Thursday, 26 October 2006

Parent Teacher Meeting.

Eeks. Got back my report book. Was really really surprised at some stuff though.

Like, I'm underweight!! AAA I've never been underweight

I got 100% attendance in Npcc this year? 0.O

17 CIP hours. Yea, thanks to Glory centre marshalling duty where we did 6 hours.

Rushed to school for the rehearsal thing. Was up the whole night doing the movie with Alvin. Therefore I woke up late. =/ The presentation itself was ok? Haha, too fast for me to register being nervous on stage or something. But the picture of me looks weird. =
Showed the movie thing to our class. Aiming to touch up and upload to youtube by this Saturday?

School ended at 10. Went to cage, like the last time we'll ever play as a class? Quite ok lar, but the caffine from tea soon wore off and I was super tired again. Yi Lun's ball was punctured? =S

Went back to school and waited around for my turn. Felt super tired...but then again, lethargy was not the main reason...

Hees, looks like I only have to go for campcraft training at 9am tomorrow instead of dry shoot at 12.30. =) That means only track pants and pe shirt instead of full uniform.

I could come up with some wonderful rebuttal to fight back against Glynis's friend. That's easy, but I did made a pact and like I said, I will not fight back. =) Nice job on that Cyber bullying part though, although I don't see how Miss Chew was involved, nor do I see the need to insult teachers.
The strongest man walks away.

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