Monday, 9 October 2006

9th October 2006

One more day of torture!! Weee.

It's almost worth it going through exams just to experience the feeling of exams ending. =)

Today was Art, I barely had time to complete things? I was designing this super detailed drawing of the chili, and I forgot I had to paint it. And it took super long to paint because the chili was small and I had to use a small tip to slowly color. Blarh, rushed through the entire 2and a half hours. And I finished with two fairly decent designs and un-colored preparatory work. =/

Heh, stayed in class to talk about chalet. AAAA it's on 6-8 nov, and we coincidentally have Cinema 4d on the 6th and 7th. EEKS.

Ehs, studying for Home Econs is boring. Like studying for Geography is much better cause you have nice landscape images in the textbook. Or English cause you have nice stories or passages to read. But home econs makes you hungry, especially if you didn't eat. Then you are forced to look at the tempting pictures of food and you get so hungry you stop studying and find something to eat instead. They should ban pictures from Home Economics textbooks unless it's something disgusting like internal intestines....

Chris Martin had to lip synch this song backwards. Interesting right?

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