Sunday, 17 September 2006

17th September 2006

Pieapple Pine.

Haha, weird, trying to guess Sandy's favourite food has gotten me only one answer. Pie.

... Nvm, found this from Singapore Dreaming.

After the Temasek talk, I had to scoot off to give another talk to the SPH Media Club - a sort of CCA run by SPH for cub reporters in various schools. I think it's a cool idea. Wish I had that option when I was in school. Sure beats the military band, I can tell you.

Anyway, the kids' assignment was to write something on me for IN Magazine, the Straits Times' school supplement. So I yakked on about the film, and also the other nonsense that I do, like, etc.

Generally, the questions were really intelligent, though moderator Paul Tan had to step in at one point and put on his stern editor cap and tekan a couple of students for making assumptions about the film without having even watched it. C'mon, kids, even in Singapore, we're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, right? Go watch it first!

But overall, it was a kinda sweet experience, as the pics below attest:

Go see the pictures yourself if you want. =)

Thankfully I didn't ask questions, cause I almost wanted to ask if the movie had gotten involved with the law or something. =D

(Do not watch if you love carrots)
Gasp, I got this from Joleen. She just msned me and said this was 4sin's video of the month.

YEAH! We should have a 2integrity video of the month too!!

Haha, then Bibiana started telling me to go to see the headlines.

Viruses added to food?

The FDA has approved the use of a viral spray to combat pathogens found in meat and poultry.» Watch video

Then I started talking about how I should be added to pieapple pine.

YEAH! I should be added to pieapple pine. I'd make it so much more tastier!

Now Sandy's ignoring and blocking me.

She started like: SHOO. SHOO. SHOO.

Then I said STAY. HEEL. SIT.

And, I promised not to call her a freak show. Neither will I call her Sandicles.

Yep, weird day today. =P

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