Thursday, 31 July 2008

Malvina's Birthday.

Gosh this is like 6 days belated but anyways, happy birthday! =)

Went for Church in the Morning alone because my father had to work, my mother wasn't free and my sister was sick. =X I feel so weird going to Church on a Sunday alone because I usually go with my family, or my sis. But anyways, sat with Bryan and Victor so I wasn't that lonely. Haha.

Service ended, stayed back to practice playing for YP Sunday. I think the song we're playing is really nice. My Praise by Phillips, Craig & Dean. The chorus gets stuck in your head. =D

Then had dance practice after that until around 4.30. Was rather fun but tiring. I think playing a guitar is easier than dancing. Because it's not very obvious to non-musically inclined people if you play the wrong chords, and it's quite easy to switch to the right chords, but it's very obvious if you dance the wrong steps from everyone else, and not that easy to correct what you're doing too. =/

Rushed down to Sengkang to meet Koon Tat, Denise and Stephen. Haha. I thought I would be latest, but everyone else was late except for Koon Tat. Blee. Went to buy a necklace for Malvina at 77th Street. And the CEO was there asking us if she could help!! Heehee I thought she looked rather familiar, then I realised I took a picture of her before but didn't know where, then I realised she was the CEO of 77th Street and everything clicked into place but by then she had walked off and left us with another store attendant so we didn't do anything. But I think it's rather cool that a CEO would not mind serving as a store attendant and not be like, sitting around delegating tasks to other people. =D

We took 119 there, on the way we told Malvina that we weren't coming. Haha. Either Stephen's a really convincing actor on the phone or Malvina's really gullible. Heehee.

We stopped at the bus stop, then was trying to find a way to get into the condo when Hui Qin saw us. =X

Okay pictures, taken by Stephen or Alvin or me. =)

Koon Tat tying a balloon! =D

Haha, I think I've lots of pictures of this matchbox already. =)

Haha. Chefs at work okay? *cough*

Haha, oh and we helped to start the fire. =P

Suitable Caption : OMPH. Okay I think Stephen's going to kill me for this, especially since this is the second picture of him already. =D

Butter. Raw. Cooked. Cooked.

Haha. Went to the playground and played around with sparklers! =D
Left hand holding sparkler, right hand holding camera. =)

Okay, cannot name who these 2 people are. ;D

I forgot whose leg is whose already. =\

Haha. Koon Tat and Malvin.


The Matchbox Again! Taken by Stephen.

Cut the cake at around 9.30 according to my camera. =)

Hahaha. Then smashed the cake.

Woahhh. Evil. Hahaha.

Haha, went home at around 10pm, took a bus to SengKang with Koon Tat, Jian Hui and Si Peng then took a train home. =)

Singapore Night Festival.

Okay, this post is about a week late already. =/

After Science Day at school, I went down to Church for worship practice. Was quite fun. And I've not played for worship for a really long time already because of other things. =X

Cell group was okay too. Celebrated Sarah's birthday, wanted to take a picture of Marcus doing yo-yo tricks but didn't get to, and talked with Sarah and Rachel about where to go after O levels. Although I still don't really know where I want to go. =\

Took a bus to J8 at around 10.30pm, then took a train down to Dhoby Ghaut with my older sister to meet my mum and younger sis. Hahaha. They were shopping at Carrefour because it was the only shop still open at that time.

Went for supper at Burger King which was about to close too.

I think whoever made the burger was rather sleepy or eager to get home la. =X

Then we went to the National Museum of Singapore again. This time we went inside la. Haha.

The lighting effects on the Musuem itself was really cool. And there were lots of people snapping away happily at the building. Haha me included.

We walked into the Museum, and there in the centre stood a huge naked red man! Okay it's a statue, but it's still naked la. Hahahaha. Art.

There were various exhibitions showcasing the History of different aspects of Singapore or something like that. We went first to the one about food. =D

Chicken Rice! The text is actually readable if you zoom in.

Kueh Tutu. The plastic example thing looks really unappetising close up. Haha.

Yeech! Okay the way all the utensils and stuff required to make the food were arranged was rather cool.

There was this room full of spices and herbs and lots of stuff for people to smell.

Went to another room on photography. Lots of old old pictures.

I think the pictures are rather scary in that they were all taken before I was even born?

Thankfully I'm in 2008. Heehee. Or I would be lugging this around.

Look at that External Flash Unit in the left! =\

That's a perfume bottle, and a mirror.

Went into this next room where there were old horror films being shown. Heehee!

Sony Handycam. Haha.

Haha, there was also this exhibition on the 1st floor that was filled with loads of really funky electronic stuff.

Like this giant screen that starts popping up random windows.

Walked around the museum until around 1am, then took 6N home again. Haha.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Science Day 2008.

Ah okay, last Friday was Science Day! Haha. There was an assembly programme in the Morning where my Chemistry teacher did some really cool magic trick. Like, magic water A + magic water B = Colourless Liquid turning black in an instant. Woah. Okay, I'm a very gullible person la. Haha.

We had normal lessons, but got to walk around the school during Chemistry lesson. I'm rather lazy to type out what happened, but I did bring a camera so there's loads of pictures. =)

Tried not to post any unglam pictures of anyone already. And I have lots of unglam pictures of people. =P

The event was like a carnival sort of thing where you go around to various stations completing a worksheet. Haha, I think the storyline and all was rather well thought out. =D

Jude's hands which are pink because he dipped his hand into pink Hydrogen Peroxide and didn't know you could actually use a scoop. =P

Hello Kitty!

Haha, this guy was really sporting and allowed me to take multiple pictures of him. =)

The other Pure Chemistry half of the class were having their lessons whilst we were outside enjoying ourselves. =P

At this point, I'm supposed to come up with some funny comment about this skeleton, but I can't think of anything.

Haha, Nigel was running away from me when I tried to take his picture!! =(

I don't really think the above image is very exciting. Probably because I've watched Brainiac. Haha.

Above 3 pictures taken by Stephen or Ivan, I can't remember.

Why so serious? Hahaha...Dark Knight joke.

Oh, and a bird flew outside our class window and was like, going to build a nest. But I think we chased it away with our failed attempts to take pictures of it. Sighs.

Okay, was supposed to have Chemistry extra lessons, but we could go attend the Science Garden Opening Ceremony as celafare instead. =D

Went to collect Senior NCO shirt first, then realised I was like, late for the ceremony already so walked really quickly towards the Science Garden, then on the way there Wan shouted from the 4th Level that he had passed my headphones to Bernice, then Wei Ting dropped some CD meant for Macrina Mdm from the 4th Level to the 1st Level where I was standing then she asked me to pick it up but then she later said I could leave it where it was which I did but Mdm Png walked past and started talking to me about how leaving stuff on the ground was unsafe so I picked it up and ran to the 4th Level and passed it to Wei Ting then started looking for Bernice but gave up in the end and went walking really briskly to the Science Garden.

When I reached there, the Opening Ceremony was over! =X But I did take pictures of the Principal taking a tour around the garden. I think it's rather weird to be posting pictures of teachers or the Principal on your blog so I shalln't do that. But pictures of schoolmates and friends are okay cause they can't do anything =P

It's rather cool to think that in 20 years time I can come back and pluck bananas from this Musa Acuminata.

Scouts rehearsing for National Day Parade. ;) Dunno why when Justin marched past us, he would face the left side away from us leh. Like, automatic Pan Dan ke Kiri. =D

Eh, I think this picture looks very cool. All 4 of them super dao then Yi Hong raising his hand. XD

The only one acting cute when everyone else is turning away. Sighs. =P

Koon Tat advertising for pudding.

There was NDP rehearsal in school too. Kind of weird to see people all formed up, because I've never exactly seen a NDP rehearsal from the view of a spectator before.

Poor bench. =(