Saturday, 31 January 2009

Dog Training.

No Minghui did not go for training. -.- Nor did he send Snowie for training. Went to Speaker's Corner/Hong Lim Park 2 Sundays back cause Kenny asked Koon Tat to come and Koon Tat didn't want to go by himself so he asked me and Kenny said I could come also and I came because I pangsehed him on a Sunday a very long time ago. Ta dah.

Brought my camera, and guess what I took pictures of? Dogs! (WAO)

Kenny 's dog. =D

It was like the same thing as the dog show during National Day Celebrations at school last year, except this time they were training only la.


Looks like Snowie right! Haha. He's a cross between a Maltese and Poodle. I think.

Siberian Husky. =O

Koon Tat and me stayed there for a while, then I had to leave cause I was late for Church and was supposed to give an announcement for the Youth with Xiao Ling hahaha. =/

Sunday, 25 January 2009

O Level Results.

Got back my O level results on the 12th January.

But before that, I went swimming! Hahaha. Cycled all the way to Sengkang to meet Ivan and View Meng first, then we cycled to Hougang swimming complex and met Jude and Hui Joo there. Was perspiring already when I reached Sengkang, so by the time we reached Hougang I was quite tired already. So only swam about 20 laps. =D

Then Ivan went home whilst we still had about 2 hours to kill, so the 4 of us went to play Left 4 Dead. Hahaha. The lan shop was quite empty cause students were still in schools, and the 4 of us were like super noisy. Heehee.

Then had lunch at Hougang Mall, and went to school to wait.

My results were quite okay for me. 12 for l1r4 and 17 for l1r5. Not 6 points like some people *looks away from Victor*, but they were much better than what I expected, considering the circumstances and all that happened at the time. Thought I would fail Maths but I got C5! =D

Oh and my teacher told me I couldn't get my results back at first until I paid my school fees. -.- So I went down to the general office to pay but the lady there said I didn't have to pay so I went back up but my teacher didn't believe me so we both went down and my teacher realised I didn't need to pay so I was the only student to get my result slip in the general office. Hahaha.

Stayed in school for a while, then cycled back to Punggol Plaza with Chit Min cause he didn't want to pay bus fare. -.- Watched him eat KFC then went home.

Spent the rest of the week deciding where to go. I'm not going to a JC cause I don't want to learn Chinese and Maths anymore haha. Went to Singapore Polytechnic with Koon Tat, Denise and Fiona on Wednesday, and Temasek Polytechnic with View Meng, Hui Joo and Jude on Thursday. And we went to play Left 4 Dead again after that hahaha.

Cell group was okay. First time singing backup for worship. =) Can't really remember anything else other than that. =\

Went to Ryan's house on Saturday with Lenson to practice. Wee. Tried unsuccessfully to connect our laptops and play Left 4 Dead (again -.-) but me and Lenson's laptops were super laggy even at the lowest graphic settings time to buy new laptops hah Only Ryan's laptop the most power one ah. Haha.

Spent the day there practicing different songs. =)

Okay I think my post is quite unrelated to O level results already. Haha.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Undignified 2009.

Went down to Grace Methodist Church a few Saturdays back cause there was a Worship workshop/conference kind of thing. And they had a funfair so we set up a stall selling hot dogs and can drinks. =)

Oh yes went down to Church early on Friday too to design posters for the stalls with Jolene and Rachel. Although I mostly did coloring. Haha.

Pictures! Most weren't taken by me I think. =D


I think we used up a fair bit of Rachel's crayons from colouring haha. =S

Dog face drawn by Melanie haha.

Hot dog. Nicer than Ikea one.

Spent the afternoon there eating, and selling, and exploring the other stalls.

Table soccer! Timothy and me lost to Melanie and Ming Ren by 1 goal. =/

Coleman and Cedric engrossed in Winning 11. Haha.

Stayed for the night worship too which was okay. Haha. Was quite loud with 6 drummers at the same time. =O And you couldn't really hear the keyboardist guy from Hillsong at the end.

Took a train back home with my sister at around 11pm. =) More photos on Facebook here.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Sec 1 Camp 2009.

Since I've graduated from Secondary school already and don't have to go back to school, guess what I did for the first week of school. -.-

Yea I went back to school for like 4 days of the week. Went to take pictures of the Sec 1 camp at school from Monday to Wednesday. Minghui is such a nice helpful boy! Wee. But the three days were rather tiring la. Took pictures of the Sec 1 investiture on Friday too.

Okay, went walking around the classes in the Morning cause the campers were all attending the briefing and putting their bags in their bunks, then we walked past Mr. Yeo's Literature class, and he was like: "That's Sakura. Hi Sakura!" and introduced me to the whole class as Sakura. -.- Hahaha. Cause we were Team Kakashi or something, then I was somehow Sakura.


And of all the classes to teach, he was teaching 2 Charity with people like Anson and Weane and other Sec 1s that I knew last year. =/

And guess who was at the opposite block. Hahaha.

Then we went for lunch with Mr Yeo. Hahaha. He brought along an Eeyore and Tigger puppet. So fun! Wah. Can do lots of stupid things man. Like doing 6 step, and hand stand, and even flare leh!

I realised I don't have a nice looking picture of the puppets, so shall use this.

Ignore the yawning guy. =)

Had lunch at LJS, then we walked back to school and started taking pictures.

Gang Yi playing with his gun. =)

It's blur on purpose! Hahaha.

Hotshoe! Taken by Stephen with SB-900, 800, and 600 remotely linked.

Went around the school scaring PSLs and doing stupid things. Hahahaha.

Empty Classroom.

This was one of the highlights of the nightwalk haha. Stayed here and took pictures of terrified expressions. =D

Did stupid things too la, like for example, Ryan wore his camo net and started running around with his hands outstretched like a zombie making WooWooWooWoo noises. Hahahaha. I think it's more funny than scary but ah wells.


Reached home at around 11pm, then woke up at 8am and went to school again. Met Lenson at Macdonald's first though. =D

Spent the Morning walking around Hougang for the HI trail with Lenson whilst Alvin and Stephen were at school shooting the station games. There was this stupid game at one point on the trail where you had to pass along the title of a movie from person to person using only sign language. And Matrix Reloaded somehow became Finding Nemo. Hahaha.

Went for lunch with Mr Yeo and a bunch of other teachers that I don't really know well. Hahaha. Talked about Teacher Things with the teachers. Heh. Then went back to school and shot more pictures.

It's like those crane games at the arcade. =)

Taken at the Hall's control room.

Mr Sharom's head. Haha. It's quite overexposed but I was leaning out of the window to take the picture okay.

Stayed in the hall for a while whilst they were doing the Auction thing. Then we went to play basketball with Mr Yeo and Mr Sharom! Hao Xiang also luh haha. I think it was a close match huh, but we lost by a couple of points. Okay la Lenson, Ryan and me got trashed by Hao Xiang, Mr Yeo, Mr Sharom and Stephen. =/

Met Chit Min outside the school at around 6pm cause he was afraid of going in(=P), then we went somewhere for dinner. Went back to school and took pictures of the campfire.

Took bus back with Chit Min and reached home rather late again.

Went to school on the third day again, and we helped Uncle Zhi Ming to take passport photos of the students! Haha. Lenson was like the nurse with the clipboard and pen and Uncle Zhi Ming is the doctor.

Okay then we went up to take pictures of prize giving and group photo and all that and went home. =)

Went back to school again on Friday to take pictures again. =S I'm getting bored of taking pictures already. =( Then we went to help Uncle Zhi Ming and do stupid things again. At one point I was like walking out the room and shouting for some girl and everyone was looking at me. =D

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Woei Jiun's Birthday.

Went out for dinner to celebrate Woei Jiun's birthday on the 3rd of January. Woah. She's 17 already leh. Hahaha.
That's Woei Jiun. =)

Went to Sakae Sushi at Park Mall for buffet. Hahaha. Did lots of stupid random things there. Like, putting a bunch of things into different Ang Baos that we got from somewhere. Heh. We put like, 10 cents(for her to use the toilet), tissue paper(for her to use when in the toilet), a small ice pack(to stay cool), and those vegetable dressing things from a plate of salmon. =D But sadly, she didn't stick her hand in without looking first la. Hahaha.


Chee Sheng's scrumptious contemporary birthday cake masterpiece for Woei Jiun.

Chee Sheng the Chef. See the eyes of concentration!!

Joshua the NIKE AIR man.

Joshua when he first discovered Sakae Sushi. =)

Okay we cut cake and sang birthday song but we didn't eat the cake cause we were too full already. Hahaha. Went back home at around 9pm cause Woei Jiun didn't want to be home too late.

Then Hao Xiang came to my house and we played basketball at night again. Hahaha. This time I realised Hao Xiang is a very cunning person uh. Something to do with reminding him it was the 4th of January and midnight and all that. Hmph. -.-

Played until 1+, then went for supper, then went back home. =)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New Year.

Celebrated the New Year with a barbecue with Sec 4 Mata people. Couldn't make it for the Watchnight service, and couldn't go with the photography people nor my family to catch the fireworks too. =/

Anyways, met Hao Xiang on New Year's Eve first and we went swimming. Haha. Swam 30 laps whilst Hao Xiang swam 10. =P Then walked off to Hougang Mall. There was a Pasar Malam there and we saw people playing this.

Hah. If I were them I'd smuggle needles inconspicuously in and claim a refund as well as compensation for emotional and physical damages arising defects in their equipment. =D Or I'd just focus my attempt on pushing the other person out onto the field. Heehee.

Had a Ramly Burger! Hao Xiang didn't eat cause he ate a ramly burger before meeting me already.

Walked over to Hao Xiang's grandmother's house because he wanted to drop off his clothes or something. Then we saw this.

N Lvl Top Scorer's car. =D

Walked to Eugene's house, and played around for a while.

Saw this book in Eugene's house and I think everyone should read this book because it's stupidly funny. Hahaha. And the website is ZOO WEE MAMA.

Someone's Handphone uh.

Some guys arh. Tsk tsk.

Yi Hong's shirt looks like mine hahaha.

Set up the fire sometime around 6pm. Since we are ,you know, expert NPCC Campcraft people uh, setting up a barbecue fire was easy. Heh. And it was really windy so there was no need to fan too. =)

Adidas. Tried to make a Nike one but the curve was too difficult haha.

Eugene has this awesome hammock which is very relaxing. At least until it snaps. Hahaha. Eugene's sister Rachel was like swinging the hammock with me in it, then *snap* and I landed on the floor. Was quite painful, hahahaha.

Joshua the smoke man!

Joshua's Gigantic Satay. It was like two pieces wedged together. =O

Our cups drawn by Nina. =)

Haha and we celebrated Olivia's birthday too. Cake was baked by a bunch of the girls.

Spent the night owning people at Halo 3, laughing at the way Yi Hong plays Left 4 Dead, playing Scrabble/Dai di, watching IP man for a bit, and eating. =D

Snow! Wee.

Fell asleep at around 7am cause everyone else was asleep already and there was nothing to do. Haha =/ Woke up at 10+ and went home. =)