Monday, 30 October 2006

Cinema 4d.

Haha. I'm blogging in the computer lab. But only because I already finished what I'm supposed to do.

The course is interesting? Much less people than most other courses I attended. Learned quite a lot on extruding and HyperNurbs and all that other chim stuff.

The best part is that they pass you notes so if u can work fast like me =) then you're free to do other things. Or if you can't understand something then you could listen to the lecturer. Although I didn't really pay attention to the lecturer but learned on my own? I'd rather experiment and learn at my pace then follow step by step instructions.

Was trying to fix the problem with the class movie throughout the day. And it still doesn't work. I distinctively remember seeing the video appear on youtube lar...but now it's gone...haiz...

Haha, anyways, learned how to render quite a lot of objects.
Like a bench. =)
Or flower. =P

Should go see Lenson's one though. He added all custom textures and lightings lar.

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