Wednesday, 13 September 2006

13th September 2006

I'm going to blog profoundly, just to see how it turns out.
Chim:Today was, for me, indecisive and boring, although it did contain a touch of clumsyness on my part. Like, for example, having dropped my phone on the floor numerous times. The day started in a deathly atmosphere, yes exaggeration does distort the human mind, but that aside, Chuan hui celebrated her birthday in class today. Although it was, pretty low-key, there was still an unnerving atmosphere, something just waiting to happen.
Not Chim:I to mess around when i found this cute fish in keane's pencil box. It's a sharpener la, then u can open the mouth to throw away whatever pencil stuff u have in there. So fun, then Sandy took it and tried to bite me with the fish, it broke. =S Chim:And speaking of anticipation, I left my reader's digest magazine on Keane's table. Another amazing example of how definitive distractions lead to one's forgetfulness. Thanks to Chee hock for lending me his reader's digest, how magnimous of him. English started with a reading of a Secondary one girl's essay, it was enlightening, insightful, and a crude wake up call for some, reminding us of the harsh constraints of society and the ever changing landscape of education. She used a wonderful combination of rethorical questions that sets one thinking and the short sentences set a fast-paced style of reading.
Not Chim:Eh Geography was a torture after that. Cos in the end we didn't have to do until tmr lor. Ah well, at least we wont be so stressed by the presence of Mrs Wong and Miss Michael there and can score better. =)

Haha nvm...i give up. I feel like I'm writing a persuasive essay....or argumentative....or whatever u wanna call it la. Feels much more natural to blog this way, although i have an uncanny ability to come up with hyper chim stuff almost instantly, it seems hard to write them down.

"The problem with an eye for a eye is that everyone ends up blind."

Even if no one spares a thought for you, even if no one likes you, or if no one helps you, or if no one spares a thought for you. You do not have a right to make life miserable for others. You do not have a right to insult others. And you most certainly do not have a right to insult someone who is trying to make the class better.

I'm talking about you Zuo Ying.

Sandy: I WANT MY SWT TALK. Im Shy.

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