Monday, 27 February 2006

27th February 2006

Eeks i realised my teacher reads i have an ammendment to make. I think my teacher has a bubbling and optimistic personality whilst focused and realistic at the same time. Yay now i can get that A.

Yar but i think i should blog in nicer english from now. Yar no more abbreviations. Yes i spelled abbreviations correctly. Why is a word for something short so long? Maybe its to emphasize the meaning of the word as something to describe a short word. Or something like that. Who knows such things? Who made the English language anyway?A quick google search reveals...
Click for a larger view.
There. It was made in America. haha it's not true by the way, I dunno how google got the anwser so...yar...i use google for calculations anyways.

i got a new hillsong cd!!!YAY YAY YAY YAY...Yesh getting cds are a rare thing for me.
Its a nice cd, lots of songs. I wanted delirious too but...yar i'm poor k?

Yar windows vista is coming out in six editions...I bet half of the ppl reading don't know whats vista i provided a link...Vista is gonna focus on media center stuff tho...which is good!!And bad..theory of relativity here =S

If i can remember...the versions are..
Vista Ultimate.
Vista Professional.
Vista Home Edition.
Vista Basic Kit.
Vista Home Edition N
Vista Basic Kit N

N means no music basic edition N is the cheapest...I dunno about ultimate and professional...i'm aiming for ultimate tho =) Yar nowadays the cool thing is and transparency.

I think windows 3d would be a nicer feature tho.In this case, spherexp.
Gets confusing after a while tho.

Sunday, 26 February 2006

New blog phrase 1

Design brief haha...i'm gonna start by creating new graphics first then come up with the actual template later...cos alot of ppl say my blog is blog is plain cos i don't have graphics...hee..i got a few ideas on a blog skin but i'll change it with time.
O yar i'm doing this in my free time, when i dun feel like playing runescape.
I'm using Gimp2 which is a free image program like photoshop. Cos i dun have money for photoshop, and this is a pretty good alternative with enough functions. Better than paint anyways.

Saturday, 25 February 2006

25th Febuary 2006

hmmm...yesterday was a pretty busy day...every friday is busy... =) woke up at 6. Assembly was a play thing on total defence. yar everyone got scolded during art...blee..stayed back after school for the media club talk..omg miss chew is so diff!!!lol...she was super diff than english spilt personalities or something...but yar u can still see the funny side of her during least her lessons are not like mr *cough*soh or ang...yar those can make u sleep..the talk was quite nice...saws lots of ppl from other schools and the reporter gave a pretty indepth look on reporting..yar then after the talk we sat down with this editor..yaar his ideas are super shiok....becos i never thought of the school newsletter becomes a success!! =)

Took a train to bishan and ate as mac there...all by myself *sniff* becos bryan and fabian were too busy playing maple at home and the rest...yar...anyways i ate pretty fast...410 was crowded as always but i reached Church at 7...spent the time after that folding all the order of this sundays oos are folded entirely by me...meeeee...worship was great with ben leading...then we went around diff blocks and asking everyone to join us in the 40 days purpose thing(yar i guessing all my classmates are confused somewhere around this point) yar i never tried knocking on doors at 10pm...went for supper with my dad after that...

Slept early due to extreme tiredness of running around whole day...woke up at 5:50 today and did qt....used comp at 7...there...another tiring day ends and begins in the life of nvm =)

Wednesday, 22 February 2006

22nd Febuary 2006

just enough time for a quick post before i rush to do my homework...

I came to school around 7...heh saw all the girl guides on the train...but no scouts. Saw scouts when i went to school though.Yar then Miss Chew suddenly tapped me with the file during morning reading...i thought i was being punished for something lol. Then she was asking me if i was free on fri to go to this talk and join media club..HEE IRONIC!Cos i joined media club in pri school!!!HEE but that club was much diff...more on ava stuff. but weird anyways...but i'm still in npcc =)

Yar girl guides and scouts day...Keane was making speech!!hee but i think girl guides and scouts is super small...especially scouts...yar...but SJAB and NCC is worse...

i'm working on a new blog..yar means new url everything...i'll have to start making graphics for a new one tho...

Monday, 20 February 2006

20th Feburary 2006

I feel like changing my blog url...but then everyone will get confused and have to relink...or maybe i could create an entirely new blog and link there...but then all my old posts will be here...or maybe i could create...k nvm...o yar try this site out for streaming music radioblogclub only like the music streaming tho =)

I got this liquid in my toe and i can feel it like moving about as i walk..yuck...could be some kind of remedy to the terrible pain i felt in my foot a few days ago...pain is gone...but gross is still visible damage =)

Helping out with the class blog these few days...and cramming runescape in msn finally crashed today...i was expecting it to hang my comp becos 5+ppl were talking and nudging me...all whilst playing runescape and a few other sites...Yun Kai's nudge finally did the comp slowed for a moment then all the windows with msn closed...hee signed back in after that...

k gtg for now

Thursday, 16 February 2006


I've been super inactive lately...helping out with the class blog mahz...everyone has blogs nowadays...even NPCC...heehee...we went to ava room yesterday and listened to Mr. Yeo showing us the NPCC Hihs blog...quite simple leh the blog...the used default skins and no tagboard...bleh...yea now the class blog looks so much nicer than mine...but if u click it from my blog you'd be blinded by the bright the girls class blog is pretty much gone...

Just tried out google analytics..yar chim words man...i tried typing like 5 times to get to the's super cool and gives u lame...did u know that someone visited my blog on a Macintosh Pocket PC!?!?!?!Using Safari as well..WHO HAS A MAC PPC!!!!Since all hp ipaq's are windows mobile...o yea 64% of ppl visit my blog using internet explorer...internet explorer is slow lar!!takes twice as long to load for my com...and someone uses mozilla...i dont use mozilla...cos firefox is easier to customize...k enough of the chim stuff...

Hist War Games today...BLARG Quite ok lar...especially when we got almost all of the points nearing the test today too...and chi spelling..

Who gives line one of the school song for spelling!!!AAAAAAAA...

i think a lot of ppl say things which hurt others but don't mean it....yea i'm guilty of it too..but i think maybe they just don't know how to put their criticism in a way that is constructive...called constructive critisim...which i learned through runescape(hee)Yea it's something like criticising in a proper way...instead of saying stuff like you noob i pro..which shows that you just don't know how to say anything bad about my blog but just think that your blog is the best when u got the skin from blogskins anyways...if u wanna say something about my blog...say what u don't like and feel like i should change...and not say something like u noob i pro...cos that obviously shows that u have no idea how to express ur feelings in a positive way...

HA i'm getting better at this!!!

Saturday, 11 February 2006


o yea i just realised i don't use blogitempostdate or something for my posts.ah well...i dun think i wanna change it..hee cos it's much for fun to let ppl guess sometimes

i'm super busy again!!i'm supposed to be really free to blog these few days but i got tied up with managing my class blog.i think i'll skip the chronology thing for now.

My whole body's cramped all over from the npcc training..yar they had the sec 1 welcoming thing i think..then we had pt...which was crazy. Like we had to run up down up down the stairs on top of our 3bx...ended at 6:40 so i went to eat at macdonalds with wei jian and hao xiang...macdonalds at hougang mall is no more!!!aaaaaaa!!!to think i ate there last tuesday...but kfc was pretty crowded. So we ate at kfc...i happened to glance at my watch and saw that it was 7...AAAAA so i walked quickly to the bus stop...

I saw NCOs and Jocelyn at the pasar malam..they were in one of the the 360degree one..she was like sitting down there up and down and all the NCOs were screaming and

Waited for the bus....saw some soccer ppl reaching school...reached the bus stop at 7.40...i think they removed that welcome to ang mo kio sign..or maybe i missed it...cos i always look for the ang mo kio sign becos that sign comes just before the bus stop...anyways...reached there...washed up and waited...worship was normal...except sec 4's got back their o lvl results....hee so i wasn't the only one in school uniform...

We went to eat supper instead of cell...not really supper but drinks...i drank one cup of tea in under a minute...walked back to church after that..then me and my sis walked to the petrol station behind bishan park to eat supper...yar bishan park was dark..even tho there was lights and all...freaky...then we took the full 1hour+ bus ride home on 136...passed by serangoon, kovan, hihs, old house, edgeville pri school...then we reached home.

Sunday, 5 February 2006

5th Feb 2005

I've been thinking. about lots of things i guess..So much is crammed into my brain all compressed into files for later viewing. But i guess most of these files are lost in time. Like i can't remember names of everyone i meet. lol i should show u how much info is crammed into my mind. I won't bother about spelling here.
  • Nursery at geylang medodist church. One guy from my class i was great friends with. Forgot his name. Corner of the wall with insects, millipedes caterpillars blah...Catertakers daughter was like a sister to me. I remember playing on her bike or something. I remember being punished for the whole day. I remember my mother being the principal there and me going to school with her on the 82...or some other bus number. I remember some guy asking for money with a knife or something. There nursery's now a carpark for the church upstairs.
  • Kindergarden at bishan PAP. I remember eating and liking red bean soup(yuck I don't like red bean soup now btw). I remember club mum and darren in the other class. I remember the time my sis had asthma and i stayed at darren and jacob's house. i remember playing house of the dead but i forgot when. I remember taking the exam for the first time. I thought it was fun lol. i remember photo taking. The PAP's still there btw.
  • Primary 1 at old rosyth school. I remember the wall with spiders, the national day parade with parry pri school(next door) I remember Luke, Yu Chuan(sp) and someone else whose name i forgot. Yup my 4 frens...we promised to be frens forever but...yea lost contact...
  • Pri 2 at old rosyth school. I remember sitting next to rosanna and being good frens with her. Just frens nothing more =) I remember yisen, guang foo, ken and george. A few others but i 4got names. I remember the english course i took. Something about silly billy. I remember the carnival!! For raising funds for new school. I remember mrs liz asri..

K i guess if i continue i'll go on forever so i'd better stop here...

Thursday, 2 February 2006

2nd Febuary 2005

K life is super stressful these few days. YUPs too much to worry about.Yar today was the worst i think. Yar like history where everybody was just not cooperating(i'm the hist rep) I think html is soo much easier than being a hist rep. We had this war games thing and everyone had to split to groups. First group had choice of countries so everyone wanted the "best" which is USA yar there's like three groups wanting USA...USA is not that good lor....USA doesn't come into world war 2 until a later date and usa comes in only after a surprise attack on pearl harbor. So like the second group actually erased USA which i wrote next to the first group's name. GAH then the third group did the same but wrote with pen instead. So now the class list is only big mess. NP tmr...cell grp after np so i'd better go prepare for np...another tiring day comes tomorrow. hahas

Wednesday, 1 February 2006

1st Feb 2006

Changed my blog around abit..Removed all the msn spaces ppl...cos most of them were unactive so sry guys...added more people to the list. Fixed and readded my cbox..yar that's about it...ha...