Sunday, 24 September 2006

24th September 2006

An Hour's Break From Studying=

Haha, I finally figured out how to port custom brushes into Gimp. Yar, I use General Image Manipulation Program. I'd love to use photoshop, but I'm not rich and I don't exactly like using pirated/stolen software. Photoshop is just a google search away...

Tried out most of the brushes to see if they work. Maybe I'll improve on it, if I feel graphicky.

I'm hooked onto If Your Gone by Matchbox 20. The video's meaningful, (Link.) The guy must be super daring to stand on the edge of the building lar. Haha, thanks Darren for sending it to me. =) Maybe I'll try learning how to pluck it on guitar. Try.

Haha, I still can't seem to stop hunting for songs. I was asking around for Angels Brought Me Here a few months ago. Now I'm searching for Best I Ever Had by Vertical Horizon. Yar, it's a super old song so everyone I've asked don't have it. =S Ah wells, I can always go radioblog and stream it.

Ehs, I'm trying this weird website where users vote on a website's design. (Link.) Haha, that's cool right? You get to see a list of the hottest and ugliest sites on the net. Like this. I wonder what I'd do if I was under the top ten ugliest site designs too. Ehs, I think I'd stop being lazy immediately and start coding a site with background graphics.

Haha, I found another weird site where you sketch an image, and you swap it for someone else's image.(Link.) Fun.

I seem to be surfing a lot today. =P

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