Thursday, 7 September 2006

7th August 2006

Civil Defence course yesterday. Quite...interesting...lasted only around 5hours instead of 18hours as stated. It's like, the easiest badge ever!!Even easier than Sana. Wee, and we could play around with CO2 fire extinguishers and dry ice. Like, i never knew that CO2 fire extinguishers gave off dry ice. Or that there's a class D type of fire which involves flammable metals like titanium or magnesium. So yar, learned quite a bit.

We could go home after lunch. =D But I stayed back to play captain's ball. Weird, none of the girls from our squad stayed back, all of the boys did. But still, around 45mins of fun.

Yesterday was also Hao Xiang's birthday, and also my mother's. But thanks to np, I haven't given mum her present yet.(It's a floating bubble thingy I brought last tuesday.) O and I gave Hao Xiang his present.(A piece of high quality foolscrap paper which he didn't want.)

I see turtles everywhere now. Wait, was it roses or turtles? Kinda stupid of ppl to do that really. You think your "honouring" or "remembering" him? I don't think Steve Irwin would want millions of people to put turtles or roses in their msn nick as a "memorial". I think he'd rather people donate their free time to wildlife conservation? It's amazing how fast spam travels though.


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