Thursday, 28 September 2006

18th September 2006

Top 10 things I do on my Computer.

10. Study lessons at e-learning.
9. Organise/Change/Redesign my computer interface.
8. Design graphics.
7. Code html/javascript/css.
6. Search for guitar chords.
5. Work.
4. Surf the net for weird interesting sites.
3. Read blogs.
2. Blog.
1. Msn.

Eeks, I should definitely reprioritize huh? Like, I should be working or practising coding instead of surfing for interesting sites or reading blogs... =S Blehs, maybe I could edit my hosts file to redirect every single site i visit back to (Geek stuff. Link.) =/

I experimented with putting the first line of the song If your gone into my personal message last night. It was something like:"Think I already lost you". Then I waited for everyone to start guessing who I "lost"... *disclaimer* I didn't lose anyone, it was just for fun. =P

Today was fun, in a way. I think question 12 in our geography paper was wrong lar!! The question was something like, how can Earth support life? Then the "correct" answer was because the atmosphere can trap heat?? Should it be because plants can grow? Blarh, the teacher said I should go see Mrs Goh, but then Mrs Goh was like: "You must choose the best answer, the correct answer", then retreating back into the staffroom before I could argue that without plants, we wouldn't survive at all.

Went to Hans to eat with Alvin, Si Peng, Kenny, Yun Kai and Chee Hock. Hahas, Sandy suddenly said she wanted her paopao cha so I went to treat her lar. So now we're even. =P

Stayed back for Literature extra lesson. The unseen prose was super hard to do, with this super chim question that asked us to describe how the writer was preparing us or something? I felt strangely "literical" so I wrote a page long answer....if only I could feel "literical" during exams...(I'm usually moody. =S)

Then Yun kai felt sleepy and wanted to stay in class to sleep? Haha, I suspect it's cause Woei Jiun and Chuan Hui were staying in class ;) he found the literature lesson boring, but I didn't find it boring for some strange weird unexplainable reason. Reached home at around 6, now I'm trying to get some work done whilst blogging and hearing music and asking Keane for songs....multi-tasking. =P

I'm hooked onto coffee now...blarhs, coffee's quite useful to keep you awake lar..maybe I should try taking a nap in the afternoon like Sandy. No wonder she can stay up so late....

Don't visit Germany!! It's infested with giant radioactive bugs!!(Google Proof)

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