Tuesday, 30 December 2014


At the risk of being way too personal, but I've realised that living at home without your parents isn't all it's cut out to be.

If it was 12 year old or 16 year old me, I would be rejoicing! No one chasing me to go to bed? No one waking me up in the morning for school? No one controlling how long I spend playing Runescape?!

But now that I'm older it doesn't feel that exciting at all and I'm faced with endless chores to do. Laundry (Hang fold or iron?), feeding and cleaning after Snowie, boiling water, taking out the trash.

I guess that's how you realise that you're old. When you no longer think about woodcutting in Runescape or hidden skulls in Halo anymore but think about whether there will be good sun for the clothes instead.

I used to wish that I had a credit/debit card so I could buy games or subscriptions online, but now that I actually do have a credit/debit card, it doesn't seem that enticing anymore. There's your savings and living expenses to think about, not to mention your emergency fund, or your future career progression to consider.

It does make you appreciate how your parents have worked hard for you. So maybe next time when my kids are misbehaving I should take a week on holiday and leave them to themselves. (I am kidding please don't call Child Protective Services for my as yet non-existent kids)

Maybe that's why I got a skateboard for myself. To subconsciously feel young again hahahaha.