Saturday, 14 October 2006

To Do List

1. Write Media Club Article
Blehs, I don't think I ever typed that fast in my life. Cell ended at around 10.40? Re-wrote a final draft of the article on the bus home, ran all the way back, turned on computer, checked through article, signed in msn, spammed Charmaine =P, told a whole bunch of people starting conversations with me brb, opened microsoft word, started typing like crazy. And I still missed the deadline by around 12minutes? Blehs, at least better than Charmaine.

2. Work on project
Halfway. Added quite a bit of pictures, just need to touch up/crop some pictures and add fade in fade out parts and edit it all nicely to fit in with the music. Did I say halfway? Blarh, more like 1 quarter.

3. Paint mask for Art
Haven't even thought of a design.

4. Help sister resize her photos for her D&T project.
Bleh, I don't even know why I agreed...

5. Learn Cinema 4d
Lenson asked me to go learn how to model clothes? I'm still stuck at moving and resizing objects.

6. Blogskin
Finished it actually. I think the navbar is weird so, next time.

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