Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

Went to the Train Station with Ryan about 7 Tuesdays ago to take pictures. Gosh I haven't updated in such a long time uh. =S

Aside from the stupid gif animation we created in the previous post at Barcelos Vivo City, we also took other pictures la.

In case you never knew, Singapore has a single railway station connecting it to Malaysia at Tanjong Pagar. It's a pretty interesting topic at Wikipedia cause there's lots of disputes regarding the station.

Anyways, first we sent Ryan's laptop for repair at the HP service centre.

This is an awesome futuristic looking underpass. Although it's quite old already I think.

Then we checked out the bus stop and realised it was only three stops to the train station. So like: "meh, three stops only, save money walk laaa."

Ryan getting ready to walk.

At first it was pretty okay cause we were under shelter.

I was swinging my camera around and pressed the shutter randomly. =D

Then we came upon this seemingly endless stretch of shade-less, shelter-less, urban desert with the blazing hot Sun above us relentlessly providing us with depressing thoughts about climate change and it's effects on the minuscule existence we call a World.

Actually we just walked down this long stretch under the hot Sun la. =D Exaggeration is a side effect of this super profound novel I'm reading that uses abtruse analogies, metaphors and conjectures that jumps constantly between the philosophical and the humorous. Hahaha I think my brain's going to asplode.

Anyways, made it to the train station in the end, where we said our goodbyes to Singapore and boarded the train into the unknown. Took pictures la, what else. Hahaha.

Train!! Woo!!

I've sat on the train from KL to Singapore once a few years ago, but never to this station because we got off at Woodlands checkpoint and took a taxi back home.

Saw this brick somewhere along the perimeter of the station.

Spot the fire hydrant.

Black and White HDR. =)

I forgot what the long stick things were. Trees? Poles? I only know, that they are loong, and sticky.

The place is pretty, preserved I guess. A startling contrast to the dazzling skyscrapers nearby. Dazzling cause the windows of the skyscrapers were all shiny and reflected the Sun into your eyes at times.

We walked all the way up to the departure area platform. Then left soon after that la cause everyone there was staring at us. =\


AchDeeArrs again.

From the railway station, we walked to the MRT station which was about 2 bus stops away.

Panning with Distractions. Hahaha.

Unique. =D

Had dinner at Clarke Quay. Then went home. =)

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Ryan's Gear.

Dun Dun Dun. 127 images times 2 because Ryan takes out his equipment immediately after keeping it. -.-

Raw file size was about 500mb and kept freezing my computer. Even at 200mb my computer would still freeze, so it's resized to about 1/10th of it's actual size. =( Still looks hypnotising though, hah.

It's still about 7mb so if you are reading this blog on a mobile phone and using some 3G data plan quick leave before the image downloads completely!!!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Cousin's Wedding.

Haha okay I'm about 1 month behind in blogging. Blahs. My cousin's wedding was on the 10th of June. Took a number of pictures there. Haha. Thankfully my school break started the day before the wedding. =D

I'm tired and lazy to blog what happened that day in detail la. But to sum things up, my cousin got married. Yup. =)

Random pictures.

I think wedding photography is pretty awesome. Especially since all the photographer was using was a D300, Sb-800 and 18-55mm f2.8 Tamron lens. The dinner was quite good too la. Although I was like thinking about side plates and oval trays and fanfare and all that stupid terms they use during a banquet. Haha. Permanent damage from working in a hotel before.

Okay new modules tomorrow, past block was insane. I think I got so used to the stress of completing assignment after assignment non-stop that now when it's all completed it feels weird.

I think I have lots to think about lately too.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Leader's Retreat.

Minghui is waiting for his paint to dry now. Hence he shall blog hah.

Okay leader's retreat was long long ago. 5th to 6th of June? Blee. Was supposed to meet Jolene sometime in the afternoon at Ngee Ann Poly because I didn't know how to get to William Booth Corps hahaha. But my class ended at 12pm and I ended up sleeping till 5+.

Thought I would have plenty of time to reach Ngee Ann Polytechnic but ended up being late la. Slightly. Who knew that the bus from Clementi would take another 15minutes. Haha eeyer so far away. I'm too used to the 20 minute bus ride + 10 minutes bus ride = School routine already.

Stupid thing was I realised there was a direct bus there from Hougang interchange and I would have saved about $3 in bus/MRT fares. Sighs.

Sunset was nice. But the view from the balcony had lots of trees. =/

Leader's Retreat was okay. Towards the end it was like a neverending leader's meeting that ended at 1am. And in retrospect I think most of the problems discussed aren't really solved yet. But it was good la, not just because Yurong reads this blog. =D


Patrick Projected.

Heart-shaped Potato! Gasp.

Went to watch Terminator Salvation at Jurong IMM. Gosh the place looks different. Probably cause the last time I went there was last year. The movie was okay la. Some parts were unbelievable, and the sound in the cinema was super loud. Haha but you sort of know when to cover your ears. The loud sounds are always preceded by eerie silences.

Had supper at MacDonald's after that then reached home at about 1am.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Haji Lane.

Went down with Ryan to Haji Lane about a month ago to take pictures. Haha. For the uninitiated (like me, I had no idea Haji Lane existed), Haji Lane is this lane in Singapore with shophouses.

There were lots of graffiti on the walls!

From this picture, I can infer that someone changed their batteries and left the old ones there.

HDRs. =D

Took photos here and there. Then me and Ryan decided to walk in the general direction of the concourse towers.

Weird Building.

Graffiti Artists. I think they're being paid la.

Emo bird is emo.

Yellow Vespa. =O

Ryan smiles to himself after taking a nice picture. Hahaha.

The owner of the motorcycle was fortunately not around. =D

I was lucky enough to be able to capture this bird in flight. *cough*

I don't know what this is for. But I took a picture of it. =D

Slacking on the job?

HDR again. =)

Left: Broomstick Right:Tree

The iMotorbike. =D

We walked pretty much all the way to Suntec city, then from there to Marina Square. Haha. At some point we ended up on the expressway with no pavement waiting to cross the road, but other than that it was quite okay.

Went to Cathay Photo and bought a rocket! =D Haha. Then had dinner at Carl's Junior and went home.

Patrick and the Rocket.