Wednesday, 29 March 2006

29th March 2006

Eh felt i should blog today...the earlier post was fake for those who thought i actually made it in the news =)

Song of the Month XD:
Agnus Dei
Alleluia Alleluia For the Lord God Almighty reigns Alleluia Alleluia For the Lord God Almighty reigns Alleluia Holy Holy are You Lord God Almighty Worthy is the Lamb Worthy is the Lamb You are holy Holy are you Lord God Almighty Worthy is the Lamb Worthy is the Lamb

I'm lazy to blog k? Lots happened lar...but all the projects are crammed into my mind...esp pw where we can't find a graphic less than 12hours from presentation...yar lots of stuff to do...including that newspaper report cos if we do it tmr there's no time.

The title of the song comes from the latin word. Literally translated=Lamb of God. Yea sounds very very familiar to me. Like i have heard it from...somewhere? Maybe when i was young in Church...The title is also used in Catholic Churches tho...can't remember where...cos my Church doesn't.

K enough about that...lets dig up some photos i have...
My doggie Snowie!!!So act cute!!!
Eh that was my fingernail during the chinse new year holidays.
You'll never guess where this was taken.
Scary right? Like my dog is surrounded by darkness...eee
Ha you'll never guess where this was taken also.
ok gtg see tzejie's hawt new post

I'm in the news!!

Enough said. =)

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

28th March 2006

Haven't blogged in 3days!!How did 3 days fly by so fast is beyond me.

Yar today was pretty ok...but there's this part Mr Maran talked about that bothers me..history lesson was about communism and evangelism(in communism) and he touched on evangelism as a Christian...not in a very positive or happy way. Here's a brief summary of what he said...He said he was queueing with a friend when someone came up to him and asked if he could share his religion. They said yes and the man started off with You know what? Your going to hell. Then the man continued saying stuff like You will be judged on judgement day and your god wont save you and you worship statues and cows and all the wrong facts..Then Mr Maran's friend said that his fist was going to punch you right now and will your god save you?

Eh dunno how you make of that story...but for me...communism seems very similar to you have to evangelise and all...and that guy totally got his facts wrong?If it was me he was talking to i'd have been pissed. Starting off with "Your going to hell" is wrong already...everyone's going to hell...that's what Christianity is...but God wants to give us a chance to change before we die...and that chance comes from other Christians. Kinda reminds me of Mr. Yeo's LCE lessons where we were taught about respect for other's religions..jumping to conclusions was pretty wrong of that guy...I don't think it's easy to go up to people and I think people should see from your character what kind of Christian you are. Going up to people has a pretty low sucess rate and the people approached before sterotype Christians as crazy, enthusiastic nuts...i guess some of us are like that but not all of us are...

Our whole crazy is crazily biased against Mr. Ang...yea but he isn't that bad at all...yet everyone's blogs are clogged with stuff that basically say:Ang CY suxs biased arh alway pick on me. True he does pick on us...but look, he picks on me the most lor...i'm the one that always gets scolded =)
As for him favouring some people, it's in human nature and almost every teacher has his or her favourite student..tho he/she might have to hide it, there's always someone a teacher doesn't mind having more of in the class. I think our class should consider why he favours some people and doesn't favour u...isit becos they dont talk?Is talking in class when a teacher is talking good?Is it becos their good in chinese?Why are they good in chinese??
And for him using "bad" words..Why does he use the words?When he's angry with the class. Why is he angry with the class? Is it wrong for a teacher to use words when they are angry?It's not even vulgarities and he doesn't even lay a finger on us...Is it easy to contol ur anger when ur class doesn't bring their homework or something??

Eh think about this next time before saying stuff like OMG TEACHER IS SO BIASED!!I"M COMPLAINING TO MY PARENTS!!! Complaining to your parents not only adds to your image of being a "rich spoiled brat", it makes the teacher even more angry with us.

How's that for a nice post?I should be a defence lawyer lol..

Saturday, 25 March 2006

25th March 2006

So many things crammed into the past few days...yar can't like remember them all...

Friday was busy...i woke up late for school!!AAAAHHH but i reached school in time...ha. Assembly was about *cough* Yar, nice la. Miss Chew didn't come on friday..why arh?? Maybe she had to go training or something. Hee I was debating with Tze Jie about velocity and speed. Then we asked the teacher and he started saying something like "What's the scientific term of velocity?" and walked
I brought my camera to school and took pictures, but i can't post them cos Tze Jie will slaughter me.
Ok then after Chinese Mr Ang asked Tze Jie to write two words on the board that he learned during the lesson. Wah die lor, cos he nev listen and was talking to Sandy :S
Then Chuan Hui came and wrote. Chee hock was changing in class at the back when teacher asked us to write. Cos school end liao mahz.Then teacher ask me to write and i write lor....but like...sry la Tze Jie but i dunno i didn't really think about my actions and consequences of writing on the board the words becos teacher asked to call Tze Jie's parents. Wah scary..but in the end never call...

School ended at 2...Mr Ang kept us until like 2:15? So i ate chips and milo and went off to braddel =( If i waited for Tze Jie too late liao lor. Reached there and felt thirsty and tired so i brought Teh Bing and drank =) Then i saw Mr. Yeo and the three =( Then i realised i forgot to bring the consent form =( lol i'm forgetful...

The 7 tips were ok..I think the Mr. Robin Ganguly reconized me but could not remember where he met me so he was staring at me throughout the talk trying to figure out where he met me =/
But he gave most of the tips he gave us...I was taking notes on paper when i realised the paper was the survey form. =/ Mr. Yeo also..but he didn't given back his form =) Then i forgot where i put my camera =O Then i found it =) If Justin came sure will get teased =D

The photography talk was ok...quite nice to me but a bit boring to the rest i guess...cos it was more on "Chim" stuff...Mr Yeo was making lamejokes and we were laughing throughout lor...Then we were given a task...the objectives wrote Features in Life ok? But i forgot what he was saying and looked only at the slides so we did a "wrong" task.
We didn't win btw =) Prize was a straits times media club gym bag and IN stressball
The IN Stressball we were supposed to take (along with the bag) stressed
Mr Yeo wanted this picture..
This was a picture we almost chose...haiz..
The one we chose...yar...
K after that we went to eat at burger king with Mr Yeo and tze jie at toa payoh..nothing much la..more like talking to a cousin or something =) yar then we looked at the time and it was i rushed to Church and made it at 7:50 =) took more pics =)
Caught Cedric trying to throw my phone away!!
We pressed the buttons on our phones and i quickly snapped a pic =)
The rest i didn't post for space =) Then worship was great..based on evangelism since the series is now talking about evangelism. After that was cell..where i took more pics =)
Guan You was eating the biscuit thingy with Rachel..
Ben was sleeping!!!Not really la...
Then Guan You was.. =/

K lastly on Friday...My father won a hillsong cd!!!YAY...Hillsong For all you've done.=)
Yar...but i have some of the songs already =)

There finished with friday..this post is long man...on Saturday i met up with my group for PW...everyone came..except kenny. Didn't anwser calls, never sms back..even tze jie calling he also never pick up..i suspect he over slept but we finished most of the project to complete English and Art and i'll be free!!to do maths hw...

Yar after project we played halo 2 =) Score was 25 me 4 daniel 3 si peng Muahahaha....i just stood in the middle with sniper and around 11 kenny called... bang bang bang lol. He said he had tuition...Who has tuition at 9 in the morning??Then he say he tuition cannot anwser calls...His phone was on lor...i would off the phone if i couldn't anwser calls...and i would sms to reply... Ah most he gets 0 for pw only in report book if we tell Mr music...cos he says some subjects has "no future for him"...

After that i went wild wild wet with my family...i took pictures but i'll post another time..this post is too long liao lol..

Wednesday, 22 March 2006

22nd March 2006

  • Woke up, went to school, not too early not too late =)
  • Spot check today..just cut my fingernails so i'm safe =)
  • Project work after that, Mr. Maran didn't come, so a relief teacher came(Ex student) =)
  • Mrs Ee came, and took over project work =(
  • For project work we had to come up with a sort of summary of what we had done over the week...we didn't do anything really =(
  • Presentation was quite ok...cos i mostly did the talking and our idea is quite chim anyways =)
  • Kenny was being uncooperative as usual...but i'm quite used to it anyways =(
  • History lesson after that, no lesson =)
  • Found Mr. Yeo during recess and told him I could not make it for the media club talk as I had third class test. =(
  • English after recess...we have another project/assignment to do =(
  • The assignment is quite ok...not like pw or something =)
  • Maths after that..algebra again?!?!?!bleh =(
  • LCE was in hall..Mr Yeo conducting..quite nice...but it's not fun to sit in the hall for an hour =(
  • It drizzled on the way home. =) i like drizzles.
See that's a day in the life of minghui. Or like that Navy thing...Ming's Life Story quite boring leh...but lots of exciting things happened in my life b4...except none of them happened today..

Tuesday, 21 March 2006

21th March 2006

Haven't blogged in days...Yar mostly recovering from that fever...but i'm pretty healthy now =) Went for health checkup today, was pretty ok..yar the nurse said my backbone was good..hee..

I just realised that there's the literature project to do.and d&t coursework.and project work.and third class test on friday.K i won't be working as much on that new blogskin. Haven't really done work on anything..i'm only confident about the third class test...cos i memorised until i can write all the drills down, if only i worked as hard for chi spelling....

Today's chinese was Mr Ang was shouting and shouting about us complaining...even thought not all of us complained...but he still scolded the whole class anyways...cos he can't possibily find out who was the one that complained against him in chinese right? Yup he was arrowing all those that failed me...but i'm pretty much used to biased teachers =) thanks to Mrs Quek...but the whole class like cannot take it...Mrs Quek was much worse lor...

YIPEE HIT 85 fletching in runescape today!!Now i can craft magic longs=more money...dunno why i still play runescape tho...alot of ppl say it's lousy compared to games like maple or wow but runescape is a browser game, meaning you can play in school =) but for games like maple lesson would have ended by the time u downloaded it. Xiu Yuan, Hui Joo and Chee Seng now play too =) Kenny also but he denys it =)

K i'll end here...gonna go update on class blog =)

Tuesday, 14 March 2006

14th March 2006

I'm frustrated today..which is weird i'm still sick at the same time. Yar so i'll be angry then i'll be sneezing then coughing then angry looking again.

Was supposed to meet with group members for project work today...bleh two of them already had other "appointments" when we set the date two weeks i just cancelled it =( no point with just 5ppl meeting and those two with the important stuff..but i'm not naming any1 here...i probably won't..

Now everyone's sick!! Hee then once i'm well i'll be the only one sitting in class not sneezing or anything...Can't think of anything to blog about...i'd better continue work on project work..grr...

Saturday, 11 March 2006


YUP i'm sick...fever of around 42 degrees...yar so i couldn't make it for NPCC, BBQ, Parent Teacher meeting also...very tired also.So i shall stop blogging and go sleep..pray for me k?

Thursday, 9 March 2006


This is my desire, to honour You
Lord with all my heart I worship You
all I have within me
I give You praise
all that I adore is in You

Lord I give You my heart
I give You my soul
I live for You alone
Every breath that I take
Every moment I'm awake
Lord have Your way in me

I'm lazy to blog. GTG prepare npcc stuff

Tuesday, 7 March 2006

7th March 2006

HA!I realised that it was super easy to crack into those blogs where they have a password. It's kinda like pop ups or something. But i shouldn't tell u how, ah well...

Eeeks my grades are slipping...if they haven't already reached the floor. Blarg muz go study for term 2. Got back our english marks today...i got a 62, which keane still beat!!But he got 68 so...yar...and he studies like crazy..(Right keane?)

Kenny was like super depressed when he found out he failed...i think he got like...46?Yar he was like lying on the table...those kind of depressed look...and he went to eat kfc after that. Wow so much for depression.

I always thought depressed was kinda like a mark or something. Eg: The man made a depression on the seat he was on. Or something like that, and i always thought the great depression know?A great mark somewhere...maybe the ground sank or something.hee

Hist test/exam/game tmr...yar we're supposed to run around the school or something...finding clues those kind of thing. I hope i'll get to be tortured!!I WANNA BE TORTURED!!Not to be sadistic or something but i wanna experience what it's like to be tortured...dunno how mr. maran would do it tho. It's not like he can pull out our nails or something.

Sunday, 5 March 2006

5th March 2006

HA before i start blogging about boring and uneventful events in my life. I should show u this website. explorer...i doubt many ppl will get the joke tho.

I've decided to stop work on a new blog and concentrate on project work..where i have to edit and make a new program. HA you'll never guess how i did it when i present to the class!!!

My life is full of Justin and me went to media club in the same pri sch and now we're in media club in the same sec sch..weird..then i just realised that george from pri2 and cedric from church are in the same cca in another sch. More Weirdness. then weejin and nicholas from church are in the same class in another sch. Ack how many more links i haven't discovered lol??

Today was pretty ok as usual...sunday is a day to relax..went to church..messed around in after service and then went home. Simple fun and gave me time to do the homework and still blog. Yar sundays are great.

Yup that's the end of my post. End. Finis. Bye Bye.

Saturday, 4 March 2006


Thursday was frantic with rushing to do stuff...and thursday was my sister's birthday!!HA guess what?My older sis and i brought the same kind of present!!!(i brought a winnie the pooh magnet, she brought tiger) GAH but cool lar....coincidence

So thursday i had to do the chinese compo, prepare my uniform for npcc, celebrate my sister's birthday and learn the spelling test thing. Should have studied for that test earlier...

Yar the test was ok...especially when miss chew said that she would only take marks from the spelling part...becos i only learned the spelling's that for coincidence?O yar then during chinese Tze jie, me, jemaine, zuo ying were talking about ding qi...yar super evil lor...but tze jie was super funny with that ding qi pose...

NPCC after that. I tried taking a squad...for the third class test thing. in 2 weeks...yar try shouting the commands when the band is playing nearby and your CI is right next to you watching...But it was fun...even tho some of us did wrong drills.*cough*

Rushed to church after npcc..we watched left behind two...which was super scary...but no as scary as the first one or the ones coming once the treaty with israel is signed..yup thats all i got tho..not working much on a new blog...maybe i should just copy from blogskin.

Wednesday, 1 March 2006


Runescape's i'm blogging...wait is runescape offline because i'm blogging??Or am i blogging becos runescape's offline??HA got u confused there.

Yar project work today was the worst. I almost burst out in anger...but i'm ok now, i think. Dun think i should go into details what made me sooo angry. Just 1 word:KENNY.

I think lots of ppl are complaining about stress and i dun think life is that stressful. Yar maybe they get tons of pressure from their parents to study or something. Something about streaming...weird...cos i'm supposed to feel uber stressed out right now and i'm not. Physically.

yar my mind's super confused and thinking about the millions of stuff going on right now. Everybody's feeling worried with the influx of tests and exams and yet, i'm not worried..I should be worried, i should care about my streaming, about what class i'm gonna go to, i should care about my studies. But i'm not.

In a nutshell:I don't care about studies.

Now...why don't i care about studies?!?!Cos i dun feel that studies are that important. I mean, the basic fundamental skills of language, maths, science and all that stuff are important. But after that? Will it matter if u have one nice new certificate but u end up in hell? That's why i think my piorities should be set straight. But yar, at the same time, i wanna aim for a cert in xhtml and css..But i dun think schools offer that till university.

Yar that's the reason why i dun really study for tests. Somehow i scraped along all these years and yes. I barely studied for PSLE. (Tze jie's gonna scream but it's true) I went swimming after my maths PSLE exam. Makes you wonder what grade i'll get if i really put myself into studying...But u will never know =)

Lot's of people are suffering from stress right now. Lot's of people are feeling left out and feel that they have no friends. I guess that's an integral part of growing up, like problem based learning. Where you learn through problems. But look on the bright side, I think i have it much worse than anyone. I've got stuff to worry about and here comes kenny telling me that i've got it all wrong or something.

but then again. There are ppl out there who are just waiting to die, look at the amount of natural disasters lately. Pakistan Earthquake, Tsunami, Land slide, katrina. Be thankful we live in singapore and don't have bird flu, sars, aids and whatever diabolical disease...and to think we have to go school when the world is in such chaos.