Monday, 18 September 2006

18th September 2006

Haha, Matrix reloaded yesterday was psychologically challenging. It talks a lot about who is in control. Like: If u rely on something to the extent where u cannot live without it. Will you have the power to destroy it?

Ironic, cause it's an action movie. It's the only matrix movie i don't have. =P

It turned out there wasn't a hair and fingernails check. So i cut my wonderful fingernails for nothing and now i have to use a pick. =/

EEKS, I only got 10 for English cloze passage. Yar, Jemaine, Marie and Zuo Ying were trying to put those crosses on my worksheet whenever I got wrong. Then Marie sprayed this deodorant up into my nose. Ouch, painful for quite a while. =\ Maybe one day I should be mean and get angry, but that would be acting. Don't know why I'm not angry either. =|

Started on Macbeth for literature today. It's filled with King James English, which I don't find that bad, having grown up in a Church with King James English Bibles. So there's all the thee's and thine's and thy's and all that stuff, but not as chim as believeth or begotten or something. =)

Whole class got scolded by Mr Ong. Again, haiz, in the end we all had to stay back after school for 10minutes. Blehs.

Bibiana keeps asking me to do that emote thing. Yar, there's this smiley shaking nonono then he starts shaking upwards. Haha whtevr.

Whole bunch of stuff to do. I decided to do a potato salad for home economics!!Like Keane, easy to do. =) I'd throw in pineapples but I think I'd lose a few marks. =
Can't think of anything else to blog about. =S

Don't click if your easily afraid.

Pineapples are sweet.

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