Wednesday, 28 March 2007

1 Week.

It's one week since I last blogged. GASP. Feels like a horribly long time. Like I've gone through a million a one things since I last blogged. I guess it's partially cause of my laziness too.

And I can't stand seeing the picture of my view through the window anymore so I'm going to blog a long post and push it down. =D

Thursday: Went to school. =) I'm a good boy.

Friday: Went to school. Went for npdp training again. Haha, got scolded with awesome phrases like:"You all are marching like octopuses!!". I'm going to improve my vocabulary soon. =)

Saturday: Went to do SS project. Went Chee Hock's house. Do for a while, then played computer games with Koon Tat. So hard to find nice computer games that are multiplayer. We went miniclip, addictinggames, and finally neopets. Heehee.

Sunday: Overslept for Church. =/ But I completed my homework! I'm a very very good boy. =)

Monday: Went for school. Went to watch Mr Bean's Holiday with Fiona and Koon Tat. Haha, funny lor. I wna go watch again and again. =D

Tuesday: Went for school. Went for the drive past of Rev Father Lu, my mother knows about it too cause she works in a Catholic Kindergarten. But was quite sad though, although he's in heaven now. =)

Today: Went for cross-country. Woke up at 5.30am, rushed to school, went to Bedok. Along the way Hao Xiang invented a new word again. Should be something like Weeeeuuuu. It's like the sound a car/lorry makes when it drives past. Haha, I think we can slowly create a new language already.

Marshalling was...tiring...but nvm...wish I could have ran though, at least my legs won't be that painful and my boots won't be muddy.

Went for npdp training after that. My flag dropped like near the end of the parade lor. =X If the commander wasn't scolding us it wouldn't have dropped. Ah wells.

Tomorrow: PE!! Yay!!

Friday: Npcc!! Yay!!

Saturday: Npdp Training!! Yay!!!!


I'm in a very bad mood lately. Sometimes it's like I just don't have the energy to remain optimistic and happy and cheerful and all that. Like, I think it takes less energy to act "dao" and be negative and antagonistic about everything.

I feel like screaming at the next person who complains that they're feeling very busy and stressed and whatever. As though I'm living a carefree simple life with no worries about anything and am free to listen and sympathize with their complaints.

Grrr Minghui Is An Angry Monster Now!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

I'm Uber Depressed.

I just realised our teachers changed seating arrangements today. =( That means I'm now seating at the back! Nooooo no more seeing the bus uncle and pri sch children running around playing, or the man that always brings his dog for a walk, or the little boy with squeaky shoes running around or the students running 2.4 for PE every morning. Sighs...
So sad right? And there's lots of nice birds in the trees also. =/

Ah wells, at least now I'm seating at the back so I can sleepconcentrate better on studies. =)

Hta training today...sighs...I kenna chosen to be left marker la!! =( Imagine trying to hold the flag pole steady, follow timing, don't drag boots, dressing, and now have to memorise when to turn and when to mark time.

And being left marker is super scary also. Cause it's like you're the first person to march out into the parade? =/ And my right hand is like jelly now. =\

Bleah, PE tmr...and training again on friday...I'm going to be a super fit person by this Saturday. =D

Monday, 19 March 2007

I need Space...

Anyone willing to buy me a new hard drive? Or a new computer? =/

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Saturday, 17 March 2007


I forgot all about Aaron leaving for Australia on Tuesday. Bleah. Think I was too tired from camp preparation. Haha, but I think his blog is a great place to go if you don't feel hungry. And Guan You left for NS yesterday. =/

Anyways, campfire on Wednesday was Awesome! Cause we all super high. And got Koon Tat there. =D Reached home at around 10+, woke up at around 6+.

Urban hike was Awesome too! Cause it was at Ang Mo Kio. Hahaha, quite unfair actually, since I spent most of my childhood around Ang Mo Kio and Bishan. Walked past a lot of familiar landmarks. Like the road I always walk when going home after cell to 136, or the Hawker center where I ate lunch with my parent's cell group one Sunday(imagine eating with your parent's cell group....weird...), or the Jack's place I used to eat after Church every Sunday when there was some guest from overseas, or the Kindergarten my mother used to work at before I was born.

Ok, I think I'm blabbering nonsense. But kind of nostalgic la, and our group finished first! =)

Slept most of the day on Friday. Woke up at 12, ate lunch, then went back to sleep. but I woke up again at around 4 to go out with family.

Didn't go cell cause it was my father's birthday. =D Went to Sentosa to celebrate. Signed up for the Sentosa Islanders Card thing too. Then the picture they took of me I look super red cause I'm hawt of the lighting and the webcam?

Went to the beach, played around, went to Kofu for dinner, reached home at around 11.

Now I'm lazying around at home trying not to do anything or think about the pile of homework in my messy room. Lalalala.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007


I think holidays are even more tiring than normal school days.

I think I'm tired though. I've been rushing everywhere these few days and haven't thought much about anything yet. =/

Ya. I'm going to blog about everything and see if I'm supposed to feel tired or not.

Went to play at Gracehaven for their worship last Sunday. Hee, Guan You, Shermin, Matthew and Yurong went. Gosh, I was super scared first time playing the guitar in front of such a large audience and having only 1hour of practice beforehand ok? I played wrongly a few times but I don't think very noticeable la...cause I was strumming and not plucking. But very hands were all sweaty and I was sure I'd drop the pick halfway whilst playing.

But playing there is probably different from Church la. Since it's a children's home...I think playing for Cell would be different? Maybe less nervous. =D But the last song was meaningful in the sense that you could really hear them singing? I couldn't even hear myself play and yet I could hear them sing...But whether some of them meant it or not would be another story la...

And my father gave the sermon. Heehee. Haven't heard my father "preach" in a long time...But then he started to say that his son was here today and now everyone at Gracehaven knows that I'm his son. =( Now I'm very scared.

Reached home at around 12. =\

Went to celebrate Bernice's Birthday on Monday. Erh. Didn't plan to go initially, but then Koon Tat and I decided to go. =D Watched Music and Lyrics with Koon Tat, Fiona, and Denise. Quite a nice show. Went Punggol Park with them after that. Bleah. Haha, then walked all the way home with Denise. Erh, I've never walked home so late before. Punggol looks very very scary at night. Especially the pathway near our old holding school.

Was super tired when I reached home....again...hahas...

Woke up at 6am to go to school today. =X Went to Mac, saw View Meng there, then ate breakfast with 3integ ppl...Maths was quite ok...I understand Alpha and Beta!! =D

Walked all the way to Hougang sports hall with Chee Hock and Koon Tat. Waited for Alvin to come...then played Badminton for like 15mins before rushing back to school. Blarh.

Npcc was quite ok. Except pulling the rope obstacle part was horrible cause I ended up with a horrible sore throat and blisters. But I still think quite fun la...hahaha...

And now I'm blogging. =/ I dunno if I should be tired, but I'm tired anyways.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

All Of The Above.



Super tired these few days. But now I'm hyper energetic cause I just slept 10+hours. Yay!

Friday was ptm. But I didn't go cause I went for npdp training. Heehee, finally a good reason for npdp trainings. But I think it's bad lar...cause my mother went ptm without me and I wasn't there to argue with the teacher. =/

Did horribly for results though, I think I failed e maths, a maths, and chinese. =/ Haven't seen my report book yet...

Npdp training was the worst so far. Cause we never tried marching with a flag and many of us marched with wrong hands and the instructor gave us the wrong timing and we had to mark time and whatever. My right hand was shaking slightly when everything ended. Weird la.

Slept on the bus back to compass point. Waited for 156 there. I was super hungry cause I didn't have enough money/time for dinner. =( Then the TV Mobile started showing some cooking show with Spaghetti and all sorts of cheeses that made me feel even more hungry... Gah, TV Mobile should ban cooking shows, especially around lunch/dinner times. Missed most of worship at cell cause I was late. =(

Sunday, 4 March 2007


Ok..haven't been blogging in a very long time. School's ok I guess. Mostly practicing for vip almost everyday... =/

I'm coughing like every minute, and my throat's super painful. =( I think I shouldn't shout timing anymore.

Haha, npcc on Friday was ok...although tougher than normal trainings at school. But hta still quite fun la. =D The bus uncle came super late like 6.30... =\ we were 1 of the last few schools to leave, so it was about 7 by the time I reached compass point. =( Ate dinner with Hao Xiang, Eugene and Chee Sheng before going home.

Didn't go for cell cause it was my sister's birthday. Where did January and February go?? =(

Went Alvin's house on Saturday, played blackjack abit, then went Lenson's house to practice, then went back to Alvin's house, then went home.

Went Church today, guitar practice after that, then went home.

My right hand fingers are super painful la. Can't type properly, cause all my dead skin peeled away during guitar practice and the new skin haven't grow properly yet. =/ Learned lots today though. I can finally memorize how to strum 6/8 patterns. =D I think I wanna learn something else after guitar. Or maybe I should go learn classical guitar "properly" and take grade exams. Or maybe I should just save for an electric guitar. =D

Saw Bibi on 136 today!! Haha, I was sitting at the back so she didn't see me or pretended not to see me. I wanted to shout heeheehee but then I had a sore throat and couldn't really talk properly. =/

Bleah, I feel so tired...