Saturday, 29 March 2008

Start Of Mock Examinations.

Okay I think lessons in school are all boring so I shall not describe them.

Went to Lenson's house after school on Monday to do the English project. Gosh, being the 'news presenter', I had to wear a tie and blazer. Haha. Like, both Lenson and me didn't know how to tie a tie, so we searched YouTube.

Was like laughing like crazily at the ludicrous idea of 2 guys watching YouTube videos to learn how to tie a tie for an English project. In the end we relied on Lenson's cousin who's a prefect at Holy Innocents' Primary School. That got me laughing even more cause it's even more stupid to have to ask someone younger and of the opposite gender to teach us. Bleh.

Haha, filmed the intro and ending scenes. I think it's hard not to laugh when you're in front of a camera. Then we filmed stupid things like me drinking 'white wine' which is actually HL milk in a wine glass.

Tuesday was the start of the mock examinations. It's like instead of Mid Year Exams, we have mock examinations in the hall after school curriculum time. So students will not waste valuable time sitting for the mid year exams. Tuesday was Physics. Horrible, cause I didn't really study. =\ Forgot everything about acceleration and multiplied instead of dividing. I think the teacher marking my paper must have laughed when she saw that. =(

Wednesday was Chemistry mock exam. Again, didn't study much for this either. Sighs. Gave some horrid answers for characteristics of halogens too. =( But at least there's air conditioning in the hall. =D Although I got really cold cause my flu for some reason came back on Tuesday.

Went rock climbing after Chemistry. =D Got to know a few Sec 1s, like Stephen. Haha, although they were kind of hyper in the back of the van we took down to the centre? Tried out those more advanced kind of walls, super hard to do la. The moment you start climbing a few steps, you immediately feel the strain on your arms cause the wall juts outwards. Shall try again next Wednesday. =D

Thursday after school was English extra lessons. There was a talk by 9.87fm and performances by 2 local bands, but we didn't go cause English lessons clashed. Haha. Watched Planet Earth for English. The narrator has amazing English pronunciation skills, if I were him I'd probably laugh every few seconds.

Went with Stephen, Koon Tat, Denise and Xue Ee to eat at Botak Jones after that. =) Haha, it started raining when we reached Ang Mo Kio, and there was a huge thunderstorm and torrential rains. But everything ended in half an hour of so. Hail was reported in Bishan though.

Ate the double botak again. =D Then everyone started making stupid jokes and laughing. And me and Stephen started singing whenever a song we knew started playing on the radio near us.

Took 136 home after that, messaged stupid things to Yi Han with Koon Tat along the way.

Friday was NPCC training. Only about 5 sec 3s, so Woei Jiun and me went to help the logistics people, then I went to help teach the sec1s, then went for 1st class revision.

Went to cut hair with Eugene after that, then went home to prepare for 1st class.

That's about everything I did. Not including everyday lessons, like watching videos and sitting for a test during History, or running 2 rounds around the school and practicing Chin Ups for PE, and other random things.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Easter Weekend.

Okay wee haven't blogged in a long time again.

Woke up on Good Friday at around 8am, went for breakfast, then went to Church for service. Sermon was quite interesting to me cause I think it's cool the way the Good Friday message always seems so new every year. Maybe it's cause after 365 days you kind of seem to forget the past year's message, but ah whatever.

Went for lunch at Velocity after service, then went home. Finished Angels and Demons, and until now I have not returned it to Eugene yet. Blee.

Went out with sister to cell after that. Lots of people came cause it's a public holiday. =D And Guan You gave the sermon. =) Stayed back after that for a while to help clear the stage for a wedding, then went outside to wait for our parents to pick us up.

I realised that the seats outside the auditorium are new! Gosh, it's like I've always been accustomed to the old seats, the ones that have literally remained unchanged for as long as I can remember, and now their gone, replaced with fake plastic looking hard uncomfortable awkward ones. Okay, change is the only constant and all that philosophical stuff.

Woke up on Saturday at 8am, went to school to play basketball with Chee Sheng, Wei Kit and Hao Xiang first. Then we went for Campcraft training until 1pm? Then was a lunch break, ate at LJS, then went back to school. Boarded the bus for the Girl's Campcraft Competition.

I never knew that Home Team Academy had a swimming pool! After all the trainings, competitions, lectures, whatever. But I guess the place is so huge I probably don't know a million other things about that place.

The competition was postponed due to the rain. =X Had a bit of First Class test practice though, not exactly optimistic about my chances of passing the test. =( But whatever la, everyone thinks being good at English is a sure pass thing. It's not like I can just choose whether I want to use profound words or not. Sometimes it just flows subconsciously? But everyone's going to think I'm just showing off so there's no point explaining.

Went home for dinner, nothing much interesting after that except maybe that dinner was spaghetti. Haha I'm random. =)

Overslept for Church on Sunday. Bleah. Like I woke up at 10.30am la, which is like almost the end of service if I took the 1 hour bus ride to Church.

Went swimming in the afternoon with my father and sister. Haha. I haven't been in a swimming pool since class chalet last year. Place was super crowded though. =\

Went for dinner at Kovan. There was some promotion there giving out free Coca Cola Zero. Haha, like first time seeing so many people holding a similar object in their hands. Although I think Coke Zero tastes nothing like the real Coke. =D

That's kind of like everything that happened during Easter. Haha, nothing much la. Although it's like come next Easter O levels will have passed, and I'll either be in a JC or Poly, and I'll be so much taller than I am now(okay maybe not), and all that kind of introspective stuff.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

No Physical Activity.

Haha, I'm supposed to be excused from any physical activity for a week because of that flu I had last Tuesday. No running, jumping, those kind of things. Blah.

So, went to school on Wednesday. Spent PE lesson running 2 rounds around the school (and finishing within the time limit although I walked for the second round =P), and practicing standing broad jump cause it's like impossible for me to jump la. I think it's my technique or something cause I can easily pass everything else.

Anyways, after PE was Geography. Had to do a mind map on two factors concerning industrial location in group of 4. Then was English. Then went for lunch at Macdonald's with Lenson, Jun Han and Jude. Then was Physics extra lessons.

But enough about boring school and PE lessons, haha. Went rock-climbing after school at West Coast Recreation Center. Signed up for it a few weeks back with Lenson. The place is like, an hour's ride from Hougang. Although the lesson was kind of basic? But anyways, got to climb once or twice, helped to belay the Sec 1s too. Blee, and I'm not supposed to do any physical activity too. Haha.

Thursday was horrible, had a Chinese test in the morning, then there was an English test where we had to write an essay. Maths extra lessons after school, then was supposed to do English project but Lenson wasn't free. Got tricked into doing the History essay on the Cold War by Jemaine, Koon Tat and Yi Han instead.

Walked home after school cause I have nothing better to do.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Changed the header cause the last one looked pretty depressing. This one may or may not look more depressing too, depending on how you look at it. =D

Didn't go to school today! Not because I pon la, because of that horrid flu I got yesterday. Actually, I didn't know I would not be going to school until I woke up at 9am today. Went to have lunch and see a doctor at Compass Point in the afternoon, then went back home.

Slept the entire afternoon and evening away after that. Kind of wasted la, the one day I get free time to do whatever I want and I spend it sleeping. =X

Anyways, nothing much to blog about. Completed Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, and now I'm either pen-spinning, messing around online, or sleeping. =\

Monday, 17 March 2008


Haven't posted a picture thing for a long time now cause I'm surviving without a camera, but here's a drawing of me done by Eugene Tan the artistic genius.

If I'm not wrong, it was drawn in paint using my laptop during one of the NPCC camp preparation meetings we had during the holidays. Of course, I'm much more handsome in real life than in this drawing. And cuter, too.


Okay I'm like sick now. Can't stop sneezing every few seconds. Gah.

Anyways, woke up on Sunday at the amazing time of 10pam. Around 12 hours of non-stop sleep. Of course, the usual sore muscles and cramps where there when I woke up. It's like a standard thing after any NPCC camp. And it was my father's birthday on Sunday. =D

Spent the morning doing Geography homework. Blee. My sis was studying a more detailed version of plate tectonics for her homework whilst I'm doing O level questions on plate tectonics and volcanoes.

Went for lunch at Jack's Place at Ang Mo Kio. =D Haven't eaten there in a long time. The place is now like, so different? Ate a ribeye steak, then went walking around Ang Mo Kio. Went home after that to do more homework.

Haha, I'm kind of satisfied to an extent that I managed to complete 2 O level questions for Geography, a worksheet for Chemistry, and 3 Maths questions. Okay there's still an essay for
History, more Maths questions, Chinese homework, and English. But we can always think positive right? =D

Went for dinner at the kopitiam near my house, then bought a small cake for my father secretly. Haha, but we were so full after dinner that we didn't eat the cake. =X

Monday was the start of term 2. Blarh. Had an attire check for all upper secondary students. Yay and Minghui is such a good student that the teacher did not look at him once! Okay maybe that's because I'm sitting right in front of the teacher and she was looking ahead at the rest of the class.

No Swimming Evolved to No PT during recess. Kind of weird how the 'code' transforms huh? From BD to BH to BHD to HG to BHG to Mercury to No Swimming to No PT. ;) /inside joke.

Was sneezing throughout most of the lessons. Horrible la. How can one concentrate when you have to reach for a piece of tissue every few minutes? English was the worst cause I started having a headache for no apparent reason. Slept on an off during English. =\

Went for lunch with Joshua and Hao Xiang at KFC, went home after that and slept from about 3.30 to 7. So now I'm suffering from sleep overdose. Soon I can be classified as hibernating or something, given that I've slept for 23+ hours the past 2 days.

Time for more sleep. =D

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Combined Uniformed Group Camp 2008.

Okay my March 1 week holiday can be summarized accurately into 2 parts.
  1. Preparing for the camp from Monday to Wednesday
  2. Camp from Thursday to Saturday
Anyways, I was in charge of a group throughout the camp. Our group name was not chili crab, not black pepper crab, but Mr Krabs!Gosh, I think I'm getting lamer and lamer.

Okay, there was lots of activities and games throughout the three days. I would say about 13 different activities and games packed into 2 days not counting things like sentry duty and inter-uniformed group games. Hope the Sec1s enjoyed it, and thankfully nothing really bad cropped up during the camp.

Slept for about 2 and 1/2 hours for the first night and 3 and 1/2 hours for the second. So now I'm kind of like, O.O

Okay now for more random things that happened!

Was suddenly approached by Li Ming when I walked past his class on the first day of the camp at around 9.40am. Turns out I was in the Gears Of War team and not playing Halo 3. And the registration time was 11am on that same day at Funan Digital Life mall.

Told the instructors I had to leave for the camp, asked Joshua to help me take over my group(Mr Krabs!!), and then went with Li Ming to find Mr Chang's number, Kenneth's handphone number and Mr Sharom's number. The competition required 1 teacher and 3 students, and we were 1 student short.

Called around asking for numbers, then asked Kenneth to meet us at Funan, then asked Lenson also cause he has played Gears Of War. Met Mr Chang at the mall's atrium, then went to register.

Our time slot was actually at 11am, so we stalled for time whilst waiting for Lenson or Kenneth to come. In the end Kenneth came first, so we sat down and had about 15 minutes of warming up.

Haha. Having never played Gears Of War in my life ever, and having never played a First Person Shooter on PC since about Secondary 2, I can safely say that our team lost horridly. There were 10 rounds in total divided into 2 different maps, we lost 9 out of 10 rounds. The game itself it quite fun, very strategic kind requiring you to find cover quickly.

In case you think I'm making this all up. =D

Mr Chang fetched me back to school after that, then I went back to help out with the camp.

Had 1st class test lecture after the Sec 1's lights out at 11.30pm on the second night. Don't really have much confidence for 1st class. The amount of preparation needed is staggering. Like, planning for 4 parades? Using different methods of instruction for 13 commands chosen randomly from all the commands we have learned since Sec1? And the test date is tentatively 29th March. =/

Lecture ended at around 1.30am, went for a bath then Sentry Duty after that.

Lots of stupid things happened for us NCOs. Like, Chee Sheng and is that clear? Then there's 你奶奶.

Went for lunch at LJS after everything, then went home soon after.

Now, it's homework. =(

Saturday, 8 March 2008


Okay, shall just mash everything that happened last week in one post. =D

Tuesday: Had letter writing for Chinese, received a SBQ to do for History, did corrections for Physics test, Matrices for Maths, and a composition for English. Then Chinese extra lessons after school where we had to do a mock exam paper, then stayed back for NPCC meeting, then went home.

Wednesday: Can't remember what happened during lessons, but I know there was Chemistry extra lessons, then stayed back to do proposal at the library. Got chased out when the library closed so we went to the canteen.

Thursday: There was a camp briefing after assembly, and the first half of PE was gone by the time it finished. And it was raining so all the classes were squeezed into the hall and took turns playing floorball. English extra lessons after school, Miss Quan gave us a muffin each. O.o So cool la, like how many Secondary School teachers are willing to spend a small portion of their salary buying muffins for their class.

Friday: Social Studies was on how to write a structured essay, then we watched a video for Geography, History was on Cold War. No NPCC after school cause of Parent Teacher Meetings, so went for lunch at Hougang Mall with Stephen, View Meng, Fiona and Li Jing. Walked around Hougang Mall for a while after that then went to View Meng's house to kill time. Laughed about some recent events. ;)

Then was PTM, results wereare rather horrid. Like I failed Mathematics and Combined Humanities. Can you imagine it? Minghui failing humanities. Bleah. Walked around the school with my mother showing her all the scary places whilst waiting for our turn. Then didn't go for supper with the usual people cause my father was picking us up. Went for supper at the Kopitiam opposite Punggol Park instead. Then went home.

Saturday: Spent the entire morning and afternoon at home slacking around. Slept until around 10am before finally waking up. =D Went out for dinner at Kovan, then went back home. Went down to the playground with my sisters to play basketball cause there's this new basketball court next to my home. =) Played until around midnight, then went home.

Sunday: Went for Church, then stayed back for worship meeting in the afternoon. Didn't practice with the band cause of the upcoming camp this Friday. =/

Monday: Yay Holidays! =D Went school for NPCC meeting, then went to Beach road with a bunch of Sec 1s. Bought Sergeant rank, ate lunch, then went home.

Yay that's everything. Okay, it isn't exactly details or anything, but I can't really find time to blog nowadays. Holidays are worse than school days and I have a mountain of homework. =(


Okay, haven't updated about my life for such a long time already.

Last Sunday was my younger sister's birthday. =) Okay to be honest I didn't exactly realise that fact until that Friday. And it was Jude's birthday too and I also didn't know. =X

I'm horrible with birthdays la, or maybe it's just that everything has just been hectic lately. =(

Anyways, shared a present with my old sister. Bought her two bears from the bear workshop. =D

Woke up at around 9am on Sunday, went for Church.

Sermon was insightful, and watched commissioning of new leaders in my church too. =D

Went to Yishun for lunch after that. Ate at Swensons cause it's my sister's birthday mah. =P

Went home after that, then there wasn't anything else interesting that happened.

Monday was school. Sigh, last week of term 1 so this is the time when all teachers start spamming homework.

Lessons were all boring, cause I kind of forgot what happened during lessons already.

Haha, Monday was also Stephen's birthday! =D Went to watch a movie after school at Cathay with Alvin, View Meng, Wei Ting, Denise, Chee Hock, Anson, Weane, can't remember who else already cause it all happened 5 days ago. =/

Anyways, we wanted to watch Meet The Spartans, but it was NC16 and we ended up watching L Change The World. Okay, so I watched it already. Okay, so I'm watching it at the exact same cinema I watched it at the other time. Okay, so I'm sitting exactly 1 row and 2 seats away from where I sat the last time.

Cinema itself was not as filled up as the last time I went, and this time all the eyes bleeding, sore boils parts had Denise and Wei Ting two seats away going :"Oh my Gosh! Eee!" Like surround sound effects or something.

Movie ended, and the rest went home except for Chee Hock, Anson, Stephen and me. Went to Subway at Plaza Sing for dinner. =D Eat Fresh.

Took MRT home, walked with Anson part of the way cause he also lives at Punggol. Yay, there's an ever expanding list of people I know living in Punggol. =D

Okay that's what happened to me on Sunday and Monday.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Decompostition. Chapter Four.

Chapter One.
Chapter Two.
Chapter Three.

When Michael finally started to think about where he was going, he realized that he was running home. He was unconsciously avoiding anything organic. And he didn’t notice the weird stares from the random cars passing by. Michael started to think about the way the tree groaned, tears falling from his eyes.

By the time Michael reached home, he was near hysteria, looking around wildly and not slowing down even though he struggled for breath. He hammered on the door.

“Mum! Mum! Open Up! Please Open Up! Please Mum Please!” Michael shouted to the tall mahogany door.

Michael’s mind flashed back suddenly to the time they had first moved into the house, thinking about how excited he had been, asking his parent’s if he could go to that nearby cage and play soccer.

“That…damned…cage.” Michael muttered to himself, relentlessly pounding on the door and gasping for air.

After what seemed like an eternity, there was a loud click as the door was unlocked. Without thinking and without warning, Michael was suddenly overwhelmed and forgot about everything. All he wanted was his mother now. Michael pushed the door opened and hugged his mother tightly, tearing streaming from his eyes and his chest heaving rapidly.

“Mum oh mum I’m sorry I’m so sorry I know I’m wrong the cage the ball the leaves the groans oh the tree oh” The mutters dropped to a whisper.

“Why Michael, what’s wrong? You know that I…I…”

Suddenly, it hit Michael like a cold bucket of water splashed over his head.

“No Mum no please not you too! PLEASE MUM NO MUM NO NOT YOU!!” Michael started shouting in agony. Leaves decomposing were bad, a tree decomposing was worse, but his own mother…

“I…I…” his mother’s voice dropped to a dead whisper as black patches began to appear all over her skin, “I love you Micha.” She never finished that last word, as Michael’s screams drowned out all other noise. Looking like someone whom had just fainted, she fell to the floor with her eyes wide open yet blank.

The black spots appearing on her skin looked like cancer, and she started to shrivel up like a dehydrated corpse. The worst part of it all was, she was still alive.

Then the groaning began. The groans sounded inhuman, hollow and empty. They didn’t seem to be coming from her mouth, but from inside her, as though her very insides were groaning in agony.

Her eyes became shriveled balls before bursting with a pop sounds and exposing the bloody sockets underneath. Her skin also started to shrivel up and was almost completely black. Her hair simply started to (fuse) melt together and drip off her forehead like black tar.

Michael’s mother started to groan louder, sounding like a dying man’s last, raspy, breath. In a way, she was dying, but at an accelerated pace.

Her body continued to shrivel until nothing was left except skin and bones. Still she was alive, groaning in a way that was worse than Michael’s screams and the tree’s groans combined. Suddenly, her fingernails simply blacked into liquid and joined a growing pile of sludge on the floor.

Soon, nothing was left except a few bits of false teeth and the ring Michael’s mother always wore floating around in yet another black pile of sludge, which had also started to seep into the hardwood floor.

Michael’s screams turned to sobs of mingled grief and agony.

Yay okay that's the end. About 2500 words in total, so it's more like an essay then a short story. =) Thought of this story one night when I suddenly wondered what it would be like to watch a time lapse video of a human decomposing. Wrote the first 2 chapters on that same day, then finished the rest in bits and pieces. =D

Read everything in one shot here.

Sunday, 2 March 2008


Went to sleep at around 11pm on the 29th February cause there were changes to be done to the proposals.

Then woke up at 6am. It was raining heavily, and I forgot to set my alarm clock. Blee. Bathed, changed, waited for the rain to lighten up a bit then went to school.

Reached there at around 7.15am. Chee Sheng, Hao Xiang and Wei Kit were already there playing basketball la. Played for about half and hour, then went for Campcraft training.

Although our competition is pretty much over, girl's team competition is not. So we came down to help them unpitch and all. Started raining again at around 9am, so everything was really muddy and wet. Bleh.

Ponchos used for making the shelter were all muddy and dirty, so we helped them to wash in between helping them to unpitch. Shoes were soaked through with water, but not as bad as Hao Xiang who was super wet.

Turns out competition was postponed to a later date due to the rain, so the training ended at 1pm. Went for lunch at KFC again.

Then went to Punggol CC with Hao Xiang, Chee Sheng, and Wei Kit. Played basketball in the rain. Was damn stupid and funny because the floor was slippery. The 3 of us against Chee Sheng and we can still lose. =/ Saw Glennard walking past Punggol CC and he joined us for a while too.

Then went to Hougang, bought bubble tea, then went to Lenson's house at around 4.30pm.

Worked on English T-Script with Jun Han and Lenson. Have to shoot a video on a topic of our choice.

Ordered Mcdelivery for dinner. 6777-3777. =) Ate whilst watching the first few parts of World Trade Center. The movie focuses more on social effects? So only the front part is action and suspense, like Flags Of Our Fathers.

Finished up the script, then played Crysis for a while, and left at 8.30pm. Reached home at around 9.30 cause 136 took such a long time to come. But Jun Han and I were talking about our school's ghost stories so the time passed pretty quickly. =D

Yea that ends my Saturday. =)

Saturday, 1 March 2008

29th February 2008.

Okay Thursday was nothing really interesting except for Botak Jones with Stephen. Unless you count 3 periods of Chinese and 3 periods of Maths extra lessons as really interesting. =X Although we did get back our History Structured Essay Question where I scored 10/20 so it's nothing really interesting to blog about. =(

Anyways, took bus 136 home with Stephen after eating at Botak Jones. It's interesting cause we spent almost the entire journey watching Meet The Spartans with my headphones and laughing like nobody's business at the back of the bus. Haha. Watched halfway only, cause we met Yi Hong, Gerald, and Lei Bin on the bus. O.o

Reached home at around 8pm, started to chiong the proposal for Sec 1 Camp. I'm OIC for sentry duty so I spent about an hour or so coming up the introduction, objectives, the schedeule, and everything. Was down to about 3 more main points, then I decided to close another Microsoft Word window. But because the sentry duty thing I was doing was a document in a document chim computer kind of thing, I ended up closing everything instead without saving. GAH. The feeling is like...super irritated. And I was trying to maintain MSN conversations with about 10 people. -.-

So I spent another hour plus from scratch all over again. Forgot an objective, so I thought of a new one. Then helped Eugene do his proposal, sent Woei Jiun her proposal, helped Joshua edit and think of objectives, edited a few other bits and pieces and finally sent everything to Chee Sheng and Wei Ting and went to sleep at 12.30am after preparing my full uniform for NPCC the next day.

Blee. But I didn't feel that tired cause I was laughing along to online conversations. Haha.

Woke up on the 29th feeling that horrible want to jump back into bed feeling. Went to school, then went to the hall for the SL investiture. Quite well planned in my opinion. =D Although it's introspective to think it's most likely the last investiture I will be seeing in school. =\

Went back to class after that, and had a Physics common test immediately. On magnetism and electromagnetism. Although I didn't exactly study at all, I think magnetism is quite a simple topic to remember. =D Although I forgot everything about the left hand rule and will most likely get 0 marks for the last page. =(

Maths lesson was on matrices. Or the matrix. There are like so many different meanings for the word matrix la. (Proof. =P) But I think the one with the largest impression for me is the one with Neo in it. =D

Got our CA1 results too. I got 41 for Maths. =( But I got 90 for Geography which is like, O.o? I think the last time I scored 90 for something was in Primary 2. =/

LCE was on the project presentation which my group completed last week already. =P

NPCC after school, second-class retest for those who don't have their 2nd class badge. Went to help Joey Sir with the Campcraft team things after a while. Then was PT time where we played Captains' Ball. NCO+Instructors team = Ownage. =D But it's due to the numerous Captains' Ball competitions we went to last year.

NPCC ended around 6.40, went for dinner at KFC with squad. Then went home. Didn't go for Cell cause I had to wake up early the next day.

Anyways, 29th of February was kind of rushed? Leap year or no leap year. Haha. Wan Ting says Li Ling says some Chinese newspaper says the World is going to end in 4 years. AAAHHH hope it ends sooner. =) Then we won't have to study for O Levels. HEH.

4 years from now, I'll be in National Service? =)