Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I'm Right-Handed Now.

Gah. I have no idea what's wrong with my left hand after today's training.

Like I think my left hand has millions of problems?

From the Stupid Blister to the Muscle Cramp some time back. This time it's more like the muscle cramp than the blister though, although the blisters are still there and haven't healed yet.

Got back Physics test results today. Like yay 37 marks!

Maths was on some unfamiliar subject. Haha. Not really la. I got 'chosen' to go the board and do some question which we all haven't learned about yet. =\ Cannot talk to Koon Tat anymore la. Haha.

Campcraft training. Pegged until my hand was....shaking? At first like I didn't notice anything, until I tried tying a guy-line and found that my left hand could not tie the knot at all? Siao la. The whole hand was like shaking like I got fits or something, then I tried like mad to get thumb to move by itself and tie the knot but cannot. Haha, was scared at first cause it was like shaking by itself and even though I saw my hand shaking I felt nothing. But then got *cough* first-aider *cough* to help. =)

Now my left hand is like, super lazy to move. Can move, but I'm using my right-hand for most things. And I couldn't even open a packet of chili from Long John Sliver at dinner. Joshua thought I was acting cause my acting skills are too good...

Now I'm slowing discovering the things I can't do without a bendable thumb. Like unlocking my phone keypad. Or (hopefully) writing so that I won't have to do homework. =D

Sighs. I've been sleeping at 11.30+ every night since Sunday. 3 cans of coffee so far cause I finished my resolution to stop drinking coffee a week. Haha. Okay maybe I should stop drinking coffee altogether unless there's some special reason.

3 Integrity is no longer united.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007


A lecturer asked an audience:"How heavy is this glass of water?" Answers called out
ranged from 20g to 500g.

The lecturer replied, "The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on how
long you try to hold it.
If I hold it for a minute, that's not a problem.
If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my right arm.
If I hold it for a day, you'll have to call an ambulance.

In each case, it's the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it

He continued:"And that's the way it is with stress management. If we carry
our burdens all the time, sooner or later, as the burden becomes
increasingly heavy, we won't be able to carry on."

"As with the glass of water, you have to put it down for a while and rest
before holding it again. When we're refreshed, we can carry on with the

"So, before you return home tonight, put the burden of work down. Don't
carry it home. You can pick it up tomorrow. Whatever burdens you're carrying
now, let them down for a moment if you can."


Got back some of my results.
Quite okay for CA2 la. Like I passed everything except A Maths? Which is surprising cause I expected to do badly for everything as I never even bothered to study at all. And I actually got 81 for English? That's like the first time since Secondary school, or Primary 3.

But everyone will just say I'm lying. So nvm.

Woke up this morning feeling super super tired. Like my eyes were half open on the way to school, and I slept on the MRT.
VIP today was excellent. Cause it was just what I needed. A nice long half and hour period and me at the last row. Haha. I think I started sleeping 5 minutes into the session. Not because it's boring la, but because I was too tired. But I did pay attention subconsciously la. Like I can remember that the lesson was on teamwork and how to make a team work together.

Blah. School was boring. Can't remember anything cause it's all so repetitive.

Anyways, no Maths Remedial after school! YAY!
Went KFC for lunch, then went home.

Sunday, 26 August 2007


Haven't updated for very long.

Friday's incident was sad. But I shall not describe it here. It's scary to realise that it could have been you, me, or anybody.

Started thinking about everyone I knew in the past that had passed away. From when I was too young to fully comprehend the significance of my grandfather passing away, to my grandmother's who both died before I was born, to recently. And then I started thinking about the future.

Puts things into perspective really.

Went youth cell even though it was already 8.10. Reached there at about 9. Message was on God's Love. Probably very ironic since one never fails to wonder why God does something when God loves us.

But if there's one thing I learned from cell last Friday, it's that God's love surpasses all knowledge. Ephesians 3:17-19.

I'm tired. Tired of backsliding, tired of reflecting, tired of everything.

But I'm still trying.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Geography Field Trip.

Okay, I was supposed to update "tomorrow" ya?

But then my computer suddenly cut off it's internet access for some reason. And I just upgraded internet speed to 100mbps with a new modem and all, so I thought that was the problem. Then I checked and found that internet was still working, so I next tried using various programs to connect up with various servers, and only msn was working. Pinging other IPs via command prompt worked too. Then I tried both FF and IE which didn't work, and cleared out everything from temp internet files, tried checking regedit to see if anything was wrong, but couldn't find any problem, heck, even searched for xp install cd, but didn't have any serial. Hence I couldn't blog for the past few days even though msn was working, probably cause msn used a different port to access internet? I dunno.

Simple explanation: Comp Internet Spoil.

Solution? Norton Internet Security blocked the internet ports because I was *ahem* torrent-ing something. -.-

Okay no more geeky stuff. =)

Woke up at 8am for the field trip, took my time cause everyone is bound to be late one right? In the end I was the last to arrive even though I reached at 9.35? Bleh.

Started off by walking upstream. Haha, walked exactly the same way as we did the last time. Like Clarke Quay looks different in the Morning compared to night time. It's more, sophisticated? Night time is probably more cool man. Haha.

We walked all the way to the exact same bridge that I took a photo of the last time too. Haha
Haha, didn't take any reflection picture this time cause there was no reflection to take. =)

Next crossed over the bridge, and saw this Japanese girl? The girls were like crowding around and taking photos.
I think you can't even see the girl from this angle. But I think she's very pretty lah. =D
Haha, and Lenson used his camera to take the photo of the railing? Whilst I took photos of him. ;)
Then Jemaine saw this dog which she start patting. =/ Like super daring la. If a stranger come and pat my dog I'll feel very weird?
Then we saw this signboard which Malvin and Hui Joo started taking photos of.
Haha, someone pasted a sticker on the signboard la.

Trip was cut short cause it started raining as we were walking past Central. So we went to Burger King for lunch.
Awesome! =D
Walked with Lenson to the Esplanade alone after that. Heh. Like a date. Not many people around on the way there cause it was still raining. =OSnake!!
This picture looks dam scary la. But it wasn't scary at all when we took it. Haha. Dunno why it's green too, incorrect white balance?

And I saw Guan You at Citylink Mall! Haha.

After that went to Lenson's house. Saw his entire collection of photos and played COH. Now I'm like addicted to that game la. Feel like playing RTS games all over again. =/

Went home for 1 hour, then went out to catch Fireworks! =D But there's too many pictures in this post already...

Sunday, 19 August 2007

27 Out Of 121 Hours.

Awesome. I managed to stay awake this past 5 days for 94 hours! That's 27 hours of sleep since Campcraft training on Wednesday. Add or subtract a few minutes of falling asleep on the bus or mrt. Haha. Got room for improvement maybe?

Lot's of things happened today, but I'm too tired to blog already, staying awake on coffee is bad, so I shall go sleep. =)

Shall blog tomorrow. With lots and lots of pictures.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Long Shutter.

Messed around with Lenson's long shutter setting on his Canon Digitual Ixus 900Ti today too.

Can only be used at like, night time cause your pictures would be overexposed. Long shutter is basically just delaying the time the shutter closes? Meaning you get a longer exposure and cool effects varying with how long you keep the shutter open.

4.97 seconds. Should adjust contrast and all, but I'm too lazy. =P

2.48 seconds. Both pictures taken at Bus stop opposite Bishan Park. Very few cars cause it was 11+ at night. =)


Okay I realised I haven't posted pictures for three posts already. My blog is beginning to look like an essay. So I shall post a picture of Snowie.

He just went for a haircut and shaved botak. Haha. Now he looks like a different dog altogether.

Shot with High ISO as I didn't want to use flash and scare him. =)

E-Learning Day.

Heh. Didn't exactly follow the time slot given cause the homework was all accessible at 12midnight anyways. Did everything by 3.30am with a bunch of classmates online. =D

Haha slept at around 4am, woke up at 7.30, 8, and 9 respectively. Cause I woke up then slept again, then wake up, then sleep. Until 9am when I realised it was raining and the windows were not closed.

Everyone was like:"CANNOT LOG IN!! SLOOWW!!" =D

It's like, the company should have expected and prepared for a surge of about a few hundred people accessing their server? But evidently they did not and resolved to cut off log-ins until the system stabilised again. End result was everyone refreshing all the time. Heehee.

And seriously, the site is slow cause of it's source code la. Like WTH, I'd have expected a professional company to be using ajax and xhtml at the least. But what I see is plain Javascript and TABLES? Even blogs don't use tables anymore....

Went out with Mum and Sis at Dhoby Ghaut for lunch. Ate at Pizza hut. =D And bought a .35mm guitar pick and finger pick. It's like super fragile cause it's so thin. Haha.

And I ate a pretzel after that. YUM. Was walking towards the Mrt when I saw Fionella and Abigail whilst halfway through eating the pretzel. Haha, they were like sitting there studying in school uniform? O.O

Went to Dhoby Xchange for a while cause I've never been there before, it's like super deserted. Then took a train down to AMK Hub.

Like waited for the rest for super long, I explored and walked around AMK Hub until very sians. Then saw Shao Kiat and Kai Xin at AMK Hub? Cause Sec 2s have streaming talk afterwards. =P

Watched Rush Hour 3 with Stephen, Jun han, Jia hui, Koon tat, Woei Jiun, Li Jing, Wei ting, Nina and Elaine. Quite funny la. Haha. But I think the movie was very short, or that time passed very fast.

Was around 6+ by the time the movie ended. Took 136 to Church for cell.

Cell was okay..Aaron's back in Singapore. Haha. And played this game where you write down all the characters and attributes of God mentioned in the Bible.

136 took unaturally long to come. Like 15minutes or more lor. Blee. Reached home at about midnight and now I'm blogging.

Geography field trip tomorrow at 9.30. =)

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Stupid Blister.

I think it really makes you realise how important a middle finger is when you can't touch anything without pain.

Like I can't even hold a toothbrush properly la. Looks like I'm making a rude sign with my hands. Heh.

Anyways, today was Chemistry and Physics practical. Tasted alkali? Super bitter. I forgot which alkali la. I only know it's the strongest. Haha, something Hydroxide. Should have paid more attention. =/

And mixed around all that acids and alkalies during the last 5 minutes. Haha. Quite cool to see the colours either mixing with each other or not mixing. Until Jemaine go spill acid on my fingers la. =\

Then was History, Keane agrees that the person with the brain being disected in the video looks like Joshua. And I learnt how to tie a highwayman hitch continuously. =D

And Physics practical today too. I partnered with Lenson and attempted to cool a beaker of water as quickly as possible by stirring.

And Chinese for three periods. Gah. Got some Chinese debate thingy. Whoever heard of debating in Chinese? UNTHINKABLE. Okay I'm horribly biased. =)

LCE was on Career Self-Awareness or something. Haha. I haven't given much thought to the kind of job to aim for though. Like so many choices la.

Haha, and no school tomorrow cause it's stay-at-home-and-use-the-computer-to-do-your-homework-day! We should have such days more often. Although I'll be horribly distracted by other stuff that a computer offers. =D

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Haha okay saw this video on Jun Han's handphone today. Shall describe it in a horribly graphic version.

It's this dead corpse lying on the table, or cadaver cause it's used for 'Science'. Then it's body is sliced in two at the center, with only a bloody mess inside. The face is still normal, in fact, the face looks like Joshua. =D Then you see a doctor making some sort of incision into the guys scalp, before simply peeling off the skin like an orange and rolling it down his face like some mask. The actual skin with the hair on the head and the guy's mouth still half-open and 'smiling'. Then you see the white skull, which the 'surgeon' saws open literally. With those saws you use in D&T to cut wood, then you can hear the disgusting sound of the bone being sawed open. Then the 'surgeon' uses a chisel and hammer and drives the chisel right through the skull, before using his gloved hands and slowly peeling off the skull like some banana. Then his hands reach in and take out a brain. A REAL BRAIN.

Okay I don't think it's graphic enough la. And the video is almost impossible to fake. But why in the world are secondary school students looking and discussing about such things huh? Worse than movies la.

Okay anyways, can't remember anything that happened the past few days. So I shall blog about today! =D

PE lesson today. Volleyball again. I think playing volleyball with the school ball is like super not fun la. More like little kiddies forever running around. Played until very sian with Stephen, Jun Han and View Meng, then we played Monkey instead. Haha. Kind of stupid to play monkey and run around. But we had like 2 balls at the same time? So can sabo people by throwing both balls at them at the same time. =D

Haha and both Geography and Maths teacher didn't come for lessons today. Yay. Unprecedented hours of profitable boredom is always fun!

Campcraft training after that. I did horribly for Guy-Line cause I was standing on the wrong side of the line and ended up using my right hand to do everything. =\ And I pegged until there's a blister on my finger and that blister sort of burst? And yellow stuff came out(PLASMA-according to Eugene) and now I can't type properly. =(

Went dinner after that at Hougang Mall food court. Last day of operation. So sad...ah well. Maybe there'll be an arcade in place of the food court. Heh.

I feel tired.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Watched it yesterday at Marina Square with Stephen and Denise.
Haha, I was the earliest to arrive even though I was 15mins late. =/
And I haven't been to Marina Square for so long I can remember nothing about that place.
But anyways, ate at Carl's Jr for lunch, then rushed to catch the movie cause we were late.
Didn't see the front part. But I think they cut out lots of parts in the book? And changed many significant events, or maybe it's cause I'm too critical. Heehee. And the movie was quite long too. It was still quite okay la. I wouldn't mind watching it again.
But I've spent my life savings all on movies already.
Anyways, went to Kovan after that to meet up with Sec 3 Squad people. But then they were at Ding Qi's house, so Hao Xiang and Joshua came to fetch us there. =D
Didn't really discuss anything much. Went home on 62. Reached home at around 9pm.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

National Day.

Haha. Okay haven't blogged for a long time again.

National Day Parade at school on Wednesday.

Thankfully got no Sun. =D So my toes were spared! Haha. But the speech and everything took very long, and as a result I didn't pay any attention at all to whatever the Principal was saying. Went up to hall for the concert after that.

Concert was okay...went up on stage with all the other UGs. Haha.

Celebrated Jia Hao's Birthday after that with the np people.

Went back home, changed and went out to catch a movie with the same np people. At first wanted to watch Simpsons, then Alone, then in the end we watched Disturbia. Then at first was at Plaza Sing, then went to Cathay, then went back cause no tickets. =\

Random Picture Interlude.

Haha. I think the movie's nice, it's about a serial killer thing. Kind of psychotic la. And it's scary to think that there's actually such killers out there. But imagine if you are that killer man. Can you sleep at night knowing there's a dead body/bodies in your house? Haha.

Anyways, went to eat at Paradiz Center? But in the end I didn't eat. -.- And never attempt to buy drinks for Woei Jiun, super irritating. -.-

National Day itself was spent with me slacking at home. Haha, not really la. I went out for lunch at AMK Hub...
Saw Charmaine Soursop Sng at the food court. She was like so shocked to see me la. =X

Then saw Ding Qi at the Fairprice Xtra. But she was like trying to ignore me. =X

Haha, dam weird. Went home after that, watched NDP at home. Parade was quite okay...but very complicated. Haha. Kind of okay la, like it's weird to hear those drills being shouted and understanding la. Cause I never used to understand what they were talking about in the past.

Went out for dinner/supper at East Coast Park. There's like this 'Chomp-Chomp' style hawker centre right next to the Wakeboarding park thing. Wah, and I feel like wake boarding after seeing them zoom around on that overhanging cable ski thing.

Ate satay and sting-ray there! Haha. =D

Dam nice la. Haha.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Gah. Upon reaching home from school today. I SAW THIS LIZARD LYING DEAD ON THE FLOOR OF MY ROOM.

The mere thought of a lizard in my room is horrible.
Ah wells, it's a good motivation for me to stop procrastinating and start cleaning my room.tomorrow.

Festival Of Praise.

Went on Sunday to Indoor Stadium for FOP 2007.
Don Moen and Delirious. Haha.

Took only 1 or 2 pictures. Like this photo of 3 random people who were sitting in front of me.

Oh and they added new speakers to the stadium. And Don Moen plays the violin and looks older now.

Second time going for FOP this year. Last time was in sec 1 before I even created this blog. Haha.

Last time I barely even knew a single song Hillsongs and Delirious were singing. Now it's like I know almost all the songs they sang. =D

And I think the speaker is very good at speaking.

Reached home at about 11.30 and slept at 1am after preparing half-u.

Monday was yet another day in school. Maths teacher didn't come! Haha. 2 hours of freedom. Except for the test thing la. -.-

And English debate was on Monday too. I was super nervous and screwed up for some parts la. But I definitely prefer a debate than A Maths or Chinese test. =D

NDP training after school. Wah. I felt like I was barbequeing my feet la. =/ Like satay. Or like a solar panel absorbing heat.

Haha. Went Hougang Mall after that for dinner, then went home. Slept at 9 cause I suddenly felt super super tired like I just came back from a camp or something.

Today was spent in school again. Haha.

Movie during History. I wanted to sleep, watch the movie, and read the National Geographic that Lenson lent me. Haha. In the end I was like reading National Geographic and listening to the movie at the same time, occasionally sleeping. Awesome! The ultimate multi-tasking experience. Haha. And I got learn alot of stuff okay. I read the entire Mayan article containing the life story of some leader called Fire-Is-Born and the collaspe of the Mayan Empire whilst
listening to how Hitler in reality lost the war himself by failing to employ military stragetics because of respect and honour towards the other side. And cause Hitler was sleeping when they needed to make important decisions.

Maths remeadial after school. Heh. Me and Jian Hui was like discussing stupid stuff like how he needed anger management courses cause he was angry at Maths.

I'm super tired now. Still have to go prepare full u for tomorrow. =D

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Switchfoot-The Beautiful Letdown.

Went to Sembawang Compass Point today after lunch with family.
Saw 2 versions of The Beautiful Letdown by Switchfoot. And me being the super greedy kind, brought the more expensive, $22 dual disc one.

Cool right?? It was covered in layers and layers of plastic.

And when I opened it,

Kinda like 2 cds stuck together with super glue. One side's a dvd and one side's a cd.

And the cd's kind of old. And I have half of the songs already. But now I have the cd cover! Heh..

Friday, 3 August 2007


Weee millions of tests this week which is why I haven't blogged since Monday.

There was Chemistry test on Monday, then Social Studies on Tuesday, then Physics on both Wednesday and Thursday, and the final History and Maths test today! Awesome! This shows that I'm being tested thoroughly and my education level at the school is being evaluated. XD

Anyways, Tuesday was maths remedial after school. Bleh. Went home immediately after school cause I felt super tired and slept till about 11.

Okay, at this point I can't remember a single event that happened this past week chronologically except for today. =)

Mr Koh started teaching us again. =D But it's still like on floodplains and leeves and waterfalls and whatever. =/

And Lenson brought his uber expensive camera to school on Wednesday and today. Haha, he and Alvin taking photos of upcoming NDP, so SURELY WILL HAVE MILLIONS OF PICTURES OF MINGHUI! =D surely the pictures will be nice... =)

And NDP rehearsal today. All I can remember was the super hot sun. So hot that I now have a swollen left toe (cause I was standing at the extreme right) to prove that I survived! Haha. It's literally swollen la...never scalded my feet due to a parade before...

Went for dinner after that with the usual NP ppl...Hao Xiang suddenly super pek chek on the way home...Cheer up! This kind of thing kenna scolded bo bian one la... =)

Then I told Hao Xiang about the best way to insult someone. =D First you must have a supporting fact.

Eg: "The bones of a bird are hollow."

Then you need an insult linked to the fact.

Eg: "Your brain is hollow."

Then you mix together with some chim English and voila!

"Did you know that the bones of a bird are hollow? Just Like Your Brain! Hollow!!"

Not bad right? Can be implemented with other facts too! Like how a goldfish has a memory span of 3 seconds. (You, on the other hand, seem to have no memory span at all)

The worst feeling in the world is when you see someone you trust, someone you love, someone you have never known to break down before, someone who is always strong, always there for you, suddenly break down and cry, crushed by the relentless tide of this world.

I will be haunted by what I heard tonight for a long long time.