Saw people preparing for the night festival that coming weekend outside the museum. Which I went that weekend. =D

Then had dinner at Long John Silver's. Then went to Sengkang to celebrate Li Jing's birthday with View Meng, Ivan and Chuan Hui. Because we didn't have a lighter, I ended up buying 10 because the shop only sold in packs.

Economies of Scale and all that.

Ah wells, it was only about $1 anyways. Hahaha. Anyone wants a lighter?

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Pipes In Sengkang.

Ryan came over to my house sometime in June to help take pictures of pens.

Lots and lots of pens.

In fact, we pretty much took pictures of all the pens in my house. Took about 1 hour to shoot all the pens, 3 hours to edit them onto 4 A3-sized pieces of paper, and an unknown number of hours to cut the pens out. Hahaha. Was for a collage on colour research that I had to do.


Then after taking pictures of pens, we went to catch the Sunset. Haha but on our way we realised the Sun was setting so we got off at a random LRT station and took pictures there.

The Sunset wasn't really nice though.

Then we hopped back onto the LRT to our destination.


Ryan acting cool. =P

We went to this place near Anchorvale Community Club/Swimming Complex which was full of pipes, hence the title of this post.

I think the place is pretty scary cause there's no one around. And it's just a bunch of pipes lying there. =O

Evidently, the pipes are used by NEWater.

Ryan the Model.

The pipes make a faint whistling sound when the wind blows through them. Creepy. Hahaha.

On our way to Macdonald's for dinner, we saw snails!

Was quite hard to get a good picture of the snails, since they were all by the curb on a slope. And it was dark by then.

Had dinner, then went home to start editing all the pens together.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Tattoos and Strays.

Minghui decided to hell with responsibility and got himself a tattoo.

It was painful and expensive. But worth it.

Hahaha who am I kidding. No one who saw the tattoos believed they were real la, except for my Poly classmates; I had them fooled for about 15 minutes. =D

I had an eagle, a tribal pattern, a scorpion, another bird/eagle at the back of my neck, and a huge dragon. =O

The scorpion versus the dragon.

Anyways, the story behind the tattoos was that Jolene needed extras for her short film project as a mass communications student in Ngee Ann Poly. Then for some reason I got 'promoted' to main lead ah, and was required to have tattoos cause I was acting as an ex-convict. The acting took place on Friday and Saturday at random places around Singapore, and I had to wear the same shirt and jeans. I think I'm used to it after being in NPCC and wearing the same uniform for 4 days. Haha.

The tattoos were itchy. Like a piece of plastic stuck to your skin but you can't get rid of it. Was quite hard to remove too, used soap three or four times. On the upside, the tattoos were free. =D Hahaha.
Imagine if I went around taking pictures like this, hah no one would complain about me taking pictures of them man. Unless said people had tattoos too, but that's another story.

Pictures of me with the tattoos were taken by Ryan the next day after filming. Because he needed to take pictures of human shadows of the alphabet for his friend and I was suddenly his model. Gosh. I should get a modelling/acting career la hahahahaha.

Human shadows of the alphabet are weird. Imagine two guys at a recently constructed carpark with an external flash mounted on a tripod with one guy holding some professional looking camera taking pictures of another guy's shadow with the other guy posing to look like an alphabet. Naturally we attracted stares, but we went to a recently constructed carpark so not many families had moved in yet. Phew. Was laughing like crazy non-stop too.

Ryan with his external flash mounted on a tripod.

Q and Z shadows are impossible to do. Unless you have more than one model la. Easiest letter would be I. =)

Oh and when Ryan and me were walking around the relatively deserted corridors(the blocks were recently constructed remember), we saw this dog walk past us. Was really freaky at first cause we expected some owner to jump out and surprise us.


After chasing and following it around for awhile, we concluded that it was a stray. But I think it was abandoned by it's owner or ran away from home cause it was pretty well groomed. Friendly too.

Staring competition with Ryan. Thankfully the dog didn't notice my tattoos ah hahaha.

Awww.. (Ryan lost the staring competition ssshhh)

The dog looked quite sad la. Followed us around a bit too.

In the end we walked up the stairs and it didn't follow us. So depressing. Considered calling the SPCA, but there's so many stray dogs around Punggol I think they'd just put it to sleep.

So depressing. I haven't seen the dog after that day. Maybe the owner found it, or it joined a pack of strays. Maybe I'll see it again. =)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Around the City.

Went to Vivo City about 2 months back with Chit Min and Ryan on a Tuesday. Chit Min and me decided to go there to wait for Ryan whilst he sent his laptop back for repair again. I think we did something before we went to Vivo, but I can't remember. Hahaha.

Anyways, Chit Min and me waited for Ryan at the skydeck and took pictures of random things. Haha.
Chit Min.

Cable Cars.

This guy was talking with a headset but it looked like he was talking to himself so we took a picture of him. =)

Then Ryan came, we slacked for a while longer, and Chit Min left to go somewhere whilst Ryan and I decided to go to Raffles Place and took a bus from Vivo to Tanjong Pagar this time cause we were lazy to walk.

They should have invested in a fish-eye lens and saved money. Or a rotating camera.

For some reason we ended up walking to Clarke Quay. Hahaha.

Saw some guy taking pictures of the Singapore skyline with an external flash mounted and camera upside down, so I decided to try it too. Maybe the flash bounces off the water or something. =D

I think the busker started walking back to his guitar when he saw us taking pictures.

Ryan's tongue =P

Hahaha. Blur pictures are so much harder to take than focused ones.

Went to Burger King for dinner and we saw this guy at the table next to us.
Note Ryan's long lens in the foreground.

We should compile a collection of people staring. Priceless.