Sunday, 28 January 2007

Yay OBS!

Went to meet Koon Tat at Hougang Mall to go buy camp stuff yesterday. Met Kelvin and Issac there. Kind of weirdly related, cause I know Issac having jammed with him last Thursday, and I know Kelvin cause we both squadmates, and Issac and Kelvin in the same class, and Koon Tat also knows Kelvin from CO. So nvm, we decided to go with them to beach road.

Took a train down to Lavender, bought solid fuel, matches, lighter, nylon string, and all the other weird stuff you need for obs. Went to Plaza Sing with the intention of catching a movie, but there wasn't anything nice so we went to Arcade instead. Haha, saw Issac playing that drum game thing until super pro. Like 100+Combos and perfects and greats and the occasional misses. Then the 4 of us played Daytona, heehee, I almost won la, if not for Kelvin ramming me at the last moment.

Woke up early for Church today. =D Today was farewell Sunday, sighs, seems like only yesterday when Major Andrew and Captain Sheila were posted to our Church, blee, and I can't go to the airport to send them off cause of OBS. Bleah.

Heh, and I realised Uncle Soon Ho works at OBS too!! I shall meet him tomorrow. =D And I also realised Jacob's sec1 already. I thought he was pri 6 or 5 la. =/

My computer keeps flashing that:"Your computer is very low on disk space" sign. Blarh, I shall go delete everything after OBS.

My room is uber messy too. I shall clean it after OBS.

And I still haven't done homework yet. I shall do it after OBS.

Yar, I'm going to be super busy, after OBS. =)

Saturday, 27 January 2007

[Insert Title Here]

I'm bored, and tired, and stressed, and worried, and nervous, and scared, and whatever other verb I have in mind.

And I'm eating oreo. Twist, Lick and Dunk. Yea Awesome!! But I still think Hello Panda's nicer. At least got nice little panda's to stare at unlike the cold harsh black oblivion of an oreo biscuit.

Blarh, lessons are super stressful with a never ending stream of homework to do. =/ Haha, I shall not blog about every single thing I did these past few days. Er...cause I can't remember exactly everything I did these past few days.

Personal recount test yesterday. Heehee, question was on describing an incident where you ignored your friend's advice and suffered after that. I overshot by 26 words? Bleh.

School today was ok though. Mr Koh says we can't be dismissed from Punggol Jetty after OBS. Isn't that like a stupid waste of time taking a school bus all the way back to school and going back home when Punggol Jetty is like....5 stops from my house?

GAH, I'm very very nervous about obs, partly cause I haven't packed my bag yet and there's a million and one things to do. Like I don't even know if 5sets of clothes would be able to squeeze into my bag. And I need a new haircut, and I need to go beach road tmr and buy solid fuel tablets and track pants and I'm absolutely sure I'm going to forget something.

Monday, 22 January 2007

$30 Water Bottle.

Heeheehee. I was laughing non-stop about this for quite a while today.

Ivan:Eh I saw you water bottle at the shop. $30. *Points at Lenson's water bottle*
Lenson:Huh? How can you see my water bottle at the shop? My water bottle here what.
Ivan:Noo I mean like same kind of water bottle type.
After 5mins.


Haha okies, I have no idea what's so funny about it lar. Haha, Cause the way Lenson say it is soooo funny...then during class he'll take the out water bottle and wave at me. HAHAHAHA.

Hahaha, got back English results today. GAH I got a B+... =( Haha I thought it would be worth at least A- standard cause i wrote billions and trillions of things inside that would surely get an A if in Miss Chew's Lesson. BLARH But Mdm Seah's marking standard is so uber strict. =/

Rushed around after school trying to do random things like photocopy the obs camp kit list(cause I lost mine), and trying to finish the Hi Idol design. Haiyar, due to time constraints we didn't get to finish it to our liking. But anyways, good effort! =D
I'm sick of graphic design already....after spending 5 days just designing is uber repetitive and boring. BORING. I shall start learning C programming. =)

Oh yar I went for lunch with Wen jie! =) Haven't gone for lunch with him for 2 years already. Haha the last time I went we ate at burger king compass? This time we ate at burger king compass. =S Saw Zuo Ying, Yi han and Jemaine there. Haha, ate and sat around until three. Then went to my house to play cause he had nothing else to do. Haha, we were playing halo2 heroic and dying repeatedly until we got bored and decided to try and make the hunters fall down whilst trying to melee us. Then he chose a pink elite and we walked around in halo2 multiplayer doing random stuff.

Saturday, 20 January 2007

301st Post.

Hee I just realised this when I signed in to blogger and saw I had 300 posts already.

100 posts ago was the freaky Bishan park one. =)

Anyways Mass Run and PE yesterday. I ran almost the entire way for 1 round, then I walked the rest of the way cause I was tired. Heeheehee. Then played Captain's ball for PE, was planning to play badminton 1 on 1 with Lenson, loser designs silehouttes. But went to play Captain's ball instead. =P

I think I can't concentrate well in class. Cause my seat is at the side with the window, then there's so much activity outside. Like everyday at 11.30+ three school buses will come to pick up 3 different sets of pri school kids. Why all outside my window!?! Heehee, so fun to watch the pri sch kids playing around waiting for the school bus lor. I don't remember ever being so happy when going to Rosyth. =\

Npcc after that was pointless in retrospect. I think the entire purpose of the training was not to train or teach us anything new, but to scold and pinpoint our mistakes. If you want respect from us, you should learn to respect. Nothing more to say.

Went for dinner with sec3's after that. Hao Xiang went to buy Teh Beng for me cause I treating him. Then the drink cost $1.10? And it's super super bitter. Heeheehee. Then Nigel also saw us buying and bought the same thing also lor. It's like just tea and ice cubes. Bleah.

Went for Cell after that. I thought I was going to miss worship cause it was already 8.45 by time I reached Church, but then there was a video showing so I didn't miss worship at all. =D

Took 136 back home, in school uniform and full u cover and boots and my file. Blarh, lots of people giving those suspicious stares but turning away the moment you catch their eye. Bleah. Was 12.10 by the time I reached home.

Stayed up till 2am trying to design the logo. I never realised drawing stick figures with guitars could be so hard. Maybe it's cause I can't concentrate well when I'm tired. Haha, I accidentally pressed the nudge button a couple of times.

I'm addicted to hello panda. Heeheehee. Waved a packet in front of Charmaine after school yesterday shouting Hello Panda. XD The next time someone says hello to me I'm going to reply with panda. =)


Gosh I don't feel like myself today.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007


1 and a half hours of English today.

Normally I wouldn't mind...but then today was uber boring. Haha, the best part was when she thought her lesson was only one hour and failed to notice even when the timetable was in her hands. Maths was uber boring also. Something about Surds. Why Surds? Why not Surbs, or Sards, or Sords, or Serds, or some other name. Surds sounds so unlike maths.

Went to 3 Dil to watch Chinese News in Class. I was seating with Jian Hui and he told me about the nice "view" he had from his seat. XD

LCE was on service learning presentations. GAH I want to go SPCA and play with cute furry animals, but I already signed up for Alvin's group. Ah wells...

Went to this computer shop recommended by Lenson to see if I could repair my ext harddrive. The lady called about 5hours later saying it couldn't be repaired...Grrrr I'm going to go get my warranty card and sue challenger for making me lose all my ngage software, my video/audio converter, my 6gigs of music and MY SPONGEBOB EPISODES. =(

Went to Lenson's house. His grandmother cooked this porridge with meat and unhusked rice. Was quite nice actually. Until I decided to watch this Body World Exhibition thingy. ERH, IT'S HORRIFYING AND SHOULD BE R21. I was eating whilst watching the corpse cadaver get frozen and cut into 25 1mm pieces. I lost my appetite when I saw the guy's fingernails and all being slowly moved into position on top of the horse holding his brain. Cause the unhusked rice was red.

HORRIBLE. Seeing someone who used to be alive get cut and sliced into 25 pieces is unnerving and disturbing. But we stopped watching about halfway through and heard music instead. Heng Arh...if not I'd vomit or something.

Nevertheless...I wna watch it again!! XD

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Happy or Sad?

I'm random today.Can you imagine someone actually playing that guitar? Heeheehee.

Gosh and I just realised someone used my Alias on the Hi Idol Blog. GASP I feel so horribly violated and disgusted at such a feeble attempt by others to slander me with evil thoughts of malice and deceit. Link. Ok nvm I'm joking...he/she only asked where to sign up anyways, it's not like someone's going around telling everyone I like blah blah blah and all. *Cough* Class Blog *Cough*

The most horrifying thing happened today. My Ext Hard Drive Corrupted itself again. The worst thing is everything's gone-C4d Files, Videos, Pictures, and 6Gigabytes of music...I can't bring myself to format the harddrive...


Saturday, 13 January 2007


Measured height and weight for PE on Fhursday. Yea! I"M THE TALLEST IN CLASS XD I shrank 1cm. =( Eh, lots of ppl shrank too. And I'm no longer underweight. Yay!!

Stayed back after school on Friday to decorate class. Went to buy materials, went back, all in the rain. I was contemplating whether or not to go home to change before going to Church, but in the end there was no time. So I went to church in soggy shoes. SOGGY! Horrible. Bleech.

Covenant friday this week. Ben say's thats probably the last time he's going to give a message. Bleah.

Slept at 2am after trying to rush through making the habits of mind for class deco. My alarm successfully woke me up at 8am. Except I crashed back onto bed. =/ Woke up at 9. Rushed to school, reached at 9.30. And I was the earliest. -.-

Decorated the class until 2+? Then went kfc for lunch. View Meng wanted to go my house and play halo2. If I win he tell me who he like, if he win I tell him who I like. =D Then Chee Hock and Kun Tat wanted to go too. But in the end never go...blarh....haven't touched halo2 since class chalet.

Went back home, was so uber tired that i slept from 5-9. That's why I'm hyperactive now. =D

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Apple iPhone.


I WAAAANNNTTT!! Then I can store all my music and videos on this phone and my ngage won't be as laggy and I can load as many games as I want on my ngage. Ok nvm...

Looks nice though. Maybe I'll buy it if my ngage spoils. *cough* which will never happen*cough*

Hee. I'm a horribly biased ngage user. =D

Anyways, school is getting horribly stressful. Like insane amounts of homework due everyday. And uber boring interesting lessons. And I thought I was quite ok at understanding index notation in E Maths until Mrs Loh gave us a mini test today and I failed horribly cause the test was all on negative integers and I didn't exactly learn a lot on negative integers. Ah well, at least I know what integers are. =)

OBS briefing today. Yay OBS!! How exciting! =D Rock climbing and Abseiling and kayaking and hiking and whatever else at Pulau Ubin. Blarh, I've never been to a 5day 4night camp before. Worse or better than NCO camp?

Desktop Background:Pocket Pc Background:Phone Background:

Saturday, 6 January 2007

I'm a Nocturnal Animal.

I strangely don't feel extremely tired or stressed unlike the past few days. It's just...calm?

Blarh. School today was...ok...Mr Maran teaching us History Elective again. =) And our class is super small in History Elective, Pure Geog, Physics and Chemistry. Only like 13+ people...

But that's good right? More individualized teaching. Like tuition. =)

Bleah, Npcc after that was...tiring. Cause it was like non-stop training all the way. But it ended soon enough. =) Went for dinner with Hao Xiang and Wei Chean at mac, took 74 down to Bishan. Fell asleep multiple times on the bus. =/

Haha, Cell was great. Message was on Gideon in the book of Judges, about how he was repeatedly given chances and continued to doubt.

Blee, went home, washed full u, scrubbed shoes, yet I'm still not that tired yet. I only drank 1 can of coffee today? I'll most likely suffer from muscle cramps tomorrow...

Thursday, 4 January 2007


I can't believe what happened in the past is happening again. Seriously.

Ah wells...School started yesterday. 3Integ's quite ok...maybe cause there's like 10 2integ ppl there...Our English Co-Form teacher is uber horrible. Cause the first thing she did when speaking to us was tell us about "rules and expectations" for the class with chim stuff like "Responsibility for punctuality to class and school", or using words like :"mutal and authentic". I think the whole class was simply lazy to correct her la. Gah.

Blee. I realised we haven't received our C4d certs yet. Unless we all failed? Haha.

Watched Death Note2 with 2integ ppl after that. I still think the first movie's nicer, at least the focus is more on Light and L, and the way he plans everything is super nice also. Death Note 2 was like...lot's of talk and very little action. But the way Light was outsmarted was nice though. =)

Haha, and Daniel kept asking for popcorn. -.-

Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy New Year.

Went for watch night service yesterday. Bleah, our cell didn't make anything but Guan You, Biru and Joel cooked some weird fried rice porridge thing. Blarg. Watched the video on the drama and laughed at miscellaneous stuff like Jeremy forgetting his lines and Fabian zapping aliens and all.

Worship lead by Guan you. Haha, I think it's kind of different to have just one guitar and squeeze into a small space and worship. Choice of songs were great too. =D We counted down to new year and flooded the phone networks with sms messages.

Decided to ton overnight at Church cause quite alot of people were tonning and the last bus left already. So I walked around wondering if I should play build the house in jeans. Then I found Guan You eating chocolate all by himself in the basement! Rawr! Hahaha...I think I gained a few kgs eating leftover marshmellows dipped in chocolate.

Went to play hide and seek in the auditorium after that. Eh, hide and seek in the dark is super scary la....especially if your the seeker. Cause it's super dark. Haha, played for about an hour before watching Chronicles of Narnia in audi.

Eh, by the time that show ended alot of people fell asleep liao. =D Ended at around 5.10 in the morning. So I went outside to play around watching Cedric play worms world party on my phone. Talked until around 7am, then went to catch 136 home.

Never walk through Bishan park in the morning unless you have insect repellent. I got around 6 bites just by walking through the park. Ironic cause I never had mosquito bites when walking through Bishan park at night. Took 136 home, bathed, ate breakfast, and slept till around 3?

Blee. I think my internal clock is off balance already. Went to Mustafa at 12am with my family. Haha, brought a usb hub cause I'm lazy to go all the way to the back of my comp to connect. Erh, Sis wants to buy an mp3 player. Ipod, Creative, or Sony.

Blarh, reached home at around 3am in the morning. Haha, I'm going to have a hard time waking up for sch tomorrow...

Yea, I got new Ngage games from Matthew! =D And cause I was in such an "ngage" mood I decided to install Fexplorer so now I can send songsfiles via bluetooth. Wanted to copy spongebob into real player....but no space. =(