Tuesday, 19 September 2006

19th September 2006

Things have been pretty stressful lately. =/

Planned to do Home Econs last night at 1, after studying for Science. But I lost track of time, and only realised this when it was 3am. =S In the end I felt so "nua" I went to sleep.

Woke up at 5.40, strangely I didn't feel that tired. Weird, but I was so energetic I decided to walk to school, didn't realise I was sweating till I neared Keane's house, and I gave up and took the bus instead. =\ That shows how unfit I am now. =(

Mrs Manning didn't come for art. Heh, so I had time to finish home econs, but still, I think I'm going to redo it, if I have the time.

Got caught by Mr Lee during free period, weird, I guess he was in a bad mood. But we were walking along the steps up to class when he called us down and said we were talking. The argument sort of shifted to whether we were allowed to go canteen or class during free period. And the punishment was 2 rounds around the parade square, reporting to Miss Chew what we did, and meeting him before Assembly tomorrow. I think it's kinda harsh for talking, but hey, kinda reminds me of Mrs Quek all over again. =
Home Econs was in class. =) Did this worksheet on advertisments, and I convinced Yun Kai to make an advertisment for pieapple pine's pineapple pies. =D the power of persuation. And after home econs I went around begging grabbing snatching taking free food from the other half that had their practical test today.

Science test was fairly ok, I think I can pass. =)

Went to play soccer with the boys after school. Almost half the class came including some girls. Weird, soccer is extremely funny sometimes. Really, sure to laugh if your playing soccer with our class. Kenny calls himself a legend, Yun Kai and Chee Hock will continously get teased with:"Chuan Hui Power!", Randolph did nothing for most of the time until the girls came. ;)

Still, it was fun. Considered walking home from school after that, but gave up the thought quickly. =P

I lost my English Life Accents book, all I can remember is passing it to someone... =S

I'm hooked onto Delirous-I could sing of your love forever. Yep, I have a different version which is super cool, actually it's just the bass that is something, especially if you hear it on headphones with extra bass.


Eh, how cool is that? Imagine if project work was like that.

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