Friday, 30 May 2008


Haha yay 2 weeks of freedom from school starts today. =)

Okay, anyways. Monday was Chinese O level Paper 1 and 2. I have no idea if it was easy or hard la. Haha. My hands were freezing though, even though I was wearing a sweater. Like, my hands are colder than people who did not wear a sweater? Lenson suggested I wear gloves instead, blee.

Tuesday was Maths Mock Exam Paper 1 and 2. Gosh, there was no break in between so I spent 3 hours in the air-conditioned hall. Yeech. Maths was actually much easier than those preliminary papers they tested us on, but I still forgot how to do some questions la. =X

English Oral was on Tuesday too. Went rather, normally I guess. Heehee. Made some stupid mistakes when pronouncing elaborate but I corrected myself. Haha. And I went off talking about education and whatever when the conversation topic's about toys. =D

Wednesday was Social Studies and A Maths. But I don't take A Maths so I could go home early. =P Social Studies was okay, hopefully. Went for breakfast at Macdonald's with Xue Ee, Li Jing and Fiona. Erh, Li Jing and Xue Ee drank sugar and creamer with their tea and coffee. Like, 6 packets of sugar and 4 packets of creamer? Yeech. Diabetic.

Haha. I had this awesome plan for Wednesday and Thursday. Watch movies and use the computer on Wednesday, then study hard for Geography on Thursday. I successful used the computer and watched Anamorph and A Walk To Remember on Wednesday, for about 7 hours non-stop. =D Addiction.

Then Wednesday evening Chee Hock asked if I wanted to go cycling on Thursday. Hahaha.

Ended up going cycling with Chee Hock, Lenson, Ivan, View Meng, Mu Chen, Malvina and Ling Tong. Haha, cycled down Tampines road and back. But View Meng and Ling Tong left in a taxi early cause View Meng had to be back early and Ling Tong sprained her ankle.

Oh and laughed quite a lot too when Mu Chen fell down. Haha I feel so evil. =)

Cycled to Seng Kang, then went around to Ivan's, Chee Hock's and Malvina's houses before cycling back to Lenson's and taking 136 back. Didn't feel as tired as before, must be cause I'm healthy! =D

Reached home at about 8pm, and at this point you must be thinking:"Ho! This is when Minghui starts studying like mad for Geography on Friday! Evil Scheming Guy."

But no, I went out for dinner/supper. Blee. Went to a Kopitiam at Hougang, ate Nasi Briyani, then went home.

Reached home at about 10pm, and went to sleep. But I couldn't get to sleep at all. Bleh. Had this horrible dream that I remember nothing about except that it was horrible, and woke up at 4am trying to get back to sleep again.

Okay Geography today was quite okay la. Spent the last 10 minutes frantically rushing through the last part question, but other than that I'm confident of passing. =) I forgot about a bunch of stuff though, like USA's GNP per capita in 2002 and I forgot which country was it that was a developing country but has a high literacy rate.

And that's the end of going to school early in the morning for 2 weeks! Although there's still that huge pile of homework consisting of TYS and worksheets and whatever. =\

Friday, 23 May 2008

June Holidays.

Yea school's officially over!!!! No more boring school lessons!!!!! No more waking up early in the Morning!!! No more stupid tests or exams or whatever!!!! HAHAHA!!

Okay, shall stop imagining that I'm still a sec 1/2/3 now. =(

There's a huge new mountain of homework that simply created itself over the past few days. Mount Holiday Homework or something.

And there's mock exams for nearly the whole of next week. =\

And who can forget GCE O Level Chinese Paper 1 & 2 on Monday? Blaaaaahhh.

Past week was more or less focused on Chinese lessons mostly. But at least we have other lessons too not like some schools which have intensive Chinese from 8am to 2pm daily.\

Oh yes, went to eat Sakae Sushi on Wednesday with Stephen, Bernice, Karen and View Meng. All you can eat buffet. Heh. Ate until super full, then played stupid games to decide who gets to eat more sushi. I think I lost the most la. Haha. And there was this greenish stringy stuff that Stephen says is seasoned seaweed and is nice, but I think it tastes disgustingly horrible. Yeech.

And there was Sports Carnival on Thursday. Didn't participate in anything cause both the badminton and floorball teams I was in lost in the heats already. Blee. And the Yellow Falcons lost to the Red Kites by 5 points. Haha. =X

Lots of flaming and remarks about the different school houses too. But seriously, why are people fighting over which house is better or whatever? Does it really matter? It's not like I'm going to lose my pride or my mental health or anything. At the end of the day, you'd simply be proving your childishness by bickering about school houses. At the end of the day, it's all supposed to be in good fun right? -.-

Didn't have anything much to do after the Sports Carnival, so went to play badminton at Sengkang CC. =D It's like the only CC with air-conditioned badminton courts that I know of, but I didn't really feel the air-con, cause I'm too hawt already. =)

Played for about 2 hours. I think I'm a better doubles player cause I always have to run after the shuttlecock when playing singles. Or maybe it's just that Keane/Jun Han/Stephen all love to make people run. =\ And I always hit out when playing singles la. -.-

Friday was more intensive Chinese extra lessons. School ended at 10am for sec 1 -3s. Grr. But okay la, learned lots of awesome Chinese idioms that I'm so going to regurgitate out during the exam. Heehee.

Oh and went to celebrate Hui Qin's birthday after that at Han's. Haha. The same people that went to celebrate Lenson's birthday the other time + Stephen were there. Then whilst eating at Han's Lenson mentioned this gardener that was watering the plants with this hose, but because of the angle the hose was hidden, so, you know? Lots of stupid jokes are tsunami, water gun, high tide, high pressure, those kind of things. =D

Went for worship practice at 5pm. Message was about PNNK. =) Went for supper at a Kopitiam in Bishan with cell group, then went for supper again at the Kopitiam opposite Punngol Park with my sister and father cause they didn't eat dinner. Haha, but I'm not so greedy la, only ate once.

Okay that's everything. Don't think I'll be blogging until next Friday or something when exams are 'over'. =)

Monday, 19 May 2008


Okay blee, past few days went by blazingly fast. =X In fact, it went at the amazing constant speed of 1 second per second. No acceleration or deceleration. ;D

Lessons were nothing worth noting throughout the week, except that all PE and LCE lessons are replaced by Chinese in preparation for the upcoming O level Chinese Examinations. =( Kind of unsettling to think than in around 1 week's time I'll be sitting for the paper already. =(

The school's pretty hyped up about the Sports Carnival this coming Thursday, so there's house practice and everything. Haha, signed up for Floorball with Chee Hock, Ivan and Lenson, and signed up for Badminton with Eugene, Chee Sheng and Hao Xiang.

There was Chinese extra lessons on Tuesday, Science extra lessons on Wednesday followed by house practice until 6, then floorball heats which my team lost miserably with a score of 0 - 1. =( But it was a good effort la, we were really close to scoring too anyways, if only Mr Ong was not playing for the other team.

Went to play badminton after school on Friday with Stephen, Chee Sheng, Hao Xiang and Joshua. Ho Ming joined us and trashed us all even though his leg was injured. =X But we got lots of tips and advice on badminton. Ha.

Went off at 5+ for worship practice. Combined youth meeting was great, although it was kind of stressful playing in a band where I barely know the people and everyone's older than me and more pro. =X Haha, but it was cool, and I got to meet people from the other SA Churches in Singapore.

And there was supper after that. Ha. Free Food. =D Was super hungry cause I didn't eat dinner cause of badminton. And I met a girl named Beatrice from Eagles Youth whom was promoting an upcoming youth conference. Haha, I remember seeing her on stage at iHope last year! =)

Woke up on Saturday morning and I could barely move my left hand la. My entire left arm was aching pretty horridly. I think it's because of the floorball/badminton/guitar. Or a combination of the three. Especially badminton where I was happily swinging the racket around and the electric guitar was also slung on my left shoulder. Couldn't even move my fingers without feeling a twinge of pain, so I naturally couldn't spin pens with my hand anymore. =(

What do you do when you can't spin a pen with your left hand? Spin with your right hand! Haha. I think I can do finger pass on both hands slightly better now. =D

Pretty uneventful afternoon, I couldn't really type on the comptuer so I watched National Treasure 2 instead. =) Finished Christine by Stephen King, and did bunch of other random things. Went for dinner at some place which I've forgotten already. =X

Woke up early on Sunday for Church. Church was okay, went for lunch near J8, then went around to the library and walked around J8 for a while. Went to Vivocity after that, walked around more, then renewed Sentosa membership and had dinner at Sentosa. =)

Monday was a public holiday. =D But I woke up at 7am to go play badminton/captain's ball. Waking up at 7am on a Public Holiday is an abomination. But haiyar, still at least I won't revert to my usual pattern of sleeping after midnight and waking after noon. =)

Played badminton and captain's ball at Kovan CC until noon, then went for lunch at Macdonald's. Wanted to buy those spongebob cards they sold at Kovan and look for pens, but the shop was closed cause it was a public holiday. =X Took 136 home.

Went for dinner at Thompson Road, at this Indian Cuisine Restaurant. =D

Haha, yay okay I'm done. It's quite unnerving to think that in exactly less than a week now, I'll be sitting for O Level Chinese Paper 2. =\

Sunday, 11 May 2008


Okay haven't updated for a long time again cause of the various busy activities that students are now forced to devote their time to. =(

Lots of Birthdays this week. There was Wei Kit's and Lenson's Birthday last Sunday, then Meryl's and Bibiana's Birthday on Thursday, and my Sister's Birthday on Friday. =) Yea, Happy Birthday to whomever it may concern!

Attempted to surprise Wei Kit with Sec 4s, haha. Told him to stay back on Monday to discuss Area 7 Games Day Logistics, then brought the cake from behind him. But he says he was not surprised. -.-

Also attempted to surprise Lenson by telling him to share a cake for Hui Qin's birthday cake, but actually it's his birthday cake. Hahaha. Cycled to Swensen's at Compass Point from his house, then celebrated with Malvina, Ling Tong, Felicia, Hui Qin, Lenson, Jun Han, Ivan, View Meng, and Chee Hock. Was kind of like, teasing Lenson and Hui Qin all the time. Heh.

Went cycling around Seng Kang after that, went to some ulu ulu place at Seng Kang, okay, the correct word is undeveloped, but ulu ulu sounds nicer. Haha, then Ivan and View Meng went home whilst the 4 of us went to Punggol road. There's this like dirt track that I've never seen before. Haha. And more ulu ulu stuff. Sunset was awesome too. Went back to Lenson's house after that, then went home.

Oh and we had this 2 day workshop on how to 'Maximize your marks for the O level Comprehension Questions'. It was informative and enlightening and all that, and it was conducted from 3 to 5.30pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. Gah. But it's still much better than Chinese extra lessons on Tuesdays which we got to skip. =P

But we didn't get to skip extra lessons on Wednesday, so it was like School --> Chemistry --> English --> Home. Bleah.

On the day immediately after the workshop was our English Paper 2 Mock Exam. Was quite okay, although I finished the comprehension questions disgustingly early even though I kind of tried to re-read the question more than once and double check and all that. Like it started at 3? By 3.45 I was already attempting the summary question. And I had time to write a first draft, count the number of words, think of stupid replacements for the words, count the number of words again, then write the final draft, and doodle stupidly on the foolscap whilst practicing finger-pass. But that's English la, I can just imagine some horrid Maths paper and me rushing to complete it with 5 minutes left.

Oh and I watched The Showdown on Channel 5 on Thursday too. I recommend anyone with an hour of free time to go watch it.

Friday was okay, surprised my sister with a Simple Plan CD, and went for dinner before cell too. Went to Kopitiam for supper with cell group.

Spent my Saturday sleeping non-stop. Okay, I did spend my time doing something productive like reading. =D

Went to Church today, gave a testimony to my parent's cause it's parents day! Haha. =)

Okay everything else was pretty mundane and uninteresting, so I shall blog no longer.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

History Mock Examination.

Okay last Friday was History. Which went rather horridly cause my answer script was something like this:

Haha, the question was like: "How successful were the Allies in ending the war in the Pacific in 1945? Explain your answer."

And I was silently going, "YEA! I know how to do!" And started writing a very nice awesome introduction with relevant little facts and all the profound superfluous words and adjectives interspersed in.

Then I wrote my first point about the atomic bomb being an important factor in the success of the Allies due to it's shocking devastating power and radiation fallout and all that.

Then I realised I had only 30 minutes left, to finish the rest of the paper. So my second point was very short and brief. My third point was worse.

Then I started writing the conclusion and finished it with like, 10 minutes to spare. So I added on to the conclusion more and ended up with the picture above.

Think I need to manage my word balance for paragraphs or something. =/