Saturday, 16 August 2014

On High Education.

(Yes I know it's been two years.)

Having recently ORD-ed (ORD LO) and left the army, I've decided to start working immediately and not pursue higher education. I would like to say that this decision was made after months of careful deliberation and much thought, but no it was not. I don't really know when I made the decision either.

The choice to start working with only a Poly Diploma though, was met with interesting reactions. Some people were quite surprised and insisted on me getting a degree, saying that in Singapore, it's impossible to survive without a degree. My parents though, are not some people therefore I can do what I want. Hah.

That being said, hearing about the start of the semester in University from almost all of my army buddies has set me thinking if my decision is the right one or not. Of the 12 of us recce sergeants, only 2 of us are working immediately with the rest securing a place in university (cause we are intelligence specialists so intelligent high 5). That's like less than 10% or something of us studying (I can't do the math cause no education eh hahaha).

But it has set me wondering about whether my decision to skip higher education was an *ahem* educated one. I don't really want to take up a degree in business or economics or sociology or whatever for the sake of taking it. But in Singapore everyone seems to think that a degree in STEM is the way to go, if not, a degree in general is a must to "survive" in the working world. But shouldn't people value experience as much as a piece of paper? Everyone is getting degrees to get the edge over everyone else, or to get a higher salary and more money.

Anyways, I'm grateful to be working in an industry where you don't need a piece of paper to get a job. Where people hire you based on the work you have done. Where I have exhausting 12 hour days, but also relaxed 7 hour days. Where if there's nothing to do I can do what I want. Including studying part-time for a degree if I wanted to. Which I most likely will do so in the future when I find something I want to study.

For now, I'm okay with working. Sure I don't get to apply to CCAs anymore, and there's no freshmen orientation or living in dorms. But there's still lunchtime. And many many canteens around my workplace.