Saturday, 30 September 2006

30th September 2006

I feel super tired now.

Heh, school started with art lesson. I got 76 for my butterfly!! =P Briefing on art exam, I don't exactly feel like finding chilli and lady's finger to draw. Blehs

Science was revision, maths was another mock test, literature was on act 4 scene 3 in macbeth? Chinese oral was torture. =\ I think English extra lesson was the only fun lesson lar, at least we could laugh. =)

Stayed back after school for about...30mins. I actually sweeped the floor ok? But I ended up sweaty and dirty, =S Left Yun Kai alone with Woei Jiun and Chuan Hui. ;) Saw Chee Hock at the canteen talking to 2unity girls about his next target. Lol, but he decided to follow me to the bus stop.

Guitar practise was fun, used acoustic instead of electric though. But hey, Acoustic's still better than Classical right? The strings were steel instead of my nylon strings, so my fingers were like going to have cuts on them any moment.

Learned how to pluck More Than Words and God of Wonders. Heh, I was playing Wake me up when September Ends and Guan You said:"Noooo September Ending!!!"

Met up with Bryan and his bb friends for dinner. Weird, almost all of Bryan's friends are from bb, and are sec 3s, but they all dislike fabian. Haha.

Sermon was interesting, something about blessing others the moment they make you angry? It's ironically the best way to insult someone. Imagine if you call this person short and that person says:"Thank you, I really appreciate that." Heehee, like, your enemies would be showcased as childish fools who just love to insult others.

It's hard to forgive people right now.

Was still at Church at 10:45...Guan You had a pretzel!!So I started thinking of ways to get it from him. I tried telling him that pretzels were high in fats and you could choke, that insects were found to be in pretzels and there was a risk of heart attack from them. Blarhs, doesn't work lar...Then Guan You took my butterfly and went around telling others it was his freedom butterfly. =S

Gasp, Ben's job in NS is a counselling assistant?!?! No marching, no drills, no parade, no campcraft. Just taking a bus to work at 9 and sitting at a desk. But that's cause he has some complicated knee problem. I should go get a complicated knee problem too! Then I can skip obs if I want like Sandy next year. =)

Walked through bishan park, I had a camera, but I didn't exactly feel like taking pictures. Especially since Bryan pointed out that the reflection looked like a person, and Bishan park was really really scary at night. I think the pictures I took had an adverse effect on me. I found my self looking behind much more often, and I noticed a lot more people strolling through the park?

Went to caltex to buy 2 cans of coffee. I was at the same spot almost exactly one week ago, walked the same path, drank the same type of coffee. Bus came super late, around 11.10pm. PAST THE CURFEW!!GASP. Saw Jacky and Wee Liang at a bus stop? Can't remember their names lar, all ex npcc one. Worst of all, I was in school uniform. Haha, bet they were shocked to see someone in school uniform. I get weird stares from people whenever I take 136 on a friday. =S

Blehs, I think I signed up for too many things already, I forgot about Npcc trainings and NRC for a moment when I signed up for that Advanced Elective Module on 3d animation? I never touched Cinema 4d before, and the course is intermediate? But then again, I never went for a course on html/css/javascript. Nor did I go for flash 5 basic or fontpage basic. =S

ERG, and there's fellowship meeting oct 14th, outing with phalanxinvicta sometime November, youth week sometime in December, my Birthday on October 17th, and my Birthday on October 17th.(repeated on purpose.)

I think I seriously need that portable 100gb hard drive. More and more stuff winding it's way into my computer for strange reasons. Alvin says 160gb would be better. Heehee, I think I'll get a $200 portable hard drive for my birthday then, although a $70 acoustic guitar....*sighs*

Anyways, thanks to googleKeane for helping me find best i ever had by vertical horizon and a whole bunch of other songs. Weirdly enough, now I'm looking for Savage Garden songs. Anyone have to the moon and back? Maybe I'll go the lazy cheapo method and record the song off radioblog, cause Sembawang and Mj don't even have savage garden cds anymore. Blehs.

Confirmed by Microsoft, to be released for xbox 360 only.

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