Wednesday, 31 May 2006

31st May 2006

I'm in a good mood today, because NP ended at 1.30, i guess the instructors didn't want to tire us out this close to the parade. But today we refreshed our memory on 8basic knots and the types of lashings. But today was still tiring, i had to drag myself out of bed like the other days but at least there's no np tomorrow. So i have time to sleep.

Glynis i guesseg u'd say something like that, focusing on my mistakes rather than the real subject?
Slander is a false and malicious statement or report about someone. Link

If u wanna act like ur so sensitive against harsh words like sucks...(hello? U use f*** all the time?) But if u want to...i can't really help it can i? If u consider sucks as a bad word, or if u feel it is false. Please bear in mind that i was using it to emphasize my point. I mean, would u rather me come up to you and saying:"glynis i think u have a slight problem." or "glynis u suck, u wanna know why i think that way?"

I asked u time and time again if u wanna know the reason why. reply. If u didn't hear, then i'm sorry that u didn't hear and took it as if i was insulting u. But u did hear didn't u? U heard but ignored it, now your claiming that i'm slandering you by saying u suck.

Well didn't u say i suck like hell? What about those ****s? Please accept it glynis. Nothing i say can change your mind, but think urself, is this the kind of life u wanna live? Using vulgarities, having a heck care attitude? Is this all there is to life? Think about it, u wanna find flaws in me and use them against me, go ahead.

I've sinned, no one is born free of sin(except Jesus =P) and i have used words to shoot people down, i have cursed, i have been in fights, i was in my pri school's principal's office more than once. God has said that whosoever believeth in Jesus shall not perish, but have eternal life. When u make a decision for Christ, u are forgiven of your sins, and u should start anew living for Christ.

If u are angered that i said u suck and think i have commited some deadly sin like murder, then fine, I only need God to forgive me of my sins, i don't need u. But i did say those words with the basis of relativity, maybe u mistook that for slander.

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

30th May 2006

I feel so dead, NPCC trainings non-stop this whole week from Monday to Friday, but at least we dont have training for Thursday so as to have time to prepare for ATC.

Everyone was pretty demoralised today. Went to school at 8, ATC preparation throughout. Chee Sheng Nigel and Ding Qi had English remedial. If only she asked the whole class to come, then i wouldn't have to cut myself, sweat like mad, or shout like crazy, at least i could rest in class(rest means sitting down nowadays)

Pitched a tent, unpitched a tent, learned how to fold ground, inner and out sheets, learned cheers, and went to eat lunch after everything. I dun think there wasn't one of us who wasn't tired then. Then, change to full u for full dress rehearsal. Wow and here we are sweating and changing to full u.

Parade went quite well in my opinion. It was the best considering we had training yesterday(which was completely demoralising btw)and this morning and it was the first time with a rifle in full u.

But noooooo even as the teacher commented everyone saying their marching had improved, excellent, blah blah. the instructors gave us killer looks.
Guess they couldn't help it la, since our drills were pretty slacky in hihsnpcc terms. But they at least tried to improve our morales and that helped give us a more positive view of Friday.

Yar, i've been so busy i rarely have time to think things through. But u know what Glynis? I no longer care, whatever i say u will always find an excuse, something to counter me, something to lash back at me, make me feel guilty? If it's not u it's ur friend, and, i've already done all i can(i think) it all matters on what u wanna think. I've already anwsered to God, i don't have to anwser to anyone else. But since u would just use what i said as another excuse and just to prove that everything u or your friend said was wrong..

Let's assume that Catholics and Christians are different.(Their not)
Vulgarities: Colossians 3:8(NIV)
But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and flithy language from your lips.
From what i know, the Catholics do use the bible, and if they don't believe(or use) Colossians 3:8, then i am wrong and please correct me. But read the last part, if you yourself use vulgarities, should you still say that saying vulgarities is all right for Glynis, Jason? Aren't u asking her to not follow what her Religion tells her to do?(I'm "assuming" Catholics and Christians are different.)

Jason: Sure u can use vulgarities but did i use vulgarites against u once? Maybe sucks was a bit harsh but i used it to emphasize my point. You are free to use vulgarities against me, i should just say that i am not perfect, i don't know everything. But i know enough about Christianity and Catholism to know that something is very wrong with the people in our class(or school even)

Glynis u should have known long ago the reason. When i told u the reason, u were the one that chose to ignore it. I dunno how u actually felt about it, but if u thought i was commenting on your religion, read the new testament, rebuking is a major part of a Christian life, i've been rebuked before. And i don't know what else to say, if u chose to harden your heart, i can do nothing.

A Catholic is a Christian if he/she has accepted Christ, when u accept Christ, it's like an insurance policy, you have to make sure you don't void the contract, and you might still suffer loss, pain, suffering, but u will be conpensated, and the reward is eternal life.

Monday, 29 May 2006

29th May 2006

Evermore my heart, my heart will sing
Above a
ll, I live for Your glory

Even if my world falls I will sing
Above all, I live for Your glory
I don't care what they say about me
It's alright, alright
I don't care they think about me
It's alright, they'll get it one day

I don't care what it costs anymore
Cos' you gave it all and I'm following you
I don't care what it takes anymore
No matter what happens I'm going your way

A thousand times I've failed 
Still Your mercy remains
And should I stumble again

I'm caught in Your grace
Your light will shine when all else fades
Never ending
Your glory goes beyond all fame

In my heart and my soul
Lord I give You control
Consume me from the inside out
Lord let justice and praise

Become my embrace
To love you from the inside out


Your light will shine when all else fades

Never ending,
Your glory goes beyond all fame

And the cry of my heart Is to bring You praise
From the inside out Lord my soul cries out
Ha can anyone actually get it?

Matthew 5:11-12 (New International Version)

11"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Luke 12:5 (New International Version)

5But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after the killing of the body, has power to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him.

Get it? Nothing u guys say can actually make me angry(unless i'm acting). Nothing u say can hurt me. Nothing u say can really affect me much. But that's a good thing! Are we actually gonna have peace in class now that u all finally have someone to hate? Now u have someone to backstab, someone to insult, someone to get angry at. Isn't that a good thing? Best of all, i won't retaliate.

Unless, of course, u insult someone else other than me, then i get angry. Am i not the one who posted about u? It isn't Sandy's or Tze jie's fault. In fact, Sandy apologized, so please leave others out of this, unless u guys are that stuck-up that u all can't accept a public apology.

But that's Sandy apologizing, not me =P. And the interesting thing is, our class girls like to talk about others behind their backs. Take jemaine for example, like she practically hated Zuo Ying the last time and was just totally complaining about her to me and marie that i couldn't take it, i just repeated what she said, and guess what? She cried. So people like her backstab(maybe she doesn't know it) but cry when i repeat her words out loud?

History is repeating itself, now everyone's probably chatting, smsing, privately about how bad, evil, terrible i am. Am i not wrong? Backstabbing is talking about someone else behind his or her back, without her knowing. If u hate someone, go say it in their face ppl, don't come up with codes like blueberry and use it on ur personal message.(Yesh i'm talking about u zuo ying) Don't blog about someone (it's so obvious glynis) and not mention names.

Woei Jiun: "Plagarism is a form of academic dishonesty; it is a matter of deceit: fooling a reader into believing that certain written material is original when it is not. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense when the goal is to obtain some sort of personal academic credit or personal recognition.

Plagiarism is the passing off of another person's work as one's own. The key is that a person is claiming credit for writing done by someone else. Accidental plagiarism is usually the result of poor citation or referencing or of poor preparation or a misunderstanding of plagiarism. Deliberate plagiarism is an attempt to claim another person's work as one's own, usually by removing tell-tale evidence so the plagiarism is hard to spot.

An unacknowledged use of words, ideas, information, research, or findings not one's own, taken from any source is plagiarism only if a person is claiming personal credit for originality. It is not plagiarism to use well-known facts without acknowledging a source because readers understand the author is not claiming originality."

(Taken from

Hey if u want me to aknowledge my sources that badly..

"OUR CLASS JUX SARKS." was written and thought of solely by Sim Woei Jiun, currently a student of Sec 2 integrity. Although this is totally not plagarizing as this is a string of words, unlike an object or a new word made up by her. And as she did not completely follow the standards of copyrighting materials by placing an r, c or trademark(tm) sign (in this case tm would be preferred as she refers to it like her "trademark") She is currently protected only by basic governmental laws which do not allow her to claim rights on those string of words if they are used in a non-commercial way. Which in this case they are.

Happy? And please please please try not to justify ur actions by coming up with reasons. It's like, the thing every one does when their confronted with the truth. It was wrong of u to say such things about Meryl, and i don't care if:
is not i start one lor"(Written by Sim Woei Jiun, please see above) Do i care?U continued it.

"and i am sorry to tell u tht ur frn, tj refer me and my frns as *****es.. and *****es ***** ppl arnd"(Written by Sim Woei Jiun, please see above also) Now ur dragging Tze Jie in and blaming him?

"she didnt put in effort wad"(Written by Sim Woei Jiun, please see above for more info) DID u Even help staple something to the board?

"if tht is called change, im surprised tht she is a naive gurl.."(Written by Sim Woei Jiun, please see above for more) Change is a process of becoming different. For more information please see here.

" and i am very happy to tell u tht if u want to start a war between the 2 of us. U GOT IT!!" (Written by Sim Woei Jiun, please see above for copyright information) If it takes a war between u and me to stop u somebody else, i'm fine with it. I'll even try not to fight back. try.

"i dun backstab peeps. i frontstab them.. i dun haf to rely on elisa to help me. frns help each other."(Written by Sim Woei Jiun, Again, please see above) Backstabbing: To attack (someone) unfairly, especially in an underhand, deceitful manner. U mean u attack someone fairly?!?! Friendship, if it exists in a position where a friend helps to do wrong, would defeat the whole point of friendship, the whole point of friendship is to help each other, in a good way. Helping do wrong is being very hypocritical if u call them friends, more like little slaves or something.

" u tink tht i haf nth to do and jux scold her out of nth? u siao laa.." (Written by Sim Woei Jiun, please see above the comments for information) Yes, i knew u scolded her cos of what she wrote on her msn space, but she has apologized, and if u can't accept her apology that's being really ignorant of u. And "siao" which is in the English language associated with crazy(Please do correct me if i'm wrong) usually means someone who no longer makes sense with his language or communication skills to the extent where no one can understand him/her. So far i feel i've been pretty understandable.

"yes.. i lyk to insult ppl. wad can u do? u cant sew up my mouth right?" (Written by Sim Woei Jiun, see above for information) Actually, the only thing i can do right now is to speak up for the ppl u've insulted(yet they don't know it) which is what i'm doing now. And actually, sewing up ur mouth is possible. I would merely have to hold u still(Or unconscious) And insert a needle with a thread through ur mouth. Of course, the needle should be properly sterilised or infection will set in, it will be like piercing ur mouth, except many times over.

"now i knw tht u love to plagarize things frm ppl's blogs" (Written by Sim Woei Jiun, please see above for info) Well, my direct impression from reading this was that i was plagarizing things from people's blogs, into my blog. But of course i could be mistaken, i am only assuming things. But since reviewing my blog over and over, i have found not once instance where i claimed someone else's work as my own. (Unless i made it myself, u should know that i do use watermarks) Unless of course you are mentioning somewhere else, but please follow up on this and explain it clearly if u don't mind.

"i dun tink i haf to explain so much to u." (Written by Sim Woei Jiun, please see post beginnings for more info) Actually u don't, but seeing as u have taken such painstaking efforts to list everything down to me, so i don't see any excuse not to list them down here and explain them from my point of view. Thanks anyway for your heartfelt, kind, inspiring words which showcase such raw hate and anger.

But Please, don't try to explain ur actions with anything, u were wrong, no matter how big, how small, who did it, whatever. U were in the wrong starting everything about Meryl again.

Heck, I've been wrong before, but it isn't wrong when u correct a friend when she's in the wrong. I'm not some kind of weirdo that starts fights, that specifically picks on u. Take it anyway you want, the way i see it, everyone's just afraid to tell u ur in the wrong. and if u actually like being in the wrong...that's really just sad..

(Taken from google, please contact me if ur the creator and unhappy with the image posted here.)

Sunday, 28 May 2006

28th May 2006

Went to beach road to buy camp stuff yesterday. Was quite fun, but the prospect of ATC in less than a week was...disturbing..what if i fall? or die? or drown? lol.

I've been spending these two days practising guitar, now i'm learning by playing the bridge of these are the days of elijah over and over. It's simple yet i still have trouble changing quickly. =)

Watched over the hedge yesterday..It was super funny!!HAHA esp the part where everything happened in slow motion. Or the food part. HAHA go watch it.

Haiz...i think i know why the class is so...spilt. U know what'swho's the problem?Woei Jiun. That's like, the most logical reason. Of course, everyone is at fault, me included, but that was stepping completely out of the line bitching about Meryl when the class was already no longer tense. Like? Do u need people to come ask u for suggestions about decorating the class blog?

Take it from meryl's point of view, what would our class give as suggestions? "o u do anything can liao" "anything also can" "nice nice can liao"
Why didn't u just step in and give suggestions? That hard isit? But noooo u want people to go:"hi woei jiun what would u like for the class decorations?"

It's bad enough that ur unhappy with the class decorations even if u didn't help out at all, but u wanna go backstab meryl and say that the class decorations are ugly? How would u feel if u made something and i go talking to everyone(except u) about how ugly it looks.

U think sincerity's so good go join sincerity la!Why u wanna stay in our "ugly" class for what? Our class isn't perfect, u aren't too u know?

U trying to start another row?Another fight? Our class is already quite ok, and here u come talking bad about meryl, u hate her that bad isit? Or isit she murdered ur parents? If u hate someone say it IN THEIR FACE.

Don't being some backstabbing coward who relies on their friends. And u think ur so big scolding people who try to correct u, u think ur always in the right. Scolding even ur friends if they so much as mention ur in the wrong.

Familiar? Got that from ur blog.
Your in our class. So u jux sarks too. Correct??

U want a war? U got one, but not with Meryl, with me. Try picking on someone ur own size without ur "friends" to back u up.
Can't u stop insulting people for once? Let the class be in peace? U have to insult someone even on the second last day?

Our class is that filled with anger and hate huh?

Saturday, 27 May 2006

27th May 2006

Last day of school yesterday. Most of the time in school was spent on preparing for the PTM later though. My appointment was at 6...and i stayed back in school for the entire 6hours. Haha i brought Left Behind: Armageddon and i read around 100pages in that 6hours..the book was a bit scary...hey its an adult novel right?

Saw lots of parents and classmates coming in and out. Tze jie's parents looked murderous, like super angry. And tze jie was distressed. Can't be that bad right? But everyone was affected pretty badly by results...maybe i should be too.

Yesh my results deproved, just like most of the class. My position dropped to around 17, but i got 2A2s for English and D&T. My Maths and Chinese pulled me down the most. Hence i shall resolve to study during the holidats for maths and chinese when i'm free. =)

Rushed for Youth Group after PTM..there i read the book to the end and lent it to fabian. Dunno if he can read it by Sunday. Cell was lesson haha, so we chatted and ended early. We're always the first cell to end. =P

Pic of the day:

Thursday, 25 May 2006

I'm Bored

Spot the hidden image, Copyright me. But heck, use it for anything u want. Just don't say u were the one that made it.
(don't zoom in, might hurt ur eyes)

25 May 2006

I'm feeling pretty tired right now. Holidays are one day away..and (expectedly) i'm not excited. I think exams would be much for fun than having to attend so many different things.

I was pretty ok this morning. We had Acension Mass or something like that. Pretty surprising to see that i regonized most of the songs from when i was really young and could remember going to church. I thought i forgot some of those songs. But hearing them brought back small tibits of information. Like i could remember when kids church wasn't started yet and me and my older sis would draw cartoons when the pastor was preaching(hey we were around 5 ok?) Or when i used to go to my mother's office in church after or before school. Or every friday where me, huimin, darren and jacob would play around when there was club mum. Or when we four used to stand in front and really sing out...

Some part of me really wishes that I could recreate those events, that I could stand up front and just worship, not caring what others thought...but with age comes responsiblity, everyone expects u to take the initiative, to take responsibility, to be serious, smart..blah blah blah.

Anyways, tze jie got scolded by Miss Chew for just staring into space(he claims he was listening) see so fierce right? haha i guess he took it to heart...

We got the schedule for SYF parade somewhere before the mass. That schedule totally crushed and depressed me. Training this saturday, 6th of June(Media club camp!) and almost every week with a training until the 1st of July. So yar...i'm gonna miss the 6th june training. 23rd June training(NCO camp) 26th June training(Unit Hike)...maybe we'll reschedule...

Totally crushed my feelings, my life would be busy enough without SYF...but haiz..i signed up for it..guess i have to accept it. Gotta be more careful when i sign up for things in the future =)

But the best news today would NP training tomorrow!!Yay!! All we need to do is stay back a little while to hand in our forms! O wait...there's PTM at 7..

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

24th May 2006

I thought monday was bad...ha monday was small potatoes compared to today.

Good News:Went for school quite awake despite sleeping at 12 last night.
Bad News:Teachers all came to class and we were forced to organize stuff.

Good News: We tried out rifle for npcc today.
Bad News:Rifle drills with a real rifle is hard.

Npcc drills are spilt into foot, baton and rifle. Of course, rifle drills are like, THE HARDEST? Lee Enfield rifles aren't well known for their light weight either(I'm being sarcastic here?)

It weighs around 4kg...and it doesn't help that it's a bit rusty and rusok (taking up arms) is just painful on your the two rehearsals we were kinda...lousy for our standard.

U can't expect people who've just learned rifle drills(with a real rifle) to perform well can u? But noooo that was no excuse, we were still scolded later.

After both rehearsals came the real torture..rifle training. But hey, we learned and perfected the rifle drills. But by the time it came to marching, my mind was totally brain-dead and i couldn't remember how to really march nicely.. Ah well, only around 30push-ups. BUT THE RIFLE IS SO HEAVY!!!And if we don't perform well or we don't wanna perform they can just kick us out at anytime.

And yay, we have npcc again tomorrow!!!Fun right? three times a week not including marshalling duty on friday..

Monday, 22 May 2006

22nd May 2006

I'm feeling extra tired now. Everything's beginning to pile up. And 19- 21st of May is NCO camp, 22nd May is SANA, some weird course on drugs for us sec2 NPCC ppl. Unit hike to sungei buloh on the 24th. On top of everything else. BLARG.

Heard rumours from seniors that NCO is one of the worst three days of ur life. Everything has to be standardised down to the cups, utensils, and water bottle. That's like, three days of hell, not to forget ATC with rock-climbing, water activities...

Tomorrow is the VIP session Mrs Tay asked us to do. And Tze Jie "conviently" said we could memorize everything. HELLO? U ONLY HAVE TO READ TWO LINES? I got a few paragraphs to read?

So yea, i'm busy now trying to memorize everything. Chinses presentation and LCE appreciation letter remains undone.

Today was games day...yay!!Yar so fun!! Our class had two teams, soccer and captain's ball. And we were the only class that game in house tee shirts so we "stood out". Eh? First match for captain's ball, we drawed against sincerity. First match for soccer and they were kicked out. BLEH.

I dun wanna blog about what happened next.

Anyways, after school went for npcc, which was much worse in my opinion than normal trainings, maybe because my knees were like bloody. And wearing the long pants made everything worse =( and joey sir came and we got punished even more, and wednesday is another training, thursday would be captain's ball finals, and friday is PTM..So fun!

Sunday, 21 May 2006

21st May 2006

When the music fades
All is stripped away
And I simply come
Longing just to bring
Something that's of worth
That will bless Your heart
I'll bring You more than a song
For a song in itself
Is not what You have required
You search much deeper within
Through the way things appear
You're looking into my heart

I'm coming back to the heart of worship
And it's all about You,
It's all about You, Jesus
I'm sorry, Lord, for the thing I've made it
When it's all about You,
It's all about You, Jesus

King of endless worth
No one could express
How much You deserve
Though I'm weak and poor
All I have is Yours
Every single breath
I'll bring You more than a song
For a song in itself
Is not what You have required
You search much deeper within
Through the way things appear
You're looking into my heart
Finally played it a few times through on guitar today, it's nice cos u don't have to strum up down up down but u can play it there's less stress to change fingers for me. Yar i'm a slow learner...seeing as i only practice guitar for once a week? And i can't make it to youth group practice sessions cos of npcc. =(

Everybody's arguing about our class's captain's ball team for tomorrow. Haha thinking of captain's ball forcibly reminded me of kids games 2004. It was organized during PSLE period...but it's full of good memories..esp captain's ball.

It's like a tournament of 2000kids...and the other team was very rough. Very. Rough. Like one girl's spectacles was dented...another girl's mouth was punched. Everyone on my team was like...getting slammed, whacked and pushed. Think i remember around 5 fouls for the first half.
We were all pretty pissed off at the cheaters...i was defender cause of my height, and it's heartening to see ur team members get up after every fall, every push.

But we got our revenge, couple of smiles, cheers, shouts of encouragement, that strong sense of team spirit just made them angry i guess. Though i vageuly remember their faces now...i will never forget that feeling of team spirit.

Ok back to my class, everyone's just unhappy that jesslyn is in the team now. But come on, showing that u can't work with another team member is so unprofessional. Unless she really does come and beat u up, and ur worried for ur mortal safety, should u really complain. Will she really beat ppl up?
It's. Just. A. Captain's. Ball. Game.
If ur paranoid that ur gonna die...i cant really help u there.

Saturday, 20 May 2006

20th May 2006

I'm sufffering from:
Sprain in my left leg.
Muscle cramps all over.
Massive headache.

=( Lets start with yesterday. Woke up at 5:30 for npcc day. Went quite well, most of our squad people participated. And the three days of staying back and training paid off i guess. Went to concourse immediately after the parade to change into PT kit for the "Mass Exercise". Which never happened cos i was incidentally one of the three classes going for the field trip.
So we had to change back into mafti. Which is like a complete waste of time la. If only there was some form of communication to prevent such things from happening...and it's not fun to change clothes when your sweaty.

Field trip at 9. Grabbed a bit of breakfast before that. Then we met Mr. Edmund. He's quite nice...has the ability to make something boring interesting. And he has superb memory. Took some pictures...but i'm not in the mood to go post them now. Maybe some other time...

Went to kent ridge park first? View was nice, but lots of people were scared of the boardwalk..can't understand why...but hey, i guess everyone's scared of death...
Went to reflections at bukit chandu for an early lunch. And everyone started complaining about how they paid $18 and only got nasi lemak. Well i guess they didnt know that the buses aren't free and the tour guides aren't rich.

The place was quite informative actually..learned quite a bit haha. Like there was only two battalions of the malay regiment. And we saw the lee enfield rifle...which npcc uses for it's drills (bet you guys didn't know that)
Ok so there was this bronze sculpture of three malay soldiers preparing to fire a motar. And me, being the joker, followed the same position as one of those guys. =P Yea i was punished by being asked to read a plaque with the words of Mr George Yeo, a minister for something(i forgot k?) and the words were pretty hard to read aloud. and yar Miss Chew reminded us of the time at the CIP church cleaning. Mr. Edmund actually said something like: "Wah ur teacher very fierce arh?" Mr Edmund say one!!I'm innocent!!

Anyways, there was a quite nice animation film by Nanyang Polytechnic..alot of Layers and details used. But they must have used some expensive program like Flash Mx or something...which i can never hope to afford lol..but animation is quite fun, and easy, and expensive.

Then we went to the old ford motor factory...saw that table which the surrender document was signed. There was this game which two girls from two diligence was playing...and they had to anwser questions on history. I randomly shouted option 1 and it was

Went back to school, and changed to half-u for npcc...yar NPCC TRAINING again. Turns out it was a rehersal for another parade. ANOTHER PARADE. School blessing day parade actually. But i can't go!!And i was selected for GOH!!Guard Of Honour!! Blarg...the rehearsal itself was tough. We had to learn rifle drills(Lee Enfield Hee) in 10mins? And rifle drills are tough...we practised with imaginary u can see our hand just standing there stupidly. RIFLE DRILLS ARE TOUGH. I was pretty much struggling through the entire thing trying to remember what to do for rusok, turun and hormat senja ta...

Not to forget the which command was for supporting contigents and which was for GOH..waiting and following the band drum beat...trying to listen to the actual timing...remembering when to turn...when to stop...when to face left...and it didn't help that i was at the left side(Front when marching out) cos of my height so any mistake was obvious.

The order of uniform groups was: NCC, SJAB, Guides, Scouts and us...haha Keanescouts were SOOOO SLACK!!No Sir there to scold them, and the NCO wasn't fierce at all!!They were really late to fall in after break...and got a scolding by the VP...Man if our sirs were in charge of them...sure 50push-ups at least..

I guess our standard is too high lor...we got scolded for minor things like dragging your boots, hands not 90, and not singing the school song...none of the other ugs really sang the school song..but noooo it's us the GOH which has to "humiliatedly" sing the school song A Cappella...and it's us that trains and trains even after the rehearsal...and it's us that will have to come back to school on monday. The fact that it's stressful for us sec 2's which have never learned rifle drills before is ignored..I guess this is the standard of npcc huh?

After npcc, i was half dead and seriously considering going home straight like all of the other cadets. But yea..i decided against that and went to church straight..74 took only 40mins this i was early...ate some dinner and went for cell.

Youth Group was great. Worship was by Guan You and the songs brought my spirits up..don't ask me why..but the fact that i was tired and haven't really rested since 5:30 in the morning was inevitable. Cell was nice too...celebrated andre's birthday.

I went home..and slept..woke up at 10:30!!AHH i was late for the captain's ball training..i reached for the phone...and i was soo tired that i slept some more...yar i'm gonna get punished by chee sheng on monday..ah well..went for lunch with family...there was this huge christian warehouse bookstore somewhere around lavender road....brought three left behind books(don't tell fabian) I'd probably read them in a week (I'm a crazy person that reads)

Went to east coast after that cos my Mum had to check out some macdonald thing for her kindergarten. East coast is nice..took pics too...but i'm lazy to click the button, click browse, click the file, choose the dimensions, press upload image, wait..yar it's too much work for's so much easier to type right?

Finished..that's a long post.

My Agenda for the Holiday.

30th May-5th June. Vision for Mission convention, Port Dickson Malaysia.
30th & 31st May. Blessing Day Parade Rehearsal.
2nd June. Blessing Day Parade.
2nd June-4th June. Adventure Training Camp , NPCC Campsite Pulau Ubin Singapore.
6th June-9th June. Media Club Day camp =)
Somewhere near the end of June? NCO Camp, 4days 3nights.

I plan to: Practise guitar, redo my blog template, Learn Javascript, survive NCO camp in one piece.

I can't decide whether to go for the Vision for Mission Convention or Blessing Day and ATC..GAH everything's all cramped together. The chance to meet up with Salvation Army people from around the world is rare....but the chance to meet up with NPCC people from area 7 is rare too!!

Thursday, 18 May 2006

18th May 2006

You know what? I'm sick and tired of this. Totally. I don't wanna care anymore. I went to school, but i realised, is there a need for me to be angry?
Why should i care about what u guys blog or say about?
Why should i care about class blog matters? Why should i listen to your complains?"O please remove this thanks" "This blogskins suxs la!!" "UPDATE!!" "Veri Laggy Leh"
Why should i even bother...
Why should i be the one to practice third class test drills first?
Why should i be the timer?
Why should i care about my classmates?
So what if they blog about me?
Should i be the one getting angry and mad?
Should i beat them up?
Should i go angry and insult them on my blog?
Why should i care about being mean to someone else?

Why should i be the one whom suffers ur teasings with a smile?

Why shouldn't i get angry and retaliate???
Why shouldn't i use vulgar words in my blog?
Why shouldn't i beat someone up when they anger me like the other boys?
Why should i have to listen to complains about ur "hard" life?
Why should i have to look at u so depressed when i did even worse than u for exams?

That. Was what i thought about. And u guys thought i was thinking about the ding qi thing.
Well? I apologized. I didn't think of the consequences. U still wanna drag this matter on? Fine. I said sorry. If u can't forgive me, i understand, i just don't wanna think about this matter any longer.

I was pretty much sad for the first half of the day. Just sitting down there thinking. But hey, i found an anwser. So i cheered up for the rest of the day abit.
Well, the anwser is pretty simple right? I'm a Christian. End of Story.

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

17th May 2006

I'm tired from NPCC training. And it doesn't help that the moment i come back home and on the computer there's weird weird people tagging everywhere and using my name.
(HELLO? My name cannot anyhow use one okay?)

But it's not like it really bothers me. I'm not the kind of people that'll scream, run around, jump, nudge, TYPE IN CAPS, or just freak out. I'm not the kind of people that will demand for people to remove those comments, and other than the comments in my blog, i haven't deleted anything elsewhere.

But I Am Irritated. Cos those comments are really hurtful, not to me but to Ding Qi. Any One of u actually thought about how it would affect others? Any One of u guys thought about how you would feel if u saw some comments like that? No i don't think u did. Cos those comments are pushing it.

"It went out well, cause we really hated ding qi for several unspoken reasons. But now thinkin of it, i felt grossed out flirting with her. indeed, it was just an act, so don't gasp or faint."

Yes tze jie...go ahead and kill me. Just re-read what u wrote and tell me how you would feel if i was the one saying that about u. Not convinced? Read this on Ding Qi's blog.

minghui: dingqi~ wee~oh~wee sexy babe sia. MUACH. i love u
minghui: darling
minghui: laopo wo ai ni


to Ding Qi: I'm really sorry about that stunt with tze jie, if u see this though, i dunno la, i don't even care about clarifying that i don't like u. But i'm sorry for that flirting thing. It was a spur of the moment and i didn't think of the consequences.

to Those heartless people: I can't believe that someone from our class could have wrote that. I still can't believe it. Think about what i wrote. Watch out tomorrow people. Just watch out.

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

16th May 2006

ITS A SCHOOL HOLIDAY TODAY!!NO SCHOOL!! And what am I spending this wonderful day off doing? I'm home finishing up all my projects.

Yea poor me lol. First i have to do that essay for the media club camp(Yay CAMP!!!) Then i've to burn our presentation for project work onto a cd and add any finishing touches. Yar the girls are going to sentosa for sun-tanning (HA) and the boys are going to upper court for basketball. So i'm stuck here all alone *sniff*

But hey, i'm gonna have to say this cos it's the best bit of news eveeer!!(Now everyone's scratching their heads as to what is that :0)

GO watch the trailer. Cos it's nice.
Bad:Only for Xbox360(Eugene Tan Happy la), Last of the halo story arc.
Good:Eh?Its nice, nice, nice and nice.

Now i can't concentrate and think of a subject to write about for the essay. =( But hey, halo is probably the best console game ever(winning cs hands down =P)

I'd better stop blogging and start concentrating on an essay subject. Anyways Xbox360 for birthday present k? And halo3 for next years present. XD

Monday, 15 May 2006

15th May 2006

I'm alive and blogging.
Ok so not that alive...i'm actually half dead.

Got back most of MYE results today. I got first in class for english =P....nah i'm not that bhb 1 ok? not like i'd put some huge banner announcing i got first or *worse* laugh like a maniac in my chair.

Yar never expected first. I thought keane would get it cos i didn't study studied as hard as i could.


Yar. i did terribly for Literature!!!AAA told u i would regret not writing like a naggy lady. In truth, i don't really like literature cos i hate writing long-windedly. I mean, i don't mind writing essays but explaining every part of your essay? Blarg...

After lit was science. Which i had no mood for, cos i was depressed =( no not at my results, i don't mind bad results, but i was sad because after got np. =(

And NP was torture, pure simple torture. I just recovered from my painful sore throat. And we had to stand around for minutes. Yar i had this painful headache and my mind was reeling so i reported sick =)

But yar..didn't stop it from being tough. But like quite like all other pt =)

Friday, 12 May 2006

12th May 2006

I'm finally online.
And blogging.
And Yea, I'm sick gave me two types of tablets for my was the size of my thumb but tasteless, the other was smaller but...ew...bitter...

I've been sleeping..these past few days..just lazing around trying to rest..and my throat still hurts like says its a viral infection so no antibiotics =)

Today was hectic running about..even though i was sick...but hey...i felt better more fever...but my throat still HURTS.
Went to ikea with my family to see some chair for a kindergarten, the place was really really crowded. Like world 1 varrock times 10(haha runescape)

After that i went all the way home...rested for 10mins...and set out for church..went to j8 to eat with bryan and huimin, and to find a mother's day present..

It was at j8 top floor where i had a sudden craving for...POPCORN..YUM YUM YUM...don't ask me why the sudden could just smell the popcorn from golden village....but we didn't have enough money to buy!!GRRRRRRR WHY WHY WHY DIDN'T I BRING MY SAVINGS!!

So here i am...blogging once more and catching up on runescape.reading everyone's blog. Tze Jie didn't mention this so i shall!!

Me, Tze jie and Darren saw Mr John Lim at Hougang Mall Mac!!!Mr John Lim!!!(Gerald think of
ur book flying out of the window cos of kenneth) WEEE He's like...the best maths teacher?and i think he went to bible college or something..cos uncle alfred knows him.
Best of all? He reconized me and tze jie(but he couldn't remember our names la) haha then he walked in and we saw his son...he's a VP now i think...

Seeing him made me think about media club..haha cos there was this puberty talk and they couldn't get the projector to work so he asked me to come up and help =) Media club in primary school makes me wonder about how those juniors are doing. I never called them juniors though, just like they never called me senior. But i think i can only remember like...matthew, erwin and bryan..the rest are all blurred memories....haiz...hope they choose my school next year!!(Esp bryan, cos he's supposed to be the next chairman after me)

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

10th May 2006

EXAMS ARE OFFICIALLY OVER!!AND RESULTS ARE OUT TOMORROW!!! Isn't that great? One day to celebrate before the results come out and everyone gets depressed.

To top things off, i'm drowsy and sick with a mild fever so i have to go get some sleep right now.

Tuesday, 9 May 2006

9th May 2006

Today was a horrible day..cos i just realised MY SERVER IS NOT WORKING!!AAAAA...and i badly need a server now for class blog music...bleah...anyone wanna share money to buy a server? We could just buy a cheap windows one for about $600...or unless someone knows linux?

Changed my phone don't kill me if i dont reply.

Today was art...which, as usual, i did badly...the topic was either shoes. I choose shoe. Then for preparatory work i drew my shoe really really very detailed...then comes the problem...i spent too much time drawing that shoe that it was 1by the time i finished i just collasped on my bed and fell asleep immediately...too tired la...i was up late on saturday, sunday and monday also..and tea followed by 2 cups of coffee didn't help at all..i should complain to lipton and nescafe. =(

Anyways...the art thing was ok la..didn't out line it like i wanted..but hopefully...i can pass..not expecting A1 tho..

Blarh...still hunting for a server that's free, allows mp3s and hotlinking, lots of bandwidth, fast, easy to use....that's a lot of criteria huh?

Tomorrow's Listening!!!And i like listening exams...even though they maybe a bit boring...but hey...u can study except maybe listen to chinese songs and clean your ears..haha

Saturday, 6 May 2006

6th May 2006

Today's blog post
Shall be in
Lots of lines

I think
More and
Peoplekeane are
In This Way.
You Guys Know
How much coding
Goes into each
To make it work

Yesterday was Chinese exam.
Which was a
total disappointment
Because i studied
the night before
until around
Which was a terrible mistake.

Cos i woke up
Much more tired
Than Expected
And i Ended up
Half Awake during
the exam.
Lesson Learnt:Dont sleep late before your exams.
And The Exam was...
an Out-Of-Book exam
What a Waste Of My Time.haish.

After The Exam,
Went To Hougang mall
With The girls Tj Included and tze jie
Saw Debra there.
It was too Crowded
So we Went to Heartland mall
Ate at Mac's
Saw Worker's Party
And Mr Terrence Toh!!
From SPH Media Club talk
Nice to see him again
If u don't mind Tze Jie trying to show off..
By calling:Mr Toh Mr Toh!!Media Club!Media Club!
How unprofessional. =/

After That, Brought a present
For my Sis
then i went home
To sleep play
Worked on the class blog abit.
Maybe i should have
Worked on my blog instead.

Did stuff until maybe 6?
Realised i was supposed to be meeting cell
for stomp!!
Rushed to Bishan
Brought two Sticks along
Made It Half An Hour Late.
Then realised there was a practice afterwards

Lent My sis the sticks for stomp
So i had nothing.
but i worked on the drums
with someone's cooking stick thingy
Really Really Fun though.
Especially since we won. =P
Thanks to My Awesome Screaming =P

Ate at Chomp Chomp
With my father and Sis
Saw the PAP there

Reached home around 12.
Super exhausted cos i slept at 2am.
Lesson Learnt:Don't sleep Late before a Friday.

Anyways. I'm almost half dead so i think i'm gonna go sleep somemore. =)

Thursday, 4 May 2006


Exams are here...haish...

Paper 1 English was ok, i wrote about the internet =) i guess many ppl would have guessed that.

Paper 1 Chinese was not ok. I've decided to go poly, cos i realised in JC you'll still have Chinese!!

Paper 1 Maths was ok =) Extremely surprising for me to know how to do all the questions. Lets just see how many i got wrong...

D&T Paper was torturing, cos it happened after maths. Didn't really study to. Made up names for drills.(Eg. Sharp Edge Drill)

Paper 2 English was fine too, not sure about the summary, i don't think i'll fail this time though.

Science Paper was super tough...considering i studied for this paper!!I was up late last night cramming for it, and all the questions were tough. I think i'm gonna fail this too. =(

That's the end. But since we're on the subject of exams..

HTML 4.01 second attempt. =) but wait. I got other scores =S

CSS 1.0 Blarg so I'm not so good at CSS..

Javascript erm...dunno version..but quite good right?!?!

XML 1.0...hee surprising results.
(My)SQL..failed =(
ASP...also failed...

Quite good right? Considering i started learning Raw HTML(Those weird code thingys) last year and stopped using frontpage or dreamweaver...and no i have never been to a course before, i did the SQL and ASP for fun(HELLO? Only real Geeks pros would know server scripting) Ah well.