Sunday, 28 February 2010

Shooting with Film.

Okay I'm back. And I think I should stop being so emo. Past few weeks have been like a rollercoaster ride of epic proportions. And my weekend was a killer. Hahaha but I'm okay. I think when you're put into a situation where you don't know what to do, you inevitably learn something from it, regardless of whether said learning is positive or negative, beneficial or disadvantageous. Like the last two lines of Damien Rice's Cannonball, haha.

Anyways here are random pictures I shot for the past few weeks. All straight from my film camera because I'm super lazy to go through the 500+ photos from the digital realm.

He was reading Harry Potter. =D

This dog is super cute! And I'm not being biased just because it's a Maltese like Snowie. Haha. It was like really young and super friendly and happy and jumping around and trying to climb onto you. Not to mention posing for photos but moving away at the last second. Haha. And she didn't bark or bite either. =)

Gay Partner! =D Although he's like attached to another guy now.

Sending Ryan off to Thailand for Serve 2010. =D (That is Ryan btw)

I think shooting into the light is awesome.

Okay I have many more photos but I'll post them next time. If schoolwork doesn't kill me first. =(

And I can't stop laughing at this picture. Just need to add a CSI Miami David Caruso impersonation and I'm set. Hahahaha.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


What do you do if your belief in something means your belief in everything about that something, and you don't want to believe everything about that something anymore. What do you do if your belief doesn't seem to be as justified as it was, and you don't seem to have any reason for your faith anymore. What do you do if you've fallen so many times that you no longer feel like getting back up. What would be the point when all your efforts seem fruitless, your intentions seem misplaced, your passions seem hopeless. What would you say to a person who feels this way. If there were ever a lower point in my life, I don't remember it. And I don't wish to think about anything anymore.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

The worst part of it all, the part I keep thinking about over and over, was that I never said goodbye. And I hate myself for that. I really do.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Breaking Point.

Hello Mr. Breaking Point. I did not expect to see you so soon. Wasn't it just last week that we met? Or maybe you never left me all this time. Did you have something to say, or were you just around to say hello. Did you come to cheer me up, or watch me fight back tears? Do you plan on staying for long, or will you leave for a while and come back tomorrow? Do you know the answers to my questions, or are you as clueless to why you're here as I am. I don't know you, Mr. Breaking Point, but the fact that I'm near you now is a testament to my temperament.

I'm sorry. I wish I didn't feel this way. I'm sorry.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

With Everything.

Panoramas are awesome.

And With Everything by Hillsong is stuck in my head now.


Okay I realised I have not blogged about this although it's one of the major things that happened recently. Hahaha. Minghui is now a Macbook user. Got a free Macbook as part of an internet plan with Singtel, and my sisters chose white instead of silver. =( I think the silver one looks nicer than the white one.

Ryan using my macbook at 5am on the 30th December, at least it looks silver in this picture right hahahaha.

And that wasn't the only Apple product I got, haha I also got an Ipod Shuffle.

I got it for free too. Haha. Okay I feel so cheapskate, but the shuffle was lying around my house unopened with no one using it, so.. =)

Hahaha I'm like an Apple fanboy now. Yay. My Windows computer feels ancient in comparison with the Mac, especially when it comes to editing photos. Yay for 64bit computing/DDR3 SDRAM! /geekystuff.

Haha and I think I'm getting used to the different hotkeys and when to use command or control. Although I still press the wrong keys at times and spend a few seconds wondering what's the problem with the keyboard/photoshop.