Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Camp X 2009.

Went for Design School Camp on the 14th to 17th April! Haha.

Can't really remember everything I did leh. I was running and swimming one day and going for a camp the next and all the crazy things happening over the past few days la.

Made new friends, including Malaysians and a Thai. =D And played all the stations games/stuff that you do at an Orientaion Camp la. Haha. Didn't really get enthu or anything cause I was saving energy for Triathlon. =P

And we went to Sentosa at 11pm in the night! Playing station games at night at Sentosa is kind of weird but not unusual since I'm a nocturnal person anyway. Haha. But the last time I've been to Sentosa at 11pm+ was 3 or 4 years ago when I stayed over at some chalet. Reached back to Temasek Polytechnic at around 3am.

Night walk was awesome too! Haha. Although their horror stories they told us at the beginning had similar plots to horror movies like Shutter and Dorm, but I think the night walk was the best I've ever been too. Haha. All of the 'ghosts' were wearing make-up and fake blood and all that stuff, and there was lots of 'decorations' on the walls. Although I wasn't scared lar. =/

Last day of camp was the Regatta, and we won the Best Spirited School man!! Cause our school was the most crazily enthu one la. And our cheers were all stupidly awesome! =D Then we had Design Shower which was O.O Haha.

Couldn't make it for Cell group cause the camp ended at 10pm. =\

Went for supper with a bunch of people, and took a cab back home. Awesome I just blogged everything in 30 minutes! Haha.

Singapore Sprint Series.

Last Saturday was Minh hui's first Sprint Triathlon! MINH HUI! They speeled my name ronglee on my taggee-thingee la. Blee. O

Anyways, Lenson and me signed up for the Sprint Triathlon sometime back for some reason. Then we were spending the past 3 weeks or so training whenever possible. I think we cycled about 45km+ about 3 or 4 times? Yup. Although our schedules clashed many times and we didn't really train at all for the last week.

In case you don't know what a Sprint Triathlon is, it's a
  • 750metre swim - 15 laps of a swimming pool
  • 20 km cycle - North East Line is 18.9km
  • 5 km run - Which is 2.4km times 2 plus 0.2km la
Haha reached Lenson's house at 6.15 am on Sunday morning! Which is pretty awesome cause my whole week was filled with other stuff and I was pretty tired. Reported there early, and tried out the bikes.

Pose of The Day : Rawk On! Hahaha.

Lenson's bike which I used for the race. And my number is 920.

Lenson trying to fix the bike cause the back brakes weren't working. In the end I didn't really use the brakes at all hahaha.

Lenson with his race tag.

Went to mark our bodies, hahaha. There was someone whose number was 921 la. =/

ChitMin/MingHui trademark Hip Hop pose.

Stephen advertising for Raisins.

I think everyone there was older than the 2 of us, feel like little kids man. Hahaha.

=O And almost all the guys there had slope hairstyles to improve speed uh.

The first part of swimming was just get kicked pushed grabbed whatever by everybody else. Haha. So pek chek la. -.- The current was stronger than at Sentosa, but much less saltier. =D More shiok than swimming at Sentosa with the saltwater burning your throat, although it was more crowded and there were larger waves.

Rawk On!

Haha. Cycling was quite depressing cause I lost to all the road bikes, but I overtook all the other mountain bikes la heh.

Rawk On!

Haha. The running was the most nua part. Cause I didn't really train running, and my left hip bone joint was like sprained or something. But never mind la I didn't finish last! Hahaha.

The Sun Shade thing for the traffic light fell off! O.O

Walked/cycled to Changi Village with Stephen, Ryan and Lenson after that. Then we had lunch at Subway. Stephen, Ryan took 89 home whilst Lenson and me cycled back. Haha. We went cycling around random places like the Changi Village Boardwalk. Although it's a board walk, Heh. And there's this super gradual long slope between Changi and Pasir Ris!

And the Sun was super brutal on the way back from Tampines la. =/

Monday, 13 April 2009


God never changes. =)

Going for camp so I won't be online for the next 4 or 5 days? Yup. Minghui is going to feel crazily tired next Monday when school starts, haha.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Earth Hour 2009.

Okay Earth Hour was last Saturday! Haha. I think it's kind of like a useless event, although it's supposed to be a 'vote' against climate change or something. Haha although I do turn off all the lights in my house for 8 hours every night, more if I sleep early.

Anyway, went down to Esplanade with Ryan and Stephen to take pictures! Although we didn't take much cause it was crowded with lots of people going to watch the city lights disappear. =O Hahaha. Some hotels and banks didn't turn off their lights! *cough* OCBC *cough*

In the end we didn't take pictures of the darkened skyline at all hahaha. Next year laa.

Went to the area outside Esplanade library and played with wireless flashes. =D

Slow Sync Flash = Instant Photoshop Effect hahaha.

Tried to do a flash back-lighting effect but it doesn't look very obvious. =/

Purple color cast created with Stephen's shirt! Heh.

Immediately after this picture was taken : "Ah my eyes wah lau Minghui!"
I accidentally triggered the flash into Ryan's eyes at full power whilst he was doing something to it. =P =\

Ryan the Strobistman!

Ahh. Haha I'm going to photoshop this man.

Still have a bunch of HDR stuff, but I don't have time to go edit. Gahh.

Anyways we went back at around 10pm, but I went to the airport to go send Shermin off.

Took lots of pictures, but I don't have many cause I used Shermin's memory card to take the pictures and they're all with her in Shanghai now. Haha.

Yup went home after that.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Timothy Lim's Birthday.

Celebrated Timothy Lim's Birthday the next day after Cheryl's Graduation. =D

His birthday cake hahaha.

Rest of the pictures are on Facebook here. The rest of the pictures are just pictures of Charmaine, Melanie, Dora and Wen Jun cause my camera was taken by them. =\

Patrick trying out microwaves! =O

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Cheryl's Graduation.

Haha went to Cheryl's Graduation Ceremony from Tung Ling Bible College last Thursday. Met up with Church people at Church first. And it was on Timothy's birthday too! Haha.

Timothy found this giant ball of light on the way to school.

The radioactive ice-cream! Haha. We were bored waiting for Biru and Cedric to come and played around with the remote flash on manual settings. =D

Having a heart to heart talk with Patrick.

Haha reached there rather late. Cause we went to pick up Cedric somewhere and made a wrong turn and took a long time la. But the ceremony was quite interesting, lots of people from different countries, and worship was great too. Saw a giant floating Elmo graduating too. Hahaha.


And the Elmo balloon belonged to Cheryl. Hahaha.

Group Photo.

Victor with flowers. =O

Tearing apart a piece of bread.

Hahaha. And Biru just discovered how to play chopsticks.

Guys with flowers. =D

Rose! Haha I'm going to photoshop this!! Someday.

Haha we went back after that, had supper at Toa Payoh, then Matthew sent us home in his company van which has this irritating speed limit sound hahaha.